Suri Cruise: Smiling Sweetie!

Suri Cruise: Smiling Sweetie!

Suri Cruise smiles wide for her mom, Katie Holmes, as they enjoy some time together on the set of her latest movie, The Romantics, in Long Island, New York.

The 30-year-old actress held Suri tight as they tried to stay warm during a chilly New York day.

Yesterday, poor Katie had a run in her stocking!

More pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise, the smiling sweetie…

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suri cruise katie holmes smiling sweetie 02
suri cruise katie holmes smiling sweetie 03
suri cruise katie holmes smiling sweetie 04
suri cruise katie holmes smiling sweetie 05
suri cruise katie holmes smiling sweetie 06
suri cruise katie holmes smiling sweetie 07

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  • Blanca


  • cousin bill

    William Mapothers kid looks happy

  • blah

    im not really one to comment on this spawn but heels one day, wrapped in a blanky under mother’s wing the next. any publicity is good publicity i guess. whatever keeps us all talking.

  • evalynn

    she’s cute, but she seems like the spoiled rich kid

  • jill

    Where’s Suri’s bottle and high heels?

    She looks like Damien in the Exorcist.

  • 666

    First time I ever see Suri looking directly in her mother’s eyes! Some improvement. Maybe her autism is regressing.

  • to cousin bill

    William Mapothers kid looks happy

    who are you talking about?

  • 987

    First time I ever see Suri looking directly to her mother’s eyes! Maybe her autism is regressing.

  • 389

    Sorry for double post

  • to 666

    just wondering, where has it been stated by a reputable medical professional and verified by her parents that this child is autistic.

  • patrice

    I’m an RN. I’ve never seen a more obvious case of autism.

  • marie

    why don’t they just buy her a COAT!!!!!
    seriously they have enough money for some proper clothing
    a hat, scarf, warm pants, sweater
    that’s all it takes
    plus it looks like is wrapped in a towel

  • curious


    are you serious? please elaborate.

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    From Fox 411

    She may seem shy and reserved next to larger-than-life husband Tom Cruise, but it turns out Katie Holmes doesn’t know how to keep quiet when it counts.

    Eyewitnesses tell Fox411 that Katie and a group of her girlfriends stopped by a movie theater near her Manhattan apartment Saturday to catch the latest installment of the “Twilight” series “New Moon” where they proceeded to ruin the film for moviegoers.

    “Katie came into the movie theater with two of her girlfriends in a great mood,” sources tell Fox411. “They bought tickets in advance to see ‘New Moon’ like all the rest of the Twihards. They checked out the snacks and then they took their seats and kept talking.”

    All that would have seemed rather normal, except for the fact that they kept on gabbing throughout the entire film!

    “Katie talked through all of ‘New Moon.’ It was unbelievable – they talked nonstop about the movie and everything else. Some people wanted to tell them to be quiet, but when they realized who it was, they stayed silent. No one wanted to shush Katie.”

    After the chatty escapade, Katie spent the rest of the weekend with her step-daughter Isabella and daughter Suri (once again spotted in cold weather with no coat). The three girls were spotted shopping Saturday, where Katie seemed completely unaware that she ruined “New Moon” for a few die-hard “Twilight” fans.

  • Shawna

    @666 1) She doesn’t have autism, and 2) Autism doesn’t “regress”

  • Shawna

    @patrice: Well then you are an idiot. You CANNOT diagnose a child with autism by looking at a few pictures. You are so full of it. My neice and nephew are both autistic and you cannot tell in pictures.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    where’s that poor looking shiloh?!? ahahahahahaha. that fat dirty little boy couldn’t hold suri’s blanket. ahahahahahahahahaha

  • ivanka

    she is not autistic, seriously i never comment in the cruise’s threads but there’s a lot of hate and i cant understand it .. she is just a kid

  • g!na

    Suri is so cute ♥ obviously, she likes a blanket instead of jacket to warm up with.

  • jade

    #16 – why pick on Shiloh? very mean :( Suri & Shiloh are very cute and are the future of Hollywood.

  • @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    Such a shame you hide fat butt behind your computer spewing hatred about kids on all the threads. Bet you wouldn’t say this to any of our faces because you are a coward.

  • danielle


    No Shiloh and Suri although cute, are not the future of Hollywood unless they take up acting.

  • gwennie throwpal

    A blanket is not a coat or sweater.

    It hink Suri is pretty, cutekid.

    I am not knocking this kid. Her folks are weird.No coat. This kid must have some bloood.

  • ellie’

    I guess most of you all took your hate pill against children again.. Shiloh & Suri are beautiful children ..
    Suri looks so pretty in all her pictures.. Stop making fun about a little girl. She has great parents..

  • from Star Magazine

    “Katie is worried that Suri will turn into a spoiled brat no one will want to be around,”

  • AutumnM

    Shutup Infamously Cool!

    You’re pathetic. Shiloh is beautiful. Not dirty or fat at all, u idiot! She has her own personality and her parents encourage her but of course still give her boundaries at the same time. Shiloh is awesome, u r scum period!

  • Don

    Do they ever stay home, everyday pics of this child, Good Grief, she’s not a Celebrity!!!! There are lots of real Celebrities and they don’t flaunt their children on a daily basis!

  • Five-0

    the brat again with her blankie.

    covering up a summer outfit of course

  • peter

    Dear Katie,
    There’s a really great invention called a COAT. It was invented some decades ago; I see that you’re wearing one yourself. Now how about providing one for your almost 4 yr old?

  • Steve

    Oh look the psycho mom and her bratty kid, there is something very wrong with this family! Circus Freaks!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @AutumnM: ..ahahahahahaha.. oh cool. it’s great the way you know what her parents do. you must be a close and personal friend with brad and angelina. how did you meet them? ahahahahaha.. you fcuking nutcase. stfu and stop talking like you know ANYTHING about their personal life. you fcuking loser. ahahahahahahaha

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @@I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: you called me a coward yet you changed your name to mines to speak to me. ahahahahahahaha.. fcuking ass hole. ahahahahahahaha.. next time just press reply and speak to me under your normal name, you fcuking yellow belly cokcsucking coward. i’d pisss on you.

  • AGA

    Infamously Lame—the dirty pervert is back,at it again.Studing pics of little girls and making ludicrious observations based on a few pics!
    Yes,you can really tell weather a girl of 2 or 3 will become a lesbian based on a tomboy phase! Both girls are cute,but then again I don’t study in detail pics of little girls to get my rocks off,unlike some-one!
    “I’d pisss on you” Wow,what a big tough person–tough behind computer,coward in life!!

    So according to you–AutumnM can only make a comment if she knows Brad&Ange,well YOU don’t know them or TC/KH so why don’t you STFU with your lame nonsense!

  • infamouslycool is a retard

    Infamously drool, you must be a product of incest or a low brow inbred loser. Perhaps, you are dying to be Tommygurl’s bottom boy. We all know you think Suri is fly, but thousand love and prefer Shiloh more. Moreover, Shi is a happy 3 year old whle Suri is a bipolar brat. Personally, I think Suri looks like a troll in designer dresses while still sucking on a baby bottle. We’ll retard, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  • Jokergurl

    It doesn’t surprise me what some people say on here about these little kids. They are just kids, granted Suri’s wardrobe costs more than the average house but still, she can’t help who her parents are. The pictures are cute. Katie looks very protective of her daughter and that’s cool. What the hell is with these autism comments? Just give it a rest.

  • ….

    To all the jealous losers who always bring up the fact that Shi and Zahara carry a security blanket, their blankets are TINY. On the otherhand, Suri’s blanket is huge and substitutes for a sweater, jacket or coat. That huge security blanket also drags on the floor. What a huge ridiculous SECURITY blanket. Suri must suffer from a monstrous inferiority complex. Add a baby bottle to the mix and we all know that Suri is dead last in the developmental spectrum. Poor little pr pony with idiot for parents.

  • emma#2

    Bella was also on the set with Katie and Suri. Must be cool to have a young and pretty stepmom, they seem to get on really well.

  • Jodie


    Well Bella has an Oscar winner for a MOM.. that is pretty cool too..

    I am not hating.. but I don’t understand the kids relationship with their MOTHER at all.. Nicole and Tom adopted those kids very early in their life. and each was over the age of 10 I believe when the divorce happened.. I just don’t understand why we see Nicole with Sunday Rose all the time. But see very few pics of her with the older children.. Tom/Katie are photographed with them often but I have to say. I can’t remember a picture of Nicole/Keith with either of the kids recently.

    I just don’t get it.. I don’t know if it is Nicole or Tom or both.. but it is a bit off for me..

  • TC

    Katie better play as a Joker in batman because her mouth is too huge.
    “It’s Robo-Bride #13 –

  • TC

    InFamousCool is mental problem patient, that’s why just ignore every comment from this “gay” scientology freaks.

  • Anne

    Suri is just a grogeous child, look at that smile, precious.

  • Annie

    Does the freak show ever end?

  • Gaia

    @ Jodie
    Isabella is working for Scientology now – and Nicole Kidman isn’t allowed being around these kids.

  • grettel

    shiloh looks like a lesbian to be and suri mapother looks like a spoiled brat who is too old for a blanket when out . Get a grip Katie. Suri also looks like the type who would pinch or try to suffocate her new baby brother or sister if Katie and Tom Mapother ever produce again.

  • Annie

    What IS up with that huge lump in the middle of her forehead?? It looks bruised quite a bit of the time.

  • Five-0

    # 44 -Annie

    probably because Suri is autistic and bangs her head on the floor or wherever when she gets mad. I’ve seen a video of her doing just that when she was younger inside a store. Pappaz. videotapped her thru the store window while she was doing it. Banging her head on the floor while crying and getting mad.

    Or maybe she is just a huge brat….thanks to her idiot parents

  • Ashley R

    Suri is the cutest baby ever!

  • @Jodie

    Scientology is probably why you don’t see Bella with Nicole that much. When a person leaves the cult they become a supressive person. Something like a PTSS (Potential trouble source). According to Andrew Morton who wrote the Cruise bio, Kidman was told to get out of Hollywood because without Tom she was nothing. She didn’t. Because she is someone, the cult doesn’t want to be seen in its true colors. There is absolutely no doubt in Morton’s mind, in the minds of those that have recently left Scientology and spoken out about it that Kidman’s relationship with the children has suffered and will continue to suffer because she is suppressive person,. When a child hits the teens around 15-16 they often are told to write a letter to the non-scientology parent telling them they no longer want to be associated with them.
    According to Morton, Tom is the number two person in the cult in LA. And Morton feels from interviewing dozens of people who have worked, known, or dated Tom that if one of his kids chooses to deny Scientology–it will be a huge blow to him–huge enough that he might in turn deny the child. That is how pervasive this cult it.
    Many posters have said they would do what is necessary to get their child back or to see their children. The Cult will do almost anything to prevent this. From spilling your deepest secrets you revealed in the auditing (which is supposedly a big NO NO–like a Catholic priest breaking confession) to blackmail, to physically and emotionally hurting you and those near you. Some feel the cult has even done murder. They have certainly driven more than their share of people to suicide according to documents on the Web.
    So personally, although of course I can’t prove it, I think Nicole decided not to put her kids through a huge custodial fight where both parents would end up losers, but the kids would end up hurt and damaged most of all. I think she tries to see the kids whenever Tom will let her, but it is rather telling that Keith and Nicole are in LA for the AMA awards and then suddenly Bella, whom we have not seen in public for months, shows up in NYC with Katie. Having worked in PR and media and having known people who have left the cult, I don’t believe for one minute, one second that this was a coincidence.

  • peezy

    I dont get it, does this little girl own a coat? And why is she being carried?

  • the dq

    Finally she has a smile on her face and you can actually see it, because her hair isn’t covering her face.

    However, that stupid arse mother of hers needs to learn how to dress her when they go outside. PUT A COAT ON IT!!!!!!