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Taylor Lautner: Rolling Stone Cover Shoot Pics!

Taylor Lautner: Rolling Stone Cover Shoot Pics!

Taylor Lautner shows off his glorious abs in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

Back in July, the 17-year-old actor and rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift locked lips for their upcoming movie, Valentine’s Day. Lautner says that he “instantly clicked [with Swift.] Aside from being beautiful, she’s extremely funny, charismatic and fun to be around.”

Check out more Taylor pics from the cover shoot at For all the shirtless behind-the-scenes pictures from the cover shoot, click here!

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taylor lautner rolling stone abs 01
taylor lautner rolling stone abs 02
taylor lautner rolling stone abs 03
taylor lautner rolling stone abs 04
taylor lautner rolling stone abs 05

Photos: Mark Seliger/Rolling Stone
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  • Rachel

    HER glorious abs? LOL.

  • Wendy


  • Wendy


  • wWowW

    Beautiful pictures…beautiful boy!

  • wWowW

    @Wendy: Bet he looks better than your dumb ass.

  • Jen

    Why is it okay for a 17 year old boy to do a provocative photo? (Taylor Lautner) and a teen-age girl not okay (Miley Cyrus)? Just wondering!

  • TR

    Killer bod, ROUGH face.

  • Joan

    He is hot but I think he is too young to be exploited like that. But I like him, he seems to be a nice and pretty kid.

  • donna

    I kinda feel bad for him…think about all those soccer moms/twilight moms that are freakin OBSESSED. Ewww

  • Joan

    I like his face. Not only white people’s face are pretty. That’s racism. He has pretty native features.

  • lizzie
  • Kayline

    GOD! This KID trying too hard. Completely UNSEXY!

  • JR


    I think the same. Poor kid. He is good looking but those women, some got his age daughters and sons, who lust over him…pedo. where is Chris Hansen?

  • isidoa

    Hello jailbait!

  • nona

    oooooooooogly! like his face

  • anon

  • anon

    Good sticking up for Miley. Also, these girls at 16 or 17 catch heck if they date an older guy of 19, so wasn’t Taylor Swift catching flack for the 17 year old Taylor? She dated a guy going off to college when she was a freshman in high school…I don’t buy the innocent act.

  • jessica

    babe, this is hot.

  • Secret

    everybody stop hating, he look really hawt.
    you wish you look like that

  • celia

    If they could cover up his face then it would be all good. He’s a Butterface.

  • mams

    Wow, and you didn’t think RS could get anymore ridiculous. Welcome to redundancy, so far gone are the legitimate days of that magazine.

  • =)=)=)

    @Jen: i so agree with you !
    and taylor your body is not everything !

  • tealeaf

    Nice body

  • athena

    I wonder if his publicist forgot that he’s only 17…there’s still exploitation laws of a minor….brick abs or not.

  • Talk about your “butterface”

    LOL – Talk about a “butterface” – that describes R. Patz perfectly. Weird flat features, strange nose. I never thought he was handsome – and he certainly doesn’t fit how I envisioned Edward Cullen should look. At least this Taylor kid has a nice body as opposed to a ‘soft white marshmallow’ with abs that needed to be ‘photoshopped’ in.

  • J. Ryan

    everybody needs to chill. first off if we’re talking exploitation of minors look at that idiotic popstar magazine. that waste of paper has had shirltess guys under the age of 18 (including taylor before he bulked up) featured in their pathetic mag for years now.

    secondly, it’s sad how many haters we have in these comments. either you’re all Team Edward in disquise or you just have really sad lives. he’s 17 years old… give the kid a break for christ sake.

  • Scout

    nope…never liked his caveman features. I also prefer men with necks.
    I don’t like the beefed up look. Prefer slim and toned.

  • Melanie

    He’s so lucky to be with her! –

  • Danielle

    @Jen: I totally agree with you… It doesn’t make any sense! I

  • t

    lol first thoughts, gay and just wrong, dude looks like a love job!

  • magdalene.

    maybe I’m no a fan of him, but I have to admit that is HOOOOOT.

  • Jenna


    Dude i totally love you

  • anon

    BuzzFoto – We’re not even sure why the magazines keep pushing it, but this couple who are said to be romantically involved, are actually [anything] but. Sure, they’re having fun playing with the press, but it’s mostly because they are told it would be a good marketing strategy for their career. Everyone around them knows however, that they are just good friends, not lovers. One in all the media buzz is actually rumored to swing the other way

  • MAC

    Too bad he’s just a child LOL

  • zend

    nice bods. terrible face features.

  • jana

    doll face, not sexy

  • meeee

    OMG!!! I just realised he’s still a minor and his poses are really provocative…lol, really inappropriate for his age! XD

  • Team Jacob!!!!!!!


  • eh.

    Not a big fan of Twilight, but I love Taylor Lautner. I reckon his face is the most gorgeous part of him ahaha

  • katie



  • Scarlet

    Robert fans are freaking cause this boy is one fine piece, and there’s no way to justify those hideous airbrushed abs Rob was sporting.

  • sweetness

    somebody lock up the Pattinson fangirls they are on the loose hating on Taylor again!

    Taylor you know you kicked butt as Jacob..made your co-stars look bad!

  • Sammm

    god damn! looking so good!
    a great body! hes not out their trashed having
    sex with random social climbing starlets
    and he shows the beauty that can come from
    an ethnically diverse male.
    those that attempt to put him down by calling him a butterface
    first of all, that doesn’t make sense since a butterface is a term used for girls! doesnt work with guys
    the “butter” in butterface is meant to make the “BUT HER” sound,
    hence, everything BUT HER face
    and second of all, youre probably an ignorant hick in midtown usa
    or just plain stupid

    and if hes such a butterface? why do millions of girls swoon at the sight
    of his face in theatres and everywhere his face is?

    im sure taylor’s just DEVASTATED
    you dont like his looks

    boo hoo

  • Art8Fashion

    Beautiful body. Saw New Moon (more than once in fact) the female consensus was very vocal – Taylor is HOT!!!! I’ve never hear so many women (and girls) screaming, moaning, etc in a movie theater when an actor took his shirt off EVER.

    I am honestly impressed with Taylor’s acting chops. He did a great job and had a lot of chemistry with Kristen (Bella). He stepped up and changed his body for the part with much success. Even more impressive, he went beyond the ripped physique and gave a performance that made a lot of women in the audience very very happy.

    BTW he is white. His mother claims native american desent. But Taylor is saying he’s a white guy.

  • ****

    Yeah, that face is pretty off-putting but that young teen body is to die for.

  • ddr

    Looks like a teenHOMO at your local gay discothek!

  • nikki

    honestly, it’s really just his nose….it’s weirdly huge, like it’s swollen from a fight or something…..if he got his nose slimmed down a bit, i think he’d be soooo handsome!

  • Celebwatcher

    I do agree that if this was a 17 y/o girl posing like this all hell would break loose. Taylor isn’t ripe enough yet we can wait a year to see those “abs”. is the place for the latest celebrity gossip! ow

  • Jill Jewel

    He seems older than 17

  • Becca

    I do not like the fact that this BOY is being sexed up like this. He’s only 17 years old. He’s a minor. This is not ok. It’s wrong!