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Zac Efron & Claire Danes Celebrate Orson Welles

Zac Efron & Claire Danes Celebrate Orson Welles

Zac Efron suits up in Burberry while posing with costar Claire Danes at the screening of Me and Orson Welles hosted by the Cinema Society at NYC’s Chelsea Cinemas on Monday (November 23).

Claire‘s husband, Hugh Dancy, was also in attendance.

Zac, 22, and Claire, 30, both star in the period drama about a young man who is cast in a play directed by a young Orson Welles.

“It’s sort of a coming-of-age story for my character, but it’s also a week in the life of Orson Welles, this amazing American icon,” Zac tells Time. “There are a lot of tough people in Hollywood, but there’s no one quite like Orson. He was a genius and should forever be remembered like that. I think one of the reasons this movie was so exciting to make was to reveal to everybody how amazing this guy was.” 30+ pictures inside…

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Photos: Wargo/Getty, RAM/Fame Pictures
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  • dream is over

    That’s gotta be a first no Zac fans jumping on his latest thread.


    claire looks great…

  • duskandsummer

    Where has Vanessa been these days? In the past, she’s come to his premiers…

  • athena

    This was a great event. I was there…and Zac looked amazing and Claire looked stunning in her dress and she was there with her husband, who’s one of my favorite actors…Hugh Dancy. Zac was very nice and hopefully I will be able to upload a picture of Zac from the event.

  • Tiptoes

    @dream is over:

    so you are now a Zac fan….its unbelievable!

    Great to have this post in the main board, not JJJ>

    Athena – thanks for info. Please do share when you can

    Zac and Claire look great. I love how the change of hair style and outfit make him so grown up and handsome.

  • Tiptoes

    To # 3:

    Van is still in Vancouver, filming Sucker Punch. She is working hard so she can finish her part and come home to LA for her birthday and the holidays.

  • aska

    zac kind of fell off the radar ever since pattinson took the heartthrob status.

  • h


    Actually this is a screening not a premiere.

  • Danielle

    Zac is amazing and pleaseee don’t compare him with Pattinson, That Pattinson is sooooo ugly and average actor.

  • belinda

    dear jared, thank you for putting a zac efron post on the main board.

  • belinda

    dear jared, thank you for putting a zac efron post on the main board

  • Laura

    Yea, where is Vanessa these days? She normally comes to the premieres, I hope nothing has happened between the two?

  • Grace formally known as Hmm

    Looks like a fun event, Zac and Claire both look great. Thanks Jared for the photos and for putting Zac on the main board where he belongs.

  • athena

    Today they are placing an Orson Welles plaque where the old Mercury Theatre used to be. The main cast is to be there including Zac (which was possible) according to an agent working with him…This was to take place today at 11am in NY….the agent said she would email me an invite but didn’t keep her word….poo on her. Anyway, keep your eyes out for more possible Zac pics from the Plaque placement presentation…and you all know he’ll be on David Letterman tonight…he’ll most likely tape during the afternoon hours. So, if you want a chance to meet Zac or Claire, I’d say head over to the David Letterman show studios in NYC.

  • pink sugar

    @athena: Thanks
    @Laura: Vanessa is in Vancouver working in Vancouver and will be probably be in LA today or tomorrow for the holiday.

    Zac looks so sophisticate and mature. Love this new look on him

  • lilly

    i saw the film at a screening in London last week, Zac was there and he is so genuine and lovely in person, as are Claire, Christian and Richard. The film itself is charming and very witty, i highly recommend it. Zac is truly amazing.

  • kgg

    Geez, do some of you people not read the previous comments already on a thread before you post? Duh! You guys just keep asking the same questions every few posts.

    FYI, again, and for the last time I hope, Vanessa is filming a movie in Vancouver, that’s in Canada and could not make this screening of Zac’s movie. I’m sure if she could have, she would have been there, but Thanksgiving is coming up this week and hopefully she’ll get a few days off and they can see each other then.

  • go sox

    @kgg: LOL…I was just going to say the same thing, but, I didn’t because, I READ THE PREVIOUS COMMENTS!! For those who wonder or ask questionss, you might find your answers if you read first!!

    Zac and Claire both look great, and I hope the movie does well. It’s a shame to have a well-acted quality movie be overlooked by the over-hyped New Moon.

  • birdie53

    Thank you Jared for putting Zac on the main board. This is a film for
    mature people and he deserves for everyone to know what a talented actor he is. He is no longer on the cover of all the teeny bopper magazines, so I think you are hurting his career by keeping him in
    the Junior section. This film looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it.

  • pita

    Iam so excited for this movie and I hope tomorrow the first opening day of this movie does well.
    I have to say he looks absolutely gorgeous,so mature.Iam loving his new look lately and also Claire looks great.

  • mannequin

    He’s so handsome

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac Looks Good And Claire Looks Gorgeous as always.

  • Melanie

    They make a great couple. She dates all her co-stars

  • kami


    and zac is thankful for that. He is so grateful to rp for doing that. he even said so in one of his recent interviews. zac does not want attention, he wants to be a good actor.


    Zac looks so good!

  • Malia

    Zac on the main JJ site!! Amazing!!!!

    Looks like this promotional tour went really well. I think I’ll have to wait longer than most people to see it. Lucky, those who live in NY and LA.

    OK, I want to know where Vanessa is. Where is Vanessa? Where has Vanessa been? Where is Vanessa? Anyone know where Vanessa is?




  • Karen

    Probably one reason the Zac fans have not gathered on this thread is because they would die of shock to think he actually got on the main board. It happens so seldom. After having so many Zac threads on the JR site for the past few days I’m sure everyone figured there is nothing new and that there would be no mention of him here since there hasn’t been all the days he has been mentioned on JJJ. I checked this site last night after seeing the subject matter FIRST covered on JJJ. I thought since it was an adult movies with people like Claire Danes and Ben Chalin in it then it would show up here. BUT no, not until later this morning.

    This is where ZAc belongs and he’s looking great. I have loved his style on this promotion tour. I loved how he looked when they were on the IOM. I can’t wait to see him on Letterman tonight.

  • Karen


    Are you talking about Zac and Claire? You must not know anything. Claire is married to actor Hugh Dancy who happens to be there at the screening. He was also with pictured with Claire while she was shooting this movie in Great Britain.

  • Malia

    Zac does look very mature on this promotional tour. And in his interviews, he sounds more mature, more confident and sure of himself as he talks about his character and the movie. He’s also doing a great job of fielding the stupid questions about his personal life.

    And Claire comes across as a very classy, articulate lady.

  • Melanie

    I heard she was friends with mary louis parker.

  • Tiptoes

    Wonderful article –
    Zac Efron’s Co-Stars Compare Him To Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck
    ‘He’s going to be around a long time,’ Claire Danes says of the actor.

    Co-star Christian McKay, who plays Welles, told MTV News that Efron had absolutely no ego on set. “I was playing opposite a genuine Hollywood star in my first film and he was wonderfully helpful and supportive to me,” the actor said. “I don’t like the fact that people want to pigeonhole somebody at the age of 22. Actors serve their apprenticeship, and to do that with such grace and humility in front a billion fans screaming at your every move and the world’s press is an incredible achievement. And he’s that kind of guy. He’s humble, he’s got his feet on the ground. And I, for one, am looking at all the wonderful performances he’s going to give in the future.”

  • xxx

    Zac’s acting in the trailer looks WOEFUL.
    Just goes to show that so called “good looks” can get people very far in Hollywood.

  • Melanie Beach

    So did she sleep with efron also?

  • Malia


    What a nice complement to Zac. Everyone who works with him has incredibly nice things to say about him. He’s so down to earth. And Christian is right, Zac has his feet on the ground.

    And just from the few clips I’ve seen, Zac does an outstanding job as the innocent Richard in the book. I’m very pleased that the movie got the Critics Choice review with 5 out of 5 stars. Kudos to the entire cast.

  • Tiptoes

    One of the reasons why he is grounded is the kind of support he gets from his parents.

    Here is another interview – LOL a lot of interviews lately

  • harmony rose

    is he stoned in those photos, ‘cus… he looks stoned. He is either stoned or trying to hard to get the ‘blue magnum’ look… and well, nobody does blue magnum like derik.

  • grumma

    Zac look good but look kind sad to. i think he miss Vanessa .and he was up set with the ENQUIRER what it say about him and VANESSA that he want to dump her.the enquirer say some people that work with on the movies say he want to be free. and that he call his la guy and say the same think.he injoy his out with the guy.he wantBut now he’s stretching his wings. but Zac have say that him and Vanessa doing just find.i wish these people would leavn them alone.get up and read this i can see how this will hurt her.they be toghter for 4 yr now.i hope think work out for them. the way they look at each other like they can read each mind.she work hard on the movies to finsh it so she can have time with him to.i hope it work both of them.

  • Trina

    So proud of Zac. He is so grown up now.


    That Enquirer story is a recycled one.

    Don’t worry. The break up, engaged, getting married, being pregnant and other rumors get recycled. The same old same old over and over and over. Obviously the Enquirer did not know that Zac and Vanessa were together while they were working in Vancouver. They take a lot of liberties with the stories they make up and assume that Zac “talks about his relationship” the way a lot of other guys do. They don’t know just how private he is. BTW, they started that same rumor about 5 months ago. They are imposing their feelings about Hollywood relationships onto Zac and Vanessa.

    And why is anyone still quoting the Enquirer story? There have been countless others from Showbiz Spy and other sites with the glaring headlines: “Zac and Vanessa NOT breaking up,” and stating that the Enquirer story is not true.

  • Malia

    Guess we’re not allowed to post comments here that mention pictures of Zac on other sites. If you do, the comments don’t get posted. Interesting.

  • Abigail

    I like him in his short hair like this. Gorgeous! :)

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac is looking more and more Grown Up and Mature in those pictures. Zac has amazing Moive Career ahead of him. He will be around for along time.

  • Andrea

    Zac is Bello!!! and Claire Danes looks very good for her age!

  • emmaleeann

    @birdie53: that’s a dumb assumption. at least he’s actually posting on him.

  • dream is over

    TMZ have a video on the net of Zac out with some blond woman and he does’nt look to pleased that he got caught, so the story of him wanting to spread his wings without Vanessa might not be that far fetched. Even when she did attend his premier of 17 Again he did’nt get photographed with her yet Leslie Man did with her husband just like Claire did with her’s so why won’t Zac do the same with his gf and have a photo done with her that comes acrossd of him being ashamed of being seen with her.

    He was also apparently fooling around and getting drunk while he was in London according to the net.

  • Karen

    I guess some people forget or are totally ignorant to the fact Zac and Vanessa had pictures together where they are the prince and princess and then there was the beautiful Vanity Fair photoshoot and even the pictures of Zac an Vanessa fooling around when Zac picked her up at her one photo shoot and those were released a few months ago. We have had pictures of them together on the red carpet at the Watchmen premiere where they are holding hands and are “thisclose” with their arms wrapped around each other. Then there are those pictures of them even more than “thisclose” at two different Lakers games… I’d say there is no shame in either one of them about showing just how much the each means to the the other.

    But some want to pick about no pictures of them together at 17 Again premiere even those they were both together and plenty of fans saw them hand in hand together, etc. Then some want to attack Zac for no being at the Bandslam premiere even though he was in Vancouver shooting a movie. Also, Vanessa was doing the same—-working—-every time MAOW has screened somewhere like Toronto, Washington DC, London, IOM, and now in NYC. Not once has she been able to be with him.

    Also, those rumors of Zac partying so hard in London seem a little false since the rumors are coming from known gossip sites and we actually have witnesses who saw him and also pictures from that night the rumors are pinpointing. Both the witnesses and pictures tell a completely different tale. I’m sure Zac had a drink and maybe two but he clearly was not drunk in the pictures as he left the party and the the witnesses also say he was not drunk—far from it. He did press and interview shows and was busy nearly every minutes while on that tour. He takes his job seriously. When he wants to kick back he has more than one time says he does it at home with friends. So, those who are so desperate at trying to cause trouble should give up while they are ahead or at least act a little more educated about these subjects before throwing out all these accusations.

    However, I think they know that before they write such stuff but are hoping there are still some out there who don’t know the facts and that they can sway their opinions about Zac. It also gives them something to do. Perhaps some of these people those who come on these sites who work for scum like TMZ or Star magazines who are trying to see what kind of sensationalized story they can create and just what weak-minded people will buy into….that makes their lies a lot easier to sell.

  • Bradley Bobst

    @dream is over:

    There is no Picture of Zac On TMZ. Stoping to making thing Up Loser.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan

    @dream is over:

    What The Hell are you on. There is no Video of Zac on TMZ so Stop making things up. You are no Vanessa Fan you loser. You need some Help big time.

    Zac looks good at the NY Premiere of Me And Orson Welles.

  • Lilly Ledbetter

    Why does she sleep with all her co-stars?

  • Stone

    Somebody could use a boob job.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!