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Adam Lambert on AMAs Performance: I Got Carried Away

Adam Lambert on AMAs Performance: I Got Carried Away

Adam Lambert visits CBS’ Early Show on Wednesday (November 25) in New York City.

The 27-year-old American Idol vet addressed his sexually charged American Music Awards performance.

“I admit, I did get carried away,” Adam said. “But I don’t see anything wrong with it. I do see how people got offended and that was not my intention. My intention was just to interpret the lyrics to my song and have a good time up there.”

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20+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert at The Early Show

Adam Lambert – Interview

Adam Lambert – “Whataya Want”

Adam Lambert – “Music Again”

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  • Hanna

    at first I thought OMG why does he looks so female?
    I dont like his hairs :/

  • Owen

    He’s not a performer nor an artist, he’s just a douchebag!

  • Ilia

    @Owen: Spoken like one (a douche-bag that is).

  • gene

    He looks like Elvis Presley.

  • anon

    Someone is doing a lot of PR work now.
    When is the music industry going to get it, people are tired of the shock and awe, the glam and glitz, the background distractions that tricks the viewer….why can’t we have people who can actually stand there and sing LIVE without being propped up or sounding like caca?

  • Catalina

    Totally agree with Owen.

  • fraud

    Been carried away,,,Is carried away

  • Ashley R

    I’m sure he is trying to sell to the family crowds that supported him, and not give them a burlesque show

  • kelly

    Elvis Presley haaaaaaaa….. looks like Mike Myers(Austin Powers)

  • boring

    All image no substance.



  • Flo

    He looks like a Lisa Minelli wannabe.

  • ANNG

    Adam doesn’t understand there is an edit button when you perfom in a national broadcast vs. those who pay to see him in concert. Maybe thought he did it to promote himself but think it backfired. Not sure the AMA’s is going on my DVR list next year. Loved Kelly Clarkson… who was the ONLY class act in the entire show.

  • shelby

    Not quite an apology… getting there… try again? Oh, and enjoy yourself in the privacy of your own home next time… not on the AMA’s.

    I’ve gone from being a fan to being repulsed.

  • jedinojasamja

    I think he’s wonderful! A rare mix of a beautiful, powerful voice and strong charisma, wits, brains and a positive attitude. He said it himself, no way everybody’s going to like him, and that’s ok, but everybody is fascinated with him, that’s why we’re all talking about him. I for one LOVE his music and his style, it’s inspiring, and he makes me HAPPY and FEARLESS. Good enough for me!!! And as for you who don’t like him, stop wasting your energy trashing him, rather go and do stuff or listen to music that makes you happy! That’s why this world is beautiful, it’s big enough for different things, people and attitudes-love to all from Europe:-)

  • youwillmissme

    He’s such a disgrace! I wish he goes away soon.

  • Debbie

    Yea, he got carried away with his bad self. And when I say bad, I mean crappy.

  • Debbie

    Oh and we’re not facsinated, we’re disgusted…big difference. Actually, find him boring. Adam is only unique/different from the AI perspective. Otherwise, he is nothing special.

  • meeeeeee

    I’m glad he admitted that. Now he got some points back cuz I thought the kiss was uncalled for…and it was a lil on the cheesy side tho he thought he was doin somethin’.

  • gwennie throwpal


    Agreed. You won a tv talent show.Where is the talent?

    I never watched Amer.idol.I think its time has come and isgoing…2more years.Done!

  • happy girl

    Gosh he is gorgeous. A modern day Elvis. Very hot.

  • danielle

    I never thought I’d say this about a male, but he looks much better in full eye make up.

  • xix

    he’s so awful it’s hard for me to put it into words… who does he think he is?!?! soooo full of himself and his face is just irritating.
    I’m not even going to go into his music… so bad.

  • XXI

    Adam Lambert is a liar and pervert who is very absorbed in the fame and attention. DO NOT BELIEVE what he said. His actions speak so loudly about who he is.

  • dundies

    no one can honestly have an opinion these days without being called a “prude” if you disagree with his appearance on the AMA’s. people need to quit pulling out the “homophobic” card, just because someone thinks he can’t sing. his performance was terrible despite what his sexuality is

  • lala

    I am soooo’ sick of him. Why doesn’ he go away? Never liked him on AI because he was so arrogant and thought he was all that. However, he played the innocent role and got the kids/teens/parents intrigued enough to vote for him. Now that AI is over he has no respect for the fans that got him where he is. He’s nothing more then a self-indulgent, arrogant, poser. He’s thinks he’s the greatest gift to the entertainment industry. What a joke he is! I don’t care if he’s gay, straight, bi, male or female. His performance and attitude are beyond disgusting. He’s trying to do damage control now to boost CD sales and I hope most people won’t buy into his con job. You people that are obsessed with this dude are beyond desperate. But then again, that’s what Lamebert is…desperate. He’s no better then the slutty performers like Madonna, Britney, Gaga & Janet who have to use sex to get attention and sell their music. A true artist doesn’t need these antics. Fake loser all around!

  • Lynda Lollipops

    I guess he really enjoys off-broadway. See you there.

  • cece

    His makeup is disgusting.

  • Ivana

    He’s disgusting!!!!! WTF??? Nature gone wrong!!
    If you’re gay and you know that’s abnormal DON’T PUT THAT ON MY FACE!!
    Enjoy in your own things, but don’t brag and be proud about something what is sick!!!

  • jory

    he is so handsome and those sexy tight pants dayyyym the sexiest guy ever :) love him so much <3

  • rhonda

    his record is now #3 and th E channel and extra and entertainment tonight shows are pushing the gay agenda. it discrimination that they didn’t show the boy kissing the boy and they showed Madonna and Brittany! Get over it, what is this a race to the bottom! That performance was just downright vulgar! Gay people if you think this helps you, you are sadly mistaken. My tv has an off button.

  • missy

    please, go back in the closet!

  • Me

    I really liked Adam and thought his performance was horrible and it wasn’t even the kiss that bothered me so much. I don’t care he’s gay. I didn’t like the song, the theatrics and the entire production of it. Who is his manager — the same person as Levi Johnson? I wish he would sing like an artist and not be so theatrical with added screaming. Its so hard to watch and listen to, which is sad because he has a good voice. I used to be team Adam…I hope he does something quick to turn himself and image around.

  • please

    you got carried away maybe however what you said to parents NOT! Parents give those young teens money to buy your cds, stupid! also, sometimes when something special comes on public tv you let your children stay up and watch! please just go away………….

  • patricia

    I wasn’t offended, the gay kiss wasn’t bad but when he pushed the guys head into his crotch that was way too much for a show that families watch, and then he wonders why people are upset.

  • LuckyL

    God, I LOVE this guy

  • Eve

    This guy needs to go away.
    His song was horrible, his actions were gross and he cannot sing.

  • tim

    What designer made his jacket and scarf?

  • mandie

    Thats Martha Rays husband. Just check it out.

  • Lilly Ledbetter

    He thrives off controversy!

  • Liz

    It’s all about you, isn’t it!! Why don’t you go hang out with your buds over at NAMBLA! You make me sick!

  • Jacob

    Did anyone notice the “Straight Talk” graphic in The Early Show video? Interesting. This guy needs to stick with singing and stop the whole attention whore bit. I’m pretty sure everyone by now knows that he is a homosexual. And if anyone has a problem with the way gays are treated in America, they should go live in the Middle East. We all know that homosexuals are treated far better in the Middle East than they are in America.

  • joe

    @dundies: so agree!!

  • melissa asherman

    I completely agree with him. Yeah his performing was sexual but eminem talking about raping wasn’t any better infact it was MUCH worse. I agree… he isn’t a baby sitter. If your worried about kids … don’t watch it, turn it off or tivo it and you watch it first

  • Rattlesnake

    if you listen to all the A.I. alumn all their songs sound the same… sterile and pedestrian ! Next …………….

  • Karen

    I can’t believe how disgusting this guy is–and my opinion has no connection to his sexuality-i could care less if he is gay-it is that he is incredibly conceited-there is a fine line between confidence and conceit and he is way over the line!

  • Sarah Sunshine

    His fifteen minutes is up.


    i think some of those people who dissed adam…somehow are hateful….
    can we give some respect some artist who creat something different and unusual in this world.plz.

    adam,u are great.leave those gossip behind and go for your dreams.

  • wsm

    Why doesn’t this fake ass poser go away? I couldn’t stand his fake ass on AI and he’s even worse now. He’s nothing but a media wh**e without much talent. Wow, wasn’t he impressive on the AMA’s? Get lost Lamebert! I hope he crashes and burns because he doesn’t deserve the attention. Fake loser all the way!

  • miss c

    “My intention was just to interpret the lyrics to my song and have a good time up there.”
    Rappers dont even go that far at those events and their lyrics are nasty and degrating to women, but you dont see little wayne up there holding a girls face up to his dick.
    Damn that was nasty. Weather is was a man or a woman. Huge mistake for him, especially since hes a cheap shot of fame from american idol.
    Adam- at least try becoming someone first before pulling that kind of shit on a family network.