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CBS Explains Why They Blurred Adam Lambert's Kiss

CBS Explains Why They Blurred Adam Lambert's Kiss

Adam Lambert kissed his straight keyboardist Tommy Ratliff during his sexually charged American Music Awards performance on Sunday.

On a Wednesday segment during the CBS Early Show, the kiss was blurred out before showing unedited footage of Madonna and Britney Spears making out.

A rep for CBS finally has spoken up, telling Extra: “We gave this some real thought. The Madonna image is very familiar and has appeared countless times including many times on morning television. The Adam Lambert image is a subject of great current controversy, has not been nearly as widely disseminated, and for all we know, may still lead to legal consequences.”

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  • bebe

    MADONNA IS A STAR and he is not. He Has to pay his dues b/4 he can start kissing men on stage.

  • Kim

    LEGAL consequences? All he was doing was giving a performance.

  • LeviKlein

    I think it’s unfair. I didn’t like his performance, i thought he tried too hard instead of simply giving a show, but that’s not a reason to be partial.
    If CBS wants to go down the censory road, why only blur Adam’s kiss and not Madonna’s?
    The kiss in itself didn’t bother me, I couldn’t care less, but I was widly annoyed by his performance. Too much drama for no real sh-t.

  • Karen

    So you can sue over a gay kiss in america? Wow

  • Fyn

    Such double standard!
    Straight men get such a kick out of women making out—–but to watch two men kiss, brings out the homophobe in the best of them.

  • james

    RUBBISH!! two girls kissing, especially if they are pretty ones, is much more socially exceptable than two guys kissing. it makes me sad to say this, being a gay guy myself. its backwards thinking that lead to the censorship of that kiss.

  • helen w.

    @bebe: oh dear would you listen to yourself?

    double standard all over. this explanation didn’t explain why madonna’s kiss was different then adam’s. what’s the difference?

  • Pixie chick


    I AGREE!!! =)

  • cynical

    You homophobic morons that like Lady Gaga know that she is bisexual right?

    Bebe – As for the Adam has to pay his dues before kissing men on stage … wtf are you a caveman born in 1950?

    Why is America so afraid of sex? Seriously America is full of hypocrisy when it’s ok for a female to kiss another female on stage and it’s shown on tv it’s not ok for 2 men. Do you really think America would televise JT kissing Eminem? No you morons.



  • t

    regardless of who he is or isn’t as a musician it’s still unfortunate we live in such a uncomfortable bigot filled society. Who cares what person is kissing what person for 2 seconds on tv?

  • amy

    The straight guy could’ve balked at Adam kissing him and turned the other cheek so to speak!! They r both beneath me!! I dont care and Adam is just trying to promote that lifestyle. Shame on the so-called straight guy going with the flow! I guess Adam will give him a “bonus” for unexpectedly having to kiss Adam………..SO REPULSIVE!!

  • katie

    the kiss was fine with me I just didn’t like the face in the crotch thing. but i bet they knew this would happen and now everyone is talking about him.

  • truth teller

    Boy on boy sex is yucky.

  • Diva

    Sue him!

  • aeg

    gee, he almost ate the guy’s face

  • El

    As much as I hated his performance for just not being good at all in the sense that he was lacking talent, I have to give him some respect for stirring things up a bit. He’s brought out the clear and obvious discrimination, and as a result debates will be had, and people will keep on talking about it, until hopefully one day we get rid of the ridiculous discrimination and double standards we’ve set in place.

    CBS’ explanation on why they didn’t blur out the madonna/britney kiss is absolutely ridiculous. To say because a certain image is more well-known it is more acceptable doesn’t make any sense. The fact of the matter is they are afraid to see two men kissing. People are afraid of two men showing affection, and that is a sad thing.

  • BBoy

    This guy is giving gay men the bad name. He’s doing all this to get more sales for his album, which sucks by the way. Concentrate on making better music and less tryin’ to “shock” America.

  • Hannah

    this is sexism, and hypocrisy at its very best, or worst shall i say. Women are sex objects, men are not…especially if it is with each other, that is what society is saying. i don’t know why it matters to these crazy people freaking out though, they didn’t show any graphic body parts, and honestly the crotch thing, britney, madonna, christina, all do it. and the kiss. and they are so worried about their kids. why? if you don’t want them seeing it turn it off, but explain to me why it is a problem? are you afraid it will turn you child gay? then you’d have to either accept that it is normal and natural or that you are a bad parent because your child is “deviant”.

    get used to it, people, the majority of people 18-29 approve of gay marriage and thus the gay lifestyle. gay kisses are only going to continue, and become more common.

  • moka

    eww >!!
    i don’t like him at all..
    did u see the cover of his new cd….i mean we know he’s gay but seriously??…ugh!

  • Summer

    IMO people didn’t make a big deal about the Madonna and Britney kiss because it was more like a peck than a full on kiss. Adam’s was more like a makeout session. Do I think it’s fair? NO, but thats the way society is. The thing about the performance was that he took it to far. I am fine with the kiss but the face in the crotch was so unnessecary. His vocals were terrible, the dancing was even worse. Even without the kiss and the fake BJ, the performance was terrible IMO. There was nothing good about it. But I don’t think he should be getting criticized for a kiss, maybe the fake BJ but not a kiss.

  • Endrys

    what the hell?… that´s unfair, i mean why people can´t accept him like he is!…Soo to me it was just a performance and yes it could be a little bad for him for doing it but i think people dont care about the fact of his performance people care about his sexual preference and that is a discrimination …I like so much Adam as a singer and i enjoy his personality a lot and i don´t judge him for his preference we don´t even have to judge anyone that is part of God´s work, the only thing i care about is his talent…. And nobody can deny that he has it… i support him!

  • Pandora

    @James # 6. You’re right. I think the reason two girls making out is deemed acceptable is because we live in a straight man’s world. I’m female and I don’t care if the two girls are pretty or not. I don’t get off on it. It does nothing for me. OTOH, I think it’s the height of sexy to see two guys kissing, etc.

    Adam doesn’t give a flying fig what is or is not socially sanctioned. He knows what he’s coming up against and this won’t be the last time. I like that he’s so comfortable w/ his sexuality and I like that it makes others *uncomfortable* because it underscores the fact that we are a society of hypocrites.

  • Hannah

    and El i agree, since when does the number of views make something more acceptable. there are certainly p0rnos that have had more viewers than other images, does that make them more acceptable? no…what a cheap lie, at least admit your bigotry CBS!

  • LuckyL

    Only women are allowed to be reduced into sex objects, viewed simply for pleasure, and subhuman. We can’t dare reduce a man to that, oh God, how terrible of us if we do. And throw in the rampant homophobia of society in generally and you had an especially explosive mix. Whatever, his career isn’t ending, sorry haters.

  • mks

    if they blur his kiss, they should blur brit brit and madge; better yet they should ban heterosexual kissing. that is the real double standard. to remove sexuality you must truly remove all…hetero, homo, bi, all kinds. If its good enough for one, its good enugh for all

  • MAC


  • gew


  • anna

    Pure Sickening trash, Thats entertainment to anyone who is a total loser.

  • Hannah

    @anna, it may not be your thing, don’t watch.
    but your obvious close-minded, bigoted viewpoint, is even worse than “Pure Sickening trash”.

  • Chau

    He’s annoying. Go away, Adam. You’re a talentless ho bag. -__-

  • Lilly Ledbetter

    People like watching hot women kiss each other. No one wants to see men kiss each other because men are less attractive.

  • tp fyn

    Such double standard!
    Straight men get such a kick out of women making out—–but to watch two men kiss, brings out the homophobe in the best of them.

    you right! if those of us who are straight can kiss on stage, in film, on tv, and in public then why can those people who are gay? in france, denmark,, sweden, norway, etc it’s not a big deal so why is it here.

  • Hannah

    @lily ledbetter, if nobody wants to see two men kiss, can you explain why the gay p0rn industry is so massive? people are just so afraid of male sexuality, while female sexuality is encouraged. controlling sexuality is the medias/governments most successful control mechanism.

  • Ilia

    Well done Adam, Kiss away dude, it is not hurting anyone.

  • LuckyL

    # 32
    Lilly Ledbetter @ 11/25/2009 at 11:55 pm

    People like watching hot women kiss each other. No one wants to see men kiss each other because men are less attractive.
    Your blanket statement FAILS the bullsh** test and is again supporting the fact that women are allowed to be objectified and it is so commonplace even women find it “normal,” “typical,” and “acceptable.”

    You’re what sociologists call a “female misogynist pig.”

  • Lilac

    HA! MEN!!! finally you can feel what we, women, have felt for centuries!!
    finally there is something that we, women, can do and you, men cant!!
    )))) suck it!))

  • Jake

    Two men kissing is really no big deal people. It’s just a kiss at the end of the day, and it’s a shame that they chose to censor that image and not the other one. It makes them come across as ignorant bigots. I’m actually glad Adam did this though, so he can get a lot of people talking about it, and realizing what they did was wrong. Hopefully this will be a learning lesson for CBS.


    Legal consequences? You have to be joking. If that is the case, you better get Janet Jackson, Eminem, Rhianna, Carrie Underwood, Lady GaGa for all of their so called inappropriate actions. Janet Crotch grabbing, herself and male dancer, Eminem for their lyrics of rape etc.. Rhiana, for rifles and violence, Carrie Underwood dressed like a hooker and suggestively stroking the microphone and Lady GaGa for smashing whiskey bottles on her piano.

    People get a grip. Adam’s career is far from ending, so you haters take it somewhere else. Adam is here to stay!!!! Love you Adam!!!
    Loved the performance!!!

  • lety

    CBS is wrong and with that I must agree, personally this kiss didn’t seem like such a big deal but the pretend BJ did, and that has nothing to do with being gay, I wouldn’t want to see a female performer laid out having someone else do some pretend licking on her either!

  • haha

    my gay friends do this all the time: when they make big mistakes, they always blame everyone else around them first or call it homophobia when you call them out on it instead of taking responsibility. adam sexually harasses 3 dancers on stage, falls and sings like crap on stage… but we’re being the ignorant ones & he’s a victim.
    I never thought i’d see the day where white males would scream discrimination.

  • mave

    His performance was plain INAPPROPRIATE!!!!! Spell it all you want about unfairness but it’s not only the kissing but also the other picture of getting down also. It’s disgusting for public view! Two thumbs up for GMA!!!!

  • Saleha

    When was Adam Lambert born? I think he may well be the reincarnation of Elvis. Ha ha ha…well then, think back to what Elvis did back then.

    Adam Lambert is leading a path of nonjudgment amongst us humans…if we are that. I am straight and I LOOOOVE Adam Lambert. Shit I’ll shove him into my crotch anytime.

  • V

    Im sorry, I think his performance was terrible, not just because of the kissing and groin stuff that wasnt flattering i dont see the need for it but I dont think his very talented.

    If his trying to be different as a performer there are ways to do it without losing respect.

    Lady Gaga for example is out there but she does it creatively and gets a message across.

  • hannah

    lady gaga barely wears any clothes, if adam did this, that would be unacceptable as well, the conflict is not about his performance or whether or not it is original, it’s not, neither is gagas (have you never seen madonna’s old stuff?) and also, gagas song poker face is about girl on girl action…just saying

    its about the fact that he is a gay male, and that is not okay for some unknown reason, not any logical reason, but some weird society created phobia.

  • hannah

    and to whoever said he sexually harassed those people, thats total bs. they totally participated, especially the crotch part, it was part of the choreography.

  • Dorothy

    Ok, that is just a lame excuse. He will not be fined for kissing another man on TV. He might be questioned about his other conducts such as shoving someone to his crotch. What CBS explained about blurring the photo was a very possible act of discrimination.

  • M

    god, you ppl in US are real WEIRD, in Ukraine I bet no one would even notice the dude kissed the goddamn man! (no, seriously, some press claimed the keyboardist looked like a female) AND it just a kiss!!!

  • KOL

    @bebe: I agree!

    Adam was just trying too hard to be a cool rock star or something. He’s JUST NOT on that level YET to do stunts like that.

  • aida

    Where were the morality police when that Bruno guy shoved his a@@ in Emiem’s face? I guess it is suppose to be funny, when you do it to someone who acts disgusted by it, but to suggest that two individuals would actually be participating together in the action is too much to handle. Actually Bruno and Emiem were in it together so they were just pretending to not enjoy doing what they were doing (just like the Republicans who claim the moral high road, just to be caught having their diapers change by the prositute).

    Honesty, to single out Adam and to ignore all of what has been done in the name of “entertainment” over the past decades is insane.