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John Mayer Covers Details Magazine December 2009

John Mayer Covers Details Magazine December 2009

John Mayer poses in a black tanktop on the December 2009 cover of Details, on stands December 1. Here are some interview snippets from the 32-year-old musician:

On creating pop music: “I don’t know if you know, but I’m not exactly Bob Dylan – I’m already a pop musician…I want to reach as many people as possible…I don’t mind compromising.”

On people hating him: “What if I had a booth on the street and I said, ‘Attention everybody who hates me: If you have a problem with me, I’m ready to hear your gripes! I will be outside the Barneys store on 60th Street from two to four this afternoon…I will only be speaking to people who do not like me. Come out and let me have it.’ How many people do you think would be standing there?…Ze-ro.”

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Photos: Alexei Hay/Details
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  • jenna

    he is one talented musician, and one beautiful man.


    congrats to him he has the #1 album in the country

  • anon

    “How many people do you think would be standing there?…Ze-ro.”……………WRONG AGAIN UGLY ARMS………….John, I could walk up quite easily and tell you who you are. I AM NOT JOKING or “MESSIN’”. (1) You are a fake musical clone, building your career off dull rehashed music the world neither needs or wants: with one goal in your mind, to feed your conceit and sense of being better than anyone else. That fundamental lie is your barrier to intimacy and artistic sincerity. (2) I will tell you that people see you as condescending and self serving…which they do. YOU ALWAYS SPEAK TO THE PRESS ABOUT YOURSELF LIKE THERE IS A BIG DILEMMA GOING ON. THERE ISNT. (3) I will also tell you something you already know; that you FAKED a relationship with Aniston in exchange for publicity dollars. Your goal was to garner attention for a TV show, that never materialized. Why ? The studios got wind of how you are so willing to lie and how people don’t empathize with smug condescension. The ANISTON SHOWMANCE was paid for, under a contract, for the duration of the Marley and Me production in a DELIBERATE, Machiavellian move, by CAA, to compete against Jolie/Pitt. (4) I will tell you that you are a liar, for writing deceptive comments such as “Jen is lying we are having twins” and “welding an engagement ring for my girlfriend”. (5) I will also finally tell you, something again you know, that you will do ANYTHING, no matter how perverse, immature, pretentious or affected……….no matter who it hurts…………no matter what actions follow……… to garner novelty attention to disguise the fundamental inadequacy for your lack of originality as an artist. JOHN….. I could tell you all these things, but you already know them !!!!!……. In reality I could do nothing but hold a mirror to your face, and really, do you need me to do that for you, when you can just as easily do it yourself ? I hope you stand alone. Maybe then you will finally become a man.

  • mariuppie

    I agree with ANON, but even though think he is talented with the guitar… I don’t follow him, but every time I get to read anything he says he is sooooo arrogant!! Things seem to be so calm and harmless to this guy that I get an overall shallow idea of himself.

  • blondie

    I will tell you this:

    Go ahead and give Jennifer Aniston
    that little bity baby
    that she pretends to anyone who will listen
    that she wants so very badly.

    Marry her if you must, but go ahead and plant your seed
    in there, if she will allow you,
    and merge, have an adventure, or whatever it takes,
    so that you will go down in history,
    as the man that did, and would, and could!!!

    Hurry before her night sweats,
    and cold chills, and her ranting begins
    in full force.

    Good luck, brave man.
    Happy roads ahead, to you.

    Conquer that mountain.

  • anon

    Idiot wind blowing every time your move your mouth
    Blowing down the backroads heading south
    Idiot wind blowing every time you move your teeth
    You’re an idiot dude
    It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe

    Idiot wind blowing through the flowers on your tomb
    Blowing through the curtains in your room
    Idiot wind blowing every time you move your teeth
    You’re an idiot dude
    It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.

    Idiot wind blowing like a circle around my skull
    From the Memphis to the movie capitol
    Idiot wind blowing every time you move you teeth
    You’re an idiot dude
    It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.

    Idiot wind blowing through the buttons of our coats
    Blowing through the interview that they wrote
    Idiot wind blowing through the dust upon our shelves
    You’re an idiot fake
    It’s a wonder you can feed yourself.

  • Zoz

    @anon: Wow you’re a nut job.Mayer works with stevie ray vaughn and princes guitar tech.Steve Jordan and pino pallidino who have worked with the rolling stones and the who.that’s just to name a few.Mayer has worked with aerosmith & stevie wonder.just to name a couple.mayer worked with herbie hancock who worked with john coltrane & miles davis.legends love him and so do music lovers.get over it and move on to someone who isn’t already greatly can wikipedia all the greats Mayer has worked with.bring a cup of black coffee and make sure a restroom is close.

  • lexy

    He’s an idiot! He pretends he’s all humble and what not but he’s a big media wh0re. For all his complaining about Jessica Simpson he’s no better than her! At least she doesn’t PRETEND not to be only about fame. He should try and hook up with JJ fave Rachel Bilson. The 2 of them can sit around and plan their lives around tipping off the paps and running around pretending to be upset by all the photographers!

  • Cristobal

    Yeah he is arrogant, but I like his music and that tattoo sleeve.

  • ava

    I agree with anon #4 and i don’t care who he worked with he is an arrogant pos. They don’t call him a douchbag for nothing.

  • magdalene.

    Fabulous, talented and smoking hot.
    And I think that people writing the word ‘douchebag’ do this just for a rule, because they find such writing as a great trend, just teasing and feeling better than someone.

  • Reem A

    Good cover for a very talented musician!
    I really like battle studies :)

    Yes! he comes off as arrogant sometimes, but I think he’s miss understood! either because people don’t get his sense of humor or because he’s brave enough to express his thoughts out loud..that’s why there are a lot of WTF moments in his interviews!!!!!
    By W, I mean what and why :) and sometime How T F did he say that ?!

  • Mary

    Wow. So someone you all have never met and don’t know personally gets you this upset? Funny. And by funny I mean pathetic.

  • Scout

    talented musician? really?
    his music is completely dull and mediocre.
    there’s nothing interesting about him.

  • chris


  • ellie’

    John Mayer looks great.. Also some musician.. I have noticed a change in him for awhile… for the good in him.. Love your music..

  • ANON is a Douche

    @anon: Go die, c o c k s u c k e r.

    ok, everyone JOIN —->

  • LYNN

    B B King likes John Mayer’s Music and I am total Angie and Brad fan. I love his music also for some time now, even before Anniston. All you haters need to get facts about a person before you start with the hating. Please, Please get a life. . Got to go finish my potato salad. Good By…Gee I hate cooking

  • Felicity

    gorgeous. and he’s witty, too. a must-follow on twitter!
    loove his music. doesn’t matter that he’s slightly arrogant, he gets to be!

  • lexy

    Why does he get to be arrogant? If our President our was as arrogant as this jerk people would be trying to burn him at the stake! The Gov of California parks illegally and people want to call the Feds and have him thrown in jail. What makes this punk so great? He claims to be a musician? He insults other celebs? He’s got no respect for women?
    @Mary – this is America people can choose not to like him and call him whatever they want. It’s not pathetic. What’s pathetic is thinking this guy is great. I mean you don’t know him either but hear you are defending him like his mother would and insulting people who don’t like him!

  • dundies

    don’t speak

  • dany



  • Shanna

    @anon you are so right. He is fake.
    This gay douche bag hires a massive pr team (CAA) to hype his name up. The real talent is CAA making this jerk a star. This douche believe his own hype. I don’t care who they have paid big bucks to play with this nobody jerk, he is still a piece of narcissistic sh!t for believing his own hype and acting out on it.
    His playing is mediocre so his pr team hype it up to be more than it is. His pr team is working overtime to plug his name ever where so his album will sell but that does not make him great-just means his music company is rich enough to plaster his name every where to buy him status.
    Making this jerk a star puts more money back into their own pocket. Bet publicist are working are hard to change that douche bag image he earned but douche bag will not shut up his douche bag mouth long enough.

  • Mark

    Can’t stand the that wannabe.

  • BBQ




  • Ash

    Lol funny the way they put gay douche bag on his right arm.
    Lol he has gay written all over him. I see why he hate women but need them to buy his cr-p cd.
    His cd must really be in dropping fast to put phony poster on line to talk his cd up.

  • Lynda Lollipops

    No one hates you Jon!

  • Shanna

    B B King was paid to play with that douche-just mean his record label was able to pay B B King to perform with him. If they didn’t pay King he would not have been seen with him. Then his high paid pr team over hype the occasion. Pr tricks got douche bag where he is today.

  • Lauren

    That picture is photo shopped. That sleeve tat is so gay

  • Jessi

    He use women then put them down.
    He is arrogant and obnoxious.

  • Barb


  • Ewww

    He is disgusting

  • Fuse

    Hate this douche bag and his music.

  • Lola

    What a tard. Tons of people would be there to tell him off, he’s a jerk and his music is annoying.

  • Lola

    Zoz, he can’t work with Stevie Ray Vaughn, since that dude is dead.

  • Dav

    They can beg people to work with all they want but that still don’t make his nothing. He copy off of everybody else style.

  • Jessie

    I thought he hurt Jennifer Aniston really bad when he announced a break up with her publicly. I don’t know what to believe after hearing the relationship was a fake to help Jen look better by having an escort thru out her premiers. WTH! JM then could be looking at a television show of his own by doing so but i see that didn’t happen.????? . Bleh to his music ! i don’t like the way he treats women. Actually i don’t like the guys personality so wouldn’t waste my money on his music..

  • celia


  • xxx

    Can’t stand the idiot!!

    He is so arrogant and he thinks he is above regular people because he’s famous. Fkn a-hole.

  • Nunya


    Looks like all the people who read this article are BITTER, CUNTY, immature ingrates who hate their own lives so much they can do nothing but complain about someone they don’t even know.

    For heaven sake people are you REALLY that miserable and evil?

  • Liverwurst

    So delicious.

  • abbymight

    @Mark: Jealous much? LOL!

  • Zoz

    @Shanna: Can you explain why all of his grammys prior to the tabloids and his highly saling albums….#1 hits.

  • jcm lover

    @anon: THat must be why he’s won over 7 grammies, sold millions of records and is one of the most respected musicians of our times by not only millions of fans but musicians as well. John may not be your cup of tea, but millions and millions of people around the world don’t agree with your taste (or lack there of). I personally fault his arms with only one thing, they aren’t wrapped around me.

  • Zoz

    @Lola: I said vaughn’s. guitar tech.

  • jcm lover

    @Lola: He wasn’t referring to SRV HIMSELF but his drummer Steve Jordan.

  • Nunya


    One more thing, to the first poster who posted under the name Anon, one could gather from the tone of your post that you need some SERIOUS and INTENSE mental therapy. I would advise you to look in the phone book for the nearest qualified therapist.

    You obviously have some SERIOUS anger management issues and need help and/or medication.

  • prettyisasprettydoes

    I love me some John Mayer!!! Awesome talent, funniest man alive :)

  • mollywoo

    Don’t sweat the haters John, they just aren’t OUR kind of people.

  • Deborah xoxo

    This man knows his way around the bedroom and a woman’s heart, that is for d*mned sure. See you in March big Daddy!