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Natalie Portman is Ballet Beautiful

Natalie Portman is Ballet Beautiful

Natalie Portman looks stunningly beautiful at the opening night celebration of the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center on Tuesday (November 24).

The 28-year-old actress wore a Vena Cava dress, Charles by Charles David shoes, and a Carole Tanenbaum vintage collection bag.

Nat, who co-stars in the new film, Brothers , with Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal, commented, “It was actually really exciting ’cause this is the first time I’ve ever worked with actors that I knew before. I met Tobey when I was 14, I met Jake when I was 18, so there was a level of familiarity from the first day, which was really a nice way to enter into it. We also had a nice rehearsal period for a few weeks before we started, where we got to go over each other’s houses and talk about it and try things out!”

More pictures inside of ballet beautiful Natalie Portman

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Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • first

    Stunning is right. Finally JJ got it right. Why is it Natalie never makes it in the above bar or JJ top picks. She looked gorgeous at the premier of Brothers, why is she never selected by JJ.

  • jessica

    she is so beautiful! I love her hair blonde!

  • tina

    i agree, her hair blond like in Brothers is the best

  • samantha

    I see posts about Natalie and Hayden, but why this site don’t publish posts on Ewan McGregor too? I love Ewan!

  • illuminatea

    I love that dress! Although it looks a little big on Natalie.

  • carrie

    Another dull actor. Reminds me of Reese Witherspoon; nothing interesting to say, always looks plain, absolutely bland.

    And they both know Jake … says a lot about his personality as well I guess :(

  • @7

    What are you talking about, Reese is very bright, so is Jake if he could get into Columbia, so is Natalie who graduated Harvard, all 3 are the best actors out there in their age. Who in the hell do you find not boring, I am dying to learn?

  • lexy

    Natalie and Reese are talented HW actresses. What “interesting” thing do you expect them to say??? Should they tell us what brand tampons they use? Not to mention, JJ just puts random quotes with these celebs. This isn’t some brand new interview – these are red carpet photos.
    As always Natalie looks great! Can’t wait to see her movie.
    I don’t think we see a lot of Ewan b/c he’s busy and private. Also, does he have anything he’s out promoting? Natalie is a treat on this board since HC’s woman pays the bills around here and gets upset when they post about serious actresses!

  • Lynda Lollipops

    Its nice that she went to their houses to Try Things out! I’m sure they had a great time Trying things out!

  • Boom Boom PAU#16

    Gorgeous from head to toe! I love her dress! Natalie always looks perfect!

  • @11

    Take a look at her interview on the View, part of it is on youtube now, she fn so gorgeous and bright, I just don’t get it, how could someone be so beautiful and smart and talented at the same time and nice too.

  • Alias

    Must say she looks stunning, too bad about her signing the Polanski petition

  • Portman and Polanski

    I see no beauty in anyone who is in support of a child rapist!

  • Lynda Lollipops

    She supports polanski because they are the same religion.

  • @Alias

    Enough already with the Polanski petition, she is not the only one who signed and there is a documentary made about Polanski’s case where it is made explicately clear that Polanski served his full sentence, but after that the judge changed his mind due media pressure for which this judge was removed from the case.

  • lakers fan in boston

    dont love her dress but she still looks amazing
    i love everything about her
    she’s beautiful and actually talented
    she’s a nice person and she seems like she has a nice personality
    love yah, nat =-]

  • wtf

    I’m going to keep saying it. She is IN FAVOR OF RAPING CHILDREN!!!

  • @18

    Get help sicko. She is the most intelligent and fare person and smart. She is absolutely right about Polanski, he should not be prosecuted twice.

  • bob

    so beautiful

  • @above

    “There is no off position on the genius switch”

  • vinnyblue

    I love the simple dress, she looks awesome.
    beautiful dress.
    Love Natalie <3

  • pfarmar#1

    very stylish from head to toe. love her style.

  • sb

    i don’t think it’s a small thing that people are harping on.if you compare meat-eaters to rapists, and then you sign a petition for a real rapist to be set-free, something gives. plus i don’t believe that people are perfect, and whoever seems tooooo perfect, again something gives. and she seems toooo perfect, but check out her new interview on her main website, where she talks about the movie brothers, and something seems very off about her. her face keeps making these really weird gestures, and u can’t tell if she’s sad, sleepy, stoned, or nuts.

  • hello?

    She really needs to get over wearing these plastic, non-leather shoes.
    Every time she goes anywhere, she looks like a total freak.

  • Boom Boom PAU#16

    OH please…Enough with the Polanski case. We are beating a dead horse here. The haters of Natalie will bring this up till Natalie is in her 80′s! Half of HW signed the petition too. Get over it.

    Here come the haters 1..2…3…..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Go ahead. More hits Natalie get’s then, it is in her favor you sanctimonious fools.

  • Boom Boom PAU#16

    @ Hello?

    Hello??? Natalie is a vegetarian. Leather is made from cows. Natalie does not eat meat and, she will support her cause even with what she wears. She wears synthetic materials. Oh! She should be wearing a $1500.00 pair of Christin Loboutins to be classified a cool?? Give me a break. Natalie is wise and, not some shopaholic ditz.
    Here dress sandals are perfect with the dress and, in good taste. Some fashion victims need to take notice.

  • @24

    Animal cruelty is as bad as rape, forcing something on another living creature. You just don’t get it.

  • @25

    There is nothing wrong with taking a stand. It is more respectable than begging for attention by clowning around in expensive stuff.

  • Boom Boom PAU#16

    @ 25,
    Exactly what I was trying to get at!

  • Jena

    Very nice plastic surgery. Looks natural.

  • Lilly Ledbetter

    I loved her in Star Wars!

  • @31

    Natalie said in an interview that she never had any. She is just that perfect.

  • amy

    The scabs on her foot are gross. Just pardon jared….he has a foot fettish. lol!

  • @34

    She is playing a dancer in Black Swan, she is rehearsing for it. All dancers have terrible feet, thank god her scabs are just temporary. She absolutely perfect and you know it.

  • @34

    Natalie Portman was a runner up for the Nobel Prize in Physics this year!

  • padme

    Thx, JJ for posting more beautiful pics of Natalie – sooo great to see her pics everyday instead of a certain talentless, fugly dimwit whose fiance was very enamored with Natalie during their SW days. It’s refreshing to see a real star like Nat who doesn’t shop, eat, and attend fashion events as part of her daily media whoring. You’re one of a kind, Natalie!

  • Mia May

    She should be president! She will bring mid-east peace finally.

  • Art8Fashion

    I agree with Hello?. She wears the most beautiful (and modest) dress that really compliment how beautiful she is but those ulgy terrible designed shoes.

    Fine she is promoting cruelty free materials that’s wonderful – hats off to her- BUT her shoes *always* look old lady ulgy. No style.

    Beautiful, talented and very smart woman but not taste in shoe style.


  • Stone

    Stunning? You kid me.

  • Andrew

    She looks stunningly beautful! David Letterman said it’s the best film he’s seen in years!

    Watch the David Letterman – Natalie Portman interview for yourself

  • jeff

    why the spock brows?