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Robert Pattinson Covers Entertainment Weekly -- Team Edward!

Robert Pattinson Covers Entertainment Weekly -- Team Edward!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner each get their own cover on the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

“I would rather spend tonight hanging with the fans than answering any more questions,” said Kristen at the New Moon Los Angeles premiere.

Rob added, “I don’t know how the Beatles felt but I imagine it was close to this. Very few human beings will ever get to experience the love we feel at Twilight events.”

Check out Team Bella, Team Edward and Team Jacob below!

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kristen stewart covers entertainment weekly team bella
robert pattinson covers entertainment weekly team edward
taylor lautner covers entertainment weekly team jacob

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  • Katy

    Twilight fever is effin annoying!

  • tina

    lov rob pattinson !!! TEAM EDWARD

  • Shekwanda Jones

    ANOTHER ONE? Are they kidding me? It’s their second cover in three weeks!!!! It’s like the sixth Twilight cover of the year for them…

  • J

    Kristen looks genuinely happy on her cover.. she looks awesome!

  • ugly

    OMG Edward is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT and yep TEAM EDWARD all the way :)

  • amy

    @Katy: i second that.

  • amy

    and can them boys never smile, god quit with the pouting looks already its annoying.

  • Danielle

    Screw u all TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY!!!

    I like Kristen covers its cute.

  • lexy

    @#3 – We need to complain to EW b/c this is WAY too much!!! If they want to turn into a some Teen Twilight magazine that’s fine but I certainly am not going to pay for a subscription!

  • adrianna

    i didn’t know team bella existed it’s LAME !!!


  • Sarah

    Kristen’s is cute & Taylor’s is good, but Rob’s is not that great. Oh,well, he is still hot & I still love him!

  • mime

    Team Jacob & Team Taylor! YEAH!!

  • Bailee

    Team Edward!

  • anna

    iTEAM JACOB! I wrote a comment and it didn’t show so I’ll write again: Rob is so hot and I love him but comparing himself to the Beatles is just sad! K. Stew looks so fug with this hair I can’t bring myself to click on her, team Bella? was is that? Bella is boring and depressing and SO doesn’t deserve those hotties! She should NEVER have a fans, let alone a team!

  • dundies

    LOL why is there even a team bella

  • tom nichols

    EW is now Twilight Fanzine?? What is this their 10th cover this year

  • Scarlet

    Enough twilight!!!! It’s not even good. I subscribe to that magazine and they better send me the Jacob cover. At least he’s something good to look at.

  • Lynda Lollipops

    They look so hot. I’m on Team Bella!

  • Michelle

    Team Edward ALL the way!! All you complaining about the number of covers they’ve gotten, it’s called supply and demand. If the majority didn’t like it, they wouldn’t do it. You don’t have to buy it or comment, that’s the beauty of America!

  • diana

    There’s actually a TEAM for all of the Twilight characters. Everyone has been creating their own teams. I’m TEAM BELLA!

  • ivanka

    @Katy: ikr

  • the bitch


  • rylee’s mom

    team edward/bella.

  • ck

    I am old enough to remember when EW was an actual entertainment magazine – before it turned into a Twilight fan mag.

  • sweetness

    TEAM JACOB! TAYLOR RULES! (oh yeah…and somebody please tell Pattinson…enough with that goofy pout…it’s getting boring now) TEAM JACOB! TAYLOR RULES! TEAM JACOB! TAYLOR RULES! TEAM JACOB! TAYLOR RULES!

  • Alias

    With regards to the comparison with the Beatles, at least they had talent

  • new moon


    he is definetely not ruling anything! :lol: Taylor is Fake and Ugly! Butterface taylor :lol: and what did they do to make him appear taller let him stand on a chair or something? :LOL: just like they did in all the twilight posters :LOL: beacuse i dont think boots will do the tricks this time :LOL:


  • twilight


    get over your jealousy of KSTEW! :LOL:

  • Saudia

    I love them !! Great covers..damn you Rob and your smoldering eyes. Kristen is beautiful when she smiles .. and well Taylor just being his sexy self.. <3 :D

  • Ivy

    Team Edward!

  • hannah montana


    KSTEW is so amazing that without her New Moon would have been Boring without Edward in it but she is an amazing actress she was able to carry it. Kristine is the heart and soul of New Moon. Get That.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    funniest fcuking video. some twilight fans need to wake up.

  • mildred


    I guess Taylor is ok just cover his face and forget he is fake/ugly and just look at his abs :LMAO:

  • breaking dawn


    and so does RPATZ. He is a very talented guy aside from being hot and sexy!

    Team Edward!

  • Lynda Lollipops

    Team Taylor Swift!

  • beeeeeeeeeh

    you people are huuuuuuuuuuuuuularious!!!



  • Alias

    @ breaking dawn:

    Paul McCartney has more talent in his pinky finger than RPatz’s whole body. RPatz’s only talent is sulking onscreen

  • khristi

    Enough of them already….the film has now done well which is what they wanted it to do-can we move on from it already.

  • KristenRULES!!

    Team Bella!! Kristen is so hot

  • pup

    Dear fans of these actors,
    their acting SUCKS and are way to overrated because of the twilight franchise. Please come to your senses as soon as possible. Thanks.

  • Oz


  • katie

    i dont get all the fuss. there all Photoshop anyways! if this is what the franchise has come to. Marilyn, James dean,etc… all are rolling over their grave.

  • lara


  • pup

    @katie: add River Phoenix to the list….

  • Amalie

    TEAM EDWARD && BELLA! <333

  • Kristen

    not trying to offend anyone or anything but, isn’t kristen the same person who said the fans were psycho? lmao

  • mia

    wait…hold the phone. a twilight-themed entertainment weekly cover?

    no way.

  • jessie

    okay damn robert pattinson looks HOTTTTTT
    so team edward .. ? haha

  • fiona

    this movie needs to go away!