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Violet Affleck Loves Pebbles Flintstone

Violet Affleck Loves Pebbles Flintstone

Ben Affleck picks up his adorable daughter Violet from school on Wednesday (November 25) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Violet, who wasn’t her usually smiley self, wore a cute Flintstones t-shirt featuring Pebbles Flintstone (the red-haired daughter of Fred and Wilma Flintstone — most famous in her infant form).

Looks like Jen has been either busy working or preparing a Thanksgiving feast — Ben picked up Violet from school yesterday too!

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violet affleck pebbles flintstone ben affleck 01
violet affleck pebbles flintstone ben affleck 02
violet affleck pebbles flintstone ben affleck 03
violet affleck pebbles flintstone ben affleck 04
violet affleck pebbles flintstone ben affleck 05

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  • lakers fan in boston

    awww violet looks kinda sad =[
    hope she feels better

  • Wow

    This gi

  • Wow

    This girl will be 20 and still being carried. Lazy pigs!!!!!!

  • teri

    Ben looks so miserable to be home. I think he’s checked out of the happy family thing.

  • teri

    It just dawned on me maybe she sh!t her diaper and Ben is pi$$ed off. Think it’s odd she’s not potty trained yet and still on a bottle.

  • teri

    Couldn’t imagine that happening to one of the JP children, the internet servers would crash and the world would be shocked.

  • Tiffany

    @teri: And still using a pacifier and still be carried. Unbeliveable for a 4 year old!!! Lol she probably did shit her diaper!!!!!!

  • mare

    How would you know if she is potty trained or uses a pacifier?She is a normal kid and is probably tire or wishes all these people or paps would stop looking at her.

  • mare

    How would you know if she is potty trained or uses a pacifier?She is a normal kid and is probably tire or wishes all these people or paps would stop looking at her.

  • rhonda

    picking up this kid is getting a little old and tired isn’t it. Is this a new career?

  • love

    It is nice change to see benny with the daily kid when in town.We a kind of tired of seeing jenny 24/7/365.

  • Tiffany
  • teri

    Hello, it’s been in photos of Violet still wearing diapers. Yes not long ago either and still using a pacifier being rolled around in a stroller. How easily some forget. Just think if this were the JP children how the world would end and everyone would go insain over it. It would be great if Ben could build a huge playset at home, meaning Jen taking these kids to the park daily for pr or whatever you wanna call it is rediculous. Maybe learn to cook her children breakffast, it’s not that hard. Come on……….it’s simply not a hard task Jen.

  • Jett

    Jen probably can’t be seen in public because she has been getting her lips pumped up again. Thanks to her dumb parents 4 year old Violet still uses a pacifier, has pull ups and gets carried, they treat her like a baby and she acts like one through no fault of her own.

  • teri

    Good Job Tiffany. Now with pictures of her diaper hanging out please. These trolls would remember if this were lets say JP children I’m positive. For heavens Shi picked her nose in public (so very normal even for adults) and still get’s ridiculed why? You guessed it she’s a JP child and should never act normal. We are talking about a 2 or 3 year old child picking ……yes boogers and the world stopped and just gawked at her.

  • jensucks

    I’m sure jens been watching jlo fall on her butt thousands of times and neglecting her kids for hours getting a kick of jlo falling over and over.

  • AutumnM

    Violet is a cutie!

  • mimi

    Wow, that kid is beautiful!!! Dad is not so bad either.

  • teri

    Keep these coming Jared. This is all I have to live for.

  • Jett

    What if all familys could be this solid. The world would be a better place.

  • Tiffany

    See how easy it is to place these stupid games. Just use somebody else’s name and post sh!t all day.

  • Wow

    I wish my dad would pick me up from school. H.ell, I wish I knew who my dad was.

  • jensucks

    Who the bloody h3ll if jlo?

  • rhonda

    Nobody stop me, I’m on a role.

  • just jared

    Isn’t this just a little ridiculious?

  • jensucks

    Awww jen garner is playing on her computer while putting her lazy husband to work caring for the kids for once. Sweet alone time for mommy to catch up on whats being said about her. Maybe it would be great if you could potty train and break her from the pacifier and BE A MOTHER. She’s no longer a baby and treating and giving in to her demands aren’t helping her Jen. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Ben walked out on you, you simply aren’t even capable of raising children.

  • IMO

    It is ok to carry a 4 year old sometimes you tend to carry girls. What is not ok is the pacifier and the pull ups..

  • anon

    It’s possible that she’s developmentally delayed if she’s still wearing diapers and still using a pacifier at her age. I can see her wearing night time diapers but not all day and the pacifier thing is ridiculous. One would think that the perfect mother that many assume Garner to be, would make sure that her daughter is hitting her developmental milestones.

  • Cynthia

    Anyone commenting on here about him holding his daughter obviously do not have children and are making childish comments. What sort of a responsible parent would allow their child to be on the ground surrounded by stalking paparazzi with cameras popping in their face? There have already been too many physical altercations between celebrities and paparazzi. We are talking about a little child here. Any intelligent parent would do exactly what they are doing..holding their child until they are safely inside their vehicle. If you don’t have the maternal/paternal instincts to protect your little children you should never have children of your own.

  • Kate

    @Cynthia: he could easily just hold her hand. she mind as well just have no legs, she doesnt use them

  • ddlebg27

    Do paps just sit outside this poor kids school all damn day? I can’t even count the number of the posts so similar to this one, whether it be Jen or Ben picking her up or dropping her off – the school run can’t be the most exciting thing happening in Hollywood, surely?

  • Kate

    Please forgive me for making stupid comments, I’m just a little slow myself that’s why I wish all kids were. It’s said I know but that is how it is. I know it’s his kid and his call but I didn’t really have anything intelligent to say and I didn’t want to be left out.

  • ed

    They do it to sell photos so websites like this can make money from hits. Its big business. This is fun to a lot of people with empty lives like us.

  • To xxx

    What’s with all the hateraid on little Violet, perfect mothers I assume you all are. She’s just a kid, getting picked up by her dad which you never see any other famous dad picking up their child at preschool now do you? He’s a great dad, Jen’s a great mom and she seems to be a very happy little girl and their little baby daugher is a happy one too. Go away haters and wallow in your miserable little lives. I can see the jealousy since you dont have as great a life now do you anon, Triffany, Jett, TEri (all one and the same hater, Iam sure)?

  • LIsa Rose

    Just jared posts every photo of Violet getting picked up at school because all the Jen lovers like above (who pretend they hate her but really they are obsessed iwth her like Teri who go to all the websites with Jennifer or Violet and copy and paste them) need to comment every day and are obsessed with Jennifer, Violet and Ben, so they get massive hits on the website from this family.

  • LIsa Rose

    I mean Tiffany goes to all the Jen, Violet and Ben websites and copies and pastes the pictures all day – although Teri and Tiffany are probably one and the same hater.

  • jensucks

    First off we aren’t perfect or at least I’m not and I’m first to admit it. It just pi$$es me off that this family gets special treatment along with Suri. You haters can talk sh!t about the adorable JP children but God forbid anyone of them have this Violet or Suri episodes happen and all he!! breaks loose on them. I don’t hate either Katie or Jen just sayin what’s good enough to be given to JP children certainly are good enough for other children as well for having HW parents according to some. Getting a dose of your own hatred is hard to handle.

  • mar

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  • Lisa Rose

    ben and violet are ugly losers!!!!!! ben and his huge head need to go away. he is the biggest douche bag ever

  • cookie

    This is ridiculous and boring, give this family some peace! I don’t enjoy seeing these photos, Ben looks clearly annoyed and who wouldn’t be. This is a horrible evasion of his daughters privacy. Who wants to see kids being stalked at school – even if they are celebrity offspring.

  • Jett

    Nobody is hating on Violet, it’s not her fault her parents are lame brained losers who don’t know how to raise kids, if they did she wouldn’t still be wearing pull-ups, sucking on pacifiers and being carried at the age of 4.

  • truth teller

    Ben always looks so unhappy. I bet they get divorced soon.

  • LuckyL

    Someone’s doing some major PR repair. He’s suddenly being seen with her constantly in pictures or is Jared just suddenly posting these?

  • missy


    that’s pretty sad!

  • Ali

    I imagine he is being firm with her about not playing to the paparazzi. If so, that would be very smart on his part, because it would just corrupt her in the long run. Those photographers have no business photographing children being picked up from school. Only their parents should be photographed.

  • Tiffany

    @Ali: Exactly right!!!!

  • ?

    Ben always looks like he’s intensely thinking about something……….or does he KNOW that the paps are going to take his picture when he goes to pick up his daughter and he very much dislikes that!! Probably both!!

  • The Real Deal


    No pap who wants to make any money would take pics of Viloet Affleck each day. Jen hasnt had a hit in years and neither has Ben. It’s not like their photos would earn enough money to warrant a REAL pap’s daily presence. These are not pap shots. They are photogs hired by Ben’s and/or Jen’s PR camp and disseminated to Internet blogs to try to keep the public interested until their respective films are released. No weekly or monthly would pay money for the same boring kid shots each day.

  • Lilly Ledbetter

    Is it legal to take pictures of kids and pbulish them?


    HER FACE..