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Jennifer Aniston: Heathrow Hottie

Jennifer Aniston: Heathrow Hottie

Jennifer Aniston spends Thanksgiving in London as she flies into Heathrow airport on Thursday (November 26).

The 40-year-old actress recently joined St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to take part in the Thanks and Giving campaign where they will raise money for pediatric cancer research.

Jennifer has been a long-time supporter for St. Jude. Earlier in the year, the Friends actress teamed with her father, John Aniston, to narrate a children’s book where a portion of the proceeds goes to St. Jude’s.

FYI: Jen is wearing a custom-made Burberry biker jacket by designer Christopher Bailey and toting around a leather studded bag by Ferragamo.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston landing in London for Thanksgiving…

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  • effy


  • tata

    Look cuty, Jen! :)

  • ozie

    Weird necklaces. Do they have a special meaning for her?

  • HAHA

    Brainwashed Jennifer Aniston John Mayer
    Star Magazine 10:45 am,
    November 25th, 2009
    In this week’s installment, the Star has an article titled, “Jen & John’s Twisted Romance!” The piece begins, “Lying by the beach, drinking margaritas with friends, Jennifer Aniston looked like she was enjoying the single life during her stay at the luxe One&Only Palmilla resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. But secretly, she was disappointed and hurt.”
    The reason she was hurt and disappointed was that she had planned the “trip as a romantic getaway with John Mayer, but he never showed.”
    The tab claims Aniston was further annoyed because “she had even sent a private jet to pick him up!”
    In another example of Aniston and Mayer’s ongoing “twisted romance,” the magazine writes, “The last time Jen visited his L.A. home, she was shocked and hurt to find a lacy Thong in his bedroom.”
    Star continues that while the “red-and-black underwear was hardly Jen’s style, John continued to deny that it was from another woman.” . According to Star sources, “Jen knew it was from one of his other lovers, but finally she gave up and said it might actually be hers. It’s as if he has the power to brainwash her!”

  • just asking

    What are those necklaces that she is wearing? I have seen other celebrities with that same necklace.

  • susiQ

    Oh boy

    A photo op.. How did they know she was there.. I guess she does need attention. And where is her Family.. Why is she NEVER with her family for the holidays. She has parents and 2 brothers. We see her with “friends”… Well she has not been with Courtney much.. I wonder why she is not helping her friend through her problems. God knows Court has been their for her..


    I wonder if they (she and Court) are even still friends. Maybe Court has seen the truth about this selfish woman.

    No man or kids. but hey her hair and jeans look good

    And I see we are plugging the Charity angle.. Wonder why?

    OK JEN HAGS. your turn

  • hmmmm


    John Mayer did not want this woman. I am tired of John being called names because he did not want to play her sick games.. He wanted to see if he could get what she had.. and yes he did. He slept with her and went to the Oscars.. John never talked about it like a couple going out. He talked about it as a time for him to see some big stars. she had no business being there in the first place. John got to see what the world saw.. She is not an Alister and Oscar night proved it.. She was an embarrassment to all. And John saw that first hand.

    They were on the Blist and never walked the carpet because she had no business being there. Then John broke up with her.. MY guess payback because of her letting her friends call him names and trashing him in the media.

    Now who is laughing now. JOHN.. he hit it and quit it.. NOW again she is seen as the loser she is..

    That’s right I can’t stand this no talent Bit@h..

  • jensucks

    Still can’t stand this over rated fake b!tch.

  • Gayle

    Cannot stand this lonely girl. Who wears a short, tight, t-shirt in the middle of winter – only LOOK AT ME ANISTON.

  • Tina

    Always dressing like she is 20 – YOU ARE AN OLD WOMAN – DRESS YOUR AGE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yuck

    Yuck. Can’t stand this aging B-actress.

  • Tim

    Of the millions and millions of dollars she has only a small portion is given to charity. If she cared at all about kids (St. Jude) or otherwise she would have some of her own (prefers having her hair ironed and getting fake tans), stop flying all over the world and selling bottled water so kids will be able to have a future. SELFISH JA SUCKS!

  • http://aol Patti

    She can’t stop thinking of Brad.

  • aka nasel whine

    It’s all for PR, she should do it quietly like so many of her fans claim the JP do. Is she that hard up for money? can’t even donate all the proceeds to dying children.

  • Mindy

    Enough of this crappy B-list famewhore – where are my beloved Brad and Angelina????

  • Kate

    I picked up on that too. A portion? Why not all the proceeds?

  • Lizzie

    Why the skin tight jeans and too short top? Meeting another loser famewhore for another high-profile ‘romance’ for the tabloids – she certainly has no family to spend the holidays with.

  • Marsha

    She and Courtney were out shopping last week and she went to
    her folks for Thanksgiving, just ahead of time. Gossip Cop has
    already said the story in The Star is all made up, like most of
    the stories. The photographers just watch the airports or get
    tips. Orlando Bloom was on the same flight, do you think he tiped the reporters. Grow up. She doesn’t say anything bad about John so
    what’s the big deal. Lots of people break up. If she is happy single
    so be it. I bet a lot of you are single too. You don’t just get married
    to have a man. If you know it isn’t going to work, you break up.

  • Katie

    Your beloved Brad is home drinking and fighting with his lovely
    fake lady. Jen doesn’t have anything to do with them. She has
    been divorced for years.

  • @16

    Because most of the proceeds will go to expenses. The printers, binders, editors, shippers and distributors don’t work for free. The portion that would have gone to Jennifer DID go to St. Jude. She made nothing from the book.

  • beautiful

    Jen if beautiful inside and out! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • skankelina

    @Tim: Jennifer has been a part of St Judes before Pitt. So move on, hate to hate……like my name. lol

  • Jordan

    If I looked that fine I would wear those jeans! For sure!!!!!!!!!

  • aan

    Aniston is stalking Mayer, he has a concert in london this weekend. Wow, she is so desperate!

  • anon

    WRONG !!! Mayer is NOT playing in London “this weekend”. FYI Mayer/Aniston were a CAA SHOWMANCE.

  • anon

    he has a show on Monday; Aniston wont be there

  • http://hahaha hahaha

    you be really mental patients? Jen comes to join his man when you will understand you that she has somebody? you are blind ?

  • anon

    YOU ARE NOT MAKING SENSE : “you be really mental patients? Jen comes to join his man when you will understand you that she has somebody?”

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    I see it finally happened. Nippy had to head outta the country to find her next fake boyfriend. Hang on Brits, it’s your turn for the ho. Good luck mates.

  • Louise

    I’m older than her and I wear jeans and t-shirts. I don’t look near
    as good as she does through. How do you know how much she
    gives, she has never shown her tax returns for publicity? You
    just might be surprised. Most of the stars donate but don’t
    make a big deal out of it. The ones that are only gave about
    8% of their income. Madonna has actually given the most
    and for things that are very good. She has a orphanage and
    is building a school for 3000 children. Yet she isn’t on the
    front page for it every day. Not to mention she has also
    adopted from another country.

  • hmmmm

    Gerard Butler is in London right now.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    ah oh. the paid posters might get fired. ellie’ & bet & jade are sleeping on the job. Hey JJ can I get paid to say this overrated ho has a hot bod? There did I earn my 15 cents for this post?

  • aan

    Jen doesnt have somebody now but she chasing after Mayer. she is not seen with a man even on her holidays, she is always with her girlfriends. even in bars and restaurants she is always with her girlfriends. but she is trying so hard to hook up with someone. since no one wants her , she goes out for mayer, who doesnt mind using her for publicity. Jen will call john when he gets to london, and john would be ok to have sex with her. as he said, he wants to have more sex with women.

  • bet

    i open to check, and here she is the sweet woman. of course as usuall she look amazing and the style always perfect with her jeans.

  • Chris

    She isn’t looking for a man. Not necessary. You don’t know her
    so how do you know how she feels, who her friends are or anything
    else. Jealous maybe. Why shouldn’t she go where ever she wants?
    Everyone else does. Why don’t all you haters that spend so much
    time on the computer donate a little time to charity? That’s important

  • bet


    she chase him becuase he steal her heart. and did you heard the song “assassin” that is perfect song to understand the situation.

  • jen is selfish

    Louise @ 11/26/2009 at 11:07 am

    Jen is selfish she doesnt donate her own money, yes she does PSA for st jude or cancer institutions but she does it to give her media mileage. she only gives her old stuff like bag and clothes. but she is very generous to her friends, giving them free vacay on a private jet, she buys happiness for her own self, thats how she gets loyalty from her friends. they are all freeloaders. but jen doesnt care about poor people, she spends more money pampering her dogs than giving food to poor people in other countries.

  • bet


    they are stalking each other , becuase they have love for each other.

  • bet

    thank you jen for your dedication on the charity you believe. we love you. happy thanks giving to everyone.

    see you tommorow. I am sure jen and John will have a wonderfull time in london.

  • Anna

    get lost chin woman
    so sick of her

  • PR Desperation

    Katie @ 11/26/2009 at 10:35 am Your beloved Brad is home drinking and fighting with his lovely
    fake lady. Jen doesn’t have anything to do with them. She has
    been divorced for years.


    Actually Brad is with the MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN, something this dried up old hag will never be called.

    You’re right. Grandma has been divorced for years, and she’s such a PATHETC LOSER that she is still listening to his Voicemails from a DECADE ago as she recently admitted (too stupid to even realize how pathetic it made her look — she really is intellectually challenged).

  • bet

    pr despration

    what pr despration, she is not the one with bad news, she does not even has to do anything, her good image just work for her, there is nothing in the past nor in the present that hunt her. that is someone else problem , not hers.

    and ways she is now listening to that sexy john voice everyday.

  • Emma

    Calling Mayer and Butler in London….
    RUN BOYS!!!!
    Nippy has landed…

  • Emma

    Her good image?????
    Some people are delusional

  • bet


    calling Mayer Jen landed in london. there is going to be al ot of good time.

  • HAHA


    Louise @ 11/26/2009 at 11:07 am I’m older than her and I wear jeans and t-shirts. I don’t look near
    as good as she does through. How do you know how much she
    gives, she has never shown her tax returns for publicity?
    Hey a.s.s.hole – the tax returns of the JP Foundation, like any other Foundation, is in the public domain.
    “All private foundations, including nonexempt trusts treated as private foundations, must annually file Form 990-PF, Return of Private Foundation. Forms 990-PF and 1023 (where applicable) are subject to public disclosure” (source: IRS).”
    Jenhag has set up no charity nor does she have a Foundation, despite the fact that her minions boast that she has more money than Angie and Brad (rolls eyes). The fcuking miser. And, lets face it, no one is interested enough in jenhag to go rummaging through her garbage for info, like they do to the JPs.
    On the other hand, all the little sh!ts like you who want to know everything about the JPs every hour of everyday, will go searching heaven and hell to find anything you can about them. The JPs own your sorry stinking a.s.s. even tho they wouldnt touch you with a mile long pole. If they knew you existed, that is.

  • bet


    yes what does she does that make her bad person?
    I think she does not have a lot past crazy thing that hunt her everyday? we agree are’nt we?

  • PR Desperation

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 11/26/2009 at 11:10 am ah oh. the paid posters might get fired. ellie’ & bet & jade are sleeping on the job. Hey JJ can I get paid to say this overrated ho has a hot bod? There did I earn my 15 cents for this post?


    Funny as hell!!!

    Read more:

  • http://hahaha hahaha

    Bravo you understood hmmmm

  • @30

    I’m waaay older than her and I wear jeans & t-shirts! What’s the event in Marrakesh she’s attending?