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Jennifer Lopez Goes For A Check-Up

Jennifer Lopez Goes For A Check-Up

Jennifer Lopez is spotted wearing a comfortable jump suit and flip-flops outside a Beverly Hills medical building on Wednesday (November 25).

The 40-year-old singer’s ex-husband Ojani Noa says he is not selling a sex tape of the couple on their honeymoon. “They think I have a sex tape with her and that I’m trying to sell it,” he told E!. “My tape is from our honeymoon, the wedding, us hanging out. There’s no nudity‚Ä”maybe one spanking.”

Ojani said, “There’s moments of her fighting with her mom…couples having fun and kissing. If someone has a sex tape, it’s not me.”

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez going for a check-up…

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jennifer lopez goes for a check up 01
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 02
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 03
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 04
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 05
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 06
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 07
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 08
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 09
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 10
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 11
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 12
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 13
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 14
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 15
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 16
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 17
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 18
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 19
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 20
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 21
jennifer lopez goes for a check up 22

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  • Cape Town Mum

    She looks really young and fresh here. Stunning. I”m sure though that a bunch of fat, homely Americans will find something to ridicule.

  • allie

    Jennifer has droped weight
    looking relly good

  • ugly

    is she going to do Check-Up on her butt after falling on dem…ROFL

  • Inaru

    Wow! she looks amazing! hair in a pony tail, not a drop of makeup, not even carrying a bag..just the big shades and the cell phone, sweats and flipflops and she looks great!Love the nail color.

  • fea

    Fea! where’s the team of makeup artists when you need them?

  • Sophia

    A size too small

  • justme

    She’s so average looking without all the hair and makeup. She must be so discouraged about her career, everything she has done in past few years have not taken off. Her movies flop, her Spanish album was a dud and now her awful singing (she can’t sing!) has her singing such stupid songs about ovens and shoes so she’s obviously not linked with top songwriters LOL. She peaked years ago, I can’t see her ever duplicating that level of success again. Must admit, it’s kind of funny to see someone with so much ego fall.

  • Heather

    Hates = Jealous people!!!


    She looks great!

  • notafan


  • rodrigo

    She looks very good for a 40 year old woman. Congrats jlo. Your AMA performance was amazing, you reminded us all that you still got it, besides the fall, but thats nothing relating to the show.

  • KC

    Jennifer where are your children? Why don’t you ever stay home with them? Why are you such a lousy mother? You thought having twins would electrify your career, but it is over for you, accept it. People recognize how little talent you always had. I feel sorry for you.

  • Powersaver

    How is she a bad mother when she is going for a health check-up ? ”You do it you’re damned, you don’t do it and you;re still damned”. She rarely puts her kids out there, compared to other celeberities like the Beckhams. Being an entertainer is how she earns her living, and that is a human right of everybody–to not be deprived te right to employment which also translates to an economic right..why don’t you criticize the average Joe who leave their kids at Day-Care from 9-5?

    J.Lo’s performance at the AMA was far from mediocre compared to an under-30 Britney Spears who is basically walking from point A to B, my grandma can bust a move on her! J.Lo danced her butt off despite her 40 yrs!!

  • Sarah Sunshine

    He’s just trying to get rich off of her. Go back to waitering.

  • BB

    Beautiful!! :-D

  • mm


  • Joe

    A check up? Don’t you mean more plastic surgery???

  • TurkeyDayHooray!

    After numerous cosmetic surgeries(nose,jaw,breast , skin whitening) this is the best she can do? How disappointing. clearly a woman who hates herself.

  • Pinkrose

    TurkeyDayHooray! @ 11/26/2009 at 2:04 pm


  • AutumnM

    J.Lo looks great here! She actually looks better in this casual attire than when she’s all dolled up most of the time. This is the best she’s looked in a while.

  • tobie

    Pathetic woman had to lip-sync her entire song at the AMA’s. She still can’t sing. You would think that by now she would realize that her singing career is a wrap. At 40 years old singing about shoes and an oven is the best she can do. Those producers that she pays big money to write songs for her are NOT going to give her their best material. They save that for the young, talented and popular singers. She needs to take her scrawny husband and herself and go away.

  • katie n

    She looks great!! Young starlets of today, take note.

  • mikee25

    This woman looks amazing!! And the haters on here are lame…its like people are never satisfied and they want to criticize everyone. You should really look at yourself first before you judge anyone. You don’t know anything about this woman and how good of a mother she is. All I know is that she is not putting her kids out there in the public and keeping them separate from her pubic persona. She is talented, and she worked hard for every dollar she earned in her career. She deserves all the success and there are many people who still love and admire JLO. Awesome at any age!!!!

  • anitaquintero

    diva of the divas

  • Lilac

    a beatiftul woman who looks 10 years younger with millions of dollars! and look who calls her a loser! a bunch of people on justjared who sit their a$s through the day at the office getting paid 30000 dollars per annum! yeah, she is the loser, and you are on top! )))

  • BadGirl

    she looks amazing!

  • Odisea

    She looks great

  • Odisea


  • Beth Bunny

    Is she pregnant so soon?

  • Yankees!

    Why don’t you take the 6 train back to the Bronx, your’re still a Puerto Rican trying to change to a white woman. You flat, square, knock-kneed, pigeon toed, thick neck, square back, flap jacks, big square nose, bird eyed, B………ch!!!!

  • turkish

    i always laugh when i read she is too old or she looks old from some jealous people…when she and halle berry look better than other younger celebrities

  • turkish

    and i laugh too when i read her spanish album was a flop
    COMO AMA UNA MUJER 1 latin billboard
    QUE HICISTES 1 latin billboard
    2 best sold spanish album in 2007 worldwide
    with only one single!

    what a flop!

  • j

    why so negative? you should work on that. stop being so miserable.

  • j

    when was your last move, cd, perfume??? you probably make in a year than she makes in a day.

  • Cindy


    If you think she wants to act like a white woman then why does she always attend latin awards and such?. I’m sure, is because she wants to be part of it and she’s a latina after all!.

  • Halex


  • Halex

    Beautiful nena

  • funstuff

    Wow sweats and flip flops breathtaking. LMAOF

  • amy

    @Lilac: U R so RIGHT 1,000 times!!

  • Telemarketing

    She is keeping herself healthy. That is a model actress. No issue, simple and not like lindsy

  • m

    @Cape Town Mum:

    thanks god people like you aren’t welcomed in America….

  • m

    i think she is one of the most beautiful woman in show business .
    go jennifer…..

  • Mia May

    She has a great body!

  • http://JUSTJARED laughter

    jlo and halle berry look younger than the younger actresses, that just your opion, because the last time we checked, both looks like somebody grandmother, botox to death, jlo square ass, big ass shoulders, big thick neck, halle berry need to stay on her medications, because she lies all the time, and her elavator don’t go all the way to the top.

  • Stone

    One spanking? Hell, that should sell well!

  • jolentini