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Jude Law: Matinee Man

Jude Law: Matinee Man

Jude Law chats on his cellphone in downtown New York City as he heads to a matinee performance of his Broadway play, Hamlet, on Wednesday (November 25).

Hamlet‘s limited run is expected to end on Sunday (December 6). So far, the production has grossed over $5.5 million (it cost $2.5 million to create). The highest weekly attendance figure posted so far is around 90%. Jude sure knows how to pack in those audiences!

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Credit: Mario Magnani, Asadorian-Mejia; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Ria

    Hamlet has grossed over 8million dollars so far with 2 more weeks of performance to go. The highest attendance record is 97% . Jude’s Hamlet is a big hit considering this is a 3 1/4 hour production and it is Shakespeare.

    He has done a lot in attracting new and young audiences to a serious play(with verse spoken to boot!)and for that alone he should be commended. They may have been originally lured by his star name but he more than lived up to the role.

  • mery

    Congratulations, Jude! You deserves it. You Hamlet is great.

    He is with Hamlet since 29 may, I hope he has a good holiday.
    Hamlet is a hard performance.

  • Ginger


  • Sara ☼

    Huh, yep, it was me on the other line. Hahah. Dream on, Sara, dream on. *Siiiiiigh* Love Juude. *-*

  • dolores craeg

    thanks for all the jude law posts. having him in new york city is a bonanza for all the jude law fans….
    hamlet is well on it’s way to going over the 9 million dollar mark….he’s got about two weeks to go. i’m sure he’ll go over the ten million mark. he looks absolutely wonderful….
    who’s on the other end of that phone jude???ah that it were me….

  • james

    i am loving all this jude law lately!! and i love u jared for being the one to bring it to me!!

  • AutumnM

    Congrats to Jude. He’s a good actor and great looking guy. Too bad he’s such a serial cheater, if not for that flaw, he’d be damn near perfect!

  • Eloisa

    Seeing these pictures, I can only think: I want to be a cell phone … he is looking better these days. Go on Jude!

  • Pole

    I am so happy Hamlet ended up being this huge succes for him – and he deserved it too because he is really outstanding in the role. 3½ hours and he steals your attention during the whole show. Very well done Jude! I hope you’ll celebrate by having a loooong holiday and lots of time off with the kids.

    Thanks Jared for more photos – Jude looks quite delicious here IMO. Love the boots!

  • Ur a windbag

    @7, if you weren’t so stupid, you’d only be ugly, and not ugly and stupid. too damn bad.

  • Gene Simmons is my dad!

    Why don’t he come to LA and do Hamlet? Think it over, people.

  • AutumnM

    @Ur A Windbad


    *rolls eyes*

    Try and make sense next time ’cause you’re coming across as an idiot. Jude Law is a serial cheater, I would never go out with him if I had a chance, but he is talented and good looking. Those are the facts. Sorry if you can’t handle the truth dear.

  • elle

    Thanks Jared :)

  • Lynaila

    He and Sadie are divorced, aren’t they?

  • Pole

    Serial cheater? He cheated on Sienna obviously but we know of no more cheating. Also he is single now and has been for quite a while – I would hardly call him a serial cheater.

    He’s a fine man IMO. Sexy and talented too *blows Jude lots of kisses*

  • jami

    Looking good again, Jude !!!!

  • Sofia

    Congratulations, Jude!

  • dolorescraegt

    sadie and jude have been divorced since 2003…..

  • claire

    damm he looks old

  • sheryl

    YUM!! Love the pullover, jacket, jeans, boots…sexay!
    *blows kisses and winks at Jude*

  • Betty Bunny

    His hair looks good today.

  • Daphne

    Jared, You need to get better info. Hamlet has grossed over 8 million as of last week.

    I am happy for him. He deserves all the success. I hope his Sherlock Holmes will be a big hit. So far it’s shaping up like a massive crowd pleaser.

    I am going to see his Hamlet again this coming Tuesday. *dance of joy*

  • dulcemirita

    No doubt his Hamlet will reach the club of the 10 million $ earnings¡ He’s been able to make this tortured character to be understood and beloved thanks to his wonderful acting skills. I wish I could go to see it again to NY to warm his very last performances, I’ve heard is slightly different from the one I saw in London past june. Go, Jude¡¡¡ You’re now on the edge of the wave and even will get higher with your comming movie a Hot-son¡¡

  • Fiona

    Yeah he’s on the phone to me…”Yes Fiona, I’ll meet you after the play and we’ll go for a nice meal and then we’ll go back to mine and give those students something to talk about!” lol Then tomorrow we’ll go shopping and see about getting you that Chanel handbag you want! Oh yeah that was a dream I had the other night lol!!!

  • suze

    has the deadbeat even seen his new child?

  • dolorescraegt

    suze. how would any one of us know? you have to ask jude…get him on that cell phone. we don’t live with him…we’re just fans.

  • remember da truth

    Suze #25 why show your Jerry Springer trailer trash side? How do you know he’s a deadbeat?
    When a nobody woman gets pregnant by a celeb after only a short time together, and he’s obviously not in an exclusive relationship, SHE is the skank trying to use the oldest trick in the book to land him. And she’s using an innocent life to do it.

    Jude is famously a great father, one of the best in Hollywood. Get your mind out of the gutter.

  • Pole

    I’m sure Ms. Burke will tell us when Jude sees Sophia – she has pretty much told us everything else – despite asking for privacy..

  • Mandy Muggle

    He is a great father. He even helps the nannies!

  • luisaonline

    I think when she knows that he will come to visit the baby she will tell to some magazine.

  • dolorescraegt

    i’ve been a jude law fan for ten years and have photos of jude with his children that are so sweet. he has played with them,, they go rock tennis together go to theatre and museums…he goes to see all the kid’s movies.. he’s really a great father….every dad should show the same interest in their kids like he does….

  • Daisy Darling

    People don’t like him because he is good with the ladies.

  • ericap

    So handsome and sexy. I can’t wait for Sherlock.

  • Zoe

    It’s hard to respect someone who treats women like he does, as if they were only elements for his pleasure, pump ‘em and dump ‘em. I would not be proud of him if he were my son.

  • Chloe

    Women treat Jude so horribly. They use him for sex and then talk about it so they can get famous. How lame. What shameless users.

  • Doe

    Women have consenting sex.

  • Foe

    Why do people whine so much about other people they don’t know?

  • Hoe

    I’ve got a stomachache.

  • Moe

    Larry and Curly are gay.

  • Poe

    Jude should work with Tim Burton – it’d be awesome.

  • Roe

    Roe versus Wade = freedom of choice.

  • Toe

    My big toe bosses my other toes around.

  • Woe

    We pray you to throw to earth
    This unprevailing woe, and think of us
    As of a father

  • Zoe

    Do you think he’d be okay with men treating his daughter the way he treats women? They only have one hole he’s interested in, brain not required and don’t even think of asking for a phone number.

    I’m not saying he rapes women, I’m saying he’s a disrespectful user/loser.

  • Chloe

    It’s horrible how women disrespect and use him because he has a man-stick and a million-dollar bank account. Disrespecftul users/losers.

  • sofia

    Whatever people say about him, I respect him as a great actor and I love him as a beautiful person. There’s only 1 week left, then he can take a rest, hope not too long.^-^

  • Pole

    @Zoe: Zoe, since you think he is so obvious about his disrespect of women don’t you think these women are plain stupid to fall for it?

    Either way – I don’t see how he’s disrespectful of women at all. In fact I think he’s only disrespectful of himself. The type of women he seems to sleep with know exactly who he is and what he is about. They are perfectly willing too. Ms. Burke is taking full advantage of the accident that happened and even when he has asked for privacy about the baby and everything else she has sold out her baby and Jude too. SHE is disrespectful and cheap – not him.

  • sheryl

    I’m going to need a list of all these women that Jude has disrespected. I want to send the poor, sad, disprespected things a Hallmark card. Let’s start with this past week alone, alphabetized please, and then we’ll work back. They’ve suffered so much, dang it.

  • Pole


    I am tempted to write Jude and ask him to disrespect me too. Since he seems unstoppable and all. Maybe I’ll get lucky (or unlucky? Don’t know which one applies here..).

  • sheryl

    @Pole: I’m going to go with lucky, because I want to disrespect him like nobody’s business! Several times!

    *hmmm…de ja vu…somebody needs to get new material*