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President Barack Obama: Happy Turkey Day!

President Barack Obama: Happy Turkey Day!

President Barack Obama takes hisi daughters Sasha and Malia to pardon Courage the turkey, a Thanksgiving tradition that dates back to the Harry Truman administration, at the North Portico of the White House on Wednesday (November 25) in Washington, D.C.

The day before, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama met with Indian First Lady Gursharan Kaur and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the East Room of the White House.

15+ pictures inside of The Obamas celebrating Turkey Day…

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obamas turkey day 01
obamas turkey day 02
obamas turkey day 03
obamas turkey day 04
obamas turkey day 05
obamas turkey day 06
obamas turkey day 07
obamas turkey day 08
obamas turkey day 09
obamas turkey day 10
obamas turkey day 11
obamas turkey day 12
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Credit: Nicholas Kamm/Mandel Ngan/AFP; Photos: Carrie Devorah/WENN, Brendan Smialowski/Getty
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  • BRooke

    that turkey stays at disneyland for most of the year before he heads to the white house.

  • grrr

    nice….very nice. First you pet the turkey and then you eat it….

  • Erica

    The gown Michelle is wearing is absolutely stunning.

  • Jen

    beautiful gown. I think that has been her best look.

  • michaela

    HT all !

  • Angelina hates Obama

    @grrr: Exactly, it’s disgusting.

  • Domino


    They won’t be eating it this year, PETA has confirmed, though Obama planned to, they won’t be eating THIS turkey, at least. First president who doesn’t, I think. Dunno and I don’t care, but just pointing it out. It’s still a disgusting holiday though. Poor animals.

  • Kelly

    Michelle looks simply stunning in her gown! Talk about sexy, WOW! The president is looking at her like he wants her for dessert lol. Their daughters are just too cute for words!

  • Harry

    who the heck can eat turkey after this?
    such hypocrates

  • Karla


  • Ronda

    The First Family are the epitome of cool IMO. I like them individually and as a Family. They’re the best!

  • lylian

    Michelle looks amazing in that strapless ball gown.

  • Fyn

    Malia got so tall!
    Can’t believe she is only 11.

  • nikki

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  • RD

    The most incompetent President ever.
    All he can do is PR events, and travel the world at taxpayer expense.
    He can’t even arrange properly a formal dinner.

  • to domino

    sorry don’t agree with you there. i can’t think of anything better to do than eat a turkey. they’re not bred to be pets you know. the reason president obama didn’t eat turkey, or any other meat, at the state dinner is because the prime minister of india is a vegetarian. it would have been a breach of protocol to serve food the visiting leader could not have eaten. as for the what the first family will eat today, i have no doubt that turkey will be part of the menu.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, i ve always found that turkey tradition kinda weird
    they’re still gonna eat another 1 anyways
    nice pictures of all of them anyways

  • to rd

    he most incompetent President ever.

    - no that honor belongs to george w bush. he was, to put it bluntly, an idiot.
    All he can do is PR events, and travel the world at taxpayer expense.

    - and george w bush didn’t do the same thing. hate to break it to you but that’s what presidents do. they travel to other countries to meet with other leaders. also hate to tell you this, but the president who comes after obama will do the same thing.
    He can’t even arrange properly a formal dinner.

    - what is wrong with the how he arranged the formal dinner exactly. from where i sit he did a beautiful job.

  • RD

    The idiot who we call the Do Nothing President, didn’t even let people in his silly “let’s blow taxpayers money for fun”- dinner in a timely manner.
    They couldn’t even organize a party properly, his wife had 24 times more assistants than any first lady, and they still managed to scre-w up the lists, so a couple who wasn’t even invited crashed in the event.

  • RD

    Obama is the first President to have a couple crash in uninvited.
    He has the worst managerial skills of all Presidents. He can’t even arrange a decent dinner, so how can he make sure we all have vaccines for the Swine Flu?

  • Protected Mode

    I can’t help but notice that Michelle is being groomed like a celebrity. In the 4th picture, someone on her glam’ team put way too much oil or shiny lotion that they put on celebrities’ ..Michelles’ legs are embarassingly too oily…is she going to do enticing dance moves in a skimpy outfit later? They’re tryin to sex up her image like a pop star..I know they are trying to put the best appearance forward for the First black couple @ the White House, but they need to bring it down a notch.. Her top half is also over-bronzed… I really think Michelle’s styles are being imposed pn her by a group of people paid to make her look good for White America.. no way she was folllowing this beauty routine back then…P.S The younger daughter is the cutest and i like how she is daddy’s girl..she is always seen holding hands with the prez.cute!

  • Henry

    Michelle looks amazing in that dress! Great color!

  • truth teller

    cute kids
    cute daddy
    mommy, not so much

  • Jeff

    @Protected Mode:

    LOL. You’re really reading too much into a couple of photos from one night. Get a grip.

  • Baisley

    Cute family, and that gown looks so beautiful

  • Jeff


    Did you forget when the Bush administration let in a male-p0rn star into the White House Press room? He was there for almost an entire year without anyone ever noticing and it was a HUGE embarrassment.

  • Amy

    Now THAT is the dress Michelle should have worn at the Inauguration party. Not that crappy white one.

  • Georgia

    Michelle looks so regal in that orange coat and that gold dress. WAY better than those sweater sets she usually wears. Very First Lady like.

  • anon
  • a realist

    FL Michelle looked absolutely stunning.

    What a beautiful first family we have.

  • a realist

    Domino @ 11/26/2009 at 5:59 pm


    They won’t be eating it this year, PETA has confirmed, though Obama planned to, they won’t be eating THIS turkey, at least. First president who doesn’t, I think. Dunno and I don’t care, but just pointing it out. It’s still a disgusting holiday though. Poor animals.
    WTF does PETA have to do with what we eat. YOu and PETA can go to hell.

  • Denise

    # 2
    grrr @ 11/26/2009 at 5:08 pm

    nice….very nice. First you pet the turkey and then you eat it….
    The pardoned turkey is NEVER eaten. That’s what a pardon means, you dummy!

  • Denise

    # 8
    Harry @ 11/26/2009 at 6:22 pm

    who the heck can eat turkey after this?
    such hypocrates
    You are really illiterate. Nobody gives a damn what an illiterate like you think.

  • Jane

    #5 Dumb-ass. That article is a lie. Angelina endorsed President Obama, and said he is best to lead the country. Brad also endorsed him.

  • Beth Bunny

    Dan Rather says Courage!

  • to RD

    well, at least president obama didn’t launch an invasion of another country and leave the next president the job of cleaning up the mess he made in the process.

  • voe

    When and where (as in what interview?) did Angelina endorsed Obama and said “he is best to lead the country”? Pray disclose the proof.
    If Angelina did hate Obama, would you stop being her fan?

  • terersa

    Can’t stand Obama and Michelle, would they stop with the media whoring, dame a year later and that’s all they do pictures, speeches, TV , magazine covers…….. they weren’t joking we they said we were electing a celebrity.

  • Tried of all the hype.

    to rd
    Sorry that’s not what Presidents do, if you look at Obama’s record compared to past Presidents in all the frivolous duties of a President Obama has them beat, travelled more then any other President internationally his first year and many of these trips were for personal gain.

    Not to advance American interests, and some did harm apologising, bowing, things NO President has every done, and not right for this inexperience, buffoon who never graced any great public office or military post before becoming President to be the first.

    Obama has played as much golf in 10 months as Bush in 3 years.

    First time ever that a President went on late night talk show’s, going on both Letterman and Leno

    Tv appearances, beat Clinton, Bush and Bush Sr combined in his fist year.

    Night time Press Conference Bush and Clinton in 8 years gave 3 and 4, Obama in one year has done 6 and 7th on Tuesday.

    Then all the trivial things like throwing constant parties at the WhiteHouse, flying to New York for a date night, going to Copenhagen for the Olympics.

    And his most damming he has spent more in his first year in office then Clinton 1.6 trillion Bush 1.8 trillion COMBINED. And has less to show for it , with unemployment at 30 year highs.

    All the while he sent another 27 thousand troops in Afghanistan in March and is planning to announce he will send another 30 to 35 thousand more

    Changing an Afghanistan war that had 35 thousand troops when he came in office to one that will have over a hundred thousand Americans fighting. While at home unemployment going from 7% to 10.2% and people who given up on finding a job making the real unemployment is 20%. Plus the massive spending and healthcare bills will raise taxes on people who have a job and people who employ, putting more pressure on a frail economy.

    So don’t tell me this is what all Presidents do, God help America if it that were true.

  • ava

    Jared enough with the Obama crap, what do they pay you, sick and tried of these 2 useless people, a don’t want a celebrity, I want a boring President who is busy running the ship of government then in front of a camera every 2 seconds, this is not some figurehead job, like a beauty pageant winner.

  • J

    ¨¨¨¨ Nobody gives a shit about your opinions. Why don’t you just leave this site?

  • Angelina Hag

    @Karla: Angelina hates Obama! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angie doesn’t impress me

    @RD: This president, Obama, has spent more his first year than any other president. Doesn’t he know people are out of jobs? He is trying to socialize American….Yep, big government no more democracy.

  • Lex

    @Tried of all the hype.:
    The whole world is jealous, everybody wants a president like Obama.
    He makes me laugh, is intelligent and wants to do something for the american people instead of the lobbyists.
    It’s just so bad that a lot of americans just don’t seem to understand how ridiculous it is that they don’t have proper health care for everyone, when there is enough money to launch spaceshuttles, fight battles in countries you have nothing to do with,…
    This president gives America back the credibility it has lost over the past years.
    He treats other countries with respect and so what if he visits them, who cares?
    It sure beats not knowing the country you’re bombing, like you last president.
    The world has changed and sometimes I think that your president is the only one who understands that.

  • amanda
  • Earthmother


    LMAO…he could burn down the White House, sell his daughters into sexual-slavery and STILL be a better president than the last pile of shit a/k/a GW Bush.

  • voe

    Earthmother, your statement sure speaks volume for your mental capacity and reflects horridly on Obama.

  • mina

    on a side note:
    I don’t know how previous first daughters (if that’s the correct term?) were dressed during turkey pardoning events but the Obama girls could have done way better. This isn’t a serious event, nonetheless this is a well covered ceremony. Just sayin’.

  • to RD

    ok, you seem to lack the ability to see what’s happening. so i’ll explain so even a 10 year old will understand. here’s the deal. your president obama has spent the last couple of months trying to undo the damage president bush caused. whether you like it or not, this fragile economy of you speak of will not get any better without the help of friendly allies (other countries) who are willing and able to invest in your country.

    however, these same allies are extremely angry with the united states. so yes, president obama has apologized for your country’s past behavior and in the process made your allies happy and willing to talk about what can be done to fix this economic mess. never forget, the united states is going to need the help of its allies to get back on its feet financially.

    case in point, there are many canadians, like myself, who have money to spend on nice holidays. i’d be willing to bet you’d like us to spend that money in the united states. also canada is your largest trading partner; in this fragile economy you do want us happy. president obama does which is why his first visit was to canada. rule number one; always be nice to people with money.

    now then, no where is it written that says the president of the united states has to have served in the united states military. as for public office, what do you think the united states senate is. Afghanistan by the way is a mess created by george bush; let us not forget that.

    as for your health care, since when did health care stop being a right for all americans, regardless of income, and a privilege for the very rich.

  • Lauren

    Love them! Michelle looks GORGEOUS in that gold dress.