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Gerard Butler: Groucho Guy

Gerard Butler: Groucho Guy

Gerard Butler enjoys a night out at London’s Groucho Club on Thursday (November 26).

The 40-year-old Scottish actor, who is town to promote Law Abiding Citizen, says he’s not entirely comfortable with his reputation as a womanizer.

Gerry said, “I think it does do your reputation harm if this is happening every week. It gets to the stage when you want to go, ‘Don’t come near because then we’ll be having a thing! Stay over there and we maybe can shout to each other’.”

10+ pictures inside of Groucho guy Gerard Butler

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  • snidd

    Has he really got a rep as a womanizer? That’s news to me. Wishful thinking more like. So not all that!

  • Rita

    I used to loooove him. Was so excited to see him at TIFF for Rocknrolla premier. But then something went wrong this year, and I found him so gross now.. I’m not sure if it’s his behaviour in public or his appearance.

  • Fashionateme

    Love that jacket!

  • CJ

    MMMMM Jared…he’s 40 not 39..he just had a B day..

  • Mandy Muggle

    He is so hot! Who is he dating now?

  • Just Jared

    @CJ: Thank you!!!

  • Michelle


    I think it’s just the fact that he’s a good looking, middle-aged bachelor with a sexy accent. He really is being linked to whoever he’s in a photo with. It’s getting ridiculous. IDK how anyone believes it nowadays.

  • MrThreesome

    He was dining with Natalie Imbruglia and Kimberly Stewart. Interesting that Jared didn’t mention them when all the other tabloids did. Supposedly they were his date.

  • Anna

    Whenever he’s dating someone for real, it’s kept under wraps. All these women he’s been linked with are tabloid nonsense.
    I like his coat… he needs to rest though, It’s showing.

  • Anna

    Stella McCartney and about 50 other people were there too. The tabloids chose to talk about imbruglia and stewart cause they’re the single ones.
    Pretty obvious, so congrats on JJ for not going down the same road.

  • MrThreesome
  • swtgrl

    drunk skanks got bitchslapped.

  • Emma

    haha those girls were annoying, well done butler.

  • michaela

    Saw him on a talk show last week. I believe he has a degree in law too!

  • liz

    Thanks , JJ. I love seeing him all around the world. I think he is a bit stressed out at the moment…traveling to Germany, Norway, Scotland, and England..and having press junket interviews galore…big birthday bashes…and premieres. I just love him. He must have so much energy to do what he does..and he does it well. Although a bit tired looking, I think he is so handsome…all the time. Why do people keep calling him “middle-aged”? Why do they keep telling us his age? He is still a young man…He is only 10 years from his twenties. ..He’s hot, and he’s scads younger than Pitt, Clooney, and other so-called hot actors. No one calls McCongahey , who’s the same age, as middle-aged…Hugh Jackman is even older as is Depp…I cannot wait until he comes back to the states. Keep us posted, please, Jared.

  • Liz86000

    He looks much better (and by that I mean thinner! Looks good on him).
    Too bad he can be dumb sometimes…

  • Mr. Giggles

    Thank God G’s out clubbing……..finially, we get a new thread !!!!

  • http://. A FAN

    He looks good in that jacket. Looks like the eye problem is clearing up a little.

  • feel sorry 4 him?

    If Gerry hadn’t used his fame to get girls to shag him, one might feel sorry for him being chased by those girls.
    As it is – he gets what he deserves

  • didier

    He’s ten years from 30, not 20. He is closer to Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp’s ages than he is to his twenties. He is middle aged and looking older than that.

    Math must not be your thing. 40 isn’t the new 20. It’s 40. Accept it with grace or look like an idiot.

  • Lucy

    He looks hot as hades. He’s been getting better and better. I don’t know anyone 40 who looks that good. No one in my neck of the woods anyway.

  • Diana

    There must be something wrong with his eye. I thought it would be OK by now.

  • curious cat

    Could someone please tell me about the story of Gerry and the vibrating condoms? Thanks!

  • yeeeeah!

    hallelujah! another thread!!!

    *as usual, he looks like total shîte. he is such a gay, fugly ba§tard!*

  • me

    I can’t believe that Gerry’s fans haven’t noticed yet that he’s wearing a hairpiece. It’s really obvious in some hi-res pics of him.

  • McK

    The blood has to be slowly absorbed by the eye when a blood vessels pops. it takes a while.

    I don’t remember the vibrating condom story either please tell.

  • Anna

    vibrating condom? lol
    All i know is that in the ugly truth his character gave heigl vibrating knickers. Did he say something funny about that in a interview and it turn out to be a condom thing?
    who’s got the scoop?

  • Cuckoo

    That video is a disgrace. Poor b*st*rd.

    F**cking giggly. cockney slappers. I hate them all. Shoot em all in the head then use their carcasses as cavity wall insulation.

  • cubedweller

    Curious! You’re back – knew you couldn’t stay away from this crazy place. Good to see you.

    I’ll try to answer your question – tho I don’t know much. Some blurb showed up in a gossip site somewhere that Butler was showing a couple of girls some vibrating condoms. Much later he mentioned in an interview that he had just come from a party and it was all just joking around but kind of taken out of context, like so many things.

    @didier: I agree – 40 is solidly mid-life. Maybe to someone who is 80 years old 40 is young, but the reality is that 40 is the middle, more or less, of the average human life span. Age is both mental and physical – some people have a fun and engaged atitude well into their senior years, hence are youthful their whole life. And some people are old and cranky at 20. It’s all relative.

  • she shall remain nameless

    I don’t think he’s a womanizer…he’s not making his rounds in Holllywood like John “douchebag” Mayer.

  • Anna

    Yeah, thought the condom thing had to be something of that nature.
    You know, I do think he doesn’t look bad for his age. The problem is (I think anyway), is that he doesn’t take as much care of himself as he should, so every now and again we’ll see photos of him looking bloated and/or tired and a month later he’s looking healthier and a little buffer.

  • Belle

    What is Gerry saying to the girls in the clip? I can’t hear it :(

  • Emma

    he says: “You know what, you go to get a f-cking life, is that what you’re about?” hahaha love it

  • Belle

    Thanks Emma! I wonder what they said (or did?) to him to make him say that? But they seemed really annoying so..
    I think I heard one of them say “Call me, Gerry” or something like that. Pathetic really.

  • :)
  • Daisy Darling

    So is he still dating anistan?

  • Emma

    he never was darling


    @v124 Mr Gerard Butler is sitting alone at the bar behind me. If you want me to ask him anything you’ve got 5 mins b4 I have to leave!
    15 hours ago

  • ??

    If I’m reading that tweet right Gerry was at a bar at 11 am London time.

  • swtgrl

    lunch time

  • Emma

    it could be the bar inside a restaurant or a pub, people go to pubs to eat as well..besides the guy doesn’t drink.

  • Karma

    hahah GB is being objectified. What goes around comes around

  • southern

    LOL! Great pic of Gerry and the annoying girls

  • swtgrl

    hahahaha priceless
    the post should’ve been : Gerard stalked in London by two drunk fugly girls.

  • ahhh
  • Gas Heat

    This is sparta!

  • :)
  • Gerard

    Did he go to any gay clubs while he was in London?

  • :)

    Oops, something went wrong with my post ^

  • anastasia

    Ummm….most likely not but he did go to the Maddox nightclub (which isn’y a gay club btw, lol) and he was photographed leaving the club and it looked like there was a blonde girl in slutty clothes with him. Anyone know what pictures I’m talking about? I can’t remember where I saw them.