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Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrates Thanksgiving in Morocco

Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrates Thanksgiving in Morocco

Gwyneth Paltrow is peach perfect in Donna Karan at the re-opening of the Mamounia hotel on Thursday (November 26) in Marrakech, Morocco.

The 37-year-old actress told People why she’s in town: “My mom is in Los Angeles, my brother is in New York, and I am in London, but it’s not a holiday there. My kids don’t get off from school, so I figured I would take off for a few days, and it’s wonderful to be here. It’s my first time in Morocco.”

Gwyn‘s latest GOOP newsletter is about being accepted by your parents. She wrote, “I dedicate this Thanksgiving letter, on parental acceptance, to my father, who would have been 66 today. He was the greatest parent, friend, rabbi any girl could ever have asked for. Happy Birthday Bruce. And Happy Thanksgiving everybody.” Check out the full newsletter at

10+ pictures inside of Gwyneth Paltrow celebrating Thanksgiving in Morocco…

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Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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  • lilli

    she’s soooo beautiful !

  • g-spot

    I think she’s homely but at least she chose a decent dress.

  • mariposa

    I actually like the dress but she really should have done something with her hair.

  • celeb spotter

    The dress is beautiful but she looks like a man in a wig.
    Her face has gotten very square as she’s aged.

  • fashion 911

    Not loving the lipstick — a little too Easter Eggy– but pretty gown.
    When is she going to learn the middle part does nothing for her?

  • irene

    Gwyn’s back to the awful, Jan Brady hair she had before she cut it off for the Iron Man press tour. What a shame. It really weights her face down. Her bob was so chic. I hope they make her chop it off again!

  • truly

    i bet she had a lot of fun. too bad she doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving with her kids.

  • beats

    Finally a hem length where she is not practically flashing her vagina.

  • lulu

    Why is she at a hotel opening on Thanksgiving Day?
    Even if they don’t get off, they don’t have Thanksgiving dinner?

  • greenfairy

    The colour is not flattering and clashes with her blonde hair.
    A darker hue would be perfect.

  • JP

    I don’t find her pretty (she’s just really tall) but this is more of a return to form.
    She should stick to a classy style of dressing.

  • aska

    i think she looks lovely, she certainly has her moments of “wtf” but she has it in her to look very chic at times. i think people hate on her because of some of the stupid things she said in the past. it’s in the past. get over it!

  • Twilight

    Much, much nicer than what GP usually wears.
    She spoils it with the poker straight hair though.

  • Gas Heat

    That is a nice looking dress

  • Vox Populi

    I think Paltrow’s a fashion disaster although she looks slightly better here than usual.

    She has said many stupid things in the past and fairly recently too. She should try showing some class and apologize for her rude remarks instead of marketing herself as the next Martha Stewart without the credentials.

  • So True

    @lulu: Some of these hotels pay certain celebs big money to show up at their openings.

    I can understand the single ones attending for the cash but it’s kind of sad to see the married ones there spouseless instead of spending the holiday with their families.

  • Jennifer and Gwyneth

    Aniston makes Paltrow look like a supermodel.

  • hotlanta

    It’s very similar to the Zac Posen Oscar dress she wore.
    She looks like a giant piece of salmon.

  • Adam

    @Jennifer and Gwyneth: Neither of those hags look like supermodels. I can’t believe Pitt used to bang those chicks.

  • Cookie Monster

    Paltrow=Big Bird in a ball gown.

  • wexx

    She deserves credit for bathing and resisting the temptation to show off her legs in another super short dress. Agree with those who like the return to a classier style of dress though I do truly wonder why she is not with her children or mother on Thanksgiving.
    The hair and makeup could be better and distract from the outfit

  • Tamsin

    I don’t know what it is but I always find Gwyneth a bit masculine.
    Maybe it’s the height paired with the face but there is something a touch manish about her.

    I do like the dress though. It’s by Donna Karan.

  • YUCK


  • YUCK


  • rascal

    I wish Gwyneth would try something other than the pencil straight hair.

  • Jennifer and Gwyneth

    @Adam: Brad ain’t all that. He is very overrated and the reason why he dated them? My money is on the fact that he is not all that and they’re famous and they helped his career and he sucks and he’s an airhead just like they are. I think they made perfect sense together.

  • Dawn9476

    @So True:

    Did you read what she said? It’s not a Holiday in England. That’s where she lives most of the time. She didn’t want to celebrate it because her kids had school and England doesn’t celebrate. There is no law that every American that lives abroad has to celebrate Thanksgiving. There are people here in the US that don’t celebrate it.

  • hag

    if brad is not all that, why did it take gwennie to admit it took her 5 years to get over him, and as for manny, that hag is STILL clutching on 5+years!! btw, manny was so jealous of gwennie back in the day that she made herself over to look like her!!! gwennie had no good feelings for manny either calling her “that tv girl”

    now the two cast offs are together!!! sorry, but manny looks like gwennie’s MOTHER!!

  • illuminatea

    I think she looks lovely here. The bright lipstick really works, surprisingly.

  • Halo

    @Dawn9476: Of course it’s not a law. It’s a tradition for many Americans abroad though and Goopy celebrates Thanksgiving even if it isn’t a holiday in England. The reason she didn’t celebrate this year was because she got a nice fat paycheck to attend the opening of this hotel.

  • itmustbehardtobeyou

    The color dies on her, yet the lipstick is nice and she should have gone with that color dress too…her body is odd, strange fat around her armpits…she loves to eat and needs to work out a lot to keep her shape, otherwise I feel she would be fuller. Her face is not aging well. As it’s been said, she looks manly, and I think the straight limp hair is wrong for her face. She needs some softness to help with her features.

  • my3cents

    @hag: They look around the same age to me. I think Gwyneth and Jen are both in a hair rut. Their looks are dating them somewhat, especially Gwyneth’s. They’d both look younger and more attractive if they layered their locks a bit.

  • duh

    @hag: It’s called publicity.

  • Nicci

    I think Gwyneth looks beautiful and classy and she is very intelligent and well bred. The reason so many people hate on her is that she reminds them what manners and bredding they lack. Also, think that it is interesting that she is hanging with Orlando Bloom being that his crazy headcase of an ex-girlfriend Kate Bosworth just got caught banging Gwyn’s husband Chris Martin. Something tells me that Gwyneth is letting that go and she has got something up her sleeve to get back at Kate. Hopefully she got some tips from Orlando.

  • Isabella

    I agree that she should of chosen a fancy smhancy updo or pretty curls instead of her usual. But she sure looks gorgeous! Gah she is so beautiful!

    haters can suck it

  • Vartan

    @Nicci: I think the gown is nice but she is not beautiful, maybe attractive at best and sort of plain at times. Also can’t say she’s classy. Someone who consistently makes ignorant generalizations when making cultural comparisons is not intelligent or well bred. She rubs people the wrong way because it’s garish to see a woman from a seemingly decent family put her foot in her mouth so often.

    There is no proof Bosworth and Martin had an affair. Even the original rumor/lie said they were caught kissing. Amazing how people extrapolate and turn it into full blown sex. Why do people even spread lies from gossip rags? For every report from a rag like Star there is a counter report that says nothing happened. US Magazine said Paltrow’s best friend, Jessica Capshaw, was there and reported back that nothing went on. It’s a shame three people’s names got dragged through the mud so a tabloid could make money.

  • azlea

    GP really needs to do something about her hair.
    The middle part does not suit her.

  • ava

    ……………….. and my husband thinks he’s single , so what’ else is a girl to do but handout with a bunch of other single celebrities and make a couple of bucks.

  • Trilby

    Her comments stink to high heaven! There are a lot of famous Americans in the UK, in London, and they definitely celebrate Thanksgiving. Gwyneth has celebrated with them in the past! She is lying! I think she & her husband that jerk Chris Martin, have broken up. She could have easily come home with the kids. It’s not like her kids are going to miss anything important at nursery school! Tell me her mother wouldn’t fly to NYC to be with her and her bro and the grandkids! Tell me her brother wouldn’t want her in NYC or her mother in LA. Like I said. She is lying.

  • fishy

    Enjoy the title Brad exes . Where is that cult hubby of hers?

  • haha

    @Jennifer and Gwyneth: that is why IT ALL PLANED THIS WAY WITH THE SAME AGENT TO PLAY THE EX CARD. Get a brain.

  • um

    @Jennifer and Gwyneth: That is why the light went with him and they are there as a c lister.

  • sweetness

    I suspect too, that her and Chris Martin have broken up or live separate lives..Thanksgiving is a family day..any celebrity can open a hotel…does she need the money so bad that she’d leave kids at home to open a hotel on Thanksgiving?

  • Abby

    They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in London, why would she have Thanksgiving dinner? You all are so critical over the stupidest things. The straight hair looks beautiful on her, as does the middle part. I don’t think that she’s particularly gorgeous, but I think everyone is too harsh about her looks; she’s just average looking. Don’t like the lipstick with the dress, but it’s not bad, and the dress is very flattering on her.

  • hahahaha

    # Brad is all that. A biggest movie star a twice oscar nominee. the light is still with him becasue he is not werid and he has got what it takes. Don’t jealous.

  • alma

    They are dunzo. They never liked each others company on the top of that he get caught cheating on her snob a*s. He must be a saint to stand her for so long.

  • Sadie

    @Abby: She’s an American who celebrates Thanksgiving so why wouldn’t she celebrate it in England? I lived abroad for over 10 years and I still celebrated Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter if your host country celebrates a holiday or not. People still pay tribute to their own holidays and traditions. I agree with those who said that she skipped it this year because she wanted the press and money for the hotel appearance.

    I think her hair would look nice on someone else but the middle part does not suit her large, square face.

  • Abby

    @Sadie: She has a very small forehead, so if she did a side part it would make her forehead look even smaller. And her husband isn’t American, I imagine her friends over there aren’t American, so why would she celebrate with them? It just wouldn’t make sense. And I highly doubt she needs money; her husband brought in 42 million last year alone. Don’t be so quick to judge over what some idiot posts on a gossip site.

  • Daisy Darling

    She looks good. chris is a lcuky guy

  • T

    @Abby: I’m sure she has American friends in the UK, but why does it matter? Her children are half-American and probably would have enjoyed celebrating the holiday and learning more about the U.S. Thanksgiving.

    Nobody in this thread has commented on her forehead. The remark was about a large square face which she does have. I happen to know someone who’s worked with Gwyneth and they confirmed she is very preoccupied with maintaining her celebrity status. It doesn’t matter how much money her husband makes, she is an actress and she does certain things to keep herself in the public eye such as attending the re-opening of a hotel so she gets press.