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Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry: Cafe Fuego Music

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry: Cafe Fuego Music

Halle Berry and longtime love Gabriel Aubry take their adorable daughter Nahla to the doctor’s office on Friday (November 27) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Did you know that Gabriel produced and played the guitar on an album called Café Fuego Volume 1? It’s a delicate fusion of soulful sounds, highlighted with a world music flair, bossa-nova grooves and inspired by Latin and Cuban roots. The album also features fellow Canadian musicians Marc Bell (drums, percussion) and Cristobal Tapia de Veer (guitar). You can download the album on iTunes!

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  • Cristobal


  • LuckyL

    Beautiful family who keeps to themselves.

  • AutumnM

    All three are gorgeous! Beautiful family

  • anonymous

    nahla is a tall 1 yr old

  • sb

    something about him bothers me… he seems cold, and kinda heartless. he never has any kind of expression on his face , and i just don’t get it, because halle berry seems like such a sweet, empathetic person, why would she go for someone like him?

  • hudge

    @anonymous: Her father is a model, whaddaya want

  • ivanka

    @hudge: ikr, he is so hot

  • HockeyGurL

    @sb: How about the fact that there are cameras following him, and his family around, would you want people with cameras following you around so they can sell the pics for $ ? Also hes Canadian hes a nice guy from what I hear.

  • girdle

    They all look good together despite the fact you NEVER see Halle and Gabriel smiling or talking in public. Kinda weird.

  • oh please

    Why would I buy an album regarding a restaurant he owned that is now closed…if the restaurant sucked so does hit music! Halle really knows how to pick them doesn’t she….

  • Kelly

    Well..when the jobs stop coming in you have to do something. Pimping out a song on itunes is pretty pathetic though, he doesn’t seem to be all that musically inclined. All he knows how to do is stand there with that stupid look on his face.

  • http://long_dong long_dong

    Don’t you love his man purse? LOL!!!

  • jade

    I can’t help but think this baby has evil looking eyes. lol.

  • al

    What’s up with that kids hair?? Does she bother combing it at all?

  • lizzie

    loooooool i never saw that before!!

  • **JAMIE**

    @ # 12

    its not a man purse, its obviously a diaper bag

    halle has a bangging body still!

  • bri

    They’re always going to the bleeding doctor in LA.

  • khristi

    They both are beautiful and they came together to make a beautiful baby. Good for them.

  • VL

    They are just a beautiful couple…and I just think their baby is adorable!! Good for them!

  • AGED

    God Gabriel has aged a real lot since he is with her..he has lines already

    intergrating before our eyes

    as for halle her body is crap looks terrible

  • Danielle

    Live them alone!!!! They look so cute together, the good thing is they don`t care what we think about them :)

  • Haters

    Found this about Gabriel playing guitar on youtube. As far as this album goes and for #10 and #11 since they seem to know so much about them but probably couldn’t tell you the Do Re Mi scale. This album was obviously done for his restaurant he had in NY but unlike douche bag thinks, it didn’t fail since he sold it to move to LA. Now I actually respect the fact that Gabriel never tried to really promote the album even with a wife like Halle Berry, you would think he would be all over that train. But again Haters loves to bend the truth to feel better about themselves and give them purpose for spending their entire day getting fat behind behind their computer screen. I actually bought the album out of curiosity and the album is actually very good and legit. I guess they are still things we don’t know about this man and I like that. Now if that would have been K-Fed… Let’s just say he wouldn’t have been so humble about it.

  • gab

    i have the album and love it. no vocals. great background/lounging music. there’s a clip on youtube of gabriel jamming with the band. do a youtube search for cafe fuego vol 1. i heart gabriel.

  • Belinda

    OMG, can’t believe some comments degrading these two!
    You guys don’t see them smile all the time?!??! Do you come out of the doctor’s office smiling? hahaha… stupid if you do because then you’ll be just like that one dumb media-whore-couple… Halle and Gabriel are NOT HEIDI AND SPENCER!!! Those two smile at the camera like two dumb idiots trying to make money by all you stupid fans.

    Anyhow, Halle and Gabriel are both devoting time with each other and to their daughter which is more than some parents. He is a good looking model and she is a a beautiful actress. They both have one gorgeous baby!!

    I love how the paparazzi takes pictures of them, sells them, we see them and then we complain on how they are this and not this and this but not this… YOU GUYS NEED TO GET YOUR OWN LIFE instead of degrading other people. they don’t ask the cameras to follow them. but since we love looking at their pictures and making comments about them, they will be followed… if you don’t like seeing these two couple, stop reading about them or looking at their pictures and stop commenting about them.

    All the H&G haters are just making these two remain A-Listers! Which is fine by me… I love this gorgeous family!!

  • Mia May

    They are the best and most attractive coupld

  • anon

    Sounds like certain posters have miserable lives themselves and are determined Haley and Gabriel surely must too. Someone doesn’t know what a diaper bag is?

  • Gabe is not in Halle’s league

    @Belinda: Gabriel Aubry is not an A-Lister, he’s not in Halle’s league, please. He’s nothing more than Halle’s gay emotionless paid sperm donor. He couldn’t care less about Halle or Nahla, he’s only getting paid to do his job.

  • Yes he has

    @Haters: Haters he promoted it last year in Toronto. He’s been playing the guitar for years. It was made towards the very end of when the business was failing. He didn’t sell his share of the place. He still has a separate place in NYC. He and his business partner/other Stephane still have plans to re-open the place. BTW Halle’s not his wife nor will ever be. He’s only still around because he’s getting paid to do so and is afraid of what Halle will do to him if he leaves. He doesn’t give a rip about Halle or his in-vitro created child. Get real.

  • Jared UR on payroll

    Jared are you on Halle & Gabe’s payroll? The CD came out a bit before the restaurant closed two years ago. A little slow in the promotion?

  • Mia May

    They seem happy together

  • LeviKlein

    This is insane. They should stop going out like that in public, I almost feel embarrassed.
    They are so gorgeous and Nahla seems like the sweetest, most adorable little baby.

  • nmarcus

    #14: Do u have a problem with big curly baby hair, u racist slob?
    Maybe she can’t afford a comb. Too bad she makes in a day what you make in three years.. So I guess she can skip the brushing. Only fat racist slobs would notice anyway..

  • FallenAngel

    you know what guys.. i really don’t give a DAMN what he does.. and what he has done..
    it’s all abouthe looks the fashion here right.. not about some stupid restaurant a millions years ago.. cut the crap jeez

    i think they both look great and so does their son.. she wants to hide him from the papz…. ofcourse they don’t laugh at them THEY HATE THEM THAT’S WHY THEY DON’T LET THEIR AGENTS CALL THE PAPZ TO TELL EVERYONE WHERE THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY’RE DOING SO EVERYONE CAN SEE HOW HAPPY THEY ARE..
    im sorry guys, but when youre really happy… why should THE TABLOIDS SUPPOSED TO SEE IT? so you can say to yourself .. you see i showed them we’ll stay together blablabla.. yeah right

    they’re just normal people… if your neighboorlooks trough the windows everyday you will close them too! fact

  • gwennie throwpal

    LeviKleinn and others,they are taking their kid to the doctor.Normal people do this in their real life.

    I am all for paps taking pictures when peopleare out in public,butit should at public times:premiere,on the movieset, tv show,going to tvshow,etc.

    They are taking their kid to the doctor. Private moment. I KNOW Halle did not tell her publicst alert the media,paps,.

    Safe goes for jessica Alba.they followed her to her folks home.Adress shown, bad.

  • hmm

    they are still boring and now over rated/get real halle pr’s;i do not come on the net to see these two boring try hards thats why the negativity about them..people are sick to death and obviously fed up with the two and comment,plus the fact that they are so fake its right there in your faces.. as to his music LOL comeon they are doing a fat job of trying to boost that now eh??? DUMBOS

  • sarah

    Damn, he is FINE!

  • Your’s truely, Paparazzi

    Hey Halle, it’s your good ol’ paparazzi friend. Listen, You have to stop calling us to take pictures – it’s kind of pathetic and sad now. I told you before, please comb and brush your daughter’s hair. Dress her up. She’s a girl and you better enjoy her now because when she gets older, she is going to give you HELL!!! I can’t wait for her tell-all book to come out in 20 years about how you neglect her because you are jealous of your own daughter.

    As for your sperm donor, he’s a nothing – a nobody. You said it yourself that you will just use a man to make a baby and take away all his parental rights! What a mother, what a woman. What a douche bag! You are pathetic and mentally ill! You don’t get it. We are sick and tired of seeing your camel toe, your raisin nipples, and that sad dog face of yours.

    Stop wanting attention and simpathy. You were never abused. You needed your ear drums slapped…I SAID YOU NEEDED YOUR EAR DRUMS SLAPPED…can you hear that?

    Stop making movies, go on medicine and see a psycho-therapist, and leave the paparazzi and real movie goers alone. We were smart enough not to see those trashy cheap boring movies you put out! I think we are smart enough to not buy this “I’m just this little vulnerable innocent thing that people just love to hate”. Leave us alone!!

  • old grandma

    that halle berry, i thought that was her mother, she looks so old and skinny, please stop taking her picture, waisting good money, who cares about her daughter, she looks like everyother kid, nothing special, but halle looks terrible, old, no ass, no shape, nothing to write home about, and that sad guy, he is a paid sperm donor, but i think he has mental issues, he is way off the charts ugly, skinny no ass, look at that face up close, no talent at all, i heard that music, i almost lost my hearing, why take a picture of someone who could never act, and put on an act when she goes outside, looking sad, thats and act, both of them is acting sad for the cameras so we can talk about them, she is mental, botox, nose job, teeth job, skin bleaching, and no talent.

  • Meela


    News flash we already know what the child looks like, so stop trying to cover her face. She obviously was to see what’s going on around her so let her be. Another tidbit, you may want to consider locking her away until she is 18 so the flash from the cameras won’t bother her!!!!

    Another thing I recently saw you wearing a Theory sweater coat that I loved and I realized that it cost $450 and yet you whine about your fame. You would not be able to afford anything you have if you were a nobody like myself.

    Get the damn sour look off your face!



  • http://JUSTJARED laughter

    wow, that guy looks old as hell, maybe he is trying to stop drinking and the rest, that so call music, my neighbors was complaining about me to the police about the bad sound coming out of my house, I was playing his music. It’s that bad, he is a bum, modeling, that a man, I think I would be with David Justic, but she don’t know what a real man is. Are those special shoes for her six toes?

  • haley

    I can’t stand the way Halle holds her kid’s face all the time. It looks like it annoys Nahla. Always having her face held!

  • Emily Love

    They should get married

  • The Populist

    God Damn People:

    Your’s Truly Paparazzi, and Old Grandma, If you really don’t like Halle, I mean you really, really don’t like her, then why in hell would you post a page of crap like that. Don’t bother writing a novel about how much you hate Halle, because we don’t care. Just quit wasting everyone’s time with your negative posts.

    Halle doesn’t look twenty five, but she doesn’t look forty either, and she damn sure looks good. She is obviously trying to protect her child from the paparazzi, thus the grip on Nahla’s head. As for her significant other, … no comment.

  • infinity

    Oh see the little monkey now this is the one that looks just like a monkey and has gene`s….. LMFAO what are first class thinking of mixing with vile over cooked waste of a HUMAN!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    Darkness we dont wonna see It so stop covering It up.!! HAHAHA

  • Stone

    Adorable. You’re kidding right?

  • Soaplover

    Your grammar is really poor, and I can barely tell what you’re saying, but I’m getting a vibe that you’re calling Nahla a waste of human,
    If so, you need to go see a medical specialitst. What mature adult would call a 1 year old baby a waste of human life?
    I apologize if that’s not what your saying, but if you are, you need help.
    Nahla is really cute, & her parents don’t have to entertain every one of you retarded posters saying they’re boring. WTH? Are they supposed to jump around and do cartwheels or something?
    Geez some people these days. . . . . .

  • http://JUSTJARED grandma

    grandma halle, stay out of gray tights, if you have a flat butt, wide hips, man legs, forget it, go work on your acting, we don’t care to see your kid, you should cover your face, not the kid,

  • Dawn

    Oh dear. Paparazzi, I think you need to get help URGENTLY before some people in a white van come and take you away in a straightjacket. You seem to be suffering from some kind of unhealthy obsession, which is coming from your own personal rage (anyone can see through that), and obviously has nothing to do with anyone that doesn’t know you. The 1-year old child that you’re picking on (and what a coward for that), is one of the best-dressed children out there. But that’s not even important – it’s really low of you to even go there. If my memory serves me right, I believe it’s the paparazzi that follow people around and won’t leave people alone. And as for this tell-all book, there WON’T be one, because she knows (and will always know) that her mother and father loves her. Thankfully, most people (and a lot of paparazzi too) like Halle, and get where she’s coming from. Spewing a bunch of lies doesn’t make it the truth, it just makes you look like a tragic case. So you go and get the help, before the help comes and gets you.