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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Thanksgiving in Morocco!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Thanksgiving in Morocco!

Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, attend the re-opening of the Mamounia hotel in Thursday (November 26) in the oasis gardens of Marrakech in southern Morocco.

Jennifer Aniston also attended the event (she met up with Orly at London’s Heathrow airport, pictured below).

“There is only three golden rules about a palace of this standing,” Jacques Garcia, the star French decorator who led restoration efforts, told USA Today of the $176 million makeover. “Elegance, elegance, and elegance.”

FYI: Neither celebrate Thanksgiving. Orly is British, Miranda is Aussie. Miranda is, however, wearing a tres chic Burberry dress.

20+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr spending Thanksgiving in Morocco…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 10
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 11
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 12
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 13
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 14
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 15
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 16
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 17
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 18
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 19
orlando bloom miranda kerr thanksgiving morocco 20

Credit: Almasi; Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Jill

    angie fan @ 11/27/2009 at 4:22 pm
    They all have the same manager that nasty Huvane guy.

    Wrong. There are two Huvane brothers doing PR: Stephen and Kevin. Stephen Huvane represents Aniston. He also represents Alan Cumming, Kirsten Dunst, Peri Gilpin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Carla Gugino, Bryce Dallas Howard, Helen Hunt, Lucy Liu, Dominic Monaghan, Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, Dermot Mulroney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meg Ryan, Stanley Tucci, and Liv Tyler, among others.
    Kevin Huvane represents (or did represent) Tom Cruise among a lot of other actors.

  • your mother

    @ 51 the point is they aren’t dating -.-

  • Scarlet

    Back off Miranda, Orlando is mine.

  • Sigh

    I got it.
    He hates her but he’s been traveling all around the world with her because he needs her to be on mags. The problem is that he’s always been on mags and popularity polls, with or without her.
    And they’ve been seen without cameras many times.
    But don’t let facts get on the way of your delusion.

  • @51

    I love you!
    And ignore the sockpuppet with the bad grammar.
    She’s just the same, syntax challenged hater that posts over and over on every Orlando thread.
    pathetic loser

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow jared, u obviously put those pics so ppl can talk about aniston…
    miranda looks good, but i really dont like her hair color
    it’s way 2 dark
    she looks amazing in that dress tho
    lucky ass bastard orlando, sigh =[

  • LOL!

    Haters are so funny.
    They is posing on the red carpet!
    That means that they is FAKE!!!!!
    So hilarious!

  • ????

    sorry my english is not perfect!

  • Dawn9476


    LMAO at you thinking just because you never see a pic of them together means that she never spends time with her family. I don’t see a lot of pics of Angelina with her brother. Does that mean that they don’t spend time together?

    And Gwyn told People that it doesn’t matter that she was not with her family on Thanksgiving because her kids were in England and they don’t celebrate there and her kids had school. Her mom and brother were not together either. Her mom is in LA and her brother is in NYC.

  • @ Sigh

    “He hates her but he’s been traveling all around the world with her”

    So that’s why he went to Morocco at the last minute and did not leave a few days earlier to watch her VS show in New York.

    Now it all makes perfect sense.

  • Sam

    What the he!! is Jennifer Aniston wearing to this event, she looks awful. She is trying very hard to look happy, you can tell by her eyes she is not. Jenho is trying to put on a brave face, but you can tell it is all a show.

    It must be hard to be a ” Lonely Emblem” a woman no man wants. Must be hard to be 40 and have no man, no kids and no family to spend the holidays with.

    Karma is a bi!ch, Jenho.

  • yes!

    I love them together. Such a beautiful couple.

  • soho crocope

    i wonder how much money they got paid just to make an appearance…

  • Sigh

    You say that as if all the times he’s taken a flight to see her which have been many counted for you LOL
    You don’t know why he didn’t go. You decided he didn’t go because he hates her because that’s what you want to believe.

    ???? It’s ok that your English is not perfect, but don’t expect anyone to believe that all the comments with not perfect grammar belong to different people, please.

  • Why so serious?

    Why does he (Orlando Bloom) look so glum? His g/f looks happy but he looks so pensive. And in the pic where he’s sandwiched inbetween Mrianda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow, he looks diminuntive. They’re both tall women and I assume had on some rather high heels. He’s kind of a small man though, isn’t he?

  • @ Sigh

    I didn’t realize you were an English professor. I know how sensitive English teachers can get when you do not use perfect grammar.

    I had no idea we were being graded on these posts. If I would have known that, I would never have shown up in the first place.

    by the way, those posts were not mine. I’ve only posted 3 times including this one, on this thread. Let’s see if you can guess which ones.

  • Sigh

    I said I’m fine with your English. I just said it’s a huge coincidence that all the conspiracy loons that posted have bad grammar.

  • @66

    He’s about 6ft tall

  • Hollywood

    Burn that contract Lando!

  • @66

    Miranda is 5’9″, and wearing what looks to be five-six inch Laboutins (sp?), which would put her at least about 6’2″. Gwinnie is also about 5’10″ wearing heels, so Orlando at 5’11″ would look short in comparison, but he is not a short man at all. Just a man secure enough to not mind his girlfriend towering over him.

  • rox

    AJ fans attacking Jen for not staying home to have dinner with her family…what a farce!! When was the last time AJ had dinner with Jon Voight? Or even asked him to McDonalds for a photo opp with the paps. She’s too cheap to even spring for a burger from the dollar menu for her own father. Yeah I read about how great Jolie was with the troops last time. She asked them to take her beyond the safe zone to even an area where most of the troops haven’t gone. Nice move, needlessly putting their lives in danger protecting her butt in a place she didn’t belong. I’m sure those troops’ families apppreciated her visit to their loved ones as if they weren’t already in enough danger.

  • Daisy Darling

    I think Voight is a sociopath, and AJ less of a socio path. –

  • ?

    There’s an article on Orlando says that he and Miranda are working hard now and spend too much time apart so they see each other “a weekend here, a weekend there”.
    Asked about engagement rumours, he said that they try to enjoy their time together now.

  • :)_

    Gwyneth should become friends with Aniston because I just saw a pic of the two together and Aniston makes Gwyneth look like a supermodel. She should drag her around like skinny chicks befriend fat chicks to make themselves look even skinnier. (Kate moss and Beth ditto)

  • http://AnotherNomforJen! The Bruiser

    @Jill: Kevin Huvane is Jennifer’s Talent agent along with Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore. Stephen Huvane is Jen’s publicity agent.

  • WOW…

    Miranda looks absolutely beautiful, very glamorous and elegant. Love the dress and her eyes looks so blue with her darker hair, she and Orlando make a gorgeous couple.

  • Gas Heat

    She is a beautiful girl…

  • ava

    looking at Miranda Kerr, i don’t see supermodel.

  • Oh….how….lovely…..

    You do realize this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JENNIFER ANISTON??? RIGHT???? Funny how , you loons, want to make this event, like every other, about Jennifer Aniston. Don’t you ever take a night off without hating on Jennifer????????? What the hell is wrong with you people???????????? Give it a rest already….we get it……you HATE JENNIFER ANISTON. What the hell is wrong with you guys?? Oh, I get it……………You want to try to keep every other actor from being around her. Otherwise you try to bring on the hate to them as well. You do really realize that nobody cares about the crap that is written here in JJ right?? This is known as the Jen hating site and nobody, of any worth, pays attention to this in the Hollywood world. You do realize this right???? Jared, you are losing credibility as these loons type. You have created a ignorant monster and it will be to your demise. Certainly not Jennifer Anistons. Jared, wake up and smell the napalm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • …they all look…


    And a special thanks to all of you who took time off from serving at the soup kitchen to share your judgment of others….

  • @81

    I love you.

  • dp


    hi jill always a pleasure. long trip here from your trolling of JA threads? or are you expanding your horizons? you are as reliable and tediously repetitive as my taxes getting collected or the never-ending saga of the brangejen triange.
    the irony that you call JA pathetic truly jumps out when you demonstrate that label far more effectively with your constant presence and quacking of the same repetitive bs at threads of celebrities you personally do not know and you say you hate. maybe you secretly love Jen? can’t stay away? can’t understand why you bother otherwise…

    what’s it to you what she does during thanksgiving? she may have her reasons.It amazes me that you require a specific day to be designated as a day to celebrate your family. kind of like valentine’s day… get off your high horse. I bet you think her family hates her or something… ridiculous. nobody hates her. just have to read the interviews her colleagues give – you know… people who actually have MET her and KNOW her.

    jen – she looks golden as usual. it makes me smile.

    and for those discussing how these people are celebrating wealth and excess…seriously? the Obama’s just threw a lavish state dinner. go rag on them. the new LA art gallery openned up – you know expensive art, expensive gowns, jewelry, liquor all over the place. Funny – how NONE of you complain there… but suddenly this gets you all in a twist? makes no sense.

    and for the record Jen does give. and that’s not only in $$. You saying anything otherwise is just plain ignorant.

  • dp

    wow – i forgot to mention – Miranda looks like such a pixie! and what is going on with Orly? 2 major franchises under his belt, i guess i would call a long time-off/ sabbatical also…

    sometimes all the jen bashing on this site gets me so rankled, i forget why i swore off posting comments, and go right back to it… this post wasn’t about her!
    sneaky JJ. you got me. shame on me…

  • AutumnM

    Miranda looks very nice

  • Lane

    Miranda does look nice sad that she is flanked by CAA loser.

  • Jokergurl

    Cute couple, she looks lovely with darker hair.

  • Tessi

    Miranda is gorgeous the other two women-not so much. I love Miranda’s dark hair.

  • so lovely

    Miranda is such a beautiful girl, those eyes, no wonder Orlando is so besotted with her, lucky guy.

  • to dp

    Jill, I think you brought out the old man Huvane himself.
    Correct me if I am wrong Huvie baby but this certainly sounds like you. You sound far too intelligent compared to your usual illiterate paid posters (bet, ellie, sally/jade/laura 2 add infinitum names for those three idiots) that frequent Jared’s blog.
    What brings YOU out this time?
    Old jenhag was taking such an honest and well deserved verbal beating YOU had to step in to redeem her sullied (by her own hand) reputation?
    The JP Fans are not impressed with your presence.
    Your hatefulness permeates the internet and you have been extremely vicious and ruthless here of late. No matter, this will not help your prime client at all in the world of Hollywood. Her pathetic, non-talented huge ass is still going down in the movie world faster than the titanic and she is accomplishing this all by herself. Amazing. The JP fans just stand by and watch what is happening to her.
    But you use many tactics in your demented attacks against the JP family. Why are you so hateful against them Huvane? They have done nothing to you personally!
    I want to take this opportunity to ask you personally – Is this really all about getting revenge because the Jen hag feels so humiliated she cannot rest until she feels Angelina has suffered the same humiliation as she feels she is suffering?
    Doesn’t she realize yet that Angelina is NOT her nemesis? Doesn’t she realize as yet that SHE, the hag jen has been the “architect of her own destruction?”
    What will it take Huvane for you to stop the mad attacks against an innocent woman who just wants to love her man, and their children, make a good home for them, help the helpless and continue in her profession?
    You cannot continue with these attacks against an innocent woman! The hag Jen is the one who is the true beneficiary of all the hate you throw at Angelina. When will you realize that? Your foul tactics are backfiring and returning home to hurt the hag.
    I hope you will wake up and realize that before you wipe out your hag client in your mad blind haste and hate to try and destroy Angelna.
    Angelina will rise above all your attacks, but you and the hag will be obliterated!

  • to dp

    And where is the hag’s Public tax report on how much money she has actually donated? Does the cheapskate have a legitimate foundation? Out with it! Where is the documentation of her charitableness?

    Oh – And I brought this over from the other thread just for you dp -
    Why don’t you get your facts straight before you start spouting off at the mouth with your lies about Angelina and Brad?
    Maddox was the only child Angelina had adopted before she met Brad. You Jenhagas are always trying to rewrite the jenhag’s history. Are you so ashamed of the old humiliated hag that you feel the need to constantly reconstruct her past?
    And why is there this incessant need on you and her PR people’s parts to always make Angelina a part of the hag’s past when the hag herself has denied Angelina had anything to do with the breakup of her fauxmergermarriage?
    That is she denied it UNTIL she did her 180 and gave her lying boohoo tale to Vanity Fair Magazine in 2005.
    This old hag of yours lies so much you and her pr people are forced to constantly rewrite her personal history for her. Well here is something of hers you cannot rewrite! Here is the lying witch in all her glory!
    Jennifer Aniston Explains All On MySpace Blog
    With so much rumor and innuendo swirling around in the wake of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s celebrity-marriage-paradigm-shifting break-up, there’s only one place we can turn for reliable information: Jennifer Aniston’s MySpace blog. While the couple has refrained from talking to the media, virtual Jen (449 friends in her network, a celebrity even in cyberspace) is candid about the dissolution of their relationship and their plans for the future:
    Well, since everything is formally stated, I guess I should address it, because I don’t feel like answering a million e-mails about this. The split was no one’s fault, please don’t blame Brad or myself for this, things don’t always work out the way you want them to…and this is one of those things.
    We haven’t yet made it known if we’re divorcing, because we’re not exactly sure ourselves, we’re taking a break from each other though. The tabloid stories weren’t true, no one was cheating, no one was carousing around town, it just didn’t work out. Brad and I remain friends, although this will take some getting used to and I hope that you all understand that this will be hard for me and him in the next coming months, not only will we have fan outrage but media scrutinizing us, and it’d be easier if we just had everyone’s support. I’m probably not going to answer much about this, and knowing Brad, he won’t answer anything, so don’t bother him about it. We plan to remain friends and business partners. I thank all those fans for their support, I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.
    Keeping your cred with the bloggers is just as valuable as a million-dollar payday from the glossies.
    UPDATE: The Jennifer Aniston MySpace blog responds to our earlier link by pulling down “Jennifer Aniston’s” statement about the break-up. That kind of authentic hissyfit totally makes us think the blog is real!
    UPDATE: Now the whole thing is gone. We’re really going to miss “virtual Jen” and her candid online journalling.

    Let me re-quote her because YOU, as usual tend to overlook and disregard what SHE said.
    “The split was NO ONE’s FAULT, please don’t blame Brad or myself for this, things don’t always work out the way you want them to…and this is one of those things. NO ONE WAS CHEATING no one was carousing around town…….”
    And Jenniepooh, as usual, took NO responsibility for the dissolution of her own marriage!
    Fast forward to 2005 and whiny, pathetic, loser face, Jenniepooh is blaming Angelina and with the help of YOU her PR people she has been riding that coat tail with her lies ever since. Yes, this hag KNOWS how to play DIRTY! She is rotten to the core!

  • Hollywood

    He looks so fake…he is somewhere else with his head…he looked pissed of in the airport pics and here too….

  • ???

    he looks not happy. Maybe he is somewhere else with his head! Who knows! Maybe his minds are somewhere else! Who knows!

  • http://justjared lol

    The Delphi loons and Jennifer haters are funny and pathetic at the same time I knew this thread was going to be good LOL.

    PS: please Jill get a life bitch STOP OBSESSING WITH JENNIFER ANISTON .

  • @92-93

    once again. you demonstrate why we know that you are a sockpuppet.
    Orlando looks the way he ALWAYS looks in posed, event photographs, He always looks like he wishes he could be somewhere else, But in pics 5 and 15, you can see that he does at least smile a little bit when standing with Miranda.
    They both look amazing, BTW

  • wow

    These rabid Jen-haters make the delphidiots look like amateurs.
    Come on girls, step it up!
    This version of crazy is putting your weak, insane rantings to shame.

  • ellie’

    Beautiful looking couple..They all look beautiful..Jennifer ,Gwyneth.. all look happy..

  • Mara

    Oh Orly what have she done to you, you poor thing!!

  • crackpots

    “What has she done to you”??
    What is she, a member of the Gestapo? LMAO

    If she caused him such distress don’t you think he’d have dumped her long ago?

  • http://justjared @98


    The MAN IS 33 YEARS OLD no one is doing anything to him or forcing him to do anything .

    The fact that he dares to date a woman you don’t like doesn’t mean his life is in the toilet like you Delphi loons are saying .

    I feel sorry for you loons I mean IT’S BEEN NEARLY THREE years and still you didn’t learn that it wont serve you any good to bash Orlando and Miranda no matter how much you name call them he will still be with her GET OVER IT DEAL WITH IT.

    If he will end things with her he will do it when he wants to or if he wants to marry her he will do it no matter how much you losers protest HE IS ACTING ON HIS FREE WILL HE IS A FREE ADULT WHO WILL DO WHATEVER HE PLEASES HIM AGAIN



  • @96

    lol well said!