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Rihanna: Saturday Night Live on December 5th!

Rihanna: Saturday Night Live on December 5th!

Rihanna and her BFF Melissa leave Juliet’s Superclub after celebrating the release of her new album, Rated R, on Wednesday (November 25) in New York City.

The 21-year-old Bajan babe wore a sexy red creation from The Blonds for Noir Jewelry.

Rihanna is expected to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday (December 2). The day after, she’ll hit the stage as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live (Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively

You can also watch Rihanna‘s Fuse TV interview at!

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  • black

    Don´t let your daughters out of the basement, dear mothers————-they might end up like this idiot.

  • Mystique

    She looks cheap.

  • H.

    A new low even for this ho.

  • Sasha

    Even Beyonce doesn’t dress this bad.

  • fame monster

    Reminds me a little of Michael Jackson.

  • jazzy

    Ugly outfit.

  • Retro

    I think that’s a wig. Her hair suddenly got thick on top.

  • twin peaks

    She’s trying to shock people like Gaga but she doesn’t have the singing talent to back up the wacky costumes.

  • wexx

    Attractive girl but this is not the way to show off a beautiful pair of breasts.
    She needs a new stylist. She should always look amazing.

  • yes!

    Bobby Trendy must be her stylist.

  • villa

    I don’t like that outfit

  • Evan

    Why does she parade around half-naked?

  • annie

    Does she ever look in the mirror before she leaves home? Why should a pretty and talented singer want to look so cheap? She looks really disgusting.

  • dezzie

    Dang, that’s messed up!

  • AOZ

    She looks like a tranny with good tits.

  • nice video

    GGG2B is Rated R

  • cute

    Cute girl. She sucked at the AMAs.

  • gfreeze

    trannylicious! my boy rhi looks hot!

  • Stevie Wonder

    Ms. Warwick looks sexy and not a day over 45.

  • mossy

    Why did she go blonde?

  • Cristobal

    To think a couple of months ago people were all on her side. She should of milked it good back then because now no one seems to care about her.

  • beats

    Hooker chic!

  • oasis

    That’s more of a stage outfit than a dinner dress.

  • TRUE


  • Don’t Do It

    RiRi, just say no…to your stylist!

  • pls

    Good God woman please cover up ,where has your class gone?

  • michelle_71

    EDGY MY BUTT. She thinks she is trying to be edgy. She needs to hire a new PR team because her image is going down the drain. Even though she is the one who got beat up, somehow she destroyed her image with all those slutty clothes and album cover. People don’t want this rihanna they want the one from way back. She isn’t Madonna. You can slowly reinvent yourself but people need time.

  • .

    b i t c h

  • remember da truth

    Do these girls not look at the hookers on Hollywood Blvd and see how they are dressing just like them? Just because you add sparkly crap to the shoulders doesn’t make it any less tacky, or sleazy.

    She is a beautiful girl. Dress with class and that will actually make her stand out from those who need to dress like this to be noticed.

  • black

    Yup, yup—————-all of a sudden everybody wants to try the shocking route—-dressing like cheap morons.
    I don´t like a single one of those attentionseekers.
    But still, Rihanna currently takes the cake- especially with all her hypocritical moral-talks.
    As to why she has gone blonde———————?———————-well, because, apparently, every black women secretely wishes to be white.
    And especially those in the singing departement.
    She looked way better before. Have you noticed that her skin has gotten shades lighter?
    The hair blonder each month, and straight as well?
    Well……………….soon enough people will get tired of her attempts to draw attention.

  • Little Baby

    Wow, so much jealousy! Leave the girl alone. Who are you people, her mother? She’s a very pretty girl with an awesome bod. She wants to create a shocking and edgy image for herself like many other entertainers have done in the past. So what? I enjoy her music. She’s getting lots of gigs lately and that’s all that’s important. So something must be workin for her. She doesn’t want to be some other “Cosmo model” like the rest of them….ie J.Lo, Beyonce, etc. I like them too, but they always look the same. At least RiRi mixes it up and doesn’t care if she doesn’t look “pretty”.

  • Truth Is…

    She hasn’t created any image here. She’s just following the directions of a bad stylist who’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    Of course, she’s getting gigs. She’s promoting a new album and talking about the Chris Brown incident. That has nothing to do with what she wears. They would have her on those shows anyway.

    I don’t find her beautiful but agree with Remember Da Truth, ugly sexy outfits are a flash in the pan and may temporarily land you in the papers. If she dressed with beauty and class, she’d stand out and be remembered in the long run.

  • Little Baby

    @Truth Is…: I’m not saying it’s the outfits getting her gigs. I’m saying she is popular so she must be doing something right, and she can dress however she wants. So Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis, etc….non of them dressed “classy”, everybody always thought they were outlandish and ridiculous at the time…but they have been remembered far longer than many other “classy” dressers. I don’t think Rihanna is as talented as they are, but your theory about dress is flawed. Bottom line, the girl can do what she wants. She’s popular and selling music…the only thing that matters.

  • Jen

    cant dress for sh*IT… NEEDS TO SWITCH IT UP

  • Jackson

    @Little Baby: Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli were popular too. Popularity is not direct proof of being a good artist. Rihanna does not have the talent of artists like Prince, Elvis, Michael Jackson and even Madonna. They all had enough talent that they could transcend being remembered for just their risque outfits although I think lumping Elvis into that group doesn’t make as much sense. His dress prior to his Vegas years was actually quite conservative wrt today’s standards.

    Rihanna is not an artist who will have the career longevity of someone like Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson. She has experienced a bump in her popularity right now cause she’s discussing the whole CB situation. Once those taper off, we’ll hear less about her as curiosity dies down.

  • JP

    The girl is just a triumph of (bad) style over substance.
    She has to dress this way cause she wouldn’t get nearly as much attention if she relied more on her actual talent.

  • ugly


  • Oh….how….lovely…..

    @Little Baby: Prince, Elvis, Michael Jackson and even Madonna.

    Those entertainers dressed like that on stage or for photo ops. Madonna used to wear Chanel suits too, many times, when not on stage. And she didn’t go around in public looking like a drag queen EVERY FRIGGIN DAY AND NIGHT! All this girl is doing is trying to get attention, and she’s getting it……..the worst kind.

  • lizzie

    I hate this singer! + her style got awful !

  • Little Baby

    Well, I like her music, and I believe she’ll be around a lot longer than you think. And @ Jackson, if you go back and read what I wrote. I said myself that Rihanna didn’t have the talent of those I mentioned. And Madonna has worn crazy outfits when she’s just walking around town or to events, not just on stage. Elvis did have an outlandish wardrobe for his time…we aren’t talking about comparing him to today’s standards…we’re talking about what he wore during that time period. Rihanna became popular from her beauty and her music before she even met Chris Brown! You know it & I know it. I don’t really care about this so much to sit here and argue back and forth all day. I just saw all these posts bashing her and giving her absolutely no credit. So I decided to stand up for the girl. Give me a break, she has more substance than Vanilla Ice or Milli Vanilli. Just a bunch of haters. I can assure that she’ll have more fame in her life than you…that is for certain. Goodbye.

  • wtf

    I don’t know which is worse, her clothes or her hair color.

  • Red

    Her hair seems to have a little bit of red in it in these pics. That looks better than the straight up blond. Hopefully she’ll keep the red and it’s not just for this outfit.

  • Captain

    @Little Baby: “You know it & I know it.” That’s subjective. In your opinion, she is more talented. Plus, beauty is subjective.

    I don’t know why her stan(s) always apply opinion as fact and play the hate card. It’s boring.

    Agree, she’s gotten a boost in popularity and sales because she’s finally giving interviews about Brown. Also agree, she doesn’t have the talent to be around in five years. Her label will have moved on to the next cute face with passable talent.

  • Lytha


  • Lisa

    I am certain what Rihanna is going to take to the Bank, none of you haters will never be able to take in a life time. Leave her alone.

  • Mandy Muggle

    Wow she looks great. She’ll never find anyone better than CB.

  • guest

    She looks cheaper and cheaper everyday. She and Adam Lambert should get together. They are so desperate for attention.

  • hotlanta

    @Lisa: Do you have access to her finances? She’s been rumored not to have much in the bank despite the big pimpin’ lifestyle. She should start writing her own songs so she doesn’t end up bankrupt.

  • waffle bowl

    Fortunately, Muse will be on SNL on December 19th. You know, REAL TALENT.

  • g-spot

    She looks like a prostitute. No real fan would find that attractive.