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Tiger Woods Hurt In Car Crash, In Serious Condition

Tiger Woods Hurt In Car Crash, In Serious Condition

Tiger Woods is reportedly in “serious” condition after injuring himself in a car crash in Florida early Friday morning, the Florida Highway Patrol is reporting.

The 33-year-old golf champ crashed his 2009 Cadillac SUV into a fire hydrant near his residence in Windermere around 2:25AM. He was transported to Health Central Hospital in Ocoee with facial lacerations.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Tiger and his family and friends!

UPDATE: Tiger‘s wife Elin Nordegren used a golf club to smash open Tiger‘s back window to help free him from SUV.

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  • Alex

    My Prayers for Tiger and his family

  • katie n

    Get well soon, Tiger!! We are praying for your speedy recovery.

  • Alexis

    The news just released the information that it was a laceration and that he is “fine” and has already been released from the hospital

  • AutumnM

    AOL is saying that his agent says he’s okay! Gosh, I hope Tiger will be alright. I don’t want to hear anything bad happening to him. Thoughts and prayers are with Tiger and his family!

  • Dani

    Good to hear that he’s okay.

  • O.M.G.

    Best Wishes,

    To Tiger Woods & Family.

  • dms

    Why was he leaving his home and out driving around at 2:00 am? Shouldn’t he have been home with his wife and children OR did he leave to see his mistress? I hope this turns our for the good for him and his family. I do not want to believe the rumors of his alleged affair with the BIMBO that they accuse him of being with.

  • Jill

    dms @ 11/27/2009 at 3:42 pm
    Why was he leaving his home and out driving around at 2:00 am?

    And why is this any of your business?

  • frean

    He’s out of hospital and home. Has cuts to his face
    but he’s fine

  • Cristobal

    =/ Not my Tiger.

  • OMG

    this is too funny – right as the rumors come out about the affiar, bet his wife kicked is arse out !

    he’s such a sleaze


    THINGS were blown out of proportion; tiger is FINE AND HOME, thank God.


    yea also hear that he is okay>>>

  • peggy


    I didn’t hear any rumors but maybe he was coming home not leaving. As for his being a sleaze maybe you should worry about you being a sleaze


    just liek a tiger.. GRRRRR

  • Honda

    The Asian side of him was driving.

  • stop

    @OMG: uh, jump to conclusons much?? maybe he was coming home from a flight or tournament or from an event you stupid person. don’t assume the worst

  • meh

    heard he just got out of hospital, and injuries were not as serious as reported.

  • Passing Through

    The highway patrol had reported it was a serious injury, but Tiger’s spokesperson has since corrected their story.

  • Passing Through

    # 7 dms @ 11/27/2009 at 3:42 pm
    Why was he leaving his home and out driving around at 2:00 am? Shouldn’t he have been home with his wife and children OR did he leave to see his mistress?
    1. Mistress? Stop reading the National Enquirer.
    2. Tiger’s a grown ass man and doesn’t need to explain to you he was leaving his home at 2:25am.
    3. Why he was leaving at 2:25am is his and Elin’s business. You can bet your ass Tiger will NEVER speak on the issue.

  • Jordan

    @Honda: lol racist

  • karma

    karma baby! that is what you get when you betray the people u love (or in his case, probably doesnt)

  • http://aol Patti

    Sounds like he was drunk to me.

  • Boom Boom PAU#16

    OH NO!!!
    My prayers for Tiger and his wife and beautiful family. Let’s hope he is okay.

  • Denise

    I saw a photo of the alleged mistress – he has MUCH better at home (it looks like her lips were sucked through a tube).

    Anyone can start a rumor.

  • BW

    Seems like he was released from the hospital and he is ok….( I just read it on Yahoo)

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Hope he gets well soon !

  • berries

    maybe Tiger went to get some baby supplies that they ran out of at 2am…it does happen.

  • lakers fan in boston

    hope u get better tiger
    and hopefully it doesnt mess up ur game, uve kinda struggled since u came back from the surgery

  • MAC

    I saw it on the new. It was a minor accident
    he got released from the hospital and he is ok

  • juicy

    Lmao the wife smashed his window to help him get out of the car? yeah, right. Sounds like they were in a thanksgiving fight and he was running scared and the wife was chasing him down with his own golf clubs

  • celia

    I really really Hope he’s okay!!!

  • macca

    Don’t believe trash gossip from trash tabloids.

    I don’t know why Tiger was leaving his home at 2:30 AM, but the accident occurred right out front. He’s OK.

  • yes he did

    @Jill: because he made himself a public figure…………..

  • gwennie throwpal

    Why was he lleaving home?

    Ithas been reportedthat he and Elintoldpolicetheyhad a disagreement.

    he was probbaly leaving to cooloff and ride around the blockafew times.

    Hye, married people argue. THey have big ones sometimes.

    It has been reportedno alcohol was in his systme.

    I hope he and his,as Elin saw him going in and out of consciousness , get back to their honeymoon.

    I will bet my few dollars left in thebank and my unemployed self that he has no mistress.

    Elin is his wife. There is more here. I am Black and Elin is his pride and joy.Tiger is privacy smart and a hundred of million. Well,at least per hup, a tens of millions. Noway.

  • Daisy Darling

    Probably went for a booty call

  • http://none mariel

    Why do some people always want to imagine the worst about everybody?

    Tiger Woods is a good man.

    I wish him a speedy recovery and his family all the best.

  • Gas Heat

    I hope he is ok…

  • LYNN

    Accidents do happen. My sister’s husband drove into the garage door. He thought he was backing out but he had it in drive and drove into tthe garage door it will not let down or up. He put a dent in my sister’s car and knocked the fender off the front of his car and knocked the lights out. now the two cars need fixing and they need a new garage door. She had the nerve to call me and say.. Do you think my insurance will pay for these accidents. lol. The guy was on his way to work but he never made it to work that day and he was very depressed all day. No drugs or booze made him do this.

  • anon

    Yeah, Tiger’s been doing another woman. Airbags didn’t even deploy, but yet wife has to smash back window out. More like, they were fighting,…already admitted, she smashed the back window out during fight with possible scratches already to his face (women will go off when men finally admit affairs) and Tiger took off flustered down the driveway, hit hydrant or story is further covered up. Anyhoo, something about this whole story sounds fishy at 2am.

  • Daisy Darling

    She chased him with the golf club, expect her to divorce him in one month.

  • Silver

    I hope he’s okay!

  • adiore

    It’s Black Friday! Maybe they we’re gonna go shopping *shrugs* A lot of people were out around the wee early morning hours.

  • andreanne

    terrible! i truly hope he is ok

  • lizzie
  • **JAMIE**

    what are they doing driving around at 2.25am?

    obviously after a night out with a few drinks, not a good move.

    hope he is okay, he is too young to die or be seriously injured

  • gwennie throwpal

    rachel uchitel or u-shit-tel

    google her

    bad move tiger.
    bad move.

    Elin and Tiger were arguing.they told the police.
    Tiger was probably going out for a drive around their private,gated,neighborhood which has its own private secuirty force.

  • Jamaicafest

    Glad that Tiger is okay.

  • Mia May

    I bet he is cheating on her

  • pinkrose

    Gosh, what liars people are. It’s Sat. mid-morning and Tiger HASN’T SPOKEN TO THE POLICE YET. He did not speak at all before going to the hospital and when they went to his home Friday evening to question him, he was sleeping and his wife asked them to come back Saturday morning. She told the police when they arrived on the scene that she heard the crash, raced outside and broke open the window as all the doors were locked. If they ad ben arguingthe police hae not yet been told that. Rags are speculating because of the NE report.