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Mila Kunis is Ballet Beautiful

Mila Kunis is Ballet Beautiful

Mila Kunis attends the opening night for the New York City Ballet with director Darren Aronofsky at the Lincoln Center in New York City on Tuesday (November 24).

The 26-year-old actress wore a gray ruched strapless cocktail dress by Dolce & Gabbana.

Mila is currently working with Darren on their new movie Black Swan. Looks like they might be doing a little research since the new thriller centers on the relationship between a veteran ballet dancer and her rival.

Black Swan is expected to hit theaters in 2010.

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# 1

i can’t wait for this. I’ve read the script

# 2

She’s gorgeous. Where’d you get the script? I’d love to read it.

# 3

love her! hope the movie is good.

# 4

I much prefer his wife, Rachel Weisz.

# 5

She’s had an obvious nose job, which I think was a good idea, she’s prettier now. BUT, she looks like she has had a bit too much botox, her forehead looks like it’s made of concrete.

# 6

@ADT: omg, what are you talking about? what botox? she’s 26, she is naturally beautiful, she looks amazing!

# 8


I am 23 years old and my forehead moves. If you look up youtube videos of her from a few years ago and now, she is much less expressive in the forehead area. I’m not saying she’s had botox anywhere else, just her forehead. And the nose job is obvious, but I also believe she is stunningly beautiful, almost perfect, but she’s had a little work done.

on this first website scroll all the way down and mila is the last celeb

and here’s another

I’m just saying that even though she is almost perfect, she has had some work done along the way to look like that. She was cute before she had the work done, but now she is gorgeous.

# 9

Some of you just make up bull to have something to say! If you don’t think she’s attractive fine – to each his own – but to make up nonsense like Botox is just stupid!
She looks great! She’s very talented. Always nice to see women with talent on this board!

No, something is obviously entirely different… To the point of squinting to recognize if it is truly her. She is one of my favorite stars. She was so pretty, it is a shame she felt the need to alter herself so. Makes me respect her less.

She look the same to me. Maybe she had a peel or laser, but she doesn’t look like she had botox.

Sometimes I wonder about these directors. They seem to latch onto these beautiful actresses like a lifeline.

She’s always been beautiful, no need for botox or plastic surgery. Her hair looks lighter though. She will always be Jackie to me. Love her.

She’s gorgeous. Where’d you get the script? I’d love to read it.
lol heres the code i used. Hopefully its still up there. if anyone reads it, please post back and tell me what they think. I like the story a lot, but I’m not sure what to make of it

What is on his neck

She looks even more beautiful with hair pulled back like that.


ObamaSucks @ 11/28/2009 at 4:53 pm

wow these are old, from tuesday

Perhaps her face looks like b/c of a poor Photoshop job! They don’t ONLY photoshop Demi – they photoshop all artists. Also, this isn’t VIDEO, it’s a photograph so it’s FROZEN in it’s own right. We don’t know that she can’t move her face b/c of Botox b/c this isn’t a video of her talking or trying to make a face!

christine @ 11/28/2009 at 5:21 pm

I always thought she was pretty.

i really think she’s cute
ive never been a big fan of hers but i no she’s a pretty girl
she looks sexy in that dress and she really does have an amazing smile
awesome pics of her honestly, she looks gorgeous in every1

Liverwurst @ 11/28/2009 at 8:08 pm

The jacket and shoes are all wrong…so is her date.


This is complete nonsense. Mila Kunis has come out and said she has had nothing done.

You do realize you posted links with no basis in fact…just pure speculaton and on top of that used a picture of a girl at 14 and compared to when she was in her mid 20s… you understand that as we age, and actually go from child to adult our face does NATURALLY make changes.

This is one of the unfortunate things actresses have to deal with when they grow up on TV and in the spotlight.

She also has several wrinkles in her forehead, there is no evidence of botox. Have you seen any of her recent films….watch for any expression that requires facial reactions and the lines are very evident.


Here is an exact quote from Mila from an interview she gave to Ocean Magazine last year:

I have nothing fake about me. Not one single thing. I will never. I don�t have a boob job, I don�t have extensions, I don�t have fake lashes. Do I wish I had bigger t*ts and an a*s? Absolutely! If it makes you feel better about yourself on the inside I see nothing wrong with it. But I am 100 percent happy with what God gave me.�


And just to clarifky how incorrectly informed you are…the breast pictures are from the film Extract, in which Mila Kunis went on NATIONAL TV on the Conan O’Brien show and FULLY admitted she was using fake breast enhancements for the film….she has NOT had any surgery….feel free to go to or a variety of other websites to watch her interview with Conan.

You can also easily tell in the interview with Conan she has had no surgery on her breasts as she is wearing a low cut dress and it is quite apparent her breasts are not large by any means, and in fact she makes a joke about it. She has not had any surgery.

In fact, might as well make it easy for ADT and just post the link to watch.

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