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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Morocco Mates

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Morocco Mates

Miranda Kerr wraps her arms around her main main Orlando Bloom while spending Thanksgiving weekend together in Djemaa el Fna Square in Marrakesh, Morocco on Saturday (November 28).

Yesterday, the cute couple attended the re-opening of the Mamounia hotel.

Miranda and I spend so much time apart, she’s working hard, I’m working hard, so we have to grab time together whenever we can,” Orly said. “A weekend here, a weekend there.”

As for ongoing engagement rumors, he told People, “We are just enjoying our time together now.”

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Credit: G Tres; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • katie

    Working hard? He hasn’t done anything lol

  • beautiful couple

    These are great pics, they look so sweet!
    I’m so happy to see these photos, I wonder what the haters will make up about these.

  • http://justjared Love them

    The y are such a cute couple and I hope they last a long time the haters can eat it LOL .

  • Anna

    They are a really cute couple:)

  • sweetness

    working hard? does he even have a career? what does this beautiful girl see in that old hasd is blind.

  • Boom Boom PAU#16

    They are adorable together. I love to see a truly happy couple. They are goofy cute!

  • anna

    yes they looks happy together. but I think the both do not go well together.

  • adrianna

    awww there so cute

  • lan

    love is blind…yes
    Orlando is

  • LoVeR

    He never SAID this … xD Gay Sissy loves it up is a…

  • coco

    they looks happy together for this moment.

    yes i think the same as you

  • sandy

    working…… Orlando Bloom has been in a movie in years and I haven’t heard he’s been on movie set or coming up with a new movie ….. what’s he working on, his tan.

  • Zuma

    where is the pic in which she does not smile and his smile looks like : -/ ? am i blind? *curious *

  • coco


    yes,he never said this …………

  • lan

    Main Street (2009) (post-production)
    Sympathy for Delicious (2010) (post-production)
    The Cross (2010) (in production)
    The Red Circle (pre-production)(rumored)
    Fools Rush In(details only on IMDbPro)
    from IMDb

  • khalil Orlando

    We love you :’( i really wanna see you the best in the world

  • legolas

    hey guys….anyone have orlando bloom’s email address??….!!

  • ……..

    dont know why, but these two get on my nerves…

  • Pripri

    she’s cute, but her ass is quite flat for a supermodel

  • Dawn9476

    Why do you keep pointing out that it is Thanksgiving weekend with these two? They are not American. It is just like any other weekend for them.

  • allspice30

    Oh God their such a beautiful couple!

  • @13

    d like to know that too O.o

  • los

    It not seems to me, that it is happy pair. Orlando smiles very tensely, similar on show display, enamoured which did not see each other the whole 2 months because of hard work and meet only in special cases for example at hotel opening. It sets thinking? But nevertheless it is show business and necessity of increase of the popularity such course.

  • bah

    As long as you doom this couple you’re capable of seeing the sky green if that’s what it takes.
    He doesn’t need her to increase popularity. If she didn’t exist, tabloids would already be speculating about an affair with Jen Aniston, who is a bigger fish than her. Or any other woman.

  • @24

    OK, I see.
    So, in your opinion, if they AREN’T smiling and looking happy, they are miserable together. And if they ARE smiling and looking happy, they are miserable together.
    Don’t you get tired of posting the same BS in EVERY thread?

  • hmmmm

    Those quotes came from People. Usually one of the more reliable gossip sites, as they work closely with PR people.
    I just find it interesting that he didn’t deny the engagement rumors, just avoided the question. He never said, ‘no, we aren’t engaged’.
    I just found that interesting.

  • mslewis

    What I find interesting is that Miranda has her arms around Orlando and they are looking so together!! They don’t usually do the PDA thing. Wonder if it’s to dispel the Jen Aniston rumors?? If so, it’s a smart move.

    Also, Orlando has been filming movies. Just because some of you don’t hear about what he is doing doesn’t means he isn’t doing anything!! Orlando is not a big enough star to get the Angie/Brad/Johnny treatment about what film they have signed on to do. He probably has a movie coming out within the next few months; whether he is the main star or co-star, I don’t know.

  • @26

    in one pic you can SEE that they are NOT really happy it’s just not posted on JJ … why? i don’t know ..maybe because they were send out to ACT happy? -.- and whys that? maybe because they hide sth? -.-

  • @28

    “They don’t usually do the PDA thing”

    ARE YOU KIDDING????? :D :D :D :D XD XD xD


    ”people” got money for this “quote”….

    he’s a looser…good actors do not need this shit…or not that much….just look at his lotr mates…

  • christine

    Aaww, they look like a cute couple.

    He looks really happy….

  • Say what?

    Yes, I’ll agree that SHE works hard. But what has he been doing that
    qualifies as “hard work”? Those small low-budget films he was in (none of which had him in a lead role btw) finished months ago. In New York I Love You, he was just one ‘bit player’ among many. The one potential project in which he was said to have a leading role, “The Cross,” has yet to see the light of day. Is he still even attached to that film? All others have simply been ‘rumoured’ with nothing concrete in the offing. That’s why I find his statement a bit laughable now.

  • yes!

    Love them together!
    And it is indeed, interesting that he didn’t say no to the engagement question.
    And @29
    You just can’t stand it, can you?
    If they get married, you will still be saying that they aren’t happy together. If they weren’t happy together, they wouldn’t BE together.
    Who knows if they will be together for a week, or for 30 years, but for right now, they are happy together. That’s all that maatters.

  • photo ops

    Is Miranda his beard?

  • Tori

    He was great in lord of the rings!

  • @34

    Rock Hudson was also very ”happy’ with his wife/girlfriends and they were SOOO is love blablabla -.- ( i hope you know who rock hudson was …) he’s the best example…you can’t believe this shit

  • @35


  • @35


  • LOL!

    Hey, you Gay-lando tin-hat.
    Yes, we know that there is only one of you who keeps posting under different names.
    You are just making a fool of yourself.
    The ‘Orlando is gay’ thing is sooooo 2005.
    Now you are just supposed to insult any and all girlfriends.
    Didn’t you get the newsletter?

  • LoveAndHarmony


    sooo you don’t know rock hudson ..mhm…ok….you should ”google” him you know…?

    and btw…i really hate his pants :( he should wear jeans again.

  • Gay-lando tin-hat

    You post under different names, too ;-)

  • Gay-lando tin-hat

    and know that you “know” that my little FBI agent..

    mit dad (yeah make jokes about it i love him) filled your littel super straight elf in a gay club in london…he’s not more than a little bitch!

  • Jokergurl

    They are a cute couple, he looks happier than he’s looked in a while (even when he was with Kate Bosworth)

  • xxx

    Working hard? Come on… Miranda gets up gets her hair and make up done poses for the camera and goes home.
    Tough life…. I hate how models complain about how busy being a model is and how much hard work it is… come on… try being a friggen teacher or doctor for a day.

  • LoveAndHarmony

    @45 YES! Or take charlady!Cleaning facilities 10 hours a day is harder work than being a model! And you get fewer money.

  • RSV-MH

    Mh. I am not a hater or anything but…right click on the (saved) picture posted on OLove … ” orlando-miranda-11279-2 ” … 27? Is it because of the time difference?It is the date right? 11 (november) 27 (day) 9 (2009) And (I am from Germany sry) I just went over the picture with my mouse (is it right? :) ) and it said: Aufnahmedatum (date of photograph) 26.11.2009 20:30? huh? I just saved it.I don’t know but this is very strange.

    Love Orlando though =)

  • LoveAndHarmony

    I think Just Jared just got it wrong.

  • @29

    What pic you mean? Would be nice to see it…

  • lam

    that’s my countryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i f’ing hate 2 say it but they are a cute couple
    damn guy, i h8 him, go 2 aniston and leave miranda for me =]
    she looks really cute in the photos, looks like she’s having a good time too =]