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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Morocco Mates

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Morocco Mates

Miranda Kerr wraps her arms around her main main Orlando Bloom while spending Thanksgiving weekend together in Djemaa el Fna Square in Marrakesh, Morocco on Saturday (November 28).

Yesterday, the cute couple attended the re-opening of the Mamounia hotel.

Miranda and I spend so much time apart, she’s working hard, I’m working hard, so we have to grab time together whenever we can,” Orly said. “A weekend here, a weekend there.”

As for ongoing engagement rumors, he told People, “We are just enjoying our time together now.”

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Credit: G Tres; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • @100

    Homophobia is disgusting. I agree with you and everything indicates that Orlando agrees too.
    He went to Elton John´s wedding and has said that Ian McKellen is one of the actors he most admires. All we say is that he is not the enemy. Why do you insult someone that supports your cause? It doesn’t make sense.

    If you feel so strong about it, maybe YOU should do something instead of demanding a stranger to do it for you. As someone said earlier, he is only a man and can’t fight all the problems of the world.

  • @….

    are you kidding? this is not a problem of MY country…MY country is even one of the more liberal…do you know how many men and women in this world love the “wrong” sex and how many suffer because they can’t tell it anyone? If they told their live would be a mess. It’s a shame that being homosexual isn’t just as normal as being straight….

    “then minimize his work to help others in need.”…He should go to nepal or where ever without someone who takes pictures…It won’t look good to me if stars travell around the world and help and are always photographed…that’s just unnecessary.

  • @102

    I do something…as much as I am able to do. But I wrote that earlier

  • OMG!!!

    Orlando and Miranda went to dinner while they were walking around!
    HOW DARE THEY!!!!!
    Don’t they know that there are starving people in the world????
    How can they be so insensitive????
    See how stupid that sounds??

  • @103

    You said that “in your country” there was an anti-homophobia ad that was taken down due to protests. YOU used your country as an example of the discrimination faced by homosexuals. YOU used your country as example, don’t complain when other use it as well.
    Uhmmm, he DID go to Nepal, Bosnia, Russia, etc. without photographers. The only reason we have photographic record of his visits was because the UNICEF photographers were there. He didn’t drag along a film/camera crew like other stars do when they go on aid trips *cough*Angelina*cough*. They only reason we knew that he went was because of UNICEF themselves. He never publicized his trips.

  • @106

    yes but in other countries it’s even more…you get arrested and then killed in front of an audience who screams ” [ any god ] hates you” etc…I thought this was sth everyone knows… I chose my country because it just happens in front of my eyes in a democratic and “enlightened” (maybe you know now were I am from ;) ) state.

    “*cough*Angelina*cough*” that brought a smile on my face ^^ but why does he even have a contract (or something) with unicef? You do not need that to help.

  • fgfgfg

    @107 He has a relationship with UNICEF because it is a way to use his fame and celebrity to help a worthwhile cause. If he is photographed in Nepal or whatever, then these pictures are shown everywhere; fans read about it and perhaps it leads them to think about some of these issues and , even if it’s only to show their allegiance to their favourite star, maybe support the cause too. If I (or presumably you) give some money to UNICEF or volunteer some of our time, that’s fine, but that’s as far as it goes. Like the other poster said, Orlando is open about being liberal and tolerant. He’s not perfect – not very green to fly to Morocco for a hotel opening – but there are more worthwhile targets for your (not unreasonable) closeted-star issues.

  • I

    I have my reasons as you can read in my posts.very personal topic ;)
    UNICEF does not need a orlando bloom to get attention…and his fans would help these children (or not) also if he did not have this relationship. I mean everyone wants to help children…but not everyone is able to

    ( I say: Take a few million dollars from every billionair on this planet..they would not even notice and nearly every child had enough to eat etc ^^)

  • @109

    You have no idea how important celeb endorsements are to charities, do you? Can you HONESTLY say that you would be aware of the problems people face in the far corners of the world if it wasn’t brought to your attention in some way? And what better way to bring attention to a cause than to use a popular, well liked, celeb who has a reputation for caring about others?
    UNICEF, and other charities often use celebs to bring awareness to their causes. Saying that any charity doesn’t need to bring awareness is ignorance at its finest.
    UNICEF received so many donations in Orlando’s name after his first endorsement that they even sent word to Orlando. He thanked his fans for their support to UNICEF in a thank you message that he sent to one of his fan sites. Claiming that his involvement means nothing is ridiculous. You are grasping at straws.

  • Observing

    What are you people talking about? This was not staged. Those Moroccan paparazzi are everywhere.

    (For you 12 year olds – this was written in the Sarcastic font.)

  • I

    yeah…UNICEF shows us problems that are far away…but you just have to step out your house and you will stumble on 1000 other problems…how about solving them first?
    UNICEF could just show me a picture of a very ill starving child…they would have my attention and the attention of everyone that is just a bit “human”….but still there would be homeless children 50 meters away from me.

    and btw he should not thank his fans that they support UNICEF now that he does..he should be angry that they didn’t do that before. I do not need someone who shows me how do be ” good “

  • supah staged!

    It was totally staged. I mean, all those celebs didn’t attract photographers to the hotel and it’s impossible that they waited outside for them.
    Orlando and Miranda grabbed the telephone guide written in Arabic, looked up Moroccan Paparazzi Ltd. and BAM! set up arranged.
    Oh and Orlando is such supah best friends with Moroccan paparazzi…it’s been so long they know each other!

  • @113

    Cut if off already. You’ve been wrong from your first post to this one and you look less and less reasonable with each comment.
    Orlando helps people and that is GOOD.
    He is tolerant of homosexuality and that is GOOD.
    People following Orlando’s example and helping charities is GOOD.

  • @113

    OK, let me get this straight.
    In one breath you say that we don’t need Orlando to bring awareness to horrible conditions in the world, then in the next, you are condemning him for not bringing awareness to YOUR cause.
    Well, OK then.

  • I

    Can’t you understand me just A BIT? pls man….It would not be the first time that someone is a big Romeo and then *surprise surprise*…

    “People following Orlando’s example and helping charities is GOOD”

    -.- you ignore everything I wrote huh? I am an orlando fan now: “AHHH there he is…huh? UNICEF? *google* aha! NOW I will support UNICEF, too! Maybe he will be my boyfriend soon because I am too dumb to see poverty and suffering children all by myself.. I really thought every child has a mum and a dad and is as happy as I am” *sarcasm* -.-

  • ….

    No the point is everyone knows about suffering children poverty in africa etc without any celebs…a movie/ad/pic which shows the situation there would be enough…everyone feels sry wants to help and that is very good! ….but the other topic is a taboo in our society…

  • @117

    Man be reasonable, he is not going to become gay to support your cause.
    What’s this desperate need to make him particularly him and not any other celebrity so gay? That’s a weird fixation you have.
    For many reasons almost nobody thinks he is, not even those gossip columnists that are obsessed with outing half Hollywood.

    Yes people know about poverty, but not about specific problems. If it hadn’t been for him we wouldn’t know there’s such a big problem with water in Nepal. Plus his work may be inspiring and give a boost to the people who had considered helping but for whatever reasons hadn’t made up their minds. And apparently, it has. And that’s something good. If you can’t see it, you just can’t see through your fanatism.

  • Cancelled

    According to IMDB, production on “The Cross” (the next film that was purported to star Orlando Bloom) has been cancelled.

  • Cancelled

    According to IMDB, production on “The Cross” (the next film purported to star Orlando Bloom) has been cancelled.

  • Money Making

    Orlando Bloom, his sweet cheeks Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, and other A-list celebs including Jennifer Aniston, Adrien Brody, Salma Hayek and Gwyneth Paltrow, spent their Thanksgiving in Morocco.
    Because nothing says Thanksgiving like lamb, couscous and kaab el ghazal (gazelles’ horns).
    Why were they really so far from home on a family-centered holiday?
    Why were they really so far from home on a family-centered holiday?
    According to my sources, they were all very well-paid to attend the grand reopening of the luxury La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakesh.
    And they all got dressed up for an international red carpet appearance. Aniston wore a Celine gown, Salma wowed the crowd in Gucc.
    Along with Aniston, they were all flying solo. Paltrow was sans husband Chris Martin and told People she left her kids in London and Salma left her daughter Valentina in Paris with husband Francois-Henri Pinault.
    In Hollywood, where even B-listers are routinely paid $10-$20 grand (and up) to attend grand openings, the mind boggles at the paycheck for this holiday weekend.
    And that’s not including airfare and hotel. It’s good to be famous.

  • Nicole

    Sorry that I comment now, but I be from Germany and I was not here this weekend.

    Working hard? Come on… Miranda gets up gets her hair and make up done poses for the camera and goes home.
    Tough life…. I hate how models complain about how busy being a model is and how much hard work it is… come on… try being a friggen teacher or doctor for a day.
    I agree. Miranda works not hard. Sorry Miranda, I know, that to model is a hard work, but it’s the true.

    I’m also a model, but in my main working life I be a office-worker, 8 hours per day, 5 days at week. And I working sometimes in my ‘recreation’ as a model for Over-Sizes (I have Size 42). Sometimes 6 hours and when it’s finished and I falling tired in my bed, it’s 1 or 2 A.M. and I must stand up for a new day on 5:30 A.M.

    BTW, I was in Morocco too for a Shoot and I saw the both. I think it’s fake since min. 6 months (see the reports and pictures).

    And why I think this now? Orlando take a look of me and not on his girl for min. 2 or 3 minutes – and he smiles. Not in the kind, that he to laugh at me…These pictures are the best of the shoot says my agent.

  • Nicole

    I forgot:

    The pictures shoot NOT my photograph, he hate the Paparazzi too. Peter says, the Pap plunging his profession in a bad light.

  • ???


    i agree with you……I think the same like you that this realtionship is fake.

  • @Nicole

    So supposing we believe you saw them, he didn’t look at her for 3 minutes? And smiled at you? WOW! Totally fake then.
    You probably shouldn’t work that much.

  • Nicole


    I work hard and sometimes too much, that it’s the true. But my profession makes my fun – both! These was my last shoot for this year and I had fun in Morocco. Nobody can take me my memorys!

    I dont know, if you also a model, but I see, what passes around on me when I work. It inspired me!

    And why should he not take a look at a other lady who looks such differently as his girlfriend? I say not, that I prettier as her, even when Peter says, that I be pretty just as Miranda, solely I’m not so skinny. Fortunately I’m not so skinny!

    So, and now I must go to bed because I must tomorrow stand up and go to my main profession. I will write no other comment, I had all to say. This report is not over me!

  • **

    HUH? Whoever thinks modeling is not a tough job has zero idea about the profession. It is VERY hard work. Especially successful models like Miranda Kerr, Lily Donaldson, Anja Rubik, Adriana Lima etc.

    No, you don’t just wake up and put make up on, and get ready to smile for the camera. Hell no.

    Go ask any working model, and they will tell you. Imagine flying to 4 different countries in a week, going from casting to casting, from place to place, from shoot to shoot, being in an industry where looks mean everything, and they pick you apart for any small thing.

    Imagine people in your face every second, fixing up your hair, fixing your makeup, waiting HOURS before a shoot to start.

    Imagine being told that you need to loose/gain weight to fit a specific brand.
    What about during fashion week? Barely NO sleep, food and space.

    It’s a stressing job, so whoever made a comment that Miranda’s job is not tiring, then all I can do is laugh. Yeah, sure, modeling sounds so glamorous to the people who don’t have a clue about it. But, it IS tough.

    Miranda is very, very, very beautiful. I can see why she out of hundreds have made it so far. She is definitely a stand out.

  • Hot Heidi

    Is he dating aniston now?

  • LOL!!

    Ok, Nicole, sure. We believe you. He totally wants you. I bet that he bought you a cocktail. And he was soooo checking you out.
    Try again, loser.

  • get a job Orlando

    So, the cross production was cancelled…well done, really great…where is Bloom’s career going? Nowhere I guess….the man should get his balls back and get rid of that aileen and baum….they hace destroyed what left of your career with this showmance….poor idiot…

  • @75


    Orlando IS gay…… he’s just been quite clever about hiding it

    total shame if you ask me, but you can’t change what you are

  • oh mother

    I heard Orlando saying in an interview that his mother usese to check up the net stuff about him…well, if that’s true, I hope she helps him getting his brain and balls back and get rid of those people around him who are clearly interested in making money through him…heìs disappearing….

  • @132

    since it’s you who says so, we have no choice but to admit he’s gay in spite of the evidence that he isn’t. Now will you stop boring us with your sockpuppet games?

  • LOL!!

    Well, it’s settled then, isn’t it!
    “but you can’t change what you are”
    Then you will forever be an idiot.

  • Time for a career change?

    I agree, the man needs to get a real job. The Cross was his only bonafide ace in the hole and it looks like that’s been shelved. Is he really that unemployable in Hollywood now? Maybe he needs to look at taking up one of his other hobbies – like photography or sculpting.

  • Stone

    And the point is?

  • Geez

    Now wait a sec. I thought the point of showmances was to benefit careers. If this one is destroying his, why oh why would he take part in it?
    Are you trying to be facetious when you ask someone to get his brain back when you can’t even make your conspiracy theories have a little sense?

    It’s terrible news that the Cross was cancelled. But saying it’s because he’s “unemployable” is ridiculous. Most movies especially low budget ones are going through hard times to go ahead.

  • @136

    Are you really that unfamiliar with the business? Or are you just ignoring the number of film productions that have been cancelled or shelved within the last two years, just so that you can insult Orlando? Yeah, I thought that was it.
    And it seems like just a few days ago that you haters were going on and on about The Cross being a nothing, low budget production, and now all of a sudden, it was an “ace in the hole”?

  • @138

    No career any more, if u erase showmance too no one would talk about this loser…that is the point! If he was talented as Di Caprio he surely wouldn’t need this stuff!

  • @140

    I mean we NEVER hear about any of DeCaprio’s romances!
    Oh wait.

  • Geez

    If I erase his relationship with Miranda, I get the single Orlando that was talked about just as much as he is now in the period between Kate and Miranda.
    He wasn’t working around those times either, and he was still talked about. Maybe even more than now. FACT. How do you explain that?
    He doesn’t need any of your lame conspiracy theories.

  • @142

    No conspiracy theories, just logic…between kate and miranda he did theatre, and now it has been 2 years and no movies out…and don’t recall Mainr street and SFD please, cause he is just playing for how long? Half an hour??

  • Enjoy love…

    He is much more hapy now that he lands in his hometown than when he departed from La to join hei big love…really interesting!

  • @144

    Well, I see little Miss(ed) syntax is still here.
    And no, this is no more “interesting” than your previous 497 posts about the same darn thing.

  • Geez

    Total conspiracy theories, no logic. Don’t insult my intelligence and don’t insult yours. Around those times his theatre work was commented in hardly a couple of articles. Theatre work is good to make an actor get respect but it’s not big news for tabs.
    Most times he was talked about because the press wanted to hook him up with Naomie Harris, Keira Knightley, Kiki Dunst, Penelope Cruz, Jen Aniston and any other lady known or unknown that was seen with him.
    He doesn’t need Miranda for publicity at all. Deny it all you want, facts talk by themselves.

    @144 He looks less happy than when he was wandering around Morocco with her.

  • @145

    Ehi miss stupidity! Glad to have you back!

  • LOL!!

    That’s rich.
    A hater claiming logic.
    You wouldn’t recognize logic if it smacked you upside the head.
    You idiots used logic to claim that he and Kate were in a ‘showmance’, too. You remember, back when he was doing big budget movies back to back?
    You guys are nothing but logical.

  • @146

    what pics are u talking about? the first set, where they are all smiles, or the second where they both look miserable?

  • @147

    Oh, come on.
    Is that the best come back that you could think up?

  • Maya

    Such a caring and good hearted man…He went to Marrakesh for that resort re-opening but won’t attend the charity gala hosted by his cousin Sebastian tomorrow in Vegas…no attendance fee no attending right Orlando?

  • @149

    Oh, OK.
    So if we gather up all of the pics of Orlando without Miranda, and show how he is not smiling in 99.99% of them, that ‘proves’ that he is unhappy without her.
    Your *cough*logic*cough*, not mine.