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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Morocco Mates

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Morocco Mates

Miranda Kerr wraps her arms around her main main Orlando Bloom while spending Thanksgiving weekend together in Djemaa el Fna Square in Marrakesh, Morocco on Saturday (November 28).

Yesterday, the cute couple attended the re-opening of the Mamounia hotel.

Miranda and I spend so much time apart, she’s working hard, I’m working hard, so we have to grab time together whenever we can,” Orly said. “A weekend here, a weekend there.”

As for ongoing engagement rumors, he told People, “We are just enjoying our time together now.”

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Credit: G Tres; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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166 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Morocco Mates”

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  1. 126
    ** Says:

    HUH? Whoever thinks modeling is not a tough job has zero idea about the profession. It is VERY hard work. Especially successful models like Miranda Kerr, Lily Donaldson, Anja Rubik, Adriana Lima etc.

    No, you don’t just wake up and put make up on, and get ready to smile for the camera. Hell no.

    Go ask any working model, and they will tell you. Imagine flying to 4 different countries in a week, going from casting to casting, from place to place, from shoot to shoot, being in an industry where looks mean everything, and they pick you apart for any small thing.

    Imagine people in your face every second, fixing up your hair, fixing your makeup, waiting HOURS before a shoot to start.

    Imagine being told that you need to loose/gain weight to fit a specific brand.
    What about during fashion week? Barely NO sleep, food and space.

    It’s a stressing job, so whoever made a comment that Miranda’s job is not tiring, then all I can do is laugh. Yeah, sure, modeling sounds so glamorous to the people who don’t have a clue about it. But, it IS tough.

    Miranda is very, very, very beautiful. I can see why she out of hundreds have made it so far. She is definitely a stand out.

  2. 127
    Hot Heidi Says:

    Is he dating aniston now?

  3. 128
    LOL!! Says:

    Ok, Nicole, sure. We believe you. He totally wants you. I bet that he bought you a cocktail. And he was soooo checking you out.
    Try again, loser.

  4. 129
    get a job Orlando Says:

    So, the cross production was cancelled…well done, really great…where is Bloom’s career going? Nowhere I guess….the man should get his balls back and get rid of that aileen and baum….they hace destroyed what left of your career with this showmance….poor idiot…

  5. 130
    @75 Says:


    Orlando IS gay…… he’s just been quite clever about hiding it

    total shame if you ask me, but you can’t change what you are

  6. 131
    oh mother Says:

    I heard Orlando saying in an interview that his mother usese to check up the net stuff about him…well, if that’s true, I hope she helps him getting his brain and balls back and get rid of those people around him who are clearly interested in making money through him…heìs disappearing….

  7. 132
    @132 Says:

    since it’s you who says so, we have no choice but to admit he’s gay in spite of the evidence that he isn’t. Now will you stop boring us with your sockpuppet games?

  8. 133
    LOL!! Says:

    Well, it’s settled then, isn’t it!
    “but you can’t change what you are”
    Then you will forever be an idiot.

  9. 134
    Time for a career change? Says:

    I agree, the man needs to get a real job. The Cross was his only bonafide ace in the hole and it looks like that’s been shelved. Is he really that unemployable in Hollywood now? Maybe he needs to look at taking up one of his other hobbies – like photography or sculpting.

  10. 135
    Stone Says:

    And the point is?

  11. 136
    Geez Says:

    Now wait a sec. I thought the point of showmances was to benefit careers. If this one is destroying his, why oh why would he take part in it?
    Are you trying to be facetious when you ask someone to get his brain back when you can’t even make your conspiracy theories have a little sense?

    It’s terrible news that the Cross was cancelled. But saying it’s because he’s “unemployable” is ridiculous. Most movies especially low budget ones are going through hard times to go ahead.

  12. 137
    @136 Says:

    Are you really that unfamiliar with the business? Or are you just ignoring the number of film productions that have been cancelled or shelved within the last two years, just so that you can insult Orlando? Yeah, I thought that was it.
    And it seems like just a few days ago that you haters were going on and on about The Cross being a nothing, low budget production, and now all of a sudden, it was an “ace in the hole”?

  13. 138
    @138 Says:

    No career any more, if u erase showmance too no one would talk about this loser…that is the point! If he was talented as Di Caprio he surely wouldn’t need this stuff!

  14. 139
    @140 Says:

    I mean we NEVER hear about any of DeCaprio’s romances!
    Oh wait.

  15. 140
    Geez Says:

    If I erase his relationship with Miranda, I get the single Orlando that was talked about just as much as he is now in the period between Kate and Miranda.
    He wasn’t working around those times either, and he was still talked about. Maybe even more than now. FACT. How do you explain that?
    He doesn’t need any of your lame conspiracy theories.

  16. 141
    @142 Says:

    No conspiracy theories, just logic…between kate and miranda he did theatre, and now it has been 2 years and no movies out…and don’t recall Mainr street and SFD please, cause he is just playing for how long? Half an hour??

  17. 142
    Enjoy love... Says:

    He is much more hapy now that he lands in his hometown than when he departed from La to join hei big love…really interesting!

  18. 143
    @144 Says:

    Well, I see little Miss(ed) syntax is still here.
    And no, this is no more “interesting” than your previous 497 posts about the same darn thing.

  19. 144
    Geez Says:

    Total conspiracy theories, no logic. Don’t insult my intelligence and don’t insult yours. Around those times his theatre work was commented in hardly a couple of articles. Theatre work is good to make an actor get respect but it’s not big news for tabs.
    Most times he was talked about because the press wanted to hook him up with Naomie Harris, Keira Knightley, Kiki Dunst, Penelope Cruz, Jen Aniston and any other lady known or unknown that was seen with him.
    He doesn’t need Miranda for publicity at all. Deny it all you want, facts talk by themselves.

    @144 He looks less happy than when he was wandering around Morocco with her.

  20. 145
    @145 Says:

    Ehi miss stupidity! Glad to have you back!

  21. 146
    LOL!! Says:

    That’s rich.
    A hater claiming logic.
    You wouldn’t recognize logic if it smacked you upside the head.
    You idiots used logic to claim that he and Kate were in a ‘showmance’, too. You remember, back when he was doing big budget movies back to back?
    You guys are nothing but logical.

  22. 147
    @146 Says:

    what pics are u talking about? the first set, where they are all smiles, or the second where they both look miserable?

  23. 148
    @147 Says:

    Oh, come on.
    Is that the best come back that you could think up?

  24. 149
    Maya Says:

    Such a caring and good hearted man…He went to Marrakesh for that resort re-opening but won’t attend the charity gala hosted by his cousin Sebastian tomorrow in Vegas…no attendance fee no attending right Orlando?

  25. 150
    @149 Says:

    Oh, OK.
    So if we gather up all of the pics of Orlando without Miranda, and show how he is not smiling in 99.99% of them, that ‘proves’ that he is unhappy without her.
    Your *cough*logic*cough*, not mine.

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