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Zachary Quinto: Yoga Bearing

Zachary Quinto: Yoga Bearing

Zachary Quinto clutches onto his yoga mat after working up a sweat at the gym on Tuesday (November 24) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old Star Trek actor cooked up a Thanksgiving feast for friends at his home on Thursday (November 26). Delicious!

ZQ was once warned by Leonard Nimoy, of the original Star Trek series, that his life would change radically after starring as Spock. But has it?

“No, not at all,” Zach said. “I don’t know, maybe I should be chased down the street by rabid Star Trek fans. But I engage fans on a personal level, and I engage them as myself. It’s really important that those boundaries are clear, and that’s always been the case in my life. It seems to be working.”

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  • Domino

    Adorable (and fabulous!) as always! :)

  • Mary

    Awwwwwwwwwww! :)

  • yourlover
  • lizzie
  • Heather

    Zach COOKED Thanksgiving dinner… I know Tyler Shields had dinner with him, he tweeted it. He name drops Zach a lot…. how would JJ know that Zach cooked, which seems odd since he has said he has nothing in his fridge, but it makes me like him even more… because I am just learning to cook and I couldn’t make Thanksgiving dinner yet.

    I think he is very cute.

  • TR

    What a fruit cake this guy is – nice head band. Come out already, we all know you love the boys.

  • Mia May

    does he have a new girlfriend?

  • Gerard

    Who needs a girlfriend?

  • schoice

    He’s so cute. It’s a shame he’s so flaky. At least he’s nice about it.

  • Stacie

    I just love him . I wish I were there with him for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the photos JJ.

  • angeles


    Have you ever met a Gemini who wasn’t flaky?

  • Heather

    How is he flaky? That’s not his girlfriend, she has a wedding ring as it was mentioned in the other post :) Flakiness is an actors thing, I can be kind of flaky too… :)

    He does have a short attention span, he even admits it in his interviews and the bandanna is common in yoga, especially if you sweat a lot. I do Bikram yoga and men and women where them in class because you sweat like “a whore in church” for lack of a better phrase.

  • Heather

    where should be wear…. sorry ;)

  • the african darkside

    In response to his chased by fans comment:

    Actors,and actresses really could live average lives. If they was not being sold by magazines and entertainment shows. If their movies was promoted and not the actors. But it’s good he has some normalcy.

  • All Women Stalker

    Oh god, a hot guy who does yoga. I may have just found the guy of my dreams.


  • Tori

    I think he is straight

  • Elle

    How does JJ know he cooked? Because ZQ’s PR told him so, right?

  • Joyce
  • amtj2008

    Well as an active yoga doer the bandanna is appropriate. You sweat a lot and if you have long hair or hair, doing certian poses will cause your hair to fall in your face. Women with longer hair can pull it back into a ponytail, he cant. As far as the cooking comment, the people on just jared believe him to be gay so if tyler shield tweets “dinner with the quinto and friends”(exact tweet) then it means that Zachary MUST have cooked. He might have, but most time these sites pulls bits and pieces and the pap who caught them after yoga might have asked “hows life after star trek, or what you doing/did for thanksgiving?” to TR, I personally believe him to be straight and the deal with Kevin Spacey comes to mind. Everyone thought he was gay, he was never seen with a girl, he refused to dicuss his personal life,and after years of not saying anything he finally said “i’m not gay”. The people still did not believe him, a girl even came foward to say they had been together for years and people still believe him to be gay. I mean all the qualities that people list for him to be gay, gay guys shoot down. I can not think of any person who has actually met him state omg he so flucking fruity. If you want to say he looks like anything, in that pic, he looks like a douche(bret michaels???)

  • jennifer

    I love Zachary Quinto, and the fact that he does yoga just makes him a million times more attractive.

  • Jimmy

    Are you saying that JJ thinks that only gay men cook?!! Jeez
    As for Spacey, you seriously need to do your homework.

  • angeles


    >I can not think of any person who has actually met him state omg he so flucking fruity.

    That’s very true, the man you, Heather and I met that night was hardly flamming, no Sasan, no queer guy trying to be s straight guy. My bf asked me we were leaving if I was sure he was gay because “Sylar was checking you out babe”, bf didn’t get a ping, I didn’t get a ping, no gaydar ping period. So no, TR can think whatever the hell he or she pleases, but IMO I don’t think Zach is gay and I agree with you 100%.

  • Heather

    Ang, see you’re a better person then I, because I would have ditched the boyfriend ;) Just Kidding!

    I noticed Zach’s wandering eye a bit, I do think he is probably single, but gay or hetero I just do not know… I mean gay guys can flirt with women and appreciate them, just like I’m a natural flirt and have been known to be sweet and jovial to women and appreciate their beauty, but I date men. So who knows? I think he is hetero or MAYBE bisexual, I don’t get the impression at all that he is a flaming homosexual. Where Ang and I met him, he had no reason to try to “Act” straight or tone anything down, he very much was himself! I honestly don’t think Zach would try to be anything but himself no matter what… unless he was performing in a role of course.

    Joyce, that is Sian, she is an actress and director, is that her in the picture and who we saw at the play? Perhaps! She is married and an old friend of Zach’s as was mentioned.

  • layla


  • Emily Love

    he was great in star trek

  • amtj2008

    What do you mean as far as spacey?? I was around when this happen. My whole point was once you state someone is gay it is hard for people to believe anything otherwise. As far as saying jj believes every gay man can/will cook, I didnt say that. Since this site is filled with people believing he is gay, they try to show him in a light that exemplifies gay qualities. Omg, a hetero guy that does yoga, cooks, is intelligent, has manners, and dresses well cannot exist. Lots of straight men can cook and lots of gay men cant. Sites, like this one and others, beef up shit and lie.

  • Janny

    Rock Hudson wasn’t flaming either. Just sayin’.

    You don’t have to be feminine in your mannerisms to be homosexual. In Hollywood, it doesn’t work for gay men, which is why so many of them remain in the closet. They really don’t have a choice if they want to work.

  • Jimmy


    The simple question asked was, How does JJ know ZQ cooked? It is you who brought in the “only gay men can cook” angle when no one mentions this. and made some not very nice assumptions about this site by saying “Since this site is filled with people believing he is gay, they try to show him in a light that exemplifies gay qualities.” Cooking is a gay quality? Wow! which era are you from? And you really need to stop making assumptions on behalf of other people.

    As for Spacey, have you seen the pics of him partying in Croatia? Not pretty. The comments even less so.

  • Heather

    I stand by my thought that Zach is bisexual… he is open to the person and not the gender and is by far an incredibly sweet, humble (but perhaps confident and people think it is arrogance… ), talented, sexy man whose career will go far and if you are one of the people who say nasty things about Zach on line and you get to meet Zach, I hope he is as sweet to you as he was to me. Angeles and anyone else he has met so you can eat your words :)

  • angeles


    Yes, but there is a lot of difference between a manufactured image by a studio and PR firm in a magazine/tv/movies than meeting the actual person in social environment. We were at one of the most accepting places of all for homosexuality, a same sex play. Why would he go out of his way to act straight in a room full of people who would support him if he was gay/bi? Makes no logical sense. To my bf and myself he just seemed like your average straight guy *shrug*. But whatever.

    IMO There is a lot of difference between Zach and Rock Hudson, people were told and taught that Rock was straight, he bearded (and I think he married a female didn’t he?) and most of his roles were straight. He was also an actor in a time when homosexuality was considered paramount to a death sentence (career and life and limb). and In some civilized countries it was actually illegal. He hid it from the public for decades and it was only when he was dying of AIDS that the public found out.

    With Zach, people already think he’s gay, so why be so ridiculous and cover up? He doesn’t beard, he doesn’t go out of his way in the media to prove his sexuality to people. A lot of actors these days talk about all the people they’ve slept with, Zach doesn’t do that. I am sure he has an image to protect, but most people think he’s gay anyway, and they don’t care. I never had the pleasure of meeting Rock Hudson, but I did meet Zach and all I can say is, he was relaxed, he was drinking wine and laughing. He was flirting and talking with the little kittens (fans), He wasn’t acting like Mr Stud and he wasn’t acting like a fruit pie. He was checking out some of the ladies, but it wasn’t in that “hey, wanna go home with me honey?” sleazy kind of way. I figured perhaps it was his nature to be flirty, Gemini’s tend to be like that

  • angeles


    I agree with ya, as always.

    The bi thing has crossed my mind many a time :)

  • Heather

    I kinda wish I would have met you at the play Angeles, because I again agree with you… and while I wasn’t one of those kittens around him, I was close when it happened LOL. It was pretty surreal, someone even said to me “yep, here comes the girls, because Quinto has arrived. I don’t know what people see, I have never watched Heroes”

    I cannot add anything else. I agree though about his flirting, it is very jovial and sweet, like he wants you to feel comfortable and make you smile, it is not sleazy it is charming. I did not get any heavy “come home with me” vibe or anything… just a “wow, I am talking to a sweetheart who did a good job in the play.. wait are those cookies…” ;)

  • angeles

    >It was pretty surreal, someone even said to me “yep, here comes the girls, because Quinto has arrived. I don’t know what people see, I have never watched Heroes”

    I wish I had met you too.

    LOL. My bf was the same way, he couldn’t understand the reasoning behind all the attention Zach was getting. He thinks Zach is nice, but average looking, he’s seen Heroes and Star Trek, but you know how other guys are when other guys get attention from women? I told him jokingly to get over it, he was a good sport about it.

  • Hot Heidi

    Is he dating Mr Sulu?

  • Heather

    If Zach is average looking, I wish I knew more men who looked like him ;) It must be his charm and grace, he is appealing in many ways.

    Even though Zach is great, he may also suck at relationships. We all know people like that, they are FANTASTIC friends but you wouldn’t date them or recommend anyone date them to do commitment phobia, wandering eye etc… he also could have been burned in the past and has no desire to get his heart broken. There are MANY reasons not to date, doesn’t mean he is gay or hetero… just means he is single!

  • angeles


    That’s very true.

  • Karen

    Could just be busy as hell, or not want to subject anyone he might care about to, well, this sort of speculation and attention.

    I mean, he’s got the show, the movies, the production company, the charities, all the side work, the PR, the.. well, you get the picture. Heck, all he has TIME for, I’m guessing, is walking his dog.

  • angeles

    It could also be his career is his main focus right now rather than getting into a relationship that takes work to be stable. Or maybe he hasn’t met the right person? It could be many things. I mean if I was him, I’d be meeting and having fun with a lot of people, not just one person. Sleeping with whomever I pleased, safety first of course, no commitment, no expectations,no expecting a long term thing or a ring.

  • Heather

    There is that ongoing rumor that Zach was in a very long term relationship up until about 2006… then it broke off, and I heard badly….. also I wonder if he was not such a ladies (or I grant you guys) man growing up and now he is having fun?

    You don’t HAVE to be in a relationship! Granted I know Zach’s fans want him to be happy, but maybe he is happy being single, flirting, mingling, having fun spontaneous sex etc… and who cares? It doesn’t change anything about him or how I look at him.

    Also the rumors of 3 hour sex romps, biting and spanking does do little to quell any lust for Zach Quinto… sorry to say gossip mongers ;)

  • angeles


    I never heard that rumor before Heather, any more details about it? Poor guy, broken relationships much like broken friendships can hurt deeply and for a long time.

  • Heather

    I know there have been mentions in his bio about the long term relationship, but these may be fan edited pages. As for the bad break up, I do take it with a grain of salt but I don’t think it is that far fetched, but I don’t have the details, except that he was hurt by someone deeply, so I have no clue if it is true

  • angeles


    Thanks Heather.

  • Heather

    You’re welcomed! Sorry I couldn’t be more help, but that is all I know.. and again I take it with a grain of salt, but it doesn’t seem far fetched you know? Not like they are saying when he was 20 he was married to a Parisian cabaret singer who stole his heart, virginity and threw him away for a Russian chess player and left poor young Zachary alone, penniless and forced to live on the streets.. I mean THAT would be far fetched. Silly mood tonight.. sorry.

  • angeles


    Sounds like the plot for a movie I would see, ;)

  • So Judgemental

    I love him.. I am jealous of the person who gets to share his bed whether male or female. The end.

  • Heather

    Angeles, I will get on writing it ASAP ;)

  • Heather

    Ang, Zach is going to be in a play at the Ojai conference in January. I am going to try to go, since it is one of my favorite playwrights being featured. If you end up going, give me the heads up so I can say hello! :)

  • angeles


    No probs, I’ll let you know if I’m going for sure.

  • Heather

    Sweet! I feel kind of bad for Zach sometimes when he is in these things.. only because theatre is his first love and what he likes doing the most, but when he is in a play I think some of these fan girls go and see him wanting it to be kind of a Star Trek, Spock type thing and squeal over him and have him sign all this stuff… he is nice about it, but I get the feeling he wants to separate when he does in theatre from his movie and TV roles.

  • angeles


    >but when he is in a play I think some of these fan girls go and see him wanting it to be kind of a Star Trek, Spock type thing and squeal over him and have him sign all this stuff… he is nice about it,

    IA. I know a lot of fans plan for these events he attends, and that’s fine, but to be honest that isn’t my thing. I’m somewhat blase’ about the whole celeb thing, Like the last event downtown with Noah, I heard some people (not sure if they were fans or autograph hounds making fools of themselves or media or who they were. I wasn’t there to witness it) were following him around with this that and the other thing for him to sign. My reaction was simple, like leave the dude alone people. Thank goodness he’s nice and not a Russell Crowe type who throws chairs and phones at people, that would be awful.

    As for Ojai, not sure if I can talk bf into spending that amount of $$ to go up there with me, I can hear it now: “what, to see that Sylar guy, again?”. I may just go by myself, we’ll see. If I’m going, I’ll let you know, we’ll have a glass of wine up in Ojai and a chat, hows that? :)