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Adam Lambert: Diss the Kiss!

Adam Lambert: Diss the Kiss!

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert lands at LAX airport and declines to give a kiss to a waiting photographer in Los Angeles on Saturday (November 28).

The 27-year-old San Diego-born singer has had moderate success with his album, “For Your Entertainment”, with sales of approximately 225,000 copies. Adam‘s sales were far below that of British sensation Susan Boyle, who sold over 600,000 copies of her album, “I Dreamed A Dream”.

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert dissing the kiss…

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  • nathalie

    225k moderate? lol ok

  • Leah

    Moderate success? He is poised to outsell Gaga and Rihanna this week. Did you hear how many the “winner” of AI sold last week?…80,000.

  • Marcus

    Considering that Susan Boyle will probably have the highest first-week sales of any artist this year, I guess everyone only had “moderate success”?

    Here’s why: Her target demographic doesn’t know how to pirate music on the internet.

  • Isabelle

    225,000 is moderate especially when most of his fans purchased at least 10 copies each ;-)

  • sara

    225k is amazing for today’s music industry!!!! That will give him the #2 slot on Billboard’s chart beating out new albums from Rihanna and others. Way to go Adam!

  • upurs

    JJ Blows – Pure plagiarist

  • Stu

    How many did Rhianna sell?

    Ok then.

  • weth

    EVERYBODY in 2009 will have sales “far below that of British sensation Susan Boyle…”! Adam’s luck was to be in her week!

  • eva

    I love his album, and it’s doing well so who cares where it places on the chart. I love GaGa & RiRi too. LOL at the papz asking for a kiss

  • Jenny

    I just love the way you played down his numbers! Let’s see. We know he has sold a minimum of 225,000 units in his first week. With digital downloading and a poor economy, those are very high numbers! You can’t compare them to first week numbers, even 2 years ago.

    Kris Allen’s first week – 80,000

    Adam is scheduled to come in 2nd to Susan Boyle. Who can possibly compete with QVC? Adam is ahead of Gaga, Rhianna, Mayer, and Shakira for first week numbers. He will be #2! Not too shabby!!!

  • Lilac

    whoever decided to come out with album the same week as Susan Boyle was destined to be second
    howeve, Adam did outsell Rihanna and ladygaga, so his success can be considered far higher than just a moderate. I think he has got a reason to celebrate!

  • Adam sucks

    Outsold by almost 3 to 1 by a middle aged blimp BAAAhaaaaaaa!l

  • pup

    He looks like s*h*i*t.
    Ain’t gonna lie.

  • Martha

    Moderate? If you combine digital downloads with actual sales… would that compare with SB? Are SB’s fans demographic assumed to be lees familiar with downloading from the internet? Adam is an incredible and talented siger that will be as famous or more than Elvis! Just give hima a chance….

  • Impressive

    225,000———————The number of craters on Adam’s face

  • Jill

    Moderate sales?? Obviously you know nothing about the music industry, so your opinion is irrelevant.

    Adam looks gorgeous, as always.

  • kelly

    Moderate success from a mediocre talent. No surprise here.

  • Karly

    Moderate success? Get real. Susan Boyle is selling more than Eminen his first week out this year. Meanwhile Lambert is poised to come in #2 with 225K in sales, outselling Rihanna and Kris Allen –who sold a paltry 80K , the lowest ever first week sales for an Idol champ. 225K is a GREAT sales figure for a debut album in this economy.

  • jory

    moderate success the guy sold 225.000 copies in the 1st week !! you call that moderate !! pllllllz don’t make me laugh !! he is so cute here i wanna squeeze him <3

  • jory

    moderate success the guy sold 225.000 copies in the 1st week !! you call that moderate !! pllllllz don’t make me laugh !! he is so cute here i wanna squeeze him <3

  • Marsha Golden

    Adam is a relative unknown who is beating Rihanna and Lady Gaga in new album sales. He is also beating the AI winner, Kris Allen, by almost 3:1. Susan Boyle may have the highest selling album of all time, so that is not really a good comparison.

  • magsmagenta


    An exaggeration, Most people I know only bought one, I ordered one and got two by mistake, but I know someone who will appreciate a gift.

  • zsuzsi

    who are you people commenting on moderate success on how many craters does he have on his face or that Susan Boyle is a middle aged blimp what is your problem 1st of all it is more then a moderate success Susan Boyle has captured the entire world on the internet when she sang 1st on that show and she made history worldwide an underdog everyone except the few hatemogers here want someone like her to do well- Adam is a marvelous talent and a great young man an eccentric artist whose fans will love him forever as he will be EPIC so p…. off you nasty people we love Adam for ow he inspires us for his his talent his voice so his success is huge..
    zsuzsi Victoria Canada

  • magsmagenta


    Which is relevant how?

  • Good !

    Backlash from his disgraceful gaytacular performance. It is predicted that future sales will fall off SHARPLY.

  • Kyuu

    Well then I guess that means Gaga and Rihanna are only moderately successful artists as well? So sad for them. No one, ever, in the history of the universe, can compare to Susan Boyle. CLEARLY. [/sarcasm]

  • magsmagenta


    Who ever looks ‘Catwalk ready’ when they’re travelling?

  • Jason

    Adam looks great as usual and his cd rocks! You haters are pathetic.

  • pup

    @magsmagenta: I mean in general.

  • jj

    Everyone is saying the same thing….
    IF YOU WOULD R E A D what he wrote:
    It says moderate success NEXT TO Susan’s 600,000
    Grow up kiddies.

  • terie

    Wonder how many albums ADAM would sell if he sang the same songs as Susan? With his VOICE the numbers would be ASTRONOMICAL!! This album is AWESOME just like everything he sings … no need for comparison … apples & oranges. And he is GREAT to LOOK at too!!!!

  • no so impressive

    You are being kind when you say “moderate” success. He has been promoted like no other and yet he barely is going to squeak out 225K. He only appeals to a niche market and his CD sales will fall like a brick. Mark my words.

  • mrsefron.


    i bought his album. it’s REALLYREALLYREALLY amaazing.

    awesome songs!

    it’s always playin in the car & ipod.

    HE OUTSOLD RIHANNA & GAGA. that’s majorrrrr. :)

    The person who actually “won” idol sold…80,00 first week. that SUCKS.

    Adam soldd A heell of a lot MORE.

    go adaaammmmm !:) <3

  • for sure

    For sure parents will not be giving their children any more money to buy Adam’s cds.

  • dana

    His CD is HORRIBLE! I seriously am so disappointed and wish I could return it. If it was for all of the preorders, he would have had a horrible week.

  • AutumnM

    Jared, Adam’s numbers are very impressive as others have pointed out. Those are very strong sales for this day and age where illegal downloading is rampant. Oh and did you see how much AI winner Kris Allen sold his first week? 80,000. Adam’s sales are impressive. Congrats to him.

  • Trish

    Kris Allen did not get as much label hype and promotion as Adam got, so I can see why his sales were around 80,000. The pre sales really gave Adam the jump start. What will be interesting is how he does during second week. He has turned off some former fans and he is obviously trying to appeal to a new more edgy fan base.
    Since he likes to shock and awe, we will see what he does next. I just hope he doesn’t go crazy again. That AMA performance to me was too over the top and I was disappointed in his voice and the angry look he had at the end giving the finger to camera and audience. It was very strange.

  • IreneRose

    @Adam sucks: jealous much???????

  • Tagrid

    A paparazzi asking Adam for a kiss is disgusting!!! He was dang lucky Adam simply declined after an insult like that! I’d have punched him in the nose! What a JERK!

    Adam’s debut CD is doing well – and will continue to do well. They haven’t even started shipping yet to all the countries that want it. Other countries don’t give a fig about our stupid AMA controversy here. They all think Amercans are riduculous. But they LOVE Adam!

    Susan Boyle SHOULD have good sales, this time, and any time she puts out a new CD too. Her music is much more mainstream, and she has a lovely voice. Adam doesn’t have to compete with that. BTW, her sales are worldwide – not just in the US.

    Poor Kris, now that all of Arkansas has bought multiple copies I wonder how his sales will be. After the phone fiasco they owe it to him to buy even more! He’ll be OK tho, he’s a good songwriter and musician – just not performer. He’ll have a great career writing songs for others – he should also learn how to produce – he’s got a good ear.

  • Hot Heidi

    Its because ABC censored him, that is why he has poor sales

  • Jenn

    What an unprofessional slur to call Adam’s sales moderate success when he will come in as #2 in the huge release week!! Susan Boyle was being sold on QVC which is the number one retailers in the nation and to a demographic that doesn’t pirate and has jobs. Adam’s album is a huge success and you are unkind and uniformed to diss it so unjustifiably and give the haters food for fodder that is just a lie.

  • Jenn

    @Impressive: since you follow Adam sites to make comments on his skin I must conclude you were bullied as a teen and really unattractive. Putting down Adam isn’t going to heal your soul. Get some help!

  • JLM

    @Hot Heidi: You gotta realize Adam has excellent sales first of all, then you wil see how uninformed your comment is. Adam is coming in #2 so except for the QVC queen, he is doing fantastic!! No wonder, the album is great!!

  • Arielle

    So many haters….so much jealousy! You couldn’t sell over 200,000 of anything in your entire lifetime! Adam’s album is awesome and I did buy two copies and proud of it! Take your hatred and your jealous selves and crawl back under the rocks you came from. Get ready for the Adam Storm… I know I’m ready!!!

  • Maggie Q

    Good job Adam! I love the new CD you really did something quite new here. It is refreshing to hear a CD of this run. You definately have several hits and the ballads are full of true emotion that connect with the lyrics. As odd as it may seem I really enjoy Pick You Up the best. I think it is that fantastic note that you hold so incredibly long and then build up from. Who does that?!!! Just incredible.

  • Paulie

    Moderate success? Any other week 225, 000 copies sold would have guaranteed Adam Lambert a #1 debut on the album chart. For example, Bon Jovi’s new album debuted at #1 a couple of weeks ago with sales of around 180, 000 copies. And now you have idiots parroting the notion that his album isn’t selling well in the comments section. The FACT is that Adam’s album is overselling projected estimates. Don’t believe me? Read Billboard. AND he’s outselling established acts like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Shakira.

  • emma

    Baby is back in LA.

  • w

    Man you Glambert hags are easily riled up.

  • http://nil wendy

    Adam lambert is a brilliant performer – America are lucky to be able to call him their own. He can be naughty, that has been apparant since the beginning. However, for those who found him offensive, please look at yourselves and ask yourself if you have never behaved disgustingly at somestage in your life. I am a university student and I am sensible, and yet I have been known to behave irrationally at some stage of my life….the difference is adam is in front of cameras and has the media to confront when things go wrong For gods sake, forgive the guy – he deserves it!!

  • http://nil wendy

    Adam is a ‘one of a kind’ performer. He did get carried away, and I bet those ‘disgusted’ with him, are also guilty of displaying disgusting outbursts at some stage of your lives. Get over it!…this guy has the ability to make your country PROUD.