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Jennifer Garner: My Best Work Lies Ahead of Me!

Jennifer Garner: My Best Work Lies Ahead of Me!

Jennifer Garner heads into Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills with her locks in a bun and leaves with a new blown out ‘do as she heads home on Sunday (November 29).

The 37-year-old actress recently spoke to Australia’s Daily TelegraphThe Invention of Lying opens down under today.

“I’m happy with the roles I have had so far. I feel like I have had a wide range of scripts – from drama to comedy to action,” Jen said.

“But I do think that my best work lies ahead of me.”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner leaving a hair salon in Beverly Hills…

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  • Me

    She is so pretty.

  • meme

    She is pretty…..pretty scary. She looks like a skinny, not so cute man.

  • Inaru

    I like the bag! Today she looks ok..ive seen her looking so much worse.

  • Anonymous

    I can not believe how thin she has gotten in the last few months. She is starting to look gaunt.

  • Jenna^

    She is looking too gaunt. Not a good look for her stark facial structure. Hope she does not lose her radiance or set an unhealthy example for her beautiful daughters.

  • Yes I said it! MM

    That’s code for “I’m not going down without a fight!”

  • amie

    i would very much like to know her secret diet..
    she looks amazing!

  • free

    god she looks terrible
    she is just gross

    look at that hair, are you kidding? bangs? she is such a plain jane hilly billy from WVa

  • Emily Luv

    Ben is so lucky to be with her

  • free

    she looks like a man
    dam, doesn’she have any other clothes besides those filthy jeans – i wonder if she washes them, they look like they smell

  • катя

    God, why are people so dreadful?
    Jennifer looks amazing, she’s slimmed down so fast!!!!
    yes, she dresses comfortable – she’s busy having 2 kinds, a husband and career- successful btw

    she looks amazing wearing dresses and heels on public appearances
    should she dress up for paps????
    what’s your problem?

  • Liz86000

    Gaunt? WTH? She looks beautiful! Not sure about the glasses though…

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks better than the other set of pics she was in
    she looks more clean in these 1s
    love yah jen =]

  • blue

    she is beautiful enough have a beautiful skin. woman who have very little children can’t go to beauty saloon everyday just like young model or actress and single. mom needs many time for her family. if you speak everytime for her style and dresses means you are single or young have no children. so jen don’t care anything those words which speak bad to you. don’t give up.

  • xxx

    “best yet ahead of her”

    LOL umm honey you’ll be struggling for jobs very soon…. you’re yesterdays news…. and you have NOT had a big varied career… you act the same way in every freaking role its ridiculous why even bother anymore Jen you can’t act, so move on.

  • lexy

    Jen is great! She looks fine. Unlike JJ fave Rachel Bilson, Jen actually WORKS so she doesn’t have the time to spend HOURS picking out clothes just to go to the supermarket or Starbucks. I see people at the mall wearing flannel pj bottoms so Jen looks fine. When she’s doing the celeb thing she gets dressed up. Otherwise, she’s just trying to be normal and normal people wear jeans to run errands.
    Jen’s an inspiration. She does it all. She’s married, a hands-on mom to her children, she works, finds time to charity work – she doesn’t have to waste her time picking out clothes to wear to pick up her dry cleaning!!


    I’ve always been distracted by her outwardly ears. Otherwise pretty girl.

  • chris

    She looks amazing!

  • blahh

    No, im pretty sure the movie came out a week ago in Australia.

  • Sheman

    I’ve seen a lot of actresses dressed down/casual and still look good. For some reason Jennifer can’t pull the look off. There is always something about her that looks off, way off, aside from the hideous bangs. She is very manly looking.

  • g!na

    everybody was saying how fat she was and now after she loses weight, everyone is saying she’s too thin! you can never win! lol.

  • anon

    desperate housewife. desperate actress who no one would be talking about if she were not with ben. her movies are annoying with her in them and she can’t carry a lead.

  • anon

    delusional statement just like she’s in denial about her failing marriage. pathetic. she looks anorexic but eats a snickers bar in front of the paps? how fake. she’s so fake it’s pathetic. no wonder ben cheats on her. she must be so insecure.

  • shamrock7


    In all truth, is it really about her size? No! Jennifer Garner does not appear happy in front of the papz. Right? I would NOT either! My heart goes out to her, Benjamino, and the familia. Hoping, that they will find some common ground and peace soon with the shutterbugs out to make their kill on a story with this familia. Ben and Jen look very strained in some way, and I really hope they pull thru with this struggle that the media frenzy invades.

    Anyhow, Good Luck to Benjamino on his film,”THE TOWN”, and all his upcoming projects.

    It would be very refreshing to see the foursome together again in some form on their terms.


  • Pippi

    Jen is awesome and those talking shi!t about her are only doing so out of jealousy and envy. They would give anything to be in her position. I’m happy she is secure enough to keep being her amazing self in spite of all the unnecessary focus on her private life. I swear the paps are trying to find a way to follow her into the restroom.

    Her professional life speaks for itself. She had never been out of work since her career capitulated into stardom during her Alias days. She chooses the films she works on it and all are centered around her first duty(being a mom). Nothing else comes close.

    As for her married life, she was famous in her own right before she ever dated her husband and is not the kind of person who would stay in a relationship where she was not happy. LIfe is too short and she has never lacked for male attention.

  • Pippi

    I forget to say I want that Chanel bag. Girlfriend has one h3ll of an awesome collections of purses. Love you Jen. Keep it real and be ever wonderful! These trolls ragging on your clothes and mom look are showing their envy. They know you could own them and it is freaking killing them. Walk on with your bad self.

  • anitaquintero


  • Whoa

    Pippi comes off sounding like a crazy person. Just saying.

  • Hot Heidi

    I wonder if Ben will ever cast her. He cast Casey in his movies

  • Elizabeth

    Pippi, it’s a Cartier bag but none the less expensive!

    She is way too thin. I hope she is taking care of herself.

  • Pippi

    Right you are Elizabeth #30 her bag is indeed a Cartier. I stand corrected. As for you #28 yes I am crazy but I am not crazy for you. hehehehe.

  • lexy

    Pippi – you’re not crazy – it’s those people talking trash that are crazy. She looks fine. I’m sure they look the same when they go out to run errands! It’s sad the paps stalk her and her kids. She and Ben can’t take the girls to the park or pick Violet up from school without a mob of photogs nagging her. I’m pretty sure they wait outside her house – unlike some has beens who have to call the paps and pay web sites to post pics of them!!
    @ Anon – and you know all this b/c????? you are unemployed and go digging around Jen & Ben’s trash when they leave their house? Or are you hiding in the bushes spying on them??
    She probably doesn’t WANT to be in one of Ben’s movies. She wants to make it on her own merits. She’s not Rachel Bilson – she can get a job without the help of her man or her BFF’s husband.

  • **JAMIE**

    CARTIER BAG!!!!!!!!

    love jen g

  • Mousse

    She was so beautiful when she had still some baby “fat”.
    Too skinny now.

  • LULU

    I am still baffled by how she managed to land Ben
    The woman is way too ugly!
    She has a manly jaw, the jutting ears
    She has no shape and can’t dress to save her life!
    The only thing nice on her is her skin.

    She could try a little harder to wear flattering clothes and sexier shoes but she doesn’t
    She looks like worse than housewives down my street and she’s in hollywood

    Ben must be bored out of his skull
    I don’t see this marriage lasting another 3 years.

  • Stone

    Let’s hope so!

  • love love love Jen :)

    I LOVE HER :)

  • benjennfan

    to all the haters,why are you make too much complains about jen..let her, ben and their family be alone.moreover, you are not a part of her family,so don’t judge her arbitrarily , and it must you that have bad heart, jealous and said too much bad words about jen and her family…enough ok…!!!!

  • hong kong

    she is so thin and beautiful, her hair looks awesome, she is so classy and elegant, this lady is way 2 hot and pretty!:)

  • Jennifugly

    Jennifer Garner is fugly and looks like a man.

  • Pippi

    If she looks like a man, I want to look like a man. What men have you been looking at #40? They must be men posing as women. Perhaps you own boyfriend. Watch out he may be in the closet.

  • anon

    If you deny that this chick has lost massive weight then you’re in serious denial. She’s gotten so thin her fake a$$ top lip look larger than ever. I don’t give a rat’s butt if she’s 65lbs, if this is what she wants to look like then so be it.

  • anon

    If you deny that this chick has lost massive weight then you’re in serious denial. She’s gotten so thin her fake a$$ top lip look larger than ever. I don’t give a rat’s butt if she’s 65lbs, if this is what she wants to look like then so be it.

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