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Katie Holmes: Dizzy Feet Fabulous

Katie Holmes: Dizzy Feet Fabulous

Katie Holmes arrives at the Dizzy Feet Foundation’s Inaugural Celebration of Dance at The Kodak Theater on Sunday (November 29) in Hollywood, Calif.

The Dizzy Feet Foundation was founded in 2009 by Katie, producer Nigel Lythgoe, director Adam Shankman and Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba to help underprivileged young people realize their dream of becoming professional dancers and to support, improve, and increase access to dance education in the United States.

FYI: Katie is wearing Givenchy shoes, a Juicy Couture jacket and a dress by Bird by Juicy Couture.

10+ pictures inside of Dizzy Feet fabulous Katie Holmes

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katie holmes dizzy feet foundation 01
katie holmes dizzy feet foundation 02
katie holmes dizzy feet foundation 03
katie holmes dizzy feet foundation 04
katie holmes dizzy feet foundation 05
katie holmes dizzy feet foundation 06
katie holmes dizzy feet foundation 07
katie holmes dizzy feet foundation 08
katie holmes dizzy feet foundation 09
katie holmes dizzy feet foundation 10

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • Shawna

    Ha! All of you who comment on how ugly and fat her legs are you must be insane! She looks amazing!

  • Awful

    The plastic surgery to give her a Cameron Diaz nose is pathetic.

  • msy

    go back to the midwest u bow-legged house fro

  • kyle

    Katie is very pretty there. Really. But I’m sorry I still think she should not expose her legs. They are not that bad , just not very feminine. It make her look kind of manlike.

  • Emily Luv

    Tom is so lucky to have her

  • sara

    A little more makeup and her hair a little more polished would do wonders here. Sigh. She’s hopeless.

  • Susie#1

    She still looks greasy with unwashed hair. No Class! She’s still a mess.

  • How Tom has “chosen” katie

    How Tom Cruise “chose” Katie to be Tom’s girlfriend:

    Well, Tom needed a girl and between Dave Miscavige and him, they were not coming up with anything workable, so — time to bring in the expert. Greg Wilhere was brought in for this job again. He had done it before, he just needed to qualify the girl a bit better this time.

    It was agreed that they needed a foxy Scientologist that was on purpose, in ethics, yadda yadda blah blah. They set-up an audition unit at CC int that called in just about every Scientology actress anywhere under the sun, moon and stars. The “audition” was for a possible part in a Tom Cruise movie and several personal questions were asked about the person and what they thought of Tom, Scientology etc.

    Video tapes would get made daily of the auditions and sent up to Dave to review. This went on for weeks. Well, it turns out that no girl in Scientology was good enough for Tom. All auditions were rejected. They would need to fish outside the pond for this one.

    Plan B – Who do you want? This was the question Dave asked him. If you could have any girl, which one would you want? We will make her a Scientologist!

    Well Tom Cruise wanted one girl more than any other – Jennifer Garner.

    “How do we get to Jennifer Garner? Somebody who knows Jennifer? Good idea – who do we know that knows Jennifer? JJ Abrams!!! He does the Alias shows with her. Let’s have him do a project! We already have a director for the next Mission Impossible instalment, damn! I’ve got it, we will fire the current director that is contracted to do the movie and get JJ on board. Once JJ is on board we will get Jennifer on board and that’s it -we have her!”

    So once JJ Abrams is on board, Tom finds out from JJ that Jennifer Garner has a big thing for tigers. Tom figures this is a sure way to get her. What does he do, he buys here a freakin’ tiger. Not a tiger skin, not a tiger stuffed animal toy, a real live freakin’ TIGER in a cage and all.

    Jennifer is so freaked out that she thinks Tom is nuts! Turns out the tiger was not the best idea.
    Who is next on the wish list? Scarlett Johansson!

    We all know about that story. One meeting at CC Int and she was history.

    Awesome factoid: Scarlett did not star in MI:3 because she was shooting another movie – The Island – which just happened to star the same actor that supposedly boned down on Tom’s last wife! Karma baby! Damn that dude is out to get Tom!
    Okay, Greg Wilhere is now flying back and forth between LA and New York interviewing actresses and trying to get Tom some tail. Somehow Katie Holmes ends up on the list and the rest is history.

    Now hear is the part that baffles all logic and only Tom, Katie and Tom’s lawyer know the truth behind this. If Tom cannot have kids with Mimi Rogers who now has two kids from a latter marriage, and Tom cannot have kids with Nicole whose pregnancy was reason for their divorce, then how does he manage to get Katie Holmes pregnant 2 hours into their relationship?????

    Maybe the kid that Nicole was carrying was Tom’s!!! But she was really sleeping around and could not deny it. Either way, all the stress killed the baby and we will never know.

    So that brings us to the current situation. Is Nicole up in arms because the kids are basically turning into Scientologists anyway. What does she have to lose?

    And where the hell did Suri come from? That is a damn good question.

    Marc Headley aka “blownforgood”

  • Jen

    she has great legs. I don’t know why people insist on bashing them. Looks pretty here.

  • TC

    Shawna #1 : how you can say this ugly flat ass having the nice legs??? you must be blind !!!!

  • thick tree trunk legs

    She has disproportionate body shape, the lower part is very heavy, much more weighted than the upper part.

  • pooter

    She looks SO pretty, love her style!

  • Liverwurst

    Dang! They’ve whittled her nose down to nothing.

  • pr person

    Wow! Nothing says HOT MESS better than Mrs Katie Holmes. Never fails.

  • Liz86000

    She looks very pretty.
    And n°8? You’re disgusting to say that stress killed Nicole’s baby. Sometimes, miscarriages happen and we don’t know why. There can be a problem with the baby, or it just happens, that’s all. It’s not Tom Cruise or Nicole’s fault anyway, so shut up.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i always complain about how ugly she’s looking
    but this is perhaps the best ive seen her all year
    nice simple outfit, same with the hair
    she looks younger with that makeup and her legs look better with those shoes
    nice jon katie, u look good for once in ur life

  • wtf

    damn! those tree trunks are getting bigger & bigger.

  • nat

    Suri looks just like her.

  • luxegirl

    I hope that just one of you clowns who says she’s ugly or greasy, looks half as good in real life, let alone under the glare of cameras! Haha

  • ali

    ah i love katie ever since i saw her on dawson’s creek! she is stunning pacey and joey forever:)

  • now

    cover those hippo legs

  • Klutzy Kate

    I’ve seen her dance,,,, and she has dizzy feet.

  • its robo-bride

    This has got to be one of the lamest charities ever. Your scientology dollars at work Katie. AT least their site now has all the legal stuff on it now.

  • Xenu rescues dance

    You can tell she thinks she is really hot. Haha. This is suppose to be a classy event and her hair is a mess, her facial make up is making her look really weird or else her entire face is botoxed. Although the outfit isn’t bad–the gladiator shoes along with the short sirt and the hemline – well it draws attention to her legs which are not her best feature.

  • l_w

    great outfit!

  • blahh

    Meanwhile, Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes’ former Dawson’s Creek Costar, is quietly funding Yoga for Single Moms, on the cover of Vogue and busy being a respected actress and not a famewh0re.

  • lady_wraith

    great outfit, killer shapely legs!

  • sad

    pigeon toed just standing still

  • emma#2

    She has the prettiest face and eyes , love the hair a little messy, it looks cute,love the outfit, don’t like how she is standing, I usally like her legs, paticularly in SYTYCD.
    love the leather jacket., she’s so natural in every way, and very very pretty. Can’t wait for the Romantics and Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

  • quentin carmicheal

    posh wants her jacket back katie

  • Oceane

    I used to think she was really attractive but since having a child and dragging it around the world her style has gone down hill. Nice outfit for a change but her greasy unstlyed hair just ruins it. Is it that hard to have a hair stylist do your hair woman?

  • mexx99

    her hair looks so gross

  • Shauna

    Katie Holmes looks like she had a nervous breakdown.
    Her hair and expression is bazaar.
    What did she sign up for?

  • @emma2

    Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. BUT this is a charity event where we assume she is raising funds. Is this not worthy of combing one’s hair? She looks like she just took a clip and clipped it. One would think since she is a sponsor she would take some pains with her hair and her looks.Although I would never support anything Katie or Tom put together due to their scientology beliefs (I’d be afraid I’d be supporting the cult)–if I were to be inclined to support this and I spent time to dress up and put myself together for the gala–well I’d be thinking twice about supporting a cause where one of the principals, i.e. Katie Holmes, didn’t care enough to dress up for it.

  • tidbit

    If you look at the KABC tape of Katie her hair looks even worse. Not to mention as usual she sounds illiterate.

  • AutumnM

    If her hair wasn’t such a mess, she’d look great. Everything else works here for me except the hair.

  • cocoa

    Here is the bimbo mother of Hollywood’s worse brat.

  • Hot Heidi

    She is the perfect young bride!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    her face is botoxed?
    I guess desperate people say crazy desperate things. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anniefannie

    Katie is actually looking good here. She is smiling for real here and for once, does not look like a zombie. Well, Tom Thumb is not with her, that’s why.

  • ha

    this foundation was formed 4mths ago. it hasn’t even had a chance to put anything into action yet let alone warrant this much attention

  • lee

    Her feet really look dizzy here. She can’t even stand without her feet bowing.

  • bob

    she is hot

  • reality

    classy lady compared to many trash out there and definitely some lowlives can learn a lot from this amazing talent and lady.

  • 2009

    Gorg,great bod and killer long legs not skeleton like most actresses.

  • anonymous


  • G!na

    I hope she dances on a movie or Broadway because she’s really like a pro. Katie looks amazing.

  • @G!na

    Looking amazing and having talent are two different things. She has very little singing or dancing talent. If she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise no one would care about her.

  • the madwoman is back

    # 43 to 47 simonetee?
    Tell me, when is the last time you’ve been placed under psychiatric hold (involuntary)? That would be so nice of you to answer me, I would sincerely like to know more about you. :) Katie’s fans are a rarity. And you seem sort of “special”!

  • simonetee

    Katie is so Jackie O!