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Ke$ha is Garbage Chic

Ke$ha is Garbage Chic

Ke$ha arrives in all of her glitter glory at the T4 Stars of 2009 concert at Earls Court Arena on Sunday (November 29) in London, England.

The 22-year-old garbage chic singer recently explained her stage name to UK’s Guardian. “The dollar sign, to be honest, was me taking the piss out of being broke,” she shared in the Tennessee twang of her native Nashville.

As for her mom Pebe, Ke$ha says, “My mom’s a badass… she has balls. You need that in this industry, in this world, to stand up for what you believe in. She taught me that you don’t need anybody else to validate anything. She wanted a child, she had me, she didn’t want a man to tell her when and what to do. I think that’s badass. She’s a strong woman, a total hippie.”

Watch Ke$ha‘s performances below from yesterday’s G-A-Y Heaven in London! She definitely dressed for the occasion, wearing rainbow glitter eye make-up!

Ke$ha – “Right Round,” “Dinosaur,” “Blah Blah Blah”

Ke$ha – “TiK ToK”

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  • Cora

    I wonder how much Kesha’s people are paying JJ to promote her so excessively.

  • Jen

    lada gaga wannabe

  • jenna

    she looks like she would stink.

  • liz


  • Michelle

    Hipster trash.

  • Noticias de famosos

    Another thing is not, but it seems that at least does not get bored at concerts. Although tiny choreographies ..

  • http://whatare Svetlana


    I wonder the same about Bar Refaeli [sorry about my shitty english]

  • schoice


    I’ve been wondering the same thing…

    Leave out the “chic,” Jared… this girl is just “garbage.”

  • nicole

    this girl is so lame. she’s trying way too hard to look cool and she can’t sing. don’t post about her, because no one cares.

  • c.o.

    ohh i kind like her style. but i think this time she forgot her pants/jeans short

  • http://@reply roxyw

    i think she is pretty and she sings great.

  • Nahla

    Ummm WTF is THAT? I agree with #2, this girl seems to be a lady gaga wannabe (not that gaga invented everything but come on!), from the stuff under her eye (lady gaga’s just dance) , her clothing, the (what is that?) blood? the red stuff?( *cough* gaga’s paparazzi live @ vmas ’09). Give me a break. I don’t know for you people, but I don’t give a damn $hit about this girl at all. Too…..deja vu style…

  • jam

    white trash

  • Emily Luv

    I luv her music

  • crystelle

    yeah she looks feral, and such a lady gaga wanna-be. maybe she should go for something more original…and stop growing a head cos of the ONE song shes ever had.

  • dundies

    this girl is so lame. she’s trying way too hard to look cool and she can’t sing. don’t post about her, because no one cares

  • cutiepie32

    Nope, not garbage chic, just garbage.

  • Glittergal

    I love her, she’s so fresh and fun!! Waddayuguystalkinabout??? You guys just need some glitter. :) Come on, don’t take it so it so seriously, she’s a blast!!! Jared you just keep up those posts, I’m lovin’ them!

  • guy

    Kesha is AMAZING!!!!! One of my FAVORITES!! People need to look her up and see what she is all about… Trust me she def is not trying to be lady gaga… They arent even a like at all. Anyways Keep posting about her!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oceane

    She looks dirty and needs a bath. Yuck!

  • jessie


  • Emily

    Lady Gaga knockoff. Minus the creativity.

  • me me me

    lol what is this, a joke? agree with no1 and others, they’ve got to be paying jared to write about her. and lol at the ‘she’s great, interesting, look her up..’ comments too, her PR team could be a little less obvious…

    btw what’s with the pixies T? unlike her the pixies didn’t look like idiots and make crap music.

  • jezy

    everyone’s trying to be lady gaga lol. well imitation is the utmost form of flattery. and nobody can do it to it like my gaga can :)

  • Stone

    Just garbage you mean.

  • Andrea

    Derelict is sooo 2001, lol

  • Huh

    Never heard of “garbage chic,” is this a thing? Is this an insult or something people aspire to?

  • ew

    She’s disgusting.
    The whole “look at me, I’m such a rebel badass” thing is such a failure.
    She can’t sing or write for shit. She’s just a major failure.

  • maviciz

    idk i like her i mean lady gaga wasnt the 1st person to eva wear leotards and hav crazy eye makeup so give the girl a break besides i love her music its refreshing to not listen to songs about sex and drugs for a change but a strait up party :)

  • Amberz

    She is such a lady gaga wannabe. She thinks she’s original but she isn’t. Once there is a lady gaga there will never be another one like her. She sums up the word wierd in a good way. Ke$ha she’s just a poser and should never ever say swaga in her song ever again. No white skinny bitch has swaga. She’s just another “daddy’s girl.”

  • x;brideofchucky;x

    I like kesha! shes a good singer i like her songs: tik tock and blah blah blah and kiss n tell and dancing with tears in my eyes and a party a rich dudes house. Kesha is not trying to be lady gaga they both have diffrent styles, if u dont have anything nice to say or write anything that isnt nice well… just SHUT UP noone wants to hear u or see u whine,,, Rock on Kesha!!! xox

  • Ellie

    She’s pathetic.

  • s.h

    I think people should really learn about something before judging them and saying that she’s trying to be like lady gaga…just by the way she dresses. If you actually learned about her before hand you’d know that she comes from country roots…her mom writes country music… her favorite albums are old country and rolling stone albums…she wrote her album ‘animal’ to remind people to just have a good time with all the bad shit going on in this world. She was in a punk band for years…. CLEARLY not lady gaga.. don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of lady gaga.

  • glitter queen

    kesha?! ewwwwwwww i hate that she is such an non-original that she feels she has to copy the one-and-only Lady GAGA just shut up with your lame songs and tik-tok out the door!!!!!!!!!

  • Jazzy

    Hello First of all, MADONNA was the original weirdo, sexually ambigous performer, then she got old now Lady Gaga took the tourch. This Kesha chick is trying way too hard to stand out. She’s way out of her league. She needs to stick to performing at malls.

  • Celebrity Fashion

    Wow her style is not even really style, I don’t like it…..and I agree there really is only one Gaga.

  • treehugger

    i think your being way too hard on her. just think about her life: she has never really had that great of a home environment, she had to live in her CAR at one point, and shes so lucky to be getting out of the life she was living. i believe she has talent and i do aknowledge that she has some ideas that are similar to lady gaga but havent all stars at this point done something like her? how would you like to be called “white trash”? What about miley cyrus and rhianna and christina agulara and even adam lambert? they have done VERY similar things to lady gaga. think of it in a way that they are honoring her ideas.

  • Tyler


    Please no one wants to be Lady Gaga either…she’s just as looney and UNCREATIVE and yes I said “uncreative” because she’s taken every look Madonna, Grace Jones, David Bowie, Elton John, and the LaBelles to assemble her image—the only thing she’s managed to bring to the table is her lame attempt at trying to be cool!

  • Tyler


    You are a class A IDIOT for that, Christina Aguilera, and RIhanna have been doing their thing LONG BEFORE LADY GAGA, people like you are the reason we have wack bins and lame asses like Lady Gaga prancing around acting like she’s the messiah to music, when in fact she has not one creative bone in her body. Everything she has done is an exact regurgitation of what artist like Madonna and Grace Jones has done. But because we have people like you who are uneducated in music, you sit their like a sheep praising her out of pure stupidity. Please go read a book!