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Adam Lambert: One of 2009's Most Fascinating People

Adam Lambert: One of 2009's Most Fascinating People

Barbara Walters sits down with 2009 music stars Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert as part of her special Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009.

Gaga and Adam were chosen as two of the most prominent names in entertainment, sports, politics and pop culture and will have Barbara‘s interviews with them aired next Wednesday (December 9) at 10/9c on ABC!

Despite recent controversy over his AMAs performance, Adam doesn’t seem to mind.

“Don’t worry friends: I’m still gonna be me. Always. W/o appologies [sic],” he tweeted. “Just gonna experiment differently w/ how I present myself.”

Also rumored to be on Barbara‘s list: Kate Gosselin, Sarah Palin, Tyler Perry and Glenn Beck.

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Photos: Donna Svennevik/ABC
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  • jenna

    he’s wearing more make up than babs.

  • phoenixbai

    Glenn back on her list?
    Glenn is a douchebag!

  • rl

    I love Adam and Gaga.

    but Barbara looks so awkward in that first pic with Gaga lol.

  • lola

    Are those pitt stains? Deodorant much?

  • Ali

    if that really is her lineup for the most fascinating people, she has no discrimination. barbara walters, come on! let’s bring it up a notch.

  • jory

    awww BB Adam looking hot :) and those ignorant pathetic hater will you grow the fck up !! i really feel srry for you have a life !!

  • lola

    I think Adam’s cool personally, he was robbed on AI, but a little B.O prevention never hurt anybody.

  • happy girl

    he is the hottest on the list!

  • Kelli

    Adam is so facinating! Hot and talented….delicious

  • Shauna

    Adam eeeewwwwwwwwwww Lambert
    an American disgrace.
    And he cannot even sing.

  • Yar

    That’s not a sweat stain on Adam’s shirt. It looks like a design on the shirt. B.O? Please!

  • Shauna

    love you lady gaga

  • LuckyL

    F*cking hot–the news, everything.

  • Baby

    he is really raunchy

  • Kay

    That isn’t sweat stains on his shirt. Its some kind of design. Looks like some kind of strap thing, that comes from the top of his right shoulder and wraps under his arm. Kinda reminds me of a weird suspender.

  • mayer

    Pooor people in the music industry ! !

  • rpatzfan

    yay for the freaks

  • Paulie

    LOVE Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga!!!

    And some of you are idiots if you think that’s a pit stain. Since when do pit stains travel up your shoulder? Oh, and Alexa Chung on MTV told Adam how great he smelled the other day during an interview.

  • Mary Happy

    I think his 15 minutes are almost up

  • Catalina

    Barbara Walters OWNS ABC !


    @jenna: LOL thats funny but congrats to adam!

  • JLM

    Personally, I think Adam is THE MOST FASCINATING PERSON!! I love the guy. He is saavy, kind hearted, a great performer, sexy as hell, and can sing his face off!! He is also extremely articulate and insightful. Love him!! His album rocks too

  • Gimmegimme

    adam adam adam!!! wohooo

  • trippin

    why the hell does gaga and Babs look so close in age?

  • Jenn

    @Baby: You saw what one performance. The narrow minds that judge Adam on the AMAs are just useless. Adam is a lovely person, good hearted, well spoken, a fantastic performer!! Yeah he is totally fanscinating!!

  • Jason

    Rock on Adam!!! Your the man!!

  • irisita69

    YEAH ADAM YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lorraine

    I think Adam Lambert just went to far. I think it was so hard to watch. Also it is hard to watch two woman kissing also. I know that every one is not to be judged, but the bottom line is that we do not have to push what we like to everyone knowing that not everyone will agree. Their has to be some respect. That is why I love Ryan Seacrest. People always talk bad about him but he has the class to not put out their the trash that people want to see. At least I do not think so. I had a family member who was gay, He died of Aides and to me, evetually that is what happens to that way of life. A person just keep spreading to everyone and well then we have a real problem I lost my brother. It was passed to him, he wore a condom, it did not matter, my brother was reserved, he did not yell it out their. He had a relationship with this guy for over 12 yrs. Yes he still got Aids and so did the guy. Why is it that people cannot see this is not the way God intended it to be, but if you must chose this life, people we are not to judge for God is our judge and the ultimate judge of the living and the dead. I refuse to say to someone you are bad, for the way you live but I do feel that what Adam Lambert did was a total disrespect to all children, 15 and up that go to school, Adam has a responsiblity as an American Idol NOT to act the way he did. IT appears the only reason he tried for American Idol was just to promote that people need to like it or not eat the fact that he is gay. People do not care. The just liked his singing, and now he lost that, because all he did was yell and scream, and turn people off. I hope Ryan Secrest will really be careful that this will not ruin things for him. People really like Ryan Alot. I think he is awesome. thankyou

  • Idol Fan Forum

    Great news. I will be watching.

  • Mary


  • Mary

    “Why is it that people cannot see this is not the way God intended it to be, but if you must chose this life…”
    Did you CHOOSE to be straight?
    When did you decide to be straight?
    Please try to use your head.

  • elin

    Adam is looking good : )

  • Bruth

    Heees juss fagcsinating

  • Pan Cake

    He’s whiter than Michael Jackson. When the moon is full and bright you can’t see the craters very well either.

  • weth

    People reading D-LISTED are pretending to be OFFENDED?!


  • weth

    Oh, excused me. JUSTJARED.
    Forgot which pure-as-the-driven-snow website I was reading.

  • Kendra

    That list is not too impressive so far.

  • Dorena

    Yeah! Can’t wait for the Adam interview. He is very well spoken – I love his interviews. Love his cd. And no those aren’t pit stains, it does look like a design on his shirt.

  • Lilac

    why in hell I find this guy with more makeup than I ever wear so sexy :-))

  • Beata

    American disgrace
    IMO– American disgrace is all the homophobes (i.e. you), hypocrites,all of the politicians and bunch of the other ones.

    Adam is a wonderful, humble, polite, beautiful human being.

    Only beautiful people on the inside can be objective and loving.

  • Endrys

    He´s is such an amazing person the hottest one!…lol i like his performances a lot, he is unic in what he does!

  • Beata

    Adam doesn’t have stains on his shirt… it is a type of a holster.
    Were do you haters get off… Get a life… Go somewhere else to complain..

    Adam your are beautiful inside and out and most kind and humble person out there. God loves you and your fans love you.

  • Julie

    @Lilac: It is TV makeup and they grabbed a photo. Who cares the guy is gorgeous!! Definately sexy!!

  • Lori

    Adam is insightful, intelligent, self confident and hell yeah he is fascinating!! Can’t wait!!

  • Malia

    Well said, Lori! Adam shook up the BIGGEST program on television (‘Idol’) for 5 long months – not to mention the summer tour – and now he’s shaken up an entire network (ABC)… You can’t deny that he’s fascinating to a whole lot of people! Love him!

  • sheba

    @Shauna: Can you sing? What are you doing on this site? We don’t give a Sh t about poeple like you. We love Adam. In your face, Bitch.

  • mickey

    Ah, “annoying” is the new “fascinating,” I see.

  • helen w.

    he didn’t win american idol, did he? where is the dude who did? it’s so ironic. hahaha

  • Big Bethany

    I hope he sells a lot of records and teaches children how to have fun