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Ben McKenzie to Launch Audi A8 at Art Besel

Ben McKenzie to Launch Audi A8 at Art Besel

Southland star Ben McKenzie and a mystery male arrive for the art show Art Basel on Sunday (November 29) in Miami, Fla.

Tonight, the 31-year-old actor is expected to attend the unveiling of the brand new Audi A8 housed in the Audi Pavilion on 46th and Collins (open to the public on December 2). Lucy Liu is expected to host the event. Other celebs on the guest list include Twilight star Kellan Lutz, Chris Noth (Sex & the City) and Christina Ricci.

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ben mckenzie audi a8 art basel 01
ben mckenzie audi a8 art basel 02
ben mckenzie audi a8 art basel 03
ben mckenzie audi a8 art basel 04
ben mckenzie audi a8 art basel 05
ben mckenzie audi a8 art basel 06
ben mckenzie audi a8 art basel 07

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Lena

    Why is he still famous? He hasn’t done anything since The OC…

  • Lena

    Why is he still famous? He hasn’t done anything since The OC…

  • BW

    He is in another TV show now…

  • Julie

    he’s still being gorgeous, but seareously he needs to start doing something, maybe a movie… or… something!
    We will love you anyway, but come on we would like to see the kid (not-so-kid-anymore) in action!

  • BW

    called Southland

  • coopman

    Pictures of Ben Mckenzie filming promos for Southland for TNT

  • sadie

    He looks GORGEOUS!!, I love that smile.
    Can’t wait for Southland’s return.

  • mrs. robinson

    Ben looks great even with the serious pit stains.

  • kiendra

    he’s ugly

  • Hanna

    Ben is so cute! Love the laptop bag!

    Don´t forget to watch Southland on TNT!

  • Almasy

    Ben looks soo handsome.
    I cant wait to watch Southland again. :)

  • khristi

    He’s so handsome……I can’t wait for Southland to return on TNT.

  • tina


    Hey kiendra, YOU’re ugly.

    Ben’s cute.

  • tina

    @Lena: Hey Lena, maybe you just don’t keep up with things. He stars in an awesome show on TNT called Southland. Hot cops always win a place in my heart.

  • ali

    aw i love him my arm pits sweat too lol now i don’t feel so alone

  • tc

    lol, everybody’s armpits sweat. I love how human he is. =D Ben’s adorable… his smile is AWWWW. *SIGH*

  • James Bank

    Cool, nice cars!

  • mary

    He looks adorable and so very happy.
    Love him loads!! Thanks

  • ToothyTile

    “unidentified male”, what’s that statement implying???


  • ToothyTile

    “mystery male”, what’s that statement implying???

    GAY, GAY, GAY!!!

  • Mona-Lisa

    @ToothyTile He his not gay!
    He has been spotted with several girls. Lately Arielle Kebbel.

  • tc


    Toothy, you’re a dumb ass. Ben was walking in a freakin’ airport and coming out of a flight. There is no proof that the guy is even his FRIEND. It could be a random person that was in line ahead of him when he was walking out. Mystery guy implies that we don’t know who the f0ck the person is who just so happened to also be in the picture. It has nothing to do with Ben’s sexuality. Jared should have used better wording.

  • regina

    I think the guy is travelling with Ben but Mona Lisa is right. Ben has been seen with several women and Kebbel is the latest . there are pictures of the two of them from the last few months.
    Go back to Jared’s old posts and you’ll find others.

  • jona

    LOL, I’m pretty sure the guy he’s with is his manager.

  • Custom Gear Manufacturer

    Yeah that stories nuts.

  • CT

    Geez, don’t get your Hello Kitty-panties wet. You’re embarrassing yourself. No wonder McKenzie stays away from crazy fans like you.
    I agree with you that most probably he is not gay (Or maybe he is? No. Kidding. Not. McKenzie having butt-sex with another man seems to upset you so much. Take a breather. I really was just kidding. Ooor…) but you’re not doing yourself and your arguments – and use that term loosely – any favour by being so rabid and hysterical. Tone it down. The only one being a dumb ass here is you. Stay away from the keyboard. You’re an embarrassment to all of his fans.

  • Anna

    He’s so hot. Can’t wait to have him back in my room thanks to Southland. And yeah I’m pretty sure that guy is his manager.

  • ok

    Mavrix Photo identified the guy with Ben as his manager.

  • tc


    CT, where I am from, “dumb ass” is equivalent to saying, “you’re silly.” It’s not intended to be derogatory by any means. I AM a dumb ass many times, so I don’t mind you calling me that.

    You are not Toothy, so I don’t know why you replied to me as it was between me and Toothy.

    I admit that I should tone it down, but I do find it insulting when anybody calls ANY celebrity gay or makes a comment on their sexuality. I don’t care WHO it is. Even celebrities I don’t like… people shouldn’t comment on their sexuality. So yeah, I overreacted and I should have used better wording since I now realize that although “dumb ass” is not a real insult where I’m from, it apparently is to other people. So yeah, I apologize for that. Other than the phrase “dumb ass” though, I’m not sorry for anything I said.

    And what you replied back to me was an overreaction in itself.

  • tc

    By the way CT, I wouldn’t care if Ben was gay because that’s his choice and I would still love him as an actor. What offends me is anybody calling somebody gay in a derogatory sense. Toothy was not calling him “gay” as a compliment. Thus, Toothy’s wording was an insult to homosexuals AND Ben. It’s not anyone’s place to comment on anybody’s sexual orientation when they don’t know. It’s rude to both homosexuals and heterosexuals imo. I don’t think Ben would be ashamed to have a fan with that point of view. He himself refuses to comment on other people’s love lives in interviews. It’s just not anybody’s place to do that.

    So no, the “joke” was not funny at all.

  • Sam

    Well, I personally think he’s at most it’s none of my business and no, nobody cares but I’m entitled to my own opinion and observations . As a fan, I follow his work and interviews closely and come to that conclusion, but life goes on…

  • best

    Mckenzie has a penchant for dating and hooking up with women A LOT younger than him. Both actresses and non actresses.

  • 4uKhufu10

    put a www in the beginning of the links

  • odavid

    Ted Casablanca talks about Ben

    Dear Ted: Are you aware that you’re worshiped by stay-at-home moms everywhere? Just thought you should know…I have a question for you: I’ve recently become enamored with Benjamin McKenzie. Besides being utterly adorable, he’s clearly educated and well-spoken. Please tell me my new little fantasy crush doesn’t have anything scandalous in his life. (I can already hear you saying now “Define scandalous.”) —Mel Dear Me Too: Do you realize I worship stay-at-home moms (and dads) everywhere? Raising two dogs and a cat on my own is hard work enough, but actually having to pull that with human beings? Jeez, my hat’s off to anybody who tries! As to Benji, I think you’ve picked a good one. Not too much dirt I feel like I need to tell ya on the former O.C. boy. Then again he did date Mischa Barton for a while…so judge for yourself.