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Elisabetta Canalis: Back in a Bikini!

Elisabetta Canalis: Back in a Bikini!

Elisabetta Canalis, current girlfriend of George Clooney, shows off her assets again in a sexy bikini while vacationing in Mexico on Sunday (November 29).

The 31-year-old Italian model helped George host former supermodel Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber at their house in Puerto Vallarta.

Also pictured below is Cindy, 43, in her own purple bikini.

15+ pictures inside of Elisabetta Canalis and Cindy Crawford back in a bikini…

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elisabetta canalis bikini 01
elisabetta canalis bikini 02
elisabetta canalis bikini 03
elisabetta canalis bikini 04
elisabetta canalis bikini 05
elisabetta canalis bikini 06
elisabetta canalis bikini 07
elisabetta canalis bikini 08
elisabetta canalis bikini 09
elisabetta canalis bikini 10
elisabetta canalis bikini 11
elisabetta canalis bikini 12
elisabetta canalis bikini 13
elisabetta canalis bikini 14
elisabetta canalis bikini 15
elisabetta canalis bikini 16
elisabetta canalis bikini 17
elisabetta canalis bikini 18

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  • pretty young girl

    That butt is to good for saggy nuts George. He cant handle all that.

  • wow

    this girls body is amazing… that’s what i call a perfectly toned, tight body.!!!

  • llama

    Doesn’t she look happy? Pap shots taken yesterday so she knows they are there and she is living it up in the lap of luxury on a deserted, probably private beach in Mexico and she looks miserable. On vacation with the sugar daddy, sorry George, picking up the tab and that is the best she can do? Honey, if you love his wallet and his name so much that you are willing to drop your life in Italy to travel around with him, perk up. I’m sure that he will buy you something shiny/designer soon. Hopefully when she is in LA with George on the red carpet for his new film, this time, he won’t have to remind her to smile. She ob viously needs the practice!

  • what happened to george?

    George should dye his hair, he’s looking old as hell nowadays… if he want’s to be hooking up with these young hot girls like this, than he should at least try to keep up his looks too!!

  • michael

    she looks different in these pics, maybe she used photoshop?

  • frank

    good body, awful face, she’s a he?

  • Jax

    That is the ugliest, most ill fitting bathing suit I’ve ever seen. It looks cheap too. Surely she can afford a better looking suit than that.

  • sorry but…

    Seems she brought a photographer with her in Mexico to take her professional pics! These are not a paparazzi pics! This woman is so an attention seeker…….

  • Pattycake

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone adjust their suit so that it IS making a wedgie.

  • David

    I don’t find her very attractive, she’s a man with boobs….

  • erica

    She’s escaping Italy’s mags with her cheating pictures, she likes them black!

  • surfer boy

    Look at her face…… George is gay, man! She must have a package

  • Sylvia

    she’s pretty but nothing special compare to real bikini models, she’s short and strange shaped…..

  • Erin

    Nothing says class like a bicep tattoo. Except maybe a tramp stamp.

  • simon

    so manly… ugly eyes and flat butt

  • Mee

    She’s bored. She likes athetic young soccer players

  • Gary

    I’m so sick of this skank, next please

  • vic

    who cares?

  • francine

    Never see a famehungry like this, italy hates her too and it’s not difficult to guess why, she’s a famewhore

  • George

    Is this worthing a post? I don’t give a shatz for that, I want to know about Reese and Jake. Put some Sofia Vergara pics, she’s hot!

  • Kimb

    I’ve been in Italy last summer and there’re a lot of beautiful women, much more than this tranny, trust me…

  • matt

    another clooney’s piece, I’m bored too

  • Sarah

    are her 15” still on? you’ve must not accept her pic any more, she’s not worthing a post, altough she figured like clooney’s gf

  • eddie

    in yesterday’s she has short legs, here she’s normal legs, does she adjust her pics before send them to you? I find her pretty bot nothing really special

  • still

    still not a fan

  • taryn

    ugly betty slim!

  • crappy

    such a happy face……

  • Nina

    OMG enooooooooough, i can’t stand her, now do i have to see her everywhere, even on the internet?
    George please leave her, thanks.

  • sandy

    she is gorgeous, amazing body and ass and not Hollywood too skinny, I think she very pretty in the face.

    Why are their so many jealous people .
    Tsk ,Tsk , jealously ani’t going to make you any prettier.

  • randy

    @sandy: oh, shut up! are you her publicist? I don’t find her attractive, she seems cristiano ronaldo! Cindy is the only one sexy and George isn’t able to stay without her!

  • Sophie

    I agreed, she’s a black soccer players’ lover and she has a soccer player’s body! Much better Krista Allen

  • LadyB

    Nice body but when did she become a model? The last time I checked she was a TV host..How come a woman dates a famous man, she automatically becomes a model, then she marries him she is automatically elevated to supermodel status.

  • **JAMIE**

    wow she is very UNattractive

    didnt realise before but shes not pretty at all, and she has a masculine chest build

  • g!na

    amazing body!

  • erdy

    Two facts:
    1. She has a banging body.
    2. There are a lot of jealous (fat?) people browsing this site.

  • Nick

    I don’t see a beautiful woman! she is only an ordinary woman and not nice face at all! and in Italy she has very bad reputation…she looks bored with granpa George and without black soccers!

  • Cora

    She gets a first class vacation to Mexico and all she does is pout and sulk. It doesn’t matter what she looks like because she ruins it with her sour personality.

  • LULU

    LOL , i was thinking the same thing
    she’s just a nasty ho who wants her cheeks out there too
    this one is a well trained ho George.
    You won’t be able to drop her fast as you did the last one

  • Adri

    Everybody has their own opinion I guess, but I don’t see how anyone can say she doesn’t have a great body. It looks almost perfect to me. Amazing butt! But her face is manly, I do agree there. It’s funny how she purposely is giving herself a wedgie to show her buns to the camera. Oh well, if you got it, flaunt it.

  • Stone

    What’s her problem?

  • Sophie

    @erdy: and you’re her publicist!

  • Lowest denominator

    Man, she can really make “Being Clooney’s girlfriend” look like SUCH a chore. This is the third round of pics where she looks absolutely MISERABLE.
    Her contract must expire after the holidays.

  • Celebwatcher

    This is George CLooney’s future fiancee so watch your mouths guys. Who looks gorgeous on the beach anyway especially when you’re actually swimming in the water and not posing in it like the Kardashians and a number of other celebs???

    Visit my website for the latest psychic predictions.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Oh! Oh! Wait, Mister Photographer, while I pull my suit bottom up in my crack. It will make a MUCH better photo for you to sell.

  • Gia

    @Celebwatcher: Doesn’t she introduce herself as a “bikini model”???

  • James Bank

    George is a lucky man!

  • ayrin

    In europe she would go bare breasted too, ton only witha wedgie.. what if she wants her butt to be tanned a little more, please, who are you guys her grandparents?
    For sure she comes from a more open environment, people in Europe can tan naked if they want, in a lot of places. And here she can’t even tan in peace.
    I think she has a nice fit body, and she may not be delicate looking in the face, but she can soft it up with her hair and stuff, georgie is not all that and he’s getting real old looking to go with very young girls, he is a man-wh*o*re, and changes girlfriends faster that underwear, so calling her classy or not classy is being close minded. Georgie is a player too. If at all, I think she can last a bit more with him than the other week-month girls, and maybe she won’t babble as much as Sarah Larson.

  • Martin

    I find her very masculine, she’s scary…. and she has a very vulgar mouth, yes…

  • Ali

    It must be awful, though, never to be able to go anywhere and just relax without paparazzi sneaking pictures. I think she is quite beautiful, and I hope they are happy and good for each other. It looks like Cindy Crawford’s kids are with her and husband as well. In fact, it looks like there are several other people there.

  • skankanalis

    she always seems bored, she laughs more close to black soccer!
    Elisabruta smile! you are on holydays with G. Clooney not at forced work!
    she was happier with young soccers than as Clooney’s girlfriend!
    Geroge change chick…please and stop with these ridiculous farce!