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Jennifer Aniston is Ferragamo Fierce

Jennifer Aniston is Ferragamo Fierce

Jennifer Aniston and her BFF hairstylist Chris McMillan catch a flight back to Los Angeles via Heathrow airport on Monday (November 30).

The 40-year-old actress spent Thanksgiving weekend with Chris in Morocco. “It’s sad to be away from America on Thanksgiving,” Aniston told People. “But I actually had my meal last week in L.A. with friends. [And] I was last here 10 years ago, so I am happy to be back.”

FYI: Aniston wore a custom-made Burberry biker jacket and toted around her favorite leather studded bag by Ferragamo. She also sported a cute striped tank by Splendid and carried around a Love Quotes scarf.

10+ pictures inside of Ferragamo fierce Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston ferragamo 01
jennifer aniston ferragamo 02
jennifer aniston ferragamo 03
jennifer aniston ferragamo 04
jennifer aniston ferragamo 05
jennifer aniston ferragamo 06
jennifer aniston ferragamo 07
jennifer aniston ferragamo 08
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  • teri

    look its the man

  • teri

    How handsome you’ve become manny.

  • Cooh

    give me a brangelina(break)
    I like Jennifer,she is rich,famous,loved,hot,a great person and actress,independent,she’s my role model so give me a break haters

  • Hiya

    Adorable, stunning. I real woman. LOONITARDS DIE!

  • Jennifer

    She is looking more and more like Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend Samantha Ronson. When is Ms.Aniston gonna come out of the closet and admit that she is a lesbian.

  • veryvirgo

    She needs to face up to the fact that she is a middle-aged woman.

  • Ali

    she always looks beautiful. but the jeans… they just look common. with such a beautiful jacket, bag, and gorgeous cashmere shawls, the jeans look like a joke. so passe.

  • The Bruiser

    Whether she’s dressed up or dressed down, she always looks so cool! Love, love, love her style!!!

  • lurker

    ugly ugly ugly

  • lmao

    Beautiful……….The jeans are okay, but she can pull it off. I love her hair and the hat too.

  • Katsaridoula

    she must enjoy being considered as a man, why else would she dress like this??? Bless her, I don’t hate her, I just don’t get her :-O

  • lmao

    If thats ugly, then lord let me be that ugly!!

  • The Bruiser

    @veryvirgo: Why?

  • Nobody Forced her

    “It’s sad to spend Thanksgiving away from America”? Was she sad when they told her they would pay her a million to show up, or did she jump right on the offer? Give me a fvcking break, hypocrite. You can’t have it both ways, pocket your money and have the public sympathy too.

  • Michele

    I wonder how much she was PAID for her appearance. How Kardashian of her.

  • Vanessa


    You like Aniston ? I hope youre not boring and shallow lke her

  • Vanessa


    You like Aniston ? I hope youre not boring and shallow lke her

  • lg

    wow im usually a fan of jen but this outfit,,, yikes what was she thinking its not 1998 anymore

  • lmao

    Do you know her personally to say she is boring and shallow????

  • Hiya

    Poor LOONITARDS, your 89 pound skeleton is in hiding and you have to lash out at someone. Jealous much?

  • WOW

    She is an over forty year old woman who still lives in a la la la land of her twenty something.

  • lurker

    her fans are shallow ugly losers

  • happy girl

    I like Jolie better. But I won’t say anything mean about the pics above. Maybe she was just tired.

  • PR Desperation

    Wow, strategically ripped jeans! What a hip, young look — if this were 1989.

  • umm

    Lonely old man!!!!!!!

  • brian

    Well, if you can’t get a man, might as well look like one right.
    I guess she fled America in hopes of finding love somewhere else. The thing is everyone knows no man will keep her. Look at how many times she been dumped.

  • JJ


  • lmao

    Gee I can’t wait until the Brangie book comes out tomorrow………At least Jen doesn’t have the ugly lies and past that Your hero Ang has. That is one poor role model no matter what she does to try and cover it up. Jen at least has some smarts about her. :)

  • PR Desperation

    JenHagsSUCK @ 11/30/2009 at 2:52 pm .
    Why is a grown-a.s.s. woman walking around with a ’security blanket’? Is she a three year-old? Sheeeeeeeesh!.
    Like post #14 said, she cant have it both ways (which she ALWAYS want to do). Why lament the fact that you CHOSE to be away from America at Thanksgiving? Was it a life or death situation you had to go deal with in Morroco? No. Was it a can’t-do-it-without-jen kind of situation? H3eck no!.


    Actually, it was more of a “My- last- two-films-were-low-budget-clunkers-for-which-I-was-OVERPAID-$3-mil-each (and took home only $1 mil each after taxes, agent, manager, attorney and pr fess)-and-boy-do-I- -need-any-extra-money-I-can-get-my-hands-on” kind of siituation. lol

  • Exposing Paid Posters


    All who read the last thread and watch this one closely will see a great many references to Halperin’s book. You will see the name repeatedly mentioned, just as you saw Mayer’s album repeatedly mentioned by Aniston “fans” last week. There is a tandem Halperin/Huvane PR campaign in flux and JJ and this site have been employed to help advance it. Just know that you aren’t dealing with fans. You are dealing with people paid to repeatedly mention (and market) Halperin’s book. Don’t get sucked in by them.

  • liverwurst

    Too cute!!

  • Qpid

    What a doll and always so classy.

  • Catalina

    She’s dressed like a slob.

  • ohreally?

    @Exposing Paid Posters: Oh for goodness sake “anon” we all know this is you. So then by the same token Brangelina post are chalk full of paid posters too? LOL

  • lmao

    She looks like a dude.

  • JenHagsSUCK

    Exposing Paid Posters @ 11/30/2009 at 3:10 pm
    Actually, EPP, I HAVE been noticing the phenom – the attempt to veer the convo toward ‘the book’ whenever ridicule of jennypoo becomes too persistent.
    And Im not even an expert like you are at spotting the paid posters – altho i had always noticed that the ‘ellies’ and illiterate ‘bets’ and the a.n.a.l.-retenive ‘sally’ (aka mimilala/tiger etc.) seem to make it their duty to mention Angie and any one of the numerous fantasy stories about her that is in their repertoire – whenever the JP fans get on a roll with our easy ridiculing of jennypoo. In typical red-herring style.
    BTW, i have not mentioned the parasite who apparently is now riding his 15 minutes and collecting what little bit of benjamins he can garner from the collection of trashrag stories of the past five years which, apparently, he has pulled together with no copyright attribution. LOL.
    When you name it you own it/claim it and i have no interest in promoting that obese t.u.r.d.

  • liverwurst

    @PR Desperation: She was in Europe and London…the 80′s is HUGE right now over there. Haven’t you heard “when in Rome”? I think she looks fun and playful.

  • Hate Loons

    @ohreally?: Anon sucks so bad. If anyone is a paid poster it is Anon. Always on EVERY SINGLE CELEB website, with nothing to say. Paid poster? Pay for a brain LOON.

  • Typical Jen

    What does it matter whether she’s in America for thanksgiving or not? She’s not the first nor would she be the last to spend the holiday out of the country, so why make a big deal of it? Who does she think she is…the president? God, She is so deluded with self importance.

  • liverwurst

    @Hate Loons: Absolutely! “anon” is a freak.

  • ash

    she dresses like a teenager and hides her fug face. She is having a midlife crisis.

  • Hate Loons

    I am so tired of this paid poster debate. You loons have your heads so far up your that you think there are only 3 Jennifer Aniston fans in the world. What is wrong with your mentality? ALOT of people like Aniston and despise Skelentina.

  • JenHagsSUCK

    Typical Jen @ 11/30/2009 at 3:29 pm What does it matter whether she’s in America for thanksgiving or not? She’s not the first nor would she be the last to spend the holiday out of the country, so why make a big deal of it? Who does she think she is…the president? God, She is so deluded with self importance.
    Surely you know this btich’s M-O by now! LOL. She is HIGHLY AWARE of the ridicule she is getting online because she cant stay away from the internet – she has to know what people are saying about her (this confession came from her own mouth – we JP fans have a habit of paying attention!!).
    So, seeing that everyone was ridiculing her for taking a paying gig on thanksgiving, she felt impelled to explain herself so y’all wouldnt continue thinking badly of her.
    Remember now, this is the same btich who lamented the fact that rod stewart’s daughter said she was ‘homely’. She cried to her agent to get stewart to retract the statement. Stewart felt really badly about it so she retracted.
    Jennypoop Anustain is a big cry baby, a perpetual victim, a child woman who is refusing to grow old gracefully, a fraudulent, sneaky, dirty-fighter btich who does not take responsibility for her own actions and is always seeking to lay blame on others for all that ‘happen to her’ in life.
    She is in for a rude awakening when senior-citizenhood starts laying claim to her perennial ‘girl’ persona.

  • PR Desperation

    New shift. New names. Same MO. Same need to secure financing from nervous investors who read the receipts for “Management” and “Love Happens.” A handful of name-calling, name-changing, paid posters won’t change the bottom line (and neither will Halperin’s book). Compare “Managment’s” BO to “Paranormal Actiivity’s” BO and tell me she has nothing to worry about. Which one of those films would YOU invest in next time? All of the Halperin books in the world wont make her an A-Lister again. LOL!

  • Tina

    Who let the dog out?

  • Carol

    Aww..dressing like a TENNAGER! at 4o…ewwwww

    she looks terrible & so manly!

  • Tim

    Skin tight ripped jeans, travelling with her hairdresser, fake tans, package is cigs in her pocket, a slew of crappy movies at the cinema – I don’t get the attraction with this old cougar….

  • lucy

    she looks amazing!!!
    i mean she’s 40! my mom has 37 and she looks… well….

  • Miss Anonymous

    If people can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! Stupid haters stfu, you’re not perfect either so stop picking on Jennifer.

  • Greg

    Someone needs to tell her she looks like an idiot rather than just fawning over her celebrity. She is becoming a joke with this too young clothes and her tabloid-loving lifestyle. I bet she will find someway to bring up how Pitt broke her heart to promote her next movie.