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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Head to School Together

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Head to School Together

Violet Affleck is happy to see both mom Jennifer Garner (Juicy Couture sweater) and dad Ben Affleck as they pick her up from school on Monday (November 13) in Santa Monica.

After she held the door open for him to walk through, Ben made funny faces at Violet (Juicy Couture cardigan), who cracked up! Vi, the elder of the Affleck girls, celebrates her 4th birthday tomorrow (December 1)!

Happy early birthday, Violet!!

FYI: Both Jennifer and Violet are wearing Juicy Couture – Jen sported a lambswool double-breasted sweater, while Violet wore a Juicy Couture Kids striped cardigan!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and Violet heading home from school…

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ben affleck jennifer garner violet school 01
ben affleck jennifer garner violet school 02
ben affleck jennifer garner violet school 03
ben affleck jennifer garner violet school 04
ben affleck jennifer garner violet school 05
ben affleck jennifer garner violet school 06
ben affleck jennifer garner violet school 07
ben affleck jennifer garner violet school 08
ben affleck jennifer garner violet school 09
ben affleck jennifer garner violet school 10

Photos: Famepictures, Flynetonline
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  • anne

    3 days, 3 jennifer garner posts. why jared? are they paying you? man i just don’t get it.

  • jessalyn

    Ben’s still hot!! I know everyone loves Jen for being ‘all natural’, but I think you can be all natural and look a little more exciting. She has gorgeous skin, and I love her dimples, but she looks so blah all the time.

  • Shawna

    Well obviously Ben doesn’t have a problem with it, so why don’t you STFU?

  • Tazina

    Oh and you’re not blah jessalyn? LOL …I think you’re probably a little more than blah – woof.

  • jessalyn

    Shawna, this is a blog where people are free to respond with their opinions. Now that I’ve brought you up to date, hopefully that will clear up the confusion. There’s no need to tell anyone to shut up on here.

  • jessalyn

    Shawna, this is a blog where people are free to respond with their opinions. Now that I’ve brought you up to date, hopefully that will clear up the confusion. There’s no need to tell anyone to shut up on here.

  • Nahla

    Violet is adorable. I love her Jen-like dimples =) So cute. She has the longest hair on a celeb kid!! I love it! Her hair is gorgeous. I agree that she looks blah, but women in general don’t look glamorous all the time. I don’t like Ben and Jen as a couple though……Ben doesn’t seem into Jen that much…..He ran to Jen rifht after breaking up with Jen Lopez, he seems not that interested. Hopefully he is. I wish them the best….at least for their cutie patooties daughters’ sake!

  • shamrock7

    That is what I’m talking about! They are back folks, and step off!!! Leave this familia alone, they are just living life as MM would say.

    HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY TO VIOLET who will be turning 4~ Enjoy all the yummy treats, love, and fun that MOMMY AND DADDY provide to your little angelic self.

    All the best!

    peace and love*

  • sophie

    cute family!!!

  • xxxx

    The most ANNOYING family in Hollywood. Hands-down. And Jen told Ellen DeG that she wants Violet to act…. god help us all.

  • rhonda

    dropping off the kid, picking the kid up! these pics must be easy money! or free! or something!

  • lakers fan in boston

    only reason i think brad is cool is cuz he likes the sox
    not her best pics but jen looks good, she’s really stepped it up this year
    she’s looking and dressing better

  • Kiesha

    Chris Brown|Graffiti|Dec. 8|GET IT ! :)

  • lexy

    She’s picking up her daughter from school – not going to a movie premiere. She doesn’t need to be dressed up when she’s being a mom. I can’t believe she can’t do anything about the paps showing up at the school and following her around with the kids. They are trying to pick up their daughter from school and once again they are being stalked by photographers. As for affection what do you expect – Ben to push Jen up against the wall and shove his tongue down her throat??? The paps wait for these 2 outside their home – Jen and Ben aren’t tipping them off or paying them like other JJ faves. They ARE truly annoyed by the paps!

  • anitaquintero

    al fin juntos..

  • Honeybunn

    8# Nahla……… Fact Check …….
    Ben dated an Advertising Executive from Boston for about 6 months before he dated Jennifer Garner. Ben lived in Boston at the time. Jen lived in California.
    Jennifer Garner dated Michael Vartan after her break up with her husband.

  • Honeybunn

    Hopefully…… next year when the new paparazzi laws on into effect there will be less Pics of Jen and Ben kicking Violet up from School.

    Cute Pics….

  • the joker is here

    Violet is 4 years old tomorrow. Time passes so fast.

  • LIsa Rose

    What are the new papparazzi laws? Hopefully it will be against the law to stalk chidlren in their school yards

  • Ugh


    Fact check: Ben dated that Enza woman less than a month before her roomates e-mails about how gross Ben’s chest hair was ended up public fodder. Get your facts straight before bitching another poster out.

  • g!na

    hopefullly by tomorrow Violet will be potty trained and pacifier – free! The kid has the worst overbite ever!

  • Lilac

    this family got to be the most boring in terms of gossip and staff. is anybody really interested in those?

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    i love this family!!! its so rare to see both parents picking up their kids normally only one parent picks up the kids from school its great to see both parents picking up Happy Birthday Violet!!!!

  • Julie

    cute family, love them both, people are so hateful and jealous. both are good people and great actors who try to change things.

  • anon

    Why does Jen get a pass for cheating on her husband with Michael Vartan and then cheating on Vartan with Affleck?

  • Mary Happy

    They are such a perfect family. Ben is so awesome!

  • Dimana

    Happy birthday to Violet!!!

  • Annie

    Why don’t all you nasty hateful people get a life….all they want is for Violet and Sera to have a normal life…..that’s why they both pick their gorgeous daughter up from school, go to the park, jump in puddles, etc, obviously things your parents never did with you…..the look on their faces hasn’t got anything to do with their relationship……they’re looking at the slimy photographers shoving the cameras in their faces…….I’m sure they’re wanting to tell them to p..s off out of their faces and their daughters… don’t know what goes on behind their closed doors…..they are probably very affectionate towards each other….you just have to see the way Violet puts her hands around her wonderful Dad and gorgeous Mum….there is so much love in that family you deadbeats only want to see nasty and hateful things…..Have a very very happy 4th birthday Violet…..I’m sure your Mummy and Daddy will give you a very special day.xxxxxoooooo

  • Pippi

    I agree #27 they are a perfect family. Whatever bought these two people together was a stroke of genius. These two belong with each other and are so well matched. They are both gorgeous, down to earth, laid back celebs who are so not into fashion, but totally into raising their children to be healthy and wholesome with great family values.

    They are so well suited for each other that people can’t understand how it could be possible. The best part is that they both are family oriented and solid it’s hard to believe that they are both so rich and famous.

    They don’t run after nor crave attention and only stories regarding them and their relationship are the ones created by the media and other trouble makers. For the most part their lives are drama free and they only go out on the Hollywood scene to promote a project or some charity cause they support . This is unheard of for celebs of their statue. That is the essence of their appeal.

    JJ you didn’t get my favorite pic from this bunch. I saw it on another site though. Thanks for trying.

  • Annie

    Couldn’t have said it better myself #30 – every word is true.

  • LuckyL

    This guy has the best PR team in town. It’s approaching the level of Tiny Tom’s.

  • Mary Milkman

    He is such a genuine person! Luv him!

  • Dimana

    I love Jennifer!

  • ugly

    great family

  • lexy

    VH1 has already proven that J-Lo and Ben were getting quite cozy while she was still married. Maybe that’s why Jen “gets a pass”
    What’s this about the new laws? Considering how bad press the paps have been giving The Terminator and his wife I’m surprised he didn’t crack down on them sooner. The way they mob some of these celebs cars and throw themselves in front of them is dangerous and these car chases could not only harm the celebs but innocent people like you and me who are driving along minding our business!

  • anna

    ohh! happy birthday violet!

  • xxxxxx

    happy birthday violet

  • blue

    lovely family!! i love ben and jen’s family. happy birthday to you violet cutie. your dad is so good to you. he just come back to your birthday. you are a dad’s favorite. so happy to see this pics. he loves you jen. he is a good husband and good dad. please make your wife happy. then your works will be succeed. huuuu i love this family. hope their happy family life, and hope full of smile on their family life too. i will pray no one can break their marriage. jen’s hair style so beautiful. she is lovely. again happy happy birthday to you violet.

  • anja

    Why is this child always carried, still in diapers and with pacifier?

  • Honeybunn

    21# I wasn’t being hateful. I was trying to stop a rumor and false information form being spread on this topic.
    I my have gotten the time frame wrong for how long Ben and Enza Dated. The FACT…. I was pointing out was that Ben and Jen didn’t get together right after Bennifer. A lot of people like to say they did. The fact is they didn’t.
    I remember Ben was hospitalized for some illness in Boston and when he was released he stayed with Enza. That is when her roommate sold information to the tabs. I believe they dated longer then a month. He took her to a Red Sox game some time before he got sick. The media found out Enza had a police record for unpaid fines and other charges. They broke up soon after.

  • Killraw

    Fag & The Family

  • Ben Affleck fan.

    Ben is such a cutie! bless him for making funny faces at little V!
    Love this family, so SO cute!
    I agree with all the people who support them,
    they look like such nice normal people!
    :) happy birthday violet!

  • anitaquintero

    i liked this

  • Annie Apples

    What a nice guy!

  • lexy

    They carry her for safety – they are being mobbed by the paps!!!
    If it truly concerns you that this child wears diapers and is being carried….Maybe you should go to the mall and ask mothers with too old kids too old to be carried and/or in strollers and wearing pull-ups why THEIR children are in strollers or being carried and why they aren’t potty trained??? Perhaps you could get some insight in to Jen and Ben’s child rearing process…and maybe told off being a busy body!

  • which Degree should I choose?

    I saw Jennofer Garner the other day when she was taking her kids to school, I live nearby and it was a nice experience to see her siblings.