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Leonardo DiCaprio's Thanksgiving: Mexico with Mom!

Leonardo DiCaprio's Thanksgiving: Mexico with Mom!

Leonardo DiCaprio is all smiles in Mexico as he leaves dinner at a sushi restaurant on Sunday (November 29).

The 35-year-old actor, who spent Thanksgiving weekend down south with his mom Irmelin, also checked out properties while he was in the country.

Expect to see Leo on the big screen in February with Shutter Island, directed by Martin Scorsese and also starring Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley.

Leo will play a U.S. Marshal investigating the disappearance of an insane murderess.

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  • Hiya

    So cute, Love the Leo.

  • Jules

    Man I still love him, even now.

  • Happy

    You do know that’s Lucas Haas and not his mom right? lol Im sure his mom was there as well ;)

  • Lindley

    He’s so tiny! I know it’s for the movie, but he’s naturally a thin guy. He’s literally the best actor today. Love him!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    WOW! he seems so happy!!!!! how cute!!

  • Tammy

    @Lisa rose: Leo is ALWAYS happy when he’s hanging with his best friend Lukas! No mystery there.

  • berries

    I wanna see him and Angelina Jolie in a movie together…you know she’s younger than him? Somebody PLEASE make that happen!

  • french

    He looks so cute and happy .

    @Lisa rose:

    He is smiling because i think he saw the stupid and false rumour about him and Barf.

  • Anna

    Yay ! A DiCaprio post! Wow he look so happy and goood! Wired to see him NOT shy of the paparazzi o.O .. But awsome :D

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    I didnt said if its becouse Bar or not!!!! I just said that he looks really happy!!!!!!! love you Leo!!!!!!

  • made

    hi everyone is leo back together with this fu cc kiingg biii tchh again? ı hope not coz ı love him soo much can anyone please say??please

  • Tammy

    @made: No he’s not back with that fu ccking biiitch! ITS ALL LIES! : )

  • Loser rose

    @Lisa rose: Yay! He spent Thanksgiving with his friends and family not the stupid Barf! Nice try Tzipi, hope your daughter gets modeling jobs from all your bs and lies! Doubt it though.

  • RD

    So Bar was lying again and spreading false rumors as if they spent the last weekend together?
    I do find it odd that he keeps traveling and spending his holiday with the same male friend.
    He is a 35 years old grown man. He keeps acting like this guy is his wife.

  • Tammy

    @RD: Shut up! Lukas and Leo love each other but NOT in that way!! Leo lets the world knows how much he loves his best friend! I am so happy for them both! Dont be so closed minded.

  • Tammy

    @RD: Barfie wasnt lying and spreading false rumors when “they spent” last weekend together because they didnt! :) Nothing to lie about!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    GOD! why all of you are so stressfull about the rumors about Leo and Bar?????? you say its not true anyway…..but somehow its looks like all of you are really worried from this. lol
    I just said that he looks really happy and all of you started to jump on me!!!!! LOL

  • Tammy

    @Lisa rose: Nobody was jumping on you and whats more, no one wants to jump on you!

  • anonymous

    why don’t we all just relax? We should just concentrate on Leo being healthy and happy. Best friends hang out together all the time, what’s so weird about that? I think it’s great he’s a great friend in Lukas. :) Leo’s a total momma’s boy, love it. :)

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @Tammy: LOL!

  • James Bank

    Where was his girlfriend?

  • dollhouse

    Robert pattinson in ten years.

  • Memei

    loves him

  • Liliana


    Don’t compare talentless Pattinson, who has one facial expression with Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the most talented actors in the world. Only thing they have in common is that Leonardo was as popular as Pattinson is now, when he was 23. But he has later proved people that he is more than pretty face and I doubt Pattinson will do the same thing. He just doesn’t seem to have talent. Why all this “Twilight” fans have to write about Pattinson everywhere and try to compare him with everybody?

  • Miss Anonymous


    Ew no! DNW!

  • anonymous

    I completely agree. It’s actually really annoying. I like Twilight but when they compare Robert to Leo’s career or will have a career like him, it’s not even fair to Leo. I bet both of them don’t even care. But that’s how I feel. I’m not yelling at dollhouse. I’m just saying my opinion.

  • Mike

    So he spent this last weekend in Mexico but he was with Bar on the previous weekend. For sure.

    But where is his mom…??

  • Mike

    To James Bank #21:

    Bar is in Israel for work.

  • And who said that Barf is his girlfriend? I don`t believe the rumor that they were together the previous weekend.

  • anonym

    Mike, you must have proof ( like photos ) that they were together in the Bahamas. For sure. Or we just have to take your word for it, right?

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @: Ofcourse you dont belive it! some people here (I’m not sure that you one of them) wouldnt belive that they are together even if they’ll see pics of them together kissing! but its just becouse you and all the others Leo’s fans are hating her so much from some reasson! I gusse that you just dont want to belive it! I’m not saying that they are together cus I have no idea if the rumors are true!!! and I have no idea whats going on between them……..and all of you also!!! so STOP acting like you do know!!!!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    and by the way, Bar arrived in Israel in friday (27.11), shes working now for “Fox”.

  • Pink Dress

    @James Bank: He hasnt met her yet, she’s somewhere in the world but Im sure she wont be a user like his EX was! Great to see Leo with his best friend!

  • Free as a Bird!

    Oh yeah sure, they’re together just like how Lukas and Leo are together! But with Lukas and Leo at least they’re so many pictures of them together, I’ve lost count! Barf? NONE!

    Barf losers get over yourself! No amount rumors printed by the tabloid post of this “alleged” meeting will bring the two back together. You wont see any pictures of them together for all of time!

  • bye beech

    Title of this post should be: “Leonardo DiCaprio’s Thanksgiving: No Turkey or Gravy for Bar!”
    It is shameful that Bar’s camp continues to create these rumors and they are banned from RELIABLE news sources because this is NOT the 1st time they have tried to pull this crap. Give it up Israelis – no one is buying or ever bought your bull$h)it! Leo is embarrassed to be seen with her in the light of day and NEVER took her to any photographed public events. French is right he is probably happy to see the paps this time to put the bs rumors to rest!

  • Taylor

    @35 – Agree. Also, I read on several Twitter accounts that Leo was seen out in town with Jeremy Piven in Calgary last weekend because he is there filming a movie too.

  • It sure seems like Leo is busy, working and taking skiing lessons in Canada but he still has time for a long flight to the Bahamas and then take mom and his friend to Mexico. Give me a break!
    Thanks for the Twitter info, Taylor!

  • Bonnie

    “Mike” is Tzipi (Bar’s mom/agent)! Hi Tzipi – thanks for your posts. I am glad Bar is in Israel and hope she stays there for good! Lisa rose I am on to you too!!!! In English this means you are full of cr(ap!

  • anonymous

    Jared, I always love seeing new pix of Leo !!!

    He looks so happy and relaxed and , of course, hot and sexy :)

  • Free as a Bird!

    @Taylor: Thanks for the confirmation Taylor! There’s your confirmation Barf fans!!! hahahahahahaha!!! Leo was never no where near that dear I say traaammp!!!

  • anon

    Leo and Lukas. True Love. Forever & Ever.

  • Taylor

    Leonardo Dicaprio,Dane Cook & Jeremy Piven all out in #yyc tonight!Could this be a repeat of Thursday night? Look out #Calgary 6:24 PM Nov 21st from web It seems Piven & Leo went to Dane Cook’s show!

    The tweet from @banffhotel on Monday, November 23, in the morning said: Leonardo DiCaprio in Kananaskis filming Inception. He was also spotted shopping in Banff’s Cascade plaza!Even the stars love Banff – nice.

  • Amy

    @Taylor: Thanks Taylor! You’re a godsent!!!

  • Ronnie

    @anon: Lukas is better looking & smarter than Bar and also American not a thick pushy Israeli that use Leo for her career. Lukas is a true friend NOT like the biittch. Big smile from Leo because he got rid of this biiittch and rumors!!! Thanks Jared for this update!

  • Crapio is std infected

    The same psycho biotch posts like 90% of the hater comments here. What else does the psycho biotch do besides stalk Bar and Leo day and night? Get a life! I take that back because it’s obvious that the insane asylum is your life!

    Btw Crapio is definately back with Bar. Now the pyscho biotch and french, probably the same person, can jump off a bridge. People who have social lives wouldn’t care but social rejects like you do.

    #42; WTF! You must have no friends. Breaking news; Leo just farted minutes ago! LOSERS!

  • @45

    Honestly how do you know that he is definitely back with Bar?

  • Amy

    @Crapio is std infected: Caprio is definitely NOT together with Barfie! You get a life! lol

  • Mary Happy

    Does he still hang out with Tobey and David Blaine?

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    WOW! creazy people!!!!!!!!! WHY you are sooooooo mad when someone say that they back together??????? its Leo’s life, NOT HIS “FAN’S”!!!!!!!! you dont even care that much about Leo, you just REALLY hates Bar and want to see her fallin’ down!!!!!!! SAD!!!
    you can keep say as much as you want that they are not together, but only time will tell us if the rumors are true!!!!!!!
    and by the way, anyone can write on Twitter that he sew Leonarde Dicaprio!!! lol

  • Far Side

    @Lisa rose: Time wont tell anything! Time has more important things to do than worry about Leo Ex Heeerpes Lover! Time knows Leo is done with this trick!