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50 Cent Carries $25,000 In Cash 'Just In Case'

50 Cent Carries $25,000 In Cash 'Just In Case'

50 Cent stops by The Tyra Show on an episode airing Tuesday (December 1) to talk about his new CD, book, movie and cologne.

The 34-year-old rapper shared what it was like to film a nude scene in his upcoming movie and revealed a wad of cash in his back pocket! 50 said that he carries $25,000 in cash on him at all times “just in case something happens.”

“I like to have cash on me because it feels like I have money,” he shared.

For more from 50, including what Tyra said to make him do a spit take on the show, don’t miss The Tyra Show TODAY at 4 p.m. on the CW!

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  • breezybot


  • Whoever

    In other words he likes to be robbed? Now I see why he pay more than 1 million for security a year! Lucky bastard… I would love to carry 25 grand in my pocket!

  • nat

    That is TMI. For safety issues, you keep that kind of information to yourself.

  • Lowest denominator

    Why make the announcement of how much he carries?
    He obviously STILL needs validation, even after all of the millions he’s made.

  • Anonymous

    So when he gets jacked for his $25K, I hope he isn’t surprised. Fool.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree, lowest denominator. Such a poser he is.

  • He can’t grow a brain

    What a moron. He will be bankrupt in a few years, guaranteed.

  • red ginger

    He is a fool.

  • zzzz

    Flaunting your cash and how rich you are is never cool, especially during a recession. What a douche. I don’t think he is smart enough to understand what a million dollars is, that you can run through it and be broke very easily.

  • Cj

    I Donno what is worse 50cent flaunting himself or Tyra’s Stupid face…Uhh!!

  • chase m.

    this dude is asking to get robbed!

  • Cristobal


  • Hmm

    I highly doubt 50 is dumb enough to carry that much money, and not have bodyguards. I also doubt he’ll be broke…the man is a businessman, he may be a douche, but he knows what he’s doing money wise.

  • anne

    thats more than I make a year!

  • Bellie

    what a loser telling that to the world. Honestly.

  • anne

    this is more than I make a year!!!

  • LuckyL

    What a f*cking dumba**. Guess he wants to get shot up a second time.

  • mimi

    He’s an idiot!!! First, for coming on tv and making that announcement. And for carrying THAT much money. A few grand, I have no problem with that. But $25k, is just plain stupid.

  • All Women Stalker

    Bail money in case he gets into trouble from the moment he wakes up until he hits the bed?


  • pearl

    KING OF DOUCHEBAG CITY: 50 cent..poor him,now his doing everything he can to promote his floped album….thats wat you get,people get tired of douches sooner or later..

  • Whoever

    Im watching the interview now and he is adorable! I love his persona

  • Jules

    Just a another unintelligent thug.

  • Whoever

    Jules shutup! And I am so mad that Tyra the cheapo just volunteered to give away 500 of his dollars! She wouldn’t dare do that to her own $500!

  • Big Bethany

    Wow he is really rich!

  • dundies

    is that like bailout money? lol

  • diane

    well you can tell he is not far removed from the ghetto. very tacky

  • jaye

    Telling people that he carries that much cash around, was totally unnecessary. Yeah, we get it that you have money like that. Try getting a brain. Sheesh. lol@ him carrying bail money.

  • jayden

    I highly doubt that fifty will get robbed. In order for him to get robbed he would have to enter an inner city neighborhood of get caught somewhere. Fifty is too smart of a guy to get caught like that, and yeah the money is prob for those instances where you need to bail out one of your entourage members. But that’s part of being young, black and rich in the rap game, you live like a dangerous king.

    I cant hate, he made his money and is enjoying himself. Its good to see a brotha who made it out in the rap game with some cash in his pocket. I can respect his hustle, I wish I had that type of money.

    I hear a lot of jealousy on these boards its almost comical. I’m not a hater so i don’t hate on another persons hustle but fif always been a smart dude when it came to money compared to the other idiots in rap and sports.

    The more i read about my dude right here the more i have grown to like him.

  • What a moron!

    @zzzz: Agreed with you. People said, empty can always made a big sounds but those cans fulls of loads will never made a little noise. Same like moron here, talked big is always full of shit…. He is nothing without Eminem… At least Eminem dont show off how much money he’s got… mORON

  • http://justjared vandality

    4 all u haters stop hate’ n & get u some , agree his personal is’nt every 1′s BR but other wize stop HATE ‘N , lol @ that s!!! by yo dam self !

  • lakers fan in boston

    and dude says he’s a smart
    who carries that much cash
    no wonder he always has security tagging along
    as much as i h8 him, i cant h8 on him for being rich, it just goes against my beliefs
    so keep making that money f’er

  • James

    U know this country and dollar are going down when a monkey walks around with that kind of money! It will all be worthless paper soon!

  • theodore

    The man has money, no need to hate on him. And for all of you who think he is going to be broke in the near future, think again. He owns several multi-million dollar companies that continue to rise. Besides, who would want to rob 50 cent and get clapped up.