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Adam Lambert: Cody is a Cutie!

Adam Lambert: Cody is a Cutie!

Adam Lambert flirted online with one of his male fans from Florida on Twitter — but he didn’t mean to do it publicly!

The 27-year-old American Idol vet was responding to fan Cody‘s tweet, which said, “You need to make a YouTube channel of your own.”

In what he thought was a private message, Adam wrote, “You have a great smile [in your profile picture]. Caught my eye as I was reading the twats. :) How’s Florida?”

Adam soon caught on, deleted his tweet and wrote, “Woops. :) Buuusted.”

Soon after, he also deleted that tweet and wrote, “…For your entertainment??” What a tease! Yes, Adam, for our entertainment!!! (For Your Entertainment is the name of Adam‘s new album, in stores now.)

FYI: Adam broke up with his last boyfriend, interior designer Drake LaBry, back in October.

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  • Erica

    :: eye roll ::

  • MaryFrances


  • Sam

    How cute! Adam is so funny. <3

  • http://deleted Sam

    Though, I don’t think there was a reason to post a news story about it. Adam obviously deleted the tweet for a reason. haha

  • Kendra

    Adam is a tool.

  • mayer

    Yeahh ADAM is a TOOL. Pooor him

  • Susie

    These tweets were not from Adam. They came from a twitter account labelled as “adamllambert” with two “L”‘s. Not many followers. It was not legit. You need to check your facts. Someone is playing games. The bogus account has now been deleted.

  • elohel

    twitter fail! i love it. oh, adam. :)

  • Kendra

    Sorry Susie. Nice try. There may be a phony account but this little exchange was the real Adam’s account.

  • Celle

    LOL. That made me laugh so hard. I can’t believe stuff like this makes the ~”news”. Go get it Adam!

  • Kelli

    Aw Adam is such a cutie

  • Susie

    This is the bogus account:

    You need to delete this news story or issue a correction.

  • SajiNoKami

    3 hours. that is the length of time this took to be just jared… insane.

  • Susie

    Sorry, Kendra, it was bogus. Look at the replies on Twitter to @adamllambert. Indicates it came from there.

  • GlamBaby

    Adam is such a cutie and Cody is hot!

  • Glambvis

    Can’t Adam have any privacy at all. How did you get them were they given to you or do you follow his Twitter?

  • Kendra

    Screencaps Susie, note the one “L”

    Now go defend Adam somewhere else. Stop making excuses for him.

  • Alice

    This story is real
    and Adam follows Cody
    I love his smile too
    this is so funny Adam can’t even flirt in peace! :)

  • Lenny

    So this is where this generation is going. Oh well.

  • lol

    @Kendra: Urm what world do you live on? Adam’s hilarious and a total sweetheart. He’s like a fun, crazy teacher watch his backstage vids.

  • Pole On Trans

    Who tries to pick up guys on twitter? What an idiot. Adam is always about drama. Go find yourself a man Adam…gee you sound so desperate.

  • KL

    Slow news days Just Jared?

  • Immi, 23

    I just watched his Ellen interview lol, he’s adorable.

    Oh and this guy that got complimented thinks he’s famous now lmao, silly boy.

  • Kiki

    Glambvis – Explain how a person hitting on a guy on a PUBLIC social network deserves privacy? LMAO

  • oh

    Just Jared you are so lame

  • Tammy

    now he is trying to pck up arse on Twitter…so reminds me of the Clay Aiken ordeal. What a douche this guy has turned out to be!

  • Cody

    @Susie: It was the real Adam, the one with only “one” “L” his is name, Adam and I both deleted our tweets. YOU check your facts

  • ha

    @Pole On Trans: Pick up on guys? All Adam did was compliment him like he does ever girl and guy. He didn’t get complimented when he was younger. There’s a reason Megan said, “Adam makes me feel beautiful, always” LOL if Angelina Jolie complimented you over Twitter you’d be jerking off mate

  • JET

    @Tammy: 3 guesses what the censored word in your comment is. Adam is a really, really nice guy and f-n funny. People like you are such toolbags. LOL @ the Clay Aiken mention lmaaaaaaaaao

  • rofl

    This dude that got complimented is now having a twitter party lmfaaaaaaao he thinks he’s famous

  • Dammon

    @susie hahah you dummy. lol @cody you tell her i’m standing behind you. i saw it all haha. these people obviously have no life. totally said this totally said it..

  • woah

    Cody’s smile looks like Adam’s friend Cassidy’s I thought it was him at first

  • glamster

    Disgusting Picking up people on twitter!!

  • Dammon

    @rofl: he’s actually not having a party idiots like you are creating the party and causing drama and making something bigger than it needs to be ugh..

  • haha

    aw lol i just looked at the guy’s twitter, he’s actually sweet. he’s just answering questions for his own amusement

  • Cody

    @haha: sadly… Twitter said I am over my allotment of tweets… only 1,000 a day… what’s that? :( sorry to leave everybody hanging

  • busted

    lmfaaaaaao i love twitter fails

  • ott

    @glamster: Picking up people? You sound like a a bigoted drama queen LOL

  • ummm

    The Cody guy’s not having a “Twitter party” his @replies got flooded, people are just messing with him for fun. Why do Americans make everything bigger than it is.

  • ET

    The Adam on Ellen clip is up on ET, ugh I love him. And Amen to what Ellen said.

  • lambert is a nasty hustler

    lambert is nasty…. he’s reduced now to trolling twitter for gay pieces of azzzz… just like clay aiken. this dude is a colossal joke, and the sooner his 15 minutes are up, the better. he is a disgrace to american idol, and they show just how tacky and greedy and manipulative they are in trying to prop him up to be the next big thing… the media has been willing accomplices in this farce, and get no passes from me… adam has been revealed for the whole world to see – he is a shallow, nasty, irresponsible, immature selfish prima donna who thinks his shit don’t stink. picking up guys on twitter – how edgy and original lamebert.

  • lambert is a nasty hustler


    when will you deluded sparkle cows wake up to adam’s game… he is a lowlife hustler, who hustled you all on idol, took all your money on tour, and in shelling out for that monstrosity of a cd, and has shown himself to be all about controversy, drama and shock value – not the music. this is him, he is trolling for azzz on twitter like a common slut, and that makes him no better than clay aiken, who did much the same. he is disgusting, and this poor me act is just that – he knows he’s effed up royally, and now comes the tears and the poor mouth. not fooled by any of it, neither is america, you sparkle cows can go eff yourselves with these predictably lame excuses for this immature asshole.

  • hold up peeps

    Uh, I’m sure social net working sites were made so people can get to meet others to, ya know… hook up. Get a life if you’re criticizing this guy for acting like a dude and thinking with his prick.

  • Viz

    Now he’s trolling for quickies on twitter….desperate much???? Yet another sign that he’s the next Clay Aiken…remember Clay’s “adventures” online????? Ew.

  • Hummer

    Just like any other former AI, he’ll get his face time and disappear like nobody’s business. Let’s face it. America isn’t ready for a flamboyant gay man become the mainstream of pop/rock culture.

  • Pandora

    Hmmm…I must be missing something. Adam thought a guy had a nice smile, so he Tweeted to that effect. Whether done in private (or thought to be), or public ,it’s considered a sin to tell someone you thought they were attractive? Oh. Okay. I guess I have a lot to learn. As to him “flirting” (I don’t think telling someone they’re cute is flirting), he’s a single guy. You people make much over nothing simply because you look for any excuse to critique this guy.

  • Jill

    Awww – that is so cute! Never change Adam. :)

  • Frank

    Seriously, you just have to pray for the people who feel the need to rant and hate on EVERY single article about Adam.

    And after you pray, proceed to hope they die in a fire. Screaming the whole time.

  • Viz

    @Pandora…people don’t need to look for “excuses”, Madame is giving everyone plenty of reasons to LOL @him. I really thought he had potential until he made a spectacle of himself on the AMA’s.

  • lilyx

    OMFG. Such MF’n double standards! If it was a guy on twitter who told a girl she had a nice smile- nobody would say a word. Because it’s Adam and he’s gay people think they have the right to make rude comments and JARED, you need to grow up.