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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Dolce Date Night

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Dolce Date Night

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie leave La Dolce Vita Restaurant after having dinner together in Beverly Hills on Monday (November 31).

The couple was there to support pal George Clooney, who hosted an after-party for the premiere of his film Up in the Air.

It was recently reported that Angelina, 34, and Brad, 45, gave $6.8 million to charities in 2008.

Most of it was given through the couple’s Jolie-Pitt Foundation which helped organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Armed Services YMCA, and Global Health. In addition, some support went to Brad‘s own Make It Right Foundation which is helping to rebuild New Orleans.

The couple also donated $1 million to various causes in Cambodia, Maddox‘s home country.

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  • releka

    Love it!!!!!

  • lurking

    Am I first???
    They looked great, good to see they spend time on themselves!!!!!!

  • an oldie

    Yeah, love them,

  • lurking

    Releka, You beat me to it!!!

  • avie

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I love that color on her!!

  • JenHagsSUCK

    Look and learn, people. This is indeed how its done – here’s the visual. Take a leaf out of the Book of Brad and Angie – you never legitimize unfair criticism by responding to it – that merely gives the critic what he/she/it really wants, which is an acknowledgement from you that you recognize that they exist.
    B&A will never respond to the latest parasite currently riding their fame because that will only make the parasite believe that it has any effect whatsoever on the life of these two people. The parasite doesnt have any effect on the life of B &A.
    Showbiz is full of parasites. Think of the parasitical bacteria that live on your skin (and which you cant see). Do you go around trying to pick them off you? Of course not. They do their thing, you do yours.
    However, while you can live without the parasite, they cant live without you. Watch the latest parasite disappear when B & A decide NOT to feed it.

  • lalalola

    ohhh.. !! realy love em’! brad looks sooooo damn hot, angelina lookin so beauTY in colours.. it been so long since da last tyme she wore colours.. xoxo…love u both!
    btw jared, do we have 31 NOVEMBER??? hehe



    … and GOD bless the Jolie-Pitt fans too!

  • lalalola

    love brad n angelina!

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Angie is toooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

  • Angelina hates Obama

    Terrible outfits on both of them. Her pants plus the lights make it look like she gained 40 pounds on her lower half. Her hair still looks frizzy and thin. But for once she wears color. Brad: where should I start? the beard, the shoes, the hat, ugh… Angelina really sucked the sexiness out of him.

  • neer

    It’s so romantic to see them having “daddy & mommy time” alone once in a while.

  • Orchid

    I love that blouse! It’s the kind I would snap up if I saw it somwwhere.

  • Orchid


  • Angelina is the BEST

    Angie is simply the best.
    I like her outfit. The color suits her!

  • dawne

    Just when I think she cannot get any more beautiful……….drum roll……here she is in that gorgeous chartreuse; this is a woman who looks so fulfilled and so she should; the proud mama of six fantastic kids and loved up by Brad Pitt every day. What a great response to the weekend of filth from the pond scum IH. Like JHS said in a previous post, this is benchmark for how to respond to such parasitical intrusion.

    Now Hags compare these pics of Angie with the two Morrocan morons……someone should take the photo of x, putrid and insert this one of Angie…….or just x and Angie……….

  • fresh

    Love them. Not really a fan of her pants but she looks great otherwise.

  • elisa

    cute its good see how they spend time together without their childrens for a while
    always good for a couple and even moore if you had 6 kids

    and by the way brad please… please shave !!!

  • http://www Perfect Couple

    Ange and Brad are a match made in heaven.
    God bless them and their family.


    BTW, Angie is picture perfect. Lucky Brad!

  • neer

    Brad is always a gentleman, very protective of his lady who happens to be his one & only soul mate. This couple, who treats each other “THE love” of each other’s life & not just “a love”, seems to not care of the tabloid news about them. They just go on with their lives together & have a happy family. As what they say, the best revenge is to live well.

  • skeletina

    wow, color,,,,,,,,,,, all her black must be in the hamper

  • lurker

    Angie is lovely in this color. Very romantic night for Brad and Angie. Ignore these jealous trolls who can’t wait for the new Brad and Angie’s thread to post their jealousy.

  • receding hairline

    Auugh, If ever someone needed bangs

  • an oldie

    I love it that Brad and Angelina go on living their life the way they want to. Wished the workers at the iceskating ring had taken the kids pictures.

  • um

    Love them

  • Lookin’ Tubby

    Brad has manboobs.

  • http://jsutjared Love and Prayers

    A couple that dines together stays together.

  • john

    These two are themost genereous couple in hollywood. I’m happy they got some mom and dad time.

  • CT

    Angie’s wearing loose baggy clothing so you can’t see her bones.

  • justin


  • EAT

    Angie’s giant bugged-out eyes and pale pasty skin make her fit right in with her refugees.


    I miss watching Angie in the movies. Can’t wait for SALT.

  • http://yahoo Angelina is BLOOMING!

    Angelina is BLOOMING!
    Too beautiful for words. Porcelain doll!

  • dolly

    beautiful couple

  • alexanderina

    They look great. Love Angie’s shirt

  • Boom Boom PAU#16

    Angelina is freaking gorgeous!! I love what she has on here. To anyone who has compared this woman to Rachel Bilpooo??? YOU SUCK!!!

  • somerset

    @PR Machine at it: While I agree that these two are highly adept at p.r. manipulations, I don’t believe they’re breaking-up. Yes, this date night was most likely strategically planned to convey the message that they are still very much together. Under the circumstances, this “preemptive strike” seems logical.

  • karen

    Haters are pissed.. they want them to hide out.. well suck it bit@hes.. they are together and seem quite happy.. I love the shirt don’t like the pants, but with that face what difference does it make what she wears.. Flawless in every sense..

    She is glowing and Brad is … well h ell he is Brad Pitt..

    So glad to see them.. Missed them a lot.. This is how you do it.. that is right. Live you life and the haters will loose their minds.. LOVE IT SO..


    What a gorgeous couple … and they have gorgeous kids too.

  • star

    she needs to eat a cheeseburger he needs to have a good shave

  • mslewis

    @JenHagsSUCK: HAHAHAHAHAHA ….. You are so right on!!! Every star should read the “book” of Brad and Angie. Never let them see you or hear you upset; never let them know that you know; ignore, ignore, ignore!!! Then, go to a restaurant where you know someone in the restaurant will call the paps and you will be seen, in a beautiful colored outfit, holding hands with your man and the picture will go out all over the world and STILL you won’t acknowledge that you know what THEY are saying.

    God, I love these two!!! So smart, so classy, SO POWERFUL!!

  • babe_luv_ya


  • Some Bunny

    Thanks for a positive posting on the Jolie Pitts here on JJ!! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt look totally gorgeous and happy as a couple. Not breaking up anytime soon. Brad proves to be the man in hollywood that can actually grow some hair on his face! And I so love that blouse Angelina’s wearing. This site just made my day, i was not having a good one until now. Now I am feeling the love.. Yes Angelina and Brad’s love for one another makes me smile, because they are doing beautiful things together with that love and that is true and lovely.

  • lmao

    They look horrid, They have to put on their act she has her movie coming soon and lets not forget about that great book on shelfs today. Make sure to grab your copy! And learn just how sly they are getting the PR that they thrive.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh my, it’s about time. Thanks JJ. I have read it later got to go for work.

  • angie fan

    No matter what they do people will believe what they want and Brad and Angie know that. Reality is they care what thee fans think and this show is for us. Thank you JP’s. Wishing you well .

  • Danielle

    They look so good together

  • Courtney

    @Angelina hates Obama: I totally agree , he looks like a scruffy ( haven’t bathed in a while) frenchman and she looks like she stole some curtains from a old disco club and sewed it together. These two are tacky..

  • mmsic

    OMG,they’re still together? I thought stupid,idiot Ian Hyperbole said they’re gonna break up.Guess,ian is eating his words now.Great to see them go out and enjoy by themselves.Angie,as usual is looking so dainty.

  • jordan

    They look great !