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Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Thanksgiving Together?

Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Thanksgiving Together?

Star magazine reports that Jude Law and Sienna Miller shared Thanksgiving evening together at Manhattan’s Emporio restaurant, splitting pizza and a $350 bottle of wine!

The two British actors, who are both currently starring in Broadway productions, are said to have arrived at the Italian restaurant after midnight and declined a private table in the back.

Both Sienna and Jude‘s reps have denied reports that they’re back together again, but an insider told Star that the two were touchy-feely at dinner.

“They came in holding hands,” the source said. “They only had eyes for each other.”

Jude, who paid the bill and left a $100 tip, reportedly left in the same car as Sienna.

The couple broke off their engagement together in 2006.

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  • pup

    I like them together. Though he’s a tool and she’s a sLut. Shrug.



  • Kate

    Sienna loves Jude Law.
    Jude Law still loves Sienna.
    I like them together.

  • oy

    Why is she dressed like Tinkerbell?

  • puppylover

    I love the dress

  • Linea_Pelle

    ah I love Sienna Miller, she’s so pretty!
    Back when Sienna was together with Jude,
    Sienna had good career.
    Please Sienna, leave Getty with his wife
    Sienna + Jude = perfect couple! <3

  • Nic

    best couple! Im really happy for them!What is it to do with muslims?

  • karlifahlman

    I was mad at Jude Law
    He’s such an idiot for cheating on that prime lady!

  • Sapphire

    they were spotted @ Balthazar NYC! finally they back together

  • JJ

    Great News!!

  • JJ

    But pictures or you’re lying……

  • Amy

    great news!

  • 23s4e

    sienna deserves to be happy. even jude is a douche bag. they still make sucha cute couple

  • HSM

    if they’re happy together, which they seem to be, I’m very happy for them. they still seem to love each other and have a lot in common, I’m not surprised they’re together

  • natt

    Gosh, please tell me the source is genuine! Because it would be wonderful for Sienna not to be a home wrecker beyotch!

  • 18

    JL what a lucky dude, he got sienna miller back
    she’s hot in GI JOE

  • 18

    @Nic: yes best couple, they’re my favorite couple too!
    Love them



  • Pole

    Awful news. These two aren’t good for each other at all. He needs to get his shit together now that hos carrer is picking up speed – he doesn’t need to hook up with the trainwreck :(

  • Celebwatcher

    I don’t believe this for one second. There might be bumping but Sienna is much smarter than forming a relationship w/ this loser.

  • teri

    Are you kidding me? Sienna is a washed-up tired loser with no career left to speak of. She’d eat a bowl of used cat litter to get back with him. Problem is that she is now and always will be a attention-seeking famewhore who needs to be in the news every ten seconds and shares EVERY detail about her private life. Jude hates being in the press. That is an obstacle that they will never get over.

    He needs to run away from this drugged out party girl homewrecker.

  • Emily

    Sienna was searching for happiness no matter what haters had to say. She ended up being hurt by Jude, but she still loves him, no matter what.
    I kinda figured this was gonna happen sooner or later.
    Sienna is too good for Jude Law (you know his behaviour). on the other hand I admit they do make an adorable couple, go Sienna&Jude.

  • Like It

    I like them together! Hope it works out. They’ve both been through a lot of relationships so they should know what they want out of one by now. If they are still drawn together after everything and all this time, then they must truly love one another. Best Wishes.

  • Emily

    how do you know they aren’t good for each other? you’re not a cupid or god of matchmaker. Let’s see what will happen between them. A man like Jude Law should be thank that Sienna still loves him.

  • LolaSvelt

    They didn’t spend Thanksgiving together because they’re not AMERICAN.

  • Emily

    @Like It: yes, they must truly ove each other. I don’t like Jude anymore but I would give them best wishes. They are such an perfect couple.

  • thatgirl

    Lots of Sienna love here. Where are the Jude-lovers..??

    After all that’s happened for these two since they split: the disastrous hook-ups (kim stewart) and embarrassing tabloid exposure (her numerous boy toys including getty, his baby mama samantha burke) – I can’t say I’m surprised they’ve found each other again. I never thought I’d say this and I think it’s kinda sad, but maybe they deserve each other. I love the guy but he’s obviously lonely and she’s still trying to get some traction on her career. Sienna, it’s never a good idea to go back to a guy who cheated on you.

    Anyway, good luck to ‘em…they’re gonna need it. Let the media circus begin again…. but does anybody even care anymore?

  • dolorescraegt

    since no one on this board knows jude law personally it still amazes me how they try to infiltrate a person’s life and character. the media is out always to scandalize and destroy people’s lives not knowing the true circumstrances. jude has made mistakes like everyone else on this board . he’s judged by a couple of incidents in his life where he used bad judgement and that makes him knowable to everyone on this board. i’ll tell you what…i wish the best for jude whatever his choices. i don’t wish anything bad to anyone….not to any of you on this board and certainly not to this lovely talented actor. if he wants to have dinner with sienna miller or donald duck…..that’s his business not ours. good luck to you jude…with sherlock holmes and congratulations on hamlet…it is a huge success..

  • chloexxgirlthing

    They hav been in love (forever) – and it’s beautiful to see. They r soulmates.
    they r soooooo cute together………LUV THEM TOGETHER.
    Sienna Miller is pretty and fashion goddess! I LUV her style.

  • Michelle

    goooooood. love them. I want them back together

  • Rachel

    God I love Sienna Miller, I love her in Factory Girl. Such a great actress.
    If theyre together Im very happy for them! If not… doesnt matter, but they should be :D maybe they tired from this whole superfame thing and the broadway run… I would love to see them as a couple.

  • getreal

    HAHA cum on people! I think they’re just hangin out. I dont see pictures.
    you are guys really funny.

  • jen

    He’s ugly and not aging well — I don’t understand the appeal. Sienna is beautiful girl. why Sienna? you can find better man.

  • cannotstandthem

    For once I like what she’s wearing. Doesn’t suit her plain pastie face, though. Notice the spray tan legs. They’re both sk*anks so deserve each other.

  • sofia

    She’s ugly and not aging well- I don’t understand the appeal. Jude is beautiful boy. Why Jude? you can find better woman. LOL

  • protection

    Jude and Sienna say… “sex*ual diseases of the world unite”!


    Stop being jealous. If you wanna say stuff about ugly people, why don’t you look at the mirror? If you like Sl*ttiena Milkshaker, let her be happy with the one she adores. End of story.

  • Erin

    I think they deserve each other!


    @protection: Jude and Sienna say… “sex*ual diseases of the world unite”!

  • Samantha Burke

    oh Jude my dear, please visit our little Sophia. She needs you here.
    with love,
    Samantha Burke – the official golddigger & jude’s mistress in Florida


    all they need is SEX-SEX-SEX-SEX-SEX and SEX
    SEX IS IN THE AIR. Let’s see if there is baby #5 for Jude Law. Can’t wait this homewreck*r getting pregnant.

  • Tasha

    For heaven’s sakes, she was spotted with Getty at a spa in NYC recently. She and Getty never split up. Why do you think she and Jude declined a private table.? Jude is covering for her ongoing relationship with Getty. At this point, she and Jude are old friends. Nothing is going on there.

  • katie

    I always thought these two made a great couple and thought it was shame that they broke up (when Jude slept with the nanny)

  • n.o.l.a

    they deserve each other. great news.

  • Sandy

    Frankly I don’t really give a damn about sIENNA – iF you really followed
    her career from the beginning you would know she owes every bit of it to Jude and yes at one time they were very much in love and then she was so interested onkly in herself she cheated on him right after they were engaged and that’s what caused the breakiup with disasstrous
    results that last for more than two years. It was full of lies on her side
    and nearly ruined his career. But Jude has too much to offer and is too fine an actor so gradually he suilt back to this pinnacle of his career presently HAMLET. iT’S BEE A TERRIBLY HARD YEAR REHEARSING AND DOING EIGHT SHOWS A WEEK OF SHOWS
    THEM IN nYC.

    As anyone kno9ws ho ha aced the aftermath of the death of a spouse or a divorce or the breakup of a loving relationship – it’s lonely and not
    very pleasant. A great receipe for getting in trouble. Jude is all too
    human and hashad his share of the good and the bad. Based on
    sIENNA’S past performance I would say I hope likie Hell this is a friendly tike of just being with siomeone from home. It’s been too quiet for Sienna that usually means she is up to some mischeif.

    How do Iknow all this? For ten years I have folowed Jude’s career and
    watched eveything I spoke about and I have met him and know that
    he is the kindest and sweetest person but life is not always a bowl of
    cherries and he certainly gets hounded by the paps far more than his share. He hates them and I doubt that will ever change much.

    Lastly I will believe it when I see a picture of them really together – no
    tricks with the camera. It will be when he wants the world to know he is with someone. Not when the press wants to circulate a story to make mon.ey. I never write anything about anyone tht I do not have some kind of proof about and when they say “my sources say” and do
    not name the source or periodial it is from it’s is 99% of the time a lie.

  • Jen

    I don’t think Jude Law is going to go down that road again. Maybe they’re seeing each other as friends, maybe they have something casual going on, but I don’t think he’ll ever get serious with her again.

    Both of them cheated when they were together and since then Jude Law has cemented his name as one of the finest actors in Britain and Sienna’s career has floundered. Of course she’s doing everything she can to get back into Jude’s good graces, he helped her to her career in the first place. Would Sienna be known at all if she hadn’t been first Law’s girlfriend and then his fiance? Probably not.

    Now she’s trying to repair her career after having a very public affair with a married man (who was spotted with her in New York a few weeks ago by the way) and being seen with Jude will probably help her with that.

  • Pole

    @Emily: It’s OBVIOUS that they aren’t good for each. He cheated on her – first sign that they’re not good together. Also she loves the pap- and tabloid attention – he hates it. He says he wants to put focus on his work and his children – she has several times said she needed to be a little selfish. You can’t be selfish when you’re in a relationship with a partner who has children.

    Either way “a man like Jude Law should be happy that Sienna still loves him”?! She’s a skank who’s carrer is tanking and who has cheated on Rhys Ifans and helped break up a marriage. She’s hadly a prize IMO. HE could do a lot better than getting back with her. IF they are in fact getting back together I predict a public circus ending with another breakup and lots of whining by Sienna to the press.

  • A

    Sisi’s wet fu*kin’ dream: Getty-> Sisi Sisi <-Getty
    ’4′ must be a lucky number

  • A

    Sisi’s wet fu*kin’ dream: Getty->SisiSisi<-Getty
    ’4′ must be a lucky number

  • A

    .Sisi’s wet fu*kin’ dream: Getty->SisiSisi<-Getty