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Reese Witherspoon: La Petite Maison Marvelous

Reese Witherspoon: La Petite Maison Marvelous

A camera-shy Reese Witherspoon leaves La Petite Maison restaurant in London just after 11 p.m. on Monday (November 30) before heading back to her hotel.

The 33-year-old actress, whose rep confirmed is still dating Jake Gyllenhaal despite breakup rumors, is in town to host a press conference at the House of Commons on Wednesday (December 2).

As an Avon global ambassador, Reese will encourage people to sign a petition as part of the Four Ways Campaign, asking the government to provide more services for domestic violence victims.

20+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon dining at La Petite Maison…

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reese witherspoon la petite maison 01
reese witherspoon la petite maison 02
reese witherspoon la petite maison 03
reese witherspoon la petite maison 04
reese witherspoon la petite maison 05
reese witherspoon la petite maison 06
reese witherspoon la petite maison 07
reese witherspoon la petite maison 08
reese witherspoon la petite maison 09
reese witherspoon la petite maison 10
reese witherspoon la petite maison 11
reese witherspoon la petite maison 12
reese witherspoon la petite maison 13
reese witherspoon la petite maison 14
reese witherspoon la petite maison 15
reese witherspoon la petite maison 16
reese witherspoon la petite maison 17
reese witherspoon la petite maison 18
reese witherspoon la petite maison 19
reese witherspoon la petite maison 20

Photos: Focus/WENN
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  • Anon.

    She looks jet-lagged! Its hard to look glamorous when cameras are flashing in your face. If she wore sunglasses, they would say she was being snotty. Guess that luggage some paparazzi saw outside her house was for a trip to London. LOL!!!

  • Reese’s snarl

    Witherspoon selling Avon perfumes in London.

  • fauxmance

    Reese Witherspoon never dated Jake Gyllenhaal, she just signed the fauxmance contract.

  • Liz86000

    Poor girl. These rumors must be hard…

  • Jake G

    What rumors? LOL

  • Big Beth

    I think she dumped him over thanxgiving

  • dnw

    She looks gaunt.

  • fakers and phonies

    Reese Witherspoon can’t dump FAKE boyfriend,
    she can only terminate her showmance contract with Gyllenhaal.

  • lexy

    Oh please – why is it any woman dating an attractive man in Hollywood is gay?? I bet we wouldn’t see these “gay” claims if she dated Seth Rogan for some reason I bet he’s not thought to be gay!
    She’s probably just tired – she has 2 kids, a successful acting career and this endorsement deal plus her charity work. Who wouldn’t be tired??

  • julie

    Even if he is straight I still think this relationship was created by their “teams” to make her look relevant and desirable and he needed to shed some gay rumors. I don’t believe this was ever true love always. I can’t imagine what her kids think of her. They must be starting to catch on to the fact that it is all for show.

  • Jo

    She is tired after doing 1 movie a year, and because she has 2 kids??! BTW she gets paid millions for the “charity” work she does. But I suppose keeping a fake relationship with a gay bf can be tiresome!

  • Lexi

    Not to mention that she probably doesn’t do any laundry, cook or clean, put on her own makeup or fix her hair. Exhausting!

  • izzy

    Don’t those kids spend 95% of their time with the father or her nanny?

  • lexy

    Check again – there are plenty of pics ON THIS SITE of Reese with her kids and she doesn’t make one movie a year – that’s their father! Do you think J-Lo takes care of her kids and changes dirty diapers? Reese a much more hands on mother!
    And you KNOW Jake is gay b/c you did him and will post the video on YouTube or go on Oprah with the video and love letters Jake wrote to you? Reese has been one of the highest paid and most in demand actresses in HW – she doesn’t need to date anyone to increase her celebrity status. You must have her confused with Rachel Bilson! Nor does Jake – he’s a critically acclaimed and popular actor.

  • Annie

    They are so perfect together!

  • x17 on the street

    Yeah the 5% they are with their mother they are being photographed so stans like you will go ballistic if anyone so much as suggests that Reese Witherspoon is not a saint.

    LOL! You are such a loser.

  • Donna

    “Reese has been one of the highest paid and most in demand actresses in HW -” Oh really? is that why she has done crappy rom coms one after another?? and yes, one a year is about it too. Then there is “Penelope” & “Rendition” but we won’t even go there…!!
    Jake is so Toothy Tile. Haha!

  • Please

    Marvelous? That chin gets pointier by the day. Charity work? She gets paid millions a year by Avon to sell their crappy make up and perfumes and she does some personal appearances for them as a result. Reese’s favorite charity is herself. Funny how when she couldn’t schedule any photo ops for a few months and no tabloid had anything to say about her, she suddenly has some supposed break up with her fake boyfriend and low and behold her picture got taken again and gossip rags and sites are talking about her. What a coincedence.

  • Pattycake

    #18, brace yourself. If Abbie Cornish starts to get nominated for awards for her performance in “Bright Star” (and if there’s any validity to the awards, she will) then expect the little blonde princess to try to hi-jack the press. She’s not very subtle.

  • Halli


    Agreed. Reese is a control freak. She’s angry her looks are gone and she’s looking haggard lately. Its just gonna get worse.

  • Pattycake

    @Halli: I won’t go so far as to say that her looks are “gone.” She’s not the cute little girl she once was. But time does that to us all. You can either get surgery, “treatments”, or are lucky enough to age well into maturity. She is not . And the only surgery I notice that she’s had was to have the buccal pads taken out of her cheeks which has exaggerated her pointy chin. (Note to Reese, have them replaced.) Yeah, it’s gonna get worse because she is powerful in the industry and has the ear of powerful people. Wasn’t that the point of the fauxmance? I scratch your back if you scratch mine, Disney?

  • kenortega

    I don’t think that even that repeated direct shots of my protein to Reese face could cure it of its haggardness. Despite the Oscar. she is still a lacklustre actress. And that chin….. well Family Guy spoofed it best.

  • lakers fan in boston

    not her best pics
    i mean most girls dont look great without makeup either
    she looks shorter than usual tho
    as much as i like her, i kinda believe some of the rumors going around