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Rihanna: Photo Leaks Were 'Humiliating' and 'Embarrassing'

Rihanna: Photo Leaks Were 'Humiliating' and 'Embarrassing'

Rihanna visits Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show on KIIS FM in Hollywood on Tuesday (December 1) and takes a photo with a lucky fan.

Earlier, the 21-year-old Barbados beauty spoke about her nude photos being leaked earlier this year to NYC radio station Hot 97 and called it “humiliating.” Here’s what RiRi revealed:

On the nude photos leaked earlier this year: “They were for my boyfriend at the time….if you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.”

On feeling like she’d lost her privacy: “It was the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to me. I just felt like my whole privacy was taken before that [with the other photo leak] and then, when that came out, I thought, ‘Oh great, so now there’s nothing they don’t know about me and my private life.’”

On support from her mom: “I was nervous [but] when the world is against me she’s always there supporting.”

On what she’s learned from her relationship with Chris Brown: “My whole relationship with him was a learning experience. There was a lot of insecurity and a lot of control issues. In relationships in the future I know how to watch out for certain things. A lot of those were signs. I learned that in the end.”

15+ pictures inside of Rihanna heading to talk to Ryan Seacrest

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  • Naima

    How can that be when she “leaked” them herself, when will this talentless, alien troll just go away?

  • asdfjkl;

    so women are required to give naked photos of them to their boyfriend?? Rihanna, that is not true. That’s pretty sad she has to do that.

  • Alyss

    adorable as always. love this girl!!

  • w

    So you feel bad for boyfriends who don’t get naked pictures from their girlfriends? How do you feel about those girlfriends whose naked pictures get leaked after the break up…oh, that’s right “embarrassed” and “humiliated.”

    So you encourage girls to embarrass and humiliate themselves?

  • asdfjkl;

    it makes sense that she would say something like that. I don’t think she has a lot going up there. If you heard her interviews about the Chris Brown incident you should no what I mean. Should have spent a few more years in school.

  • xtina

    LMAO! Does she know how dumb she sounds?!?
    Ugh!! she gives women a bad name.

  • will

    If you close your eyes you can see her butt & boobs whenever you want!!
    (if you’ve seen the nudie pics of her)
    Me like! :-)

  • Meela

    Um, NO it’s not okay to send your boyfriend naked pictures of yourself.

    She clearly hasn’t learned anything through this ordeal and she still promotes taking naked pictures. What’s sad is that young girls look up to her and actually listen to the things she says. It’s disappointing.

  • whatever

    She probably leaked those photos herself.

  • Pete

    This chick looks like a dude.

  • enoughalready

    The guy did’nt have the nerve to tell her he only paid .99 cents for her new CD.. Rihanna really needs to shut her trap, she just keeps contradicting herself each time with her role model self. Her label is making her do rounds now that the CD has flopped all over the world, if she flopped in the UK and US she going down every where else. No one felt that lie RiRi… The next time dont follow your marketing teams advice… She is beginning to wear a lot of reruns lately..

  • Mileena

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? “….if you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.” WTF?!?!?! That’s the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard. She does give us women a bad name and reputation. That is total bull$hit. No real lady does that, only W.H.O.R.E.S …..Oh Rihanna, SHUT THE HELL UP, you sound so silly. And don’t pretend to be wanting to send a good message, because you’re not!

  • Omar

    Wow, what a moron. I guess all girlfriends are required to embarrass and humiliate themselves? Its sad to know someone so stupid can get away with giving such brilliant answers.

  • me

    Why is it wrong sending your boyfriend naked pictures? is it wrong that he sees you naked too? cause if so, pretty much everyone who’s ever been on a relationship is wrong, hah.

  • just say no

    She was so humiliated by the leak that she was out just about every night….ok.

  • Hummer

    #14, you missed the point. it’s not wrong to send your bf naked picture of you, but the fact that Rihanna feels like she has to send one b/c “she feels bad” is wrong. Get it?

  • Hmm

    People love taking her words out of context. For one, she’s an adult, so she can do as she pleases. Its not her job to raise someone’s child, that’s what parents are for. She meant that if you’re in a serious relationship with someone at the time, then sending naked pics isn’t anything out of the ordinary, and its not a big deal. I agree with her. PLENTY of people do it on a daily basis. Those pics were never intended for the public to see, and she can do whatever she wants behind closed doors.

  • Nahla

    Rihanna was probably under 21 (underage in many states) when she sent those pics, so yes it is wrong. I hope young girls listening to her interview aren’t encouraged to do the same.

  • Hmm

    #15 What is she supposed to do, hide under a rock? The pics came out, and she dealt with it. Why should she stop living her life? When you take pics like that there is always going to be a chance that they can become public. Its a chance you take, and you need to be ready to accept the consequences.

  • G-UNIT


  • koree

    i agree with you & everyone else who else left a comment referring to her saying if you don’t send your bf naked pics then she feels bad for them….what the hell is that supposed to mean. that is by far the dumbest thing i have ever heard her say…if its that serious, just strip for him & call it a day, at least that will be private.And i also agree with comment #4.

  • maison martin margiela

    Boy a lot of prudes here. Whats wrong with sending your man naked pictures?? You haters are gonna hate anyway, I just wonder why you look her up everyday just to talk crap.Once or twice yeah, but everyday you search for her?? You people have issues. Oh boy, rihanna has a drink, what are the kids gonna say, oh Rihanna talks about sex, what are the kids gonna say. You know how dumb you sound?? Trying to get entertainers to be role models?? You parents need to step up.

  • Hmm

    #18 Yes she was under 21, but she was over 18 when she sent the pics. In most states you are considered an adult at 18, so, no her taking the pics wasn’t wrong, because she wasn’t a minor.

  • G-UNIT


  • jess

    Was she misquoted or is she really this dumb?
    Maybe her relationships aren’t based on much than sex.

  • asdfjkl;

    For all of you who are saying we are taking this out of context, read it again: “if you don’t send you boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.” That means she feels bad that girlfriends don’t send their boyfriends naked pictures of themselves. Like it is required to do so in a relationship.

  • Cristobal

    Moving along…

  • Cooh

    really?so you are mean with your bf if you don’t send him pictures with you naked?
    you’re a slut if you send him pictures,rihanna is so stupid,mayba she deserved to be kicked in the ass a little

  • J

    I didn’t even think this girl had a mother who would condone the way she carries herself, pierced nipples out all over the damn place and just darn naked all the time. Everytime I saw her, I would just yell: ‘Where’s her mother?’ because I just couldn’t imagine the woman who bore her condoning the way this girl carries herself. But of course, her mother ‘supports’ her! Follow the money, even if your daughter is a whore! Glad I’m not a mother. If my 21-year old daughter walked around with all of her goodies out talking about her freaky tendencies, I would beat her down on the regular and disown her. But I guess all is good when the money is rolling in. Same thing with Beyonce (although she’s 28 and more grown that Rihanna). And I’m tired of seeing HER naked, booty-popping behind, too!

  • Catalina

    She feels sorry for your boyfriend if you don’t send him naked pictures of yourself? She’s more of an idiot than I thought.

  • Leyla

    seriously? the comment about the nude pics.
    does she any any dignity–or brain cells for that matter?!?!

  • Big Beth

    Did CB leak the photos?

  • Beep

    I don’t think she feel about what she’s done but just feels embarrassed about what happened to her. She didn’t do anything wrong. She didn’t know that her ex would betray her and sell her out. If she were a real woman, she should have stepped up and said that this goes to show you that you really can’t trust someone rather than try to explain herself for what she’s done when something humiliating happened. This is a typical victim mentality.

  • truv

    There is no such thing as privacy nowadays, so you try to protect what little you have the best way you can, especially when you’re a celeb. I assume Chris Brown is the one who leaked the photos, but the truth is celeb or no celeb, this is what happens when you take photos of yourself on your cell, allow your bf too, use a digital camera, etc. Don’t be embarrassed when it goes public, b/c unless they were taken without your permission, this was a possibility you should have thought of prior to letting it all hangout.

    Does this girl not seem desperate for attention, all the wrong attention?

  • Frida

    If she feels that she has to send her boyfriends nude pictures of herself then I feel bad for her.

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  • im dina p so let me talk

    @Big Beth: cb didnt rihanna did so people can talk about her if u wacth 20/20 interveiw she said one day i was rihanna but the next day i was britney spears in 07 . and we all kno that she laugh at britney spears but when when it comes to u u act like ur the vicim. shut the hell up becuz britney spears was tryin to get her life back to togerther cuiz she has kids unlike you britney come to say ok i did this and i did that but u didnt so dont compare ur self as BRITNEY SPEARS BICTH

  • yourlover
  • black beauty

    so why is bad to send your boyfriend pics and it’s not like it was some random guy or she just posted them online for the hell of it. people need to get off their high horse.

  • asdfjkl;

    it isn’t bad….but it also isn’t bad if you don’t. (unlike what she is saying)

  • Carlos

    She is a very dumb girl. It’s sad little girls look up to her.

  • wow rihanna is a genious

    yes young girls
    when you get your first boyfriend send him naked pictures of yourself b/c rihanna will feel bad for him
    then when you both break up just send your second boyfriend naked pics of yourself b/c rihanna will feel bad for him.
    then when that relationship ends send your third boyfriend naked pics of yourself b/c rihanna your role model will feel bad for him.
    then when you finally have no boyfriend it will be ok for them to share the naked pics with their friends and give you the nick name W.H.O.R.E isn’t that great.
    rihanna is so unique this world CAN ONLY HAVE ONE D.U.M.B A.S.S IN IT.

  • what

    what makes it worst that after the naked pics of rihanna were release she found it safe to walk around like a S.L.U.T why walk around in see through clothes if you were embarrass. then her delusional fans blamed it on the flash lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • IAPC

    riri’s body is ROCKIN though! now tristan wilds gets to hit it :)

  • Ho Sit Down!

    News Flash…This crazy bitch is actually wearing a bra! Wow..her only 2 talents didn’t come out to play.


    what kind of role model is she? Why is it that fame makes these popstars who use to be wholesome and sweet turn whore..or at least like like at Miley and Lindsay for instance..from disney to hooker..Feeling sorry for you boyfriend bc naked pictures are not sent to’re a moron Rihanna!!!!

  • sara

    I bet she also feels sorry for people who don’t let there boyfriends punch them in the head, bite them and strangle them. You really are the dumbest W>H>O>R>E>S out there.

  • Annie

    I’m so glad she is back on top and successful now.

  • zzzz

    Oh, good, I’m glad Rihanna thinks she needs to give her boyfriends naked pix to keep them happy. Her incredible stupidity and low self esteem will continue to provide the world with these images, as her boyfriends will inevitably share the love with the tabs for $$$.

  • Chanel

    “if you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.”


    That wasn’t the right thing to say.