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Sarah Palin: One of 2009's Most Fascinating People

Sarah Palin: One of 2009's Most Fascinating People

Barbara Walters spends time with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as part of her special, Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009.

Sarah will speak to Barbara about her experiences this past year on the special airing next Wednesday (December 9).

Also pictured are Sarah‘s husband Todd and her children Piper, 8, Willow, 14, and Trig, 19 months.

Don’t miss Barbara Walters‘ picks for the 10 most fascinating people of 2009 next Wednesday (December 9) at 10/9c on ABC!

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Photos: Steve Fenn/Donna Svennevik/ABC
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  • me me me

    is everything okay with the baby in the picture? it looks sick…

  • g!na

    @me me me: Little Trig has down’s syndrome. Poor little guy, but he’s really cute! Sorry Palin is his mother. lol.

  • chase

    Why isn’t Bristol pictured? Is she embarassed about her daughter now for getting pregnant? hmm!

  • kit

    Todd and Sarah make beautiful kids.

  • oy

    Cute baby. The rest of those photographed were hit with the ugly/b;tchy stick.

  • liv

    Noo Barb why!!!????

  • Jennifer

    Stupid American, just like all other people of United States of As*hol*s.



  • kathryn

    @O HAIL NO: nobody is jealous of american power, bebe – believe me
    it’s a myth that you are by told by the mass media – go travel the world and you’ll see
    though the statements like Jennifer’s are obviously unpolite and disrespectful, this country has sooo many hammerheads – you have to admit it in case you are not 100% deaf-mute

  • ava

    Sweet Baby and Sarah Pailin has never been embarrassed of him and yes loves to show him off, Why Not? he is her baby sweetie afterall.
    I hear he is supposed to be a real smart little guy. If Sarah didn’t want her daughter(eldest ) in the pic with her Grandson i would never belive that. It was perfectly okay when she was running for vice.
    Maybe Bristol doesn’t want to appear like her X Levi Johnson who has been scrounging around looking to be a movie star since his one time usetobe MIL introduced him to the big stages..lights camera action. LOL Now hwe is modelling underwear for playboy. Puny kid..But hey if he can make it on the big screen good for Trip.
    His daddy will have to dish out a weekly child support that the child could very much use for necessities. Sarah Pailin looks good and i have to laugh at the hatred Americans have for this women. I am not American so could care less. I* think they actually fear her as she really does come arosss as the middle american family and has proven she can fight with the big boys and cut down on the atrocious spending. LOL $$$$$$ Trillions$$$ and Obama doesn’t seem to care if it gets paid back..skerry.

  • vic

    @O HAIL NO: poor girl .. somebody deceived you
    good news for you is that you’re young enough to witness BRIC inheriting the helm of world politics


    @ KAT



  • pam

    Most fascinating??? Really??? Hard up for people this year Ms. Walters?

    Palin is a boring whiner who lacks intelligence and is a disgrace to women in America She’s all about personal glory and is such a crybaby. Wish she would fade into oblivion and take her deranged, cult followers with her. She’s what’s all wrong about politics.

  • Pandora

    We live in a very strange society if we deem the likes of Sarah Palin *fascinating*. If she turned all her lies into a work of fiction that was exceptionally well written, then that would be fascinating and a good read. But she peddles fiction as fact.There is nothing fascinating about a bullshitter…except maybe when there are those who continue to believe the bullshit and lap it up like a cat laps up a bowl of milk.

  • Jen

    this idiot, fascinating? what is the world coming to!

  • julia

    she’s way too old to have a baby! that’s why the kid has down sindrome! the risks increase 4 times after 40! plus, doesn’t she have a grandchild around the same age..weird! oh, and by fascinating do they mean retarded?!

  • Danielle

    Didn’t know Sarah had a 19 month old with Down’s Syndrome. The chance of this occurring does go up when a woman has a baby in her 40s and older. Duh Sarah…you’re too old to be competing with Bristol

  • Jen

    Women in their early twenties can have a baby with downs just as easily as someone in their late thirties. I know three YOUNG women who each have a downs baby and all of these girls are under the age of 28. It can happen to anyone.

  • Gary

    Typical hate filled liberals here.

    It’s no wonder you are the most despised creatures on the planet!

    Yes, Sarah Palin is fascinating, get over it!

    Here’s a self made woman who, without anyone’s help, became a successful city council woman, successful two term Mayor,and the Chief oil and gas regulator (an VERY powerful position) in our biggest energy producing state.

    Sarah then took on HUGE corruption in her own party, and put a lot of people in prison.

    Then she took down the sitting Governor of her own party, to become Governor herself. And, she was one of the most successful Governors in America. She had an approval rating in the high 80′s until Obama’s thugs came into the state and the liberal hate machine, coordinated by Obama’s campaign chief of staff, now White House adviser, Pete Rouse, came along. Rouse still coordinates the attacks against her.

    She was a dynamic candidate for Vice President running with the worst presidential candidate the GOP has ever fielded, and she STILL almost drug his ass across the finish line a winner.

    During the election, and since, Sarah Palin has inspired the nation. Millions upon millions support her, and will make her the next President. These same millions are inspired to get out and stop Obama and the rest of the democrat/communist party. It will be a bloodbath at the polls for the democrat/communists in 2010, and Sarah will lead the way.

    Then there is Sarah’s book. It debuted number one on the New York Times best seller list, something incredibly rare. She sold 300,000 books in one day and over 700,000 in the first week.

    HarperCollins, her publisher, has had to order a second printing, which brings us to 2.5 million books, so far.

    Thousands of people have lined up days before and slept out in the cold, just to get a chance to meet her on her book tour.

    Yes, Sarah Palin is an amazing, and fascinating woman.

    For those of you worried about where Bristol is, well, She works and goes to college. Not a lot of time for photo ops. Meanwhile, the dead beat loser dad of her baby is out doing gay p**n. (gay men are about the only one who read “Playgirl) Levi hasn’t paid one red cent in child support, ever. He’s a total jerk-off.

    Anyhow, Sarah Palin is one of the most amazing woman in America, if not the world. She has a list of accomplishments that are amazing, not the least of which the fact that she negotiated the largest construction project in North American history. Something Alaska Governors have promised for 50 years. It took her TWO! Even better, while others were going to try and do it on the taxpayer’s back, Sarah did it with private money. The $40 billion gasline will bring natural gas to the lower 48. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel there is, BTW.

    Sarah has been able to achieve things that most only dream of. She will be the next President of the United States.

  • Paulie

    “She will be the next President of the United States.”

    God help us all.

  • Jacki

    OMG, Babs needs to retire, her list is getting more ridiculous

  • LuckyL

    She looks terrible


    Perhaps if you hate-filled Obama obsessed commies took the time to put down your tabloids and read Mrs. Palin’s book, you’d be able to form your own independent thoughts instead of spewing the same vile repeated by the media. Don’t you all see – you all are pawns?? The media feeds off your ignorance. It makes them more powerful and in turn, more $$$$. The joke is on YOU. And all this hate and contempt you have for this woman, whom you’ve never even met, will eat you alive. Hate destroys the soul. Open your hearts and your eyes.

    Sarah Palin exemplifies the true American spirit. Girls should look up to this woman who has worked hard for what she has achieved, broken barriers for all of us, and has persevered through the backlash she has received from the evil-doers.

    Sarah Palin is Mother America.

  • Big Bethany

    Trig looks mentally handicapped

  • miranda


    zzzzzzzzzz someone has way too much free time

  • happy girl

    she doesn’t read, how did she “write” a book”? and oh she is traveling on private planes but claims she is the every woman traveling on a bus. no she getson the private plane then when she gets to the town she gets on her “every day woman” bus. did someone say hypocrisy?

  • Annie Apples

    They are so blessed with the family

  • lakers fan in boston

    another useless post about barbara walter’s 10 ppl
    i barely no her and im starting 2 dislike her alot

  • taylor swift

    taylor had adram worked hard for it. stayed true to herself and all of her family and friends which is why i think she is such a sucess.some country singers that young that do that good goes to their head like carrie underwood. my husband and i have grandkids. for some reason they sense what we do theres some sort of stuck up and snobbyness about. its a shame she use ro be so good. she never tells taylor congrats. but taylor congratulates everyone and means it. it is the way she was raised and didnt let it change like carrie did i miss the old carrie shes gone.taylor knows how to stay with the lord and family and friends and fans she truly loves money doesnt come into play just appreciation from th heart..she has gotten so many awards,sold more dvds had more song atthe top .so many things i cant think of all of all of them.shes amazing.

  • hottest couple ever


    Yeah…we should all allow our teenage daughters to bring their boyfriends home to live with and have sex and babies before they
    finish high school.

  • buddymcphee

    Go Sarah!!! Love, love, love her!!!!

  • kenortega

    Sarah Palin is just another vapid c u next tuesday. Her smile is fake, and she has psycho eyes. She isn’t even worthy of being a monica lewisky to my Bill Clinton. Pass.

  • buddymcphee

    Oh Pa-lease! Stop with the Palin Hatred…you’re making yourselves look immature and not very well informed. And…get used to seeing and hearing a lot more from her…she is NOT going away!!!

  • eve

    @Gary: i don’t beleive these words are written by a guy.!!!!!!!

  • eve


  • Anonymous

    Robert Pattinson beats everyone on the list.. where is he?

  • Professor Morgan

    Everyone I know is more fascinating than this pitiful woman who knows not a fig about American history, foreign policy, economics, the law, or you name it. Oh, yeah, she knows how to shoot animals, ride a snowmobile, play basketball, make babies, wink, lie, cheat, get through an easy college program, and bluff her way through life. The mayor of Wasilla an important job? It is a town full of evangelical rednecks.. Governor of Alaska? Well, that says a lot for the level of intelligence of the right wing conservatives who live there.

    This woman had the audacity to call Obama a terrorist last year. What in the world was wrong with McCain? He has a chance right now to admit he made a huge mistake which cost him the presidency.

    Actually, I hope she DOES run for president in 2012. Aside from the right wing evangelical whackos and gun fanatics, who is going to vote for her? Oh, maybe Joe Lieberman.

  • The Truth Seeker

    @Professor Morgan:
    I find it most interesting that Michelle Obama rates as the most fascinating person on Barbara Walters’ list…ahead of Sarah Palin. You may not like Sarah, but the fact is that her sizeable accomplishments stem from her own grit and self-determination. Does being married to a famous person make you fascinating? Could it be that Walters had to focus on Michelle O’s arms as there was not much else “fascinating” to talk about? Could it be that Barbara Walters is a liberal and is using her media power to shove her political views down our throats? Say it isn’t so! This is just another chip off the block of media credibility. What a con job.