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Cameron Diaz: Tom Cruise Would Be The Best Stuntman!

Cameron Diaz: Tom Cruise Would Be The Best Stuntman!

Tom Cruise shakes hands with a fan as he walks around Sevilla, Spain on a break from filming Knight and Day on Tuesday (December 1).

The 47-year-old actor shares the spotlight in the film with Cameron Diaz, who told ET that Tom could have a future as a stuntman.

“If he wasn’t Tom Cruise the movie star, he would be the best stuntman in the business,” Cameron shared. “He’s phenomenal. What he does is, like, crazy.”

Tom returned the compliment, saying, “[Cameron]‘s done a 180 in a car — ’65 GTO the other night! She does it. She’s a very good athlete. Very coordinated and excellent.”

In an earlier shoot in Salzburg, Austria, Tom was spotted shooting a gun from the top of a building and hanging upside-down from a wire!

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  • leeann


  • lippylou

    weird sunglasses

  • Lindley

    Your wife called. She wants her sunglasses back. :) Love him and Katie!

  • chris

    Weird little, crazy, cult obsessed has been

  • Right

    What is does is” like crazy” alright. Stupid little moron.

  • Lynn

    Best man!Love him!

  • Right

    What HE does I meant.

  • danielle

    Wow as he is aging, his plastic surgery is more obvious. Plus he is wearing a girdle to keep his flab in. You can tell with the way his shirt is laying on his upper ‘abs’ – desperate to remain young like any hollywood star. Hair plugs, botox, a few nips and tucks, and something to hold the flab in coupled with the highest wedged shoes he can get away with..

  • sea

    ohh please….too many guesses

  • Mike Loman

    He is such a professional and classy guy!

  • pr person

    “What he does is, like, crazy.” Ain’t THAT the truth!! LOL!

    Wow! Poor little Crazy isn’t aging to well, is he? Blech!

  • danielle

    Not too many guesses. Go back over older pictures. Unless a miracle has occured and his hairline is preceding (not that that is a word)–he has more hair where it recedes than in older pictures.
    His face has that tight look that plastic surgery causes before it norms out.
    When was the last time you saw full on forehead wrinkles. If you go back through recent pictures–his crows feet start way below the eye and don’t jut horizontally. He has very slight furrows between his brow. Much of the time his face looks expressionless from the eyes up because like other aging stars he is botoxed up.
    And look at pictures in Boston especially. His girdle is much more obvious as he has a small piece of flab on the upper abdomen. If he wasn’t wearing one, that would sink downward.
    And you only have to look at the pictures to see that he wears wedged shoes or shoes with lifts.
    Tom is 5’7″ and wishes he were 6′ plus. Cameron for some shots will be standing in a depression or he’ll be standing on a box so he appears taller. Old Hollywood trick. If you have ever been to a filming where the male was short and lets say walking with a tall lead you will often see only the top half because the bottom halfs have the male walking on a raised area or the female on a depressed area. Heck look at Lord of the Rings. Viggio is 5’7″ and Liv Tyler is 5′ 11 I think. Yet in the film except for the fact of their body proportions–it is filmed so you think Viggio is taller. Check out Far and Away, Eyes Wide Shut and other films Cruise has done with a tall lead. Of course he is insecure and wears wedgies and lifts.

  • Lee

    He IS a great stuntman!

  • bo

    Tom is one of the best actors in the world.

  • anonymous

    great actor and nicest guy ever

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Tammy looks like the 50ish homosexual trying to look 22 that she really is!

  • “…”

    This is not new when Tom is the real thing in movies. He loves the energy,action and adrenaline. Suri seems to have taken after his energy too.

  • pr person

    Im not first?

  • sexiest man alive

    So hot and young looking.

  • 90210

    Dying to see this movie and I love director James Mangold and actor Peter Saargard. Only Cameron Diaz I cannot stand.

  • dean

    He deserves an Oscar
    with many of his

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Also, Tammy is not 47, she is in her early to mid 50s. We know because we were in Hollywood the same time she was (late 1970s, early 1980s) and both in the same ‘business’ and seeing the same ‘clients’.

  • cooh

    Thanks Jared! I cant wait for Tom’s movie.

    I miss him on the bigscreen.

  • essence

    Tom greets many fans in Spain

    Chris Matthews the terrorist calls West Point Enemy Camp

  • anon

    love him

  • manette

    Tom can do it all which makes the few usual trolls crying a river.

  • just saying

    Simply the best and even with all the Twilight craziness in this generation Tom Cruise LeStat still cannot be toppled down.

  • Geez

    Egotistical Idiot, As one magazine put it “He still lives in the TopGun era”. The worst thing about him? EVERYTHING! I hate this stupid crazy moron. His Sci-Fi cult kills, and that is only the beginning of everything else I can’t stand about this loser.

  • pr person

    Hahahaha…@18…. I am not that stupid. Get your own name loser!

    Crazy is a loon!

  • It’s the xenu lovers

    Gee, is the same person posting over and over??? You can tell by the tone and syntax of the writing. One Tommy lover trying to rule the thread!

  • lexie

    Good to see Tom and I hope he’s back in the U.S. for Christmas.

  • chris

    You’re absolutely right #30. It is the same person posting over and over. She does it on any thread relating to either Cruise or Holmes. It’s so completely obvious. She’s not English speaking and she’s obsessed with the CrazyCruises and their child. I’d pity her if it wasn’t so sad. She’s the one who constantly talks about Karma, and trolls and asks “god” to bless them. She calls everyone a “hater” when in reality, she is the hater. She attacks anyone who disagree’s with her.

    I think her name is Simonette Alanes and she is from the Philipinnes. I was told that by another poster here who knows her personally. Apparently she has been doing this for years. She also posts heavily, using dozens of names, on the IMDB boards for both Holmes and Cruise. Check out those boards. You can’t miss her. The syntax and language mistakes are identical.

    What we have here is ONE OBSESSED FAN using dozens of names to post all over the internet!! She was even thrown out of the fansites and the big Batman site for using multiple names. It’s very sad.

  • @ #26 manette or simonette

    “Tom can do it all which makes the few usual trolls crying a river.”

    Nobody is crying nutbag! We are just giving an opinion. If anyone is “crying”, its YOU. You’re the one who posts constantly using different names!! Get a life.

    For years, Tom was the biggest star. That is until he let his crazy show a few years ago. These days, his box office has waned and many of his long term fans have abandoned him because of his twisted beliefs. Most people believe his marriage is a contract relationship and I think everyone knows he’s obsessed with Scientology, which if you read the papers, is about to collapse…..taking him with it. It’s a shame. The only one responsible for Tom’s problems is Tom. I pity his children. Being raised in a cult can’t be good!!

  • RD

    A cult got to him and now he looks brainwashed and crazy.
    He made another mistake when he wanted a gold and fame digger wife for his image.
    But he is going to pay big time for that. He is already paying, because Katie likes to call the gossip magazines.

  • Linsday Luv

    He is so heroic

  • Four

    You guys really want him to be that self-conscious about his appearance, #8. More ammo eh?

    Get a life. (And we already know he wears lifts! And that’s not an insecurity thing but a simple case of Hollywood directors not wanting the lead shorter than the star.)

    You’re insane, #22.

    He’s not down for the count just yet, #33.

  • In response to FOUR

    You guys really want him to be that self-conscious about his appearance, #8. More ammo eh? HE IS SELF-CONSCIOUS ABOUT HIS APPEARANCE–HE HAS SHORT-MAN SYNDROME. CONTROLLING, INSECURE, ETC.

    Get a life. (And we already know he wears lifts! And that’s not an insecurity thing but a simple case of Hollywood directors not wanting the lead shorter than the star.) OTHER SHORT STARS DON’T WEAR LIFTS. HE IS SO SHORT THAT HE’D HAVE TO WEAR FIVE INCH LIFTS TO TOWER OVER SEVERAL OF HIS COSTARS INCLUDING NICOLE AND CAM.

    You’re insane, #22. NO MORE THAN YOU ARE.

    He’s not down for the count just yet, #33. HE CERTAINLY IS FALLING FAST.

  • Pookie

    This Tom Cruise is a real phony!

    No question about it.

  • Mousse

    May be a good stunt man indeed but his fanatic eyes give me the creeps.

  • lakers fan in boston

    tommy girl creeps me out
    he always has that weird look on his face
    like if he’s gonna go crazy any minute

  • dabu

    The taller he tries to look, the shorter he makes himself look. He looks like a small man here–5’5″. Too bad he just can’t accept the fact that he is 5’7″ and go on with life.

  • Babey Abbs

    He is the last great American Hero

  • elaine

    Eu amo vc

  • @babey abbs

    Oh pul-leeze. Tom Cruise is not a hero. He is an actor. One that belongs to a cult that beats people, is homophobic, and has nazi-like policies.

    Last American Hero? You must be with Xenu also.

    There are a lot of unsung heroes and Tom is not one of them.

    There are a lot of heroes out there. And Tom is not one of them.