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It's On with Taylor Momsen!

It's On with Taylor Momsen!

Taylor Momsen dons shades outside MTV studios after an appearance on It’s On with Alexa Chung in New York City Monday (November 30).

The 16-year-old Gossip Girl starlet is reportedly unhappy with the show using co-star Leighton Meester‘s songs (“Good Girls Go Bad” & “Somebody to Love”) and bypassing on her own songs according to Hollywoodlife. A rep for the CW responded by saying, “The show will support Taylor and her music when the time is right, but her music is not ready yet.”

WHAT SIDE ARE YOU ON – Team Taylor or Team Leighton?

FYI: Taylor is carrying a cute Novella Royal Mister Stud Bowler bag.

10+ pictures inside of It’s On with Taylor Momsen

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  • TR

    Jeez this girl tries WAY TOO HARD. She looks ridiculous with those stupid extensions, the way she tries to dress all goth and punk, she is just LAUGHABLE!!!!!!!! No one takes this chick seriously. Try being a kid for awhile and not something you aren’t. Fool!

  • Nay


  • Abby

    She’s such the stereotypical Hollywood trash. It’s really sad to see; she was such a cute kid.

  • delta

    Team Leighton, of course!

  • Kem

    I highly doubt that Taylor has ever said that. She has said before in an interview that she wants to keep her music life away from her Gossip Girl life. This is just gossip to cause drama and it’s highly annoying. There is no “team”. Leighton and Taylor are both friends.

  • emilie

    team Leighton fo sho
    ive seen taylor perfom…not pretty
    her music just isnt good…specially for gossip girl

  • anonymous

    sooo. why do people love to hate this Taylor Momsen chick?… i just watched “The Pretty Reckless” videos and band on youtube and myspace. and she’s pretty damn good. She’s a great singer ..surprisingly and she has a distinguishing sound.

    I think i’ts more likely that her music isn’t mainstream enough for the show.and so what. if its not. At least she has more artistic credibility than Leighton. based on what i’ve heard so far..:-/

    I like Pop music like the rest of the world and Leighton’s not a horrible singer. i’m just not a fan of her musical style and choices.. I think she could have come a little harder with her 1st single..

    no competition though, they’re very different’ artists.

  • xoxo

    at least her music is not screaming “disney” or “miley” or whatever

  • Klein

    Taylor is nothing but a second rate, trying hard, copycat!!

  • mexx99

    she looks sooooooo old

  • jess

    Team Leighton !!!!

  • natt

    She’s a good darn singer & i love her songs. A good singer WITH PRIDE don’t get fussed up just because people don’t use her song. And anyway her songs is like Blondie, IT’S SO NOT GOSSIP GIRL!

  • cheryl

    Team Leighton of course. taylor is such a trash!

  • Baby

    she looks alot older then 16

  • Liverwurst

    Well I can tell you right now this is another Lundsey waiting to happen. Look at how this “Ho gonna be” is dressed.

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    Taylor, I love you but don’t be jealous of Leighton… her music is better than yours! Simple.

  • Taylor Momsenprettyrecklessfan

    Taylor is totally a better singer than Leighton( although I like her too) >>Taylor toured with her band opening for The Veronicas and her performance totally outshines Leighton..Taylor is a true singer..where as Leighton gets to sing because she is a star..don’t count on seeing Leighton touring any time soon or performing live. And as to people who pick on are all a bunch of losers..with low self-esteem that come online just to pick on celebs..get a life ..she is all of 16 years old and has accomplished alot in her career..back-off..if you met her in person you would mess your pants. I love you Taylor !:)

  • Mickey

    watch her sexy video…check out u s e x e d . c o m/sexy to see her naked video

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …Team Taylor.

  • serena1994

    team leighton all the way !!

  • jalicelover

    Team Leighton.

  • taylor meant 2 B Love

    Taylor Momsen is the new Courtney L. Her voice fits the mold better….

  • nanna

    Team Taylor

  • anastasia

    Taylor is a way better singer than Leighton…no offence, but it’s true

  • Lai

    team Taylor.
    Leighton is just a very common girl actually.Taylor’s still very young,she can try everything.
    She’s only 16,I’m 16 too,she’s a good example for us.We should chase our dream,do everything we want to do.(of course,the”everything” is lawful)

  • LoveTaylor

    You called a 16-year-old girl “a trash”
    Leighton has such a fan like you,you bring shame on Leighton.

  • jessie

    Team Leighton! DUH Taylor tries way way way too hard and yes I can admit so does Leighton but Leighton’s music is better suited for Gossip Girl..

  • Gabriela

    Team Leighton!
    but i don’t believe that she said that… she’s always saying she wants to keep her music life away from her acting, so…

  • tatum

    Team Taylor

  • S

    I would never let my 16-year-old child dress like that.

  • Aimee

    Team Leighton all the way
    Taylor is such a poser and wannabe-rocker

    Leightons music is more gossip girl

    Taylors is more whore house…..i love rock but taylor comes across so fake in herself and her music

  • Matt

    Simple; Taylors music sucks.

  • Matt

    @Kem: the rumour was probably to promote both their music careers.

  • a

    low rent trick turning whore

  • Mike Loman

    Such a beautiful young woman. She is getting plenty of action!

  • pearl

    so after i read this post and saw the comments..i went to myspace to the pretty reckless page and listened to their demos….there’s this song called “Zombie” and its pretty awesome..and “he loves you” is also good,her voice is rich,you knw that deep voice that isnt weak…yah…so musically,altho they do different genres of music..leighton is more pop-y while taylor is more rock….infact she is rock…i totally go for taylor…i like leighton in good girls gone bad..but that new song of hers,is cringe-worthy…but i like em both but here…and since there r many team taylor

  • ivanka

    teaam leighton ftw!

  • PotcLuva

    We’re talking about taylor “mullet” momsen here, Team Leighton all the way!

  • Caroline

    Team Leighton.

    I like Taylor, I just think she needs to slow it down a little. I doubt even Courtney Love looked like that when she was 16.

  • e king

    it is sooo disgusting that this b*tch is wearing fur. I hope she gets hit by a really big truck and has to suffer really bad

  • mar


  • christine

    She’s growing up right b4 r eyes.
    Looks just like one of Tiger’s mistresses… or better yet…
    a hooker.
    We’re so so proud.
    12 year olds… u could learn a thing or 2 from this diva!
    Let’s just hope she doesnt pass by any homeless ppl on the street….
    they’ll be able to have quite a view.

  • christine

    @e king:
    RIGHT ON!!
    Justify violence against animals by killing humans. YEA!

  • lakers fan in boston

    stop complaining taylor
    ive heard one of the songs u made, wasnt that great
    she really looks horrible
    she’s the same age as me but she really looks like she’s over 18, she’s trying 2 hard 2 look older
    nice legs =]

  • Babey Abbs

    I wonder if she is saving herself for marriage

  • akweley

    taylor or leighton? NONE

  • Lilly

    I completely agree that Taylor said this. She’s a very conceded girl and believes way to much in her harsh, trashy eggo. Leighton’s music is absolutely perfect for the show at the points where it is used. Taylor’s music does not match any of the show’s gossip anyway.

    Team Leighton!

  • TM FAN

    Ummm, Taylor Momsen can sing way better live than Leighton, and doesn’t auto tune her voice to the point beyond return (like leighton). I’m not a big fan of her fashion choice, but sometimes it is really cute. How can people call her a poser when you haven’t gotten the chance to see her really grow up? For all we know she’s always liked this style, but think about it…Do you expect her wearing that kind of stuff in the Grinch who stole christmas? Or heck, the beginning of gossip girl. Pick or choose, wearing those clothes at age 16, or 13?

  • cb92

    taylor for sure!

  • crystal

    How is Taylor Momsen talented? Her music sounds like a horrifying mix between Hole and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, not to mention that one of her songs sound exactly like a Green Day rip. She tries to force her voice into sounding like Courtney Love’s, which is very annoying. Obviously someone needs to catch up because grunge was over way before she even starred in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.