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Natalie Portman Didn't Use Pot 'Till Her 20's

Natalie Portman Didn't Use Pot 'Till Her 20's

Natalie Portman pretties up the January 2010 issue of Marie Claire, on stands now. Here’s what the 28-year-old actress opened up about:

On being a late bloomer while attending Harvard University: “OK, so I didn’t really go to high school parties and yeah, I didn’t touch pot till I was in my 20s. I didn’t get flat-out drunk until I went to college. But I think that’s a good thing in many ways.”

On her rumored romance with Sean Penn: “He’s obviously someone I’m friends with I mean, not ‘hey, wassup?’ friends, but we were all on the [Cannes 2008] jury together”Alfonso [Cuarón] and Marjane [Satrapi]”and we had a really great time, and then…It was one of those things where you’re like, ‘Oh, my God! I’m that person who’s caught in this shitty rumor brigade.’ You can’t win. You don’t say anything and everyone’s like, ‘It’s true.’ You say something, and you’re keeping the story alive. It’s bad, bad news.”

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Photos: Peggy Sirota
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  • bebe

    OKAY, when did it become heroic for our young GIRLS to boast of not using pot until they were 20, What happened to not using at all and “JUST SAYING NO”

  • EB

    Harvard girl listens to hard rap music, smokes pot, and can get drunk. Like she totally cool, right?

  • EB

    Harvard girl listens to hard rap music, smokes pot, and can get drunk. Like she totally cool, right?

  • EB

    Why the need to share this information?

  • meh

    @EB because some people are that just sad

  • Huh

    Haha I have never seen such a terrible picture of Natalie Portman before. Thanks Marie Claire!!

  • Funkey

    She is honest about the fact when she was in college she did try it..Most celebrities lie around it or policial Clinton who claims he never smoked just inhaled..PLEASE I rather see someone honest then to promote a lie. Most people that have tried it will later on in life say Hey don’t do it, This isn’t cool way to be. Maybe she lived and learned..Why bash her for being truthful..Oh yea that’s right b/c she isn’t like Hilton, Lohan or the OC chic’s who did it and then claim they were not doing drugs ever..

  • Whoever

    That cover is HORRID!!!! What is wrong with her face?

  • Ka-blamo

    Holy jeebus, they photoshopped the crabs out of her!!

  • Bebe

    My MOTHER thought me that I do not need to share every information especially an information that can sometimes send mixed messages.

    I think these STARS share too much of their silly PAST and then media needs more then all of a sudden the media becomes the “INVADING”, “STOCKING”, “NOSEY” PRESS.

  • to bebe

    OKAY, when did it become heroic for our young GIRLS to boast of not using pot until they were 20, What happened to not using at all and “JUST SAYING NO”

    what’s the big deal here. natalie’s not the only person who has tried pot. i have and i’m not alone. if you take a look, you’ll a lot of other famous people use pot. doesn’t seem to affect how much money they’re able to make. it’s not like she’s using cocaine, speed, and or heroin.

  • Who give a flying….

    She really isn’t interesting…Megan Fox Forever and ever…geez Natalie such a tedium.

  • what

    Why did she use it at all? Doesn’t she know that even thought it’s “natural” it’s a mood altering drug? Next dummy please—–>

  • @above

    She is gorgeous, talented, smart and fun. Got to love her.

  • meryl

    I can’t wait for Friday to see Brothers. She is very successful, 5 films this year alone.

  • Headless Obama

    wow what an accomplishment

  • me

    love her hair

  • the truth

    I wish I was her and so all of you, just admit it.

  • Warren


    I let a lot of things slide, but this one just bugs me (especially in a title.)

    Natalie is BEAUTIFUL and it’s really hard not to like her.

    This isn’t really buzz-worthy. It’s not like it was a tell-all interview. She was just being honest about her partying growing up. Good grief, people.

  • lexy

    Natalie’s a grown woman and if you think kids younger than her are NOT trying pot you’re an idiot! I think it’s great when celebs admit they are like regular people and don’t try and put themselves on a pedestal. Go Natalie – looking great as always!!! Can’t wait for the new movie!!
    and as a reminder to the haters….CALL YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AND GOVERNMENT LEADERS AND EVEN OBAMA AND COMPLAIN ABOUT POLANSKI – Natalie’s job is actress, NOT crime fighter!

  • to meryl

    can’t wait for Friday to see Brothers. She is very successful, 5 films this year alone.
    from what i’ve heard from people who have seen this film; you can wait to see this film. the original danish film was far better than this one. the acting wasn’t bad. the direction is terrible. it’s 100 percent melodrama. more like movie of the week. one of the people who saw this film says bluntly “rent it and fast forward to the end”.

  • meryl

    I read that there is Oscar buzz around it and the reviews are great and David Letterman said it was the best movie he saw in 20 yrs. You can see it on youtube NP on David Letterman. I have not heard anyone say that the direction was not good. All I hear and see is great reviews.

  • xxx

    Omg she never did it til she was in her 20s? Wow, what an accomplishment. How about people with self-control who NEVER use it?

    I dislike her.

  • meryl

    Furthermore, Natalie Portman is referred to as one of the best actresses of her generation, that alone is good enough to see the film. Granted, I have never paid a dime or saw anything with Lohan or Bilson or Hilton who are always on JJ, but Natalie Portman is someone who is considered a great actress, she is one of the best.

  • me

    @xxx 23
    She does not use it, she just tried it, you got to try it, com on.

  • RD

    Natalie you’re so naive.
    Rashida was the one who needed the extra publicity, and guess who’s name was mentioned next to yours and Sean’s?
    You’re a smart girl, so you tell me who do you think contacted the magazines about it?
    Don’t you know how people would use anything to get coverage?
    Don’t feel bad, though. Courtney did the same and exploited her friendship with Jen Aniston at the time.

  • to meryl

    I have not heard anyone say that the direction was not good. All I hear and see is great reviews.

    pay a visit to rotten tomatoes. i promise you will read comments about bad direction and not all the reviews are good. as for oscar buzz, of course there is. natalie apparently does a very good job. the people who have seen the film say she is the best part of the film.

  • meryl

    The most reputable sources were positive and even according to you Natalie was great so I am going to the movies.



  • Anon.

    People talk about how beautiful she is, but honestly it is when she is wearing a lot of make-up. If you seen pictures of her without make-up, she is very ordinary looking. Plus I understand she is very short. And she has an enormous head and a very small, odd shape body. I don’t care about her being at Harvard. I think she is not all that. Plus she is a vegetarian very strict and you can see it has affected her bones.

  • to meryl

    if Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe is nominated for best actress watch out. doubt anyone else , including natalie, will stand any chance of winning. no one can match Gabourey’s performance.

  • Selah

    So…smoking pot and getting wasted are things that everyone is supposed to try? And if you don’t do it in high school you get the kind-of-offensive “late bloomer” label slapped on you? I get that many teens experiment with pot and alcohol, but saying it’s normal and something that people are supposed to do is inexcusable. Don’t make the people who didn’t mess with drugs feel shitty about doing so.

  • RD

    She is beautiful and petite- just like how a movie star should look like.
    Perhaps a bit too thin, but you can’t say she is not gorgeous.

  • Gnat-alie Snortman

    She and Marie Claire blazed up b4 the shoot

  • Anon-ymous

    Ameen brother! lol @Anon.: @Anon.: @Selah:

  • more pictures

    The most reputable sources were positive and even according to you Natalie was great so I am going to the movies.

    depends upon who you consider the most reputable sources. the village voice, hollywood reporter, variety, entertainment weekly, and asscociated press all have given it the “thumbs down”.


    se matem, eu odeio vocês

  • Anne

    WOW!! Kate Winslet looks slimmer! Wonder what she did to herself to make her boobs disappear! Go figure, photoshop does wonders!

  • RD

    I do agree is wasn’t wise on her part, to inform us that she got drunk and used/ uses pot.
    I thought she was smarter than that, plus, how old is she? 16?
    How childish of her to think she comes across as “cool”.
    Especially since this is coming from a woman near her 30 years old birthday. It’s time to grow up Natalie.
    You are beautiful but beginning to some more and more naive and clueless (and trying too hard to be considered “cool”).

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  • to RD

    since when is it a crime to admitting that she got drunk and used/uses pot. if you wanted to lock up all the people in america who have gotten drunk at one time or another; all the prisons would be full to capacity and there’d still be people left over.

    as for pot, the same goes. if you want to lock up people because they use/used pot then the prisons would also be full to capacity with most of hollywood, washington dc, and a former president or two included in the bunch.

  • RD

    Did I say it was a crime? I said she displays childish and “trying too hard to be cool”, when she is almost 30 years old.
    It’s one thing if you are 16 years old and desperately trying to be considered COOL.
    But to be a 30 years old woman, and to make the effort to let us all know how COOL of her to finally “bloom” into being a drunk and a pothead.

    I like Natalie, but she is coming across a bit pathetic with that.

  • peter

    She reminds me of a 13 yr. old, especially her physique.

  • to RD

    oh never mind! i get where you’re coming from and it’s spelled JUDGEMENTAL!!!

  • to summ up

    I love her honesty and the fact that she stayed so pure for so long and the fact that she experimented with pot is fine, who didn’t in this date and age?
    Brothers got mostly great reviews and constant praise for Natalie, I can’t wait to see it and all her movies for that matter as soon as they are released, it is my pleasure to buy the tickets, she is a talent and a beauty.

  • Linsday Loman

    She is very pretty and smart

  • Lila

    That B**** isn’t just “honest;” she appears to be proud that she smoked pot. And I wouldn’t take the word “tried” too literally either. I’m sure she did it more than a couple of times. I’ve “tried” volleyball – that is, I played for a year, but I never got very good. Likewise, I imagine she drank and did lots of drugs, but she probably just didn’t keep it up.

    Still, if you buy your way into Harvard with fame and fortune, then there probably isn’t much you can do to fit in with the other students, other than to party.

  • Taylo

    She looks the cutest in a short pixie hair style.

  • Taylo

    and it’s not a given that people smoke pot — at any age.

  • A FAN

    Right on Natalie!

    I think it’s smart to put it out there yourself , this way you have control and there is nothing to be ashamed of.
    No one can go to the Enquirer and sell this story!
    Brilliant Strategy!
    You are truly smart and keep doing what you do making great movies and living your life.

    I think you are very talented and smart.