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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Vdara Hotel Hotties

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Vdara Hotel Hotties

Orlando Bloom and girlfriend Miranda Kerr heat up the Vanity Fair party at the grand opening of Vdara Hotel & Spa at CitiCenter on Tuesday (December 1) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 57-story nongaming hotel and condominium tower is the first part of the 67-acre, $8.5 billion mixed-use urban development center to open. The joint project between MGM Mirage and Dubai World is said to be the biggest privately financed construction project in United States history and one of the world’s largest green projects being built with the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified Green Building Rating System.

25+ pictures inside of Vdara Hotel hotties Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr..

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orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 10
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 11
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 12
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 13
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 14
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 15
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 16
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 17
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 18
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 19
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 20
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 21
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 22
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 23
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 24
orlando bloom miranda kerr vdara hotel 25

Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty; Photos: Denise Truscello/WireImage, Judy Eddy/WENN
Posted to: Josh Strickland, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Rosario Dawson

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  • ?

    who’s orlando bloom?

  • Mary

    Is Orlando broke ?

  • ???


    what you mean?

  • Mary

    “what you mean?”

    His movies made $2,200,000,000 Gross Total (More Than 2 Billion Dollars) and now Orlando is making money by doing PR for hotels and spas.

  • http://justjared lol

    The Delphi loons never fail to be the first to post whenever there is a thread bout Orlando and Miranda on Just Jared eve though they have created 3 other blocks where the three of them can bash Miranda 24/7 talk about obsessed .

  • looks good

    Sebastian is looking like he gained a bit of weight since he got back from his trip to the north pole. Orlando looks as if he could gain a few pounds. But they both look good.

    Not very impressed with the girls though, one inparticular.

    You would think that after spending so much time in front of the camera, a certain someone, not naming names would want a break from that. Everything seems to be a photo opp for someone.

    While her other half spends as much time as he can trying to avoid being photographed.

    This is where the weakness lies in this relationship. One is in love with the camera, the other is not.

    Same circumstances of one wanting to go out a lot, the other one likes to stay at home. Sooner or later, depending on the situation, most of the time, not all, those relationships tend to come to an end sooner rather than later.

    Some make it work, example: Charlize and Stuart , Gwynth and Chris.

    But not all do. Just saying. It’s matter of personal choice, and what one is willing to tolerate in a relationship to be with another.

    This relationship between them is skating on very thin ice at the moment. It may make it to the other side, it may not. Time is the only thing that will tell.

  • Tom

    He is getting uglier every time I see a photo of him. Orlando’s movies might have made over $2,200,000,000 but that had nothing to do with him. He was lucky enough to get cast as an unknown in 2 movie franchises that are some of the most successful ever. He probably did not make all that much on the lord of rings since he was unknown. Time has proven that he is a pretty bad actor and not much of a box office drawl on his own.

  • Lame

    Few days ago when everyone thought he wouldn’t make it to this event some were saying he was greedy and evol because he went to the Marrakesh event but he wasn’t going to this charity gala and also that he recquired an attendance fee to show up etc.
    Now he goes to this party to support environmental causes and his cousin and again he’s greedy and evol.
    What has changed in these few days? Oh yeah by that time you didn’t expect Miranda to be there too right?
    Your ideas of right and wrong change faster than the weather. That’s what I call integrity.


    He annoys the heck out of me. He used to hella hot. but he is blah blah….seriously quit acting for a while. ugh

  • Linsday Luv

    I hope Orlando doesn’t dump her for Anistan

  • Kristie

    Is it just me or is Orlando looking a lot older these days. Like older than his 33 years. What’s going on?

  • @7

    Lol…..what a load of BS…..Miranda and Orlando have been together for two years, are happy and in love and you STILL CAN’T ACCEPT IT!!!…, that’s so sad and pathetic…..for goodness sake GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON!!!

  • ….

    I think he looks good in most pics but pretty bad in the main one of the left.

  • looks good

    @ 13

    “are happy and in love”

    and you know this for a fact exactly how?

    Are you one of those celebrity stalkers who takes their video camera and records their every movement.

    Even their own relatives may not know exactly how they feel about each other.

    All I know for a fact is that one of them loves the camera attention….the other one does not.

    Does That Spell It Out For You!

    In love or not, I could really care less. Love only goes so far in certain cases. This may not be one of those cases where it lasts.

    2 years Big Freaking Deal! Some marriages lasted longer than that until the couple could finally no longer continuing lying to themselves.

    That may be what they are doing. You can’t accept that as a possibilty.

    How many marriages Celebrity or Otherwise would you have bet the farm that they would have lasted forever, then didn’t.

    2 come to my mind….. Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn. And one of my family members

  • yes!

    I love these two together.
    Such an amazing couple.

  • LOL!!

    Them being paid to show up in Morocco = bad.
    Them NOT being paid to show up to support Sebastian = still bad
    OK, that makes a lot of sense.
    Almost as much as the genius who said that she loves the camera more than him, when they are posing TOGETHER.
    Same old idiot double standards.

  • Linsday Loman

    I loved him in LOTR

  • @15

    “You can’t accept that as a possibilty”
    And why can’t YOU accept the possibility that you are wrong?
    A girl who was at the party saw him being very affectionate towards Miranda. A girl who just happens to be a hater. If she admits that they were behaving like a couple, then that says a lot.

  • @15

    He has stated twice in an interview that Miranda “holds my heart in her hands” and she has said that “we’re very happy” and only a few days ago Orlando said that they try and spend as much time together as they can.

    This is directly from their mouths and still you can’t accept it but instead you would rather believe your own made up delusional theories that their miserable together!!!

    No one knows how long it will last, it could be a week or years, only they know for sure BUT right now they are together and have been for two years and are happy and in love……AGAIN GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON!!!

  • looks good

    @ 20

    “He has stated twice in an interview”

    really when was the second time dearie? since you seem to think that all those things make everything so hunky dorey.

    I never said they were miserable together. They could like hanging out together very much, and in more ways than one.

    All I am pointing out is that she likes the camera attention more than he does.

    I have also noticed that she seems a bit more insecure when he is not around. which I can understand from being in love myself.

    I’m not saying they are not in love either. I just said that she likes the camera attention more than he does.

    If you can’t see that, then you are the blindest shipper posting on here.

    Does not matter if it is from the paps or from an event where the media are expected to be there.

    I’m not saying that she calls them either. She just relies on the fact that they will follow the two of them around. Especially since lately they have been rarely seen together due to their schedules.

    If she was just there to support her man, she could have done that just as easily without posing with him.

    just an observation is all I was making.

    why does my opinion make you so defensive anyway? are you worried I may be right.

    I don’t care if I am right or wrong. I just prefer watching couples who are being honest with themselves and each other about their feelings toward each other.

    If Orlando can say how much he loves her, why does she feel too insecure to say how much she loves him?

    I’ve hardly ever heard her pronounce her love for him. She seems too insecure to do so when he is not around. When he is, she does come off as a bit clingy in some pics.

    The reason why she comes off as clingy is because she does not pronounce her love for him confidently with words the way he does for her.

    People who have a difficult time expressing their emotions usually do so because they are not sure about them. And some express them too much when they are trying to cover up the truth, for whatever reason.

    Yes, your dear, precious Orlando, could actually be telling half truths when he says that she holds his heart in her hands.

    Like I said the only fact I see when I see them together, is that she enjoys the camera following them around much more than he does.

    He wants a relationship that does not involve the spotlight, like Johnny Depp and Vanessa.

    Before Johnny was with Vanessa, he was also with a model, Kate Moss. Some models, especially the young ones, can have a tendancy to feel insecure at times if they do not have that special someone there.

    But darling, if she is not confident enough inside to hold her own without Orlando being there with her, all I’m saying is that Orlando may get tired of her before too long.

    He does care about her very much, yes even in love with her. But Miranda does not seem to be in love with him the way he is with her.

    Or she is too afraid to believe that his words are matching his actions, no matter how romantic he acts toward her, either in front of the camera or not.

    It does take two to feel that strong love in order for it to last.

    I’m not a fat jealous hater. I’m someone who has been in a similar relationship, with a similar type of guy. He doesn’t have to be in the same industry as Orlando. Just a guy, just like Orlando.

    Try to remember that is all Orlando is, just a guy. Not the Holy Grail.

  • ???

    I saw something in german TV. They ask Miranda if Orlando and she are still together. And her answer was…We are toegether here in Marocco! She said not yes or no! weird. We will see what happens between Orlando and Miranda.
    She loves the attendtion and the cameras and orlando don´t. He looks happy in this Pics in Vegas. But as he hold Miranda in his arms. No smiling nothing! Like he don´t want that!
    Orlando and Miranda together and i see no love! Sorry

  • @17

    Those celebrities were payed for this occasion too….even Sebastian doesn’t show up without being payed…it is called attendance fee!

  • Ery


  • coco

    Orlando and Miranda looks like Bother and sister for me.
    And yes i see no love.

    and yes ,Orlando looks old .he is 32 years and looks like 40 years.sorry

  • mia

    He looks worst on the photos with Miranda. Tired, older than he is, no smile, unsatisfied and not happy. In all other photos there is some smile on his face- small or wide. He is deadly serious with Miranda- funeral expression. But, not to make shippers angry- maybe this is just his way to express love and happiness.

  • ???

    i think he is not happy with her! In the other pics he smiled and he looked happy. But with Miranda he looked so tired,unhappy, and there is no smile in his face! Something is wrong! There is no love! If i´m in love that looks different! I would smile and my eyes would shining. But not like Orlando and Miranda! I see there no Love!

  • Crow

    Miranda is a bit over exposed. Listen Miranda: lay low for a while and zip the mouth when needed. That’s just my opinion.

  • Crow

    Miranda is a bit over exposed. Listen Miranda: lay low for a while and zip the mouth when needed. That’s just my opinion.

  • LOL!!

    Hey, Little Miss(ed) Syntax with the agenda…
    We all know it is you posting over and over about the same BS.
    You can change your name, but you can’t change your language problems.

  • LOL!!

    Hey, Little Miss(ed) Syntax with the agenda…
    We all know it is you posting over and over about the same BS.
    You can change your name, but you can’t change your language problems.

  • @crow

    So you think that someone who is trying to make it in the business of modelling should just lay low, so people won’t see as much of them?
    Such brilliance!
    You should become an agent.
    Every one of your clients would make a mad dash to obscurity.

  • @mia

    I agree!

  • Danielle

    He’s looking much older these days

  • mic


    I thought i saw that very same post on Miranda’s thread at some fashion forum.

    Relax man.

    I know you’re upset coz Doutzen seemed to be on the verge of crying on that effing interview, but you gotta understand that she needs first to be really fluent in English. Chill

  • @29…and the other sad things

    You and the same haters commenting over and over again……soooo jealous, soooo envious of the stunningly beautiful Miranda……no matter how many nasty delusional things you say about her will not change the fact that Orlando has said twice that Miranda “holds my heart in her hands” and they’re happy and in love…..get over it…

  • @@29…and the other sad thing

    Oh yes….she holds his heart in her hands…that’s why he wasn’t in NYC dor the VSFS and the other anegle’s Bf were there….but of course Bloom is working hard, really hard…

  • Don’t bother

    One of the “haters” saw them kissing and being sweet to each other off camera at Vdara and they go on with the lunacy that pics that represent a particular second when they’re supposed to be posing instead of looking deeply into each other’s eyes reveal everything about their feelings.
    Do you think you can convince people who believe that BS instead of what one of them saw with her own eyes?
    Let them believe what they want, and let’s us believe what’s obvious.

  • wow…

    …wish i could be in Morocco one week and Vegas the next with my lover. Wowsa!

    They look great and considering the length of time they’ve been together – looks like they’re making it work. Good for them!

    Hope they go to the premiere of Orlando’s new film at Sundance together!

  • @Don’t bother

    Basicaly he was grabbin her ass most of the time…sooooo romantic!

  • ######

    Soaked Orlando Bloom goes topless at top Las Vegas club

    New York, December 3 (ANI): Orlando Bloom left temperatures soaring as he went topless at a top Las Vegas club after a drink was accidentally spilled on his shirt.

    The actor was spotted with supermodel girlfriend, Miranda Kerr, along with Rosario Dawson, Donovan Leitch and Bloom’s cousin, Sebastian Copeland at the Palazzo’s restaurant Lavo.

    “A drink was accidentally spilled on Bloom’s shirt and he was visibly p – - – ed,” the New York Post quoted a source as saying.

    “One of his friends called the flagship John Varvatos store and within 30 minutes, someone arrived with three brand-new shirts.

    “Much to the delight of every female diner he made his choice at his table, right in the middle of the dining room packed with 200 people.

    “He took his stained shirt off and let everyone catch a glimpse of his body before putting on a white shirt,” the source added. (ANI)…100283741.html

  • Don’t bother

    Did she change her version for damage control? It would be a pity as I was feeling a sudden respect for her for being honest considering she didn’t want to see what she claimed to see.

  • @Don’t bother

    I don’t know who you are talking about, but I was there too.

  • Don’t bother

    It’s not classy to say names. That person said they kissed, caressed, he got her a drink and he didn’t seem to be pretending anything.
    I don’t know what’s so bad about grabbing a consenting adult’s ass anyway. From past pictures it looks he’s fond of butts so I’m inclined to believe you.

  • cher

    They totally deserve each other

  • Dee

    This guy used to be a real cutie. He was never a “manly man” but still he had an adorable boyish charm and fresh-faced good looks. .Yes, he’s 32, but he looks pretty worn even for that still relatively young age. His eyes look tired, his skin looks tired, he’s showing a lot of creases and lines on that formerly smooth face. No, I don’t expect him to look 22 all his life – but honestly, in my opinion he’s not aging very well and I am surprised. I always thought he’d age the same way Johnny Depp did. Johnny seemed to defy Father Time longer than most and was still very youthful looking in his late 30′s-early 40′s. Thought Orlando would evolve from cute boy to handsome man as he matured – but unfortunately I’m not seeing it. He looks sort of frumpy and worn.

  • LC

    I agree that he mostly looks happy in the pics with his cousin and Rosario. With Miranda he looks so serious. Not even an effort to smile.

  • @47

    That’s OK.
    Off camera, it was Miranda who made him smile.

  • Lucky guy

    Miranda’s a beautiful girl – he’s lucky to have her.

  • citylove

    Orly !!! Thanks JJ ! :)

  • sara

    Yeah, when even a delphite says that they were acting affectionate, that says a lot.