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Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson just doesn’t feel comfortable doing a nude scene with co-star Adam Scott for her upcoming film Hearts of Palm.

But director McG gives her a little pep talk and convinces her to do it. Check out Rachel‘s exclusive sex scene below!

Is that a body double or did she just have an hair growth spurt?

Watch the hilarious Funny or Die video below! NSFW!!!

Rachel Bilson’s Deleted Sex Scene — VIDEO
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  • first

    She can’t act for nothing and nobody cares to see her naked, there is nothing there to see but her flat chest.

  • me

    she is disgusting as it is, stupid and can not act, no need to prop a man’s body there, we all have seen her and she is a nothing

  • perla

    ugly crazy hilarious video thehehehehe

  • Rita

    Get a real job!

  • Anita

    It’s not funny, it’s disgusting. :S

  • Liv

    Wow, since when are you posting that much nudity? I don’t mind nudity (I find it rather disturbing if the human body gets censored), but that was just disgusting. Yuck!

  • Alias


  • me

    why be surprised, everything she does is disgusting, her statements, her acting or rather lack thereof, her empty life consisting of walking around LA begging for free bes, she is a complete nothing and sometimes cutsy former looks are fading away quickly
    she looks horrible with those saddle bags and ugly teeth and flat chest and circles under her eyes and flabby body

  • lilly

    Rachel is awesome. Very funny FOD

  • me

    is is possible that rachel is such a good actress and refuses to be in big hit movies bc she is so happy with hayden and spends every minute with him, a NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, rachel sucks and can’t get work and she looks like shiiiiit

  • marissa

    wow she is horrible at acting. and it wasnt funny at all

  • sarah


  • Lara

    Ok, that was really disgusting!!!!!!!! But she is so beautiful!

  • hmm

    she is horrible! is it me or is her acting getting WORSE?

    Thought she wasnt the trashy hollywood type, wow she is a compulsive lier.

    i think she pays to work. there is no way anyone would pay her.

    she isnt even sexy. she couldnt turn on a 13 yr old boy

  • ocsethummer

    McG did the OC, and now she has a job with him, interesting, JUMPER was through an OC connection – Doug Liman. She must be so grateful she was signed to the show. Of course her status on the show (did not feature as a main character for the first 12 episodes) grew when she started dating Adam Brody.
    I agree with posters above, the acting was terrible, it wasn’t funny.

  • bob

    worst actress of her generation

  • me2

    As far as acting I agree with bob 16, I don’t know anyone worse than her in HW, she is the worst of them all.

  • whizbang

    Will JJ would ever put this to show up to everyone just how CLASSY & DECENT her tabloid pet is?!
    And it just goes to show that nothing “commendable & significant” have been coming for her but just these ALL joke if not gross & tacky stuff. But hey isn’t it that what she just is!
    Probably next time, there’ll be a p0rn or a $ex tape for this pathetic-to-be-in-anything-just-to-stay-stuck-in-the-HW-Radar tartlet.

  • deshaun

    Whoa RB’s is just as cheap & sleazy (if not more) like Blohan, Parisite, $hitney & the Kardassskank combined.
    Sure guess that a Z-lister could strike up at anywhere just to get ANY kind of job.

  • Jean

    Little Miss Vixen strikes again!

    You people are as serious as a heart attack. Lighten up or someone’s gonna do it for you. LOL

  • Gross

    One movie I won’t be seeing, renting or watching. She can’t act & the whole scene is barf making. Nearly lost my lunch! Seriously, who wants to watch anything like that, (although I can sort of get why it might appeal to her fiance).

  • searlus

    A Wannabe Looking P*rnstar but cant & wont due to flat & sagged t*ts doubled up w/ her thundering saddlebags.
    So a low-budget home video would have to do it for now.

  • Jeanie

    Is this supposed to be a comedy? It isn’t funny! God, Rachel just blew what little career she had with this. It’s rubbish!

  • Ummm

    JJ, it’s not hilarious – not even close. Another straight to dvd. This girl’s career isn’t getting any better.

  • reidell

    Really?! Wow RB’s really uber-desperate… begging (or maybe even bribing) her connections just to give her a job. And funny, all of them who even dares to, makes her more cr@p & lame as a so-called actress. No wonder no one had ever take her seriously for the acting job and this OC-Connections that give her some odd ones, are just feeling pity for her. Tsk…

  • Jean


    Straight to dvd

    LMAO @ Ummm

  • Jean


    “One movie I won’t be seeing, renting or watching.”

    LMAO @ Gross

  • pearl

    *sigh*….wow…wats with all the haters….its effing lame to hate someone you dont know….anyway…i thot it was funny..yes disgusting(becz that was the aim)..but funny too..

  • Amy

    Seriously people? We’re going to not discuss the video and just trash on Rachel? I love the people who claim she’s not doing anything big. Didn’t you guys see the Last Kiss? Or Jumper? She’s in New York, I Love You, she’s got 2 other movies in post and she’s been a long recurring role on Chuck (which is pulled really good ratings). She’s doing stuff. And I guarantee 99% of the people saying she’s so ugly are fat jealous bitches.

    I’m not even a huge Rachel fan, but seeing a bunch of anonymous people hiding behind their computer screens throwing stones pisses me off.

  • Aylin

    @Ummm: JJ, it’s not hilarious – not even close. Another straight to dvd. This girl’s career isn’t getting any better.

    U obviously don’t know what you are commenting about. This is NOT a real movie, just a video from Funny or Die. They were trying to make fun at body doubles, but failed. I wasn’t funny.

  • whizbang

    And Ive seen this stuff from the Scary Movie huh! And that’s another “copycat” for BilPooo’s line of so-called work LOL

  • chauncey

    @ RB just doesn�t feel comfortable doing a nude scene with co-star Adam Scott for her upcoming film Hearts of Palm.

    Yeah right & YUCK!
    And I agree, this mere stupidity & shoddiness would opt only for those D-Zlisters &/or azzpiring p0rnstar.

  • Cindy

    I love Rachel and all. But that wasn’t funny, at all. And some of you need to lighten up a bit. OK, it wasn’t funny. But you guys don’t have to write paragraphs about it. Jeeze.

  • Frankie


    Dude, I watch Chuck and she does not have a long recurring role on the show. She was on there for like two episodes and that was a while ago. And she has only one movie in post, then there’s one in pre-production. No you’re not a fan and it shows. Stop trying to help, please.

    That video is not even close to being funny. The Funny or Die videos have really sucked as of late. The best ones are the James Franco videos. They should just have him doing them because everyone else they get to do these things are seriously unfunny. Jessica Biel’s is slightly worse than this one though. This isn’t even close to being the worst one. It’s bad. But not the worst, lol.

  • erin

    What’s wrong with a flat chest? Some men prefer that over big fat boobs or plastic under stretched skin.

  • hello

    lol at all of you idiots thinking this is a real movie. jesus.

  • oh dear god

    1. this movie isn’t even real.
    2. this was meant to be a parody. therefore the acting was meant to be cheesy and lame.
    3. you people take shit way too seriously.

  • liz

    jesus, her career is a crap, this video is for a real movie or is just a joke of funny or die?

  • emmaa

    Lmfao!! That is so wrong. But I see the only reason she got this gig was because of McG.

  • msdhg


    Yeah… that’s why it says “From Funny Or Die” on JJ’s site AND has on the bottom of the video. Come on people

  • jamie

    I think this is the first and only “work” she get this year! Good luck Rachel! I think you have to pray for someone hire you after this shiiit.

  • emmaa

    Omg some of you are so stupid its not a movie!

  • jessica

    I’m glad that Hayden don’t done anything like this, I don’t hate Rachel but this is very stupid, this is not something that makes a fan proud. Try again Rachel!

  • Mimi

    Rachel look gorgeous, and if you don’t like her why you came by to see this article?

  • Whatever

    @Amy: It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. Yeah she’s been in a few films (in the same way Paris Hilton has been in a few films), but she’s hampered by a lack of anything like talent. All she does is play herself, no depth, no resonance. She’s so typical of what HW passes off as talent these days, all looks, no substance. An empty, shallow thing.

  • lexy

    @ Amy – she’s such a bad actress she didn’t even go the premiere of her own movie – New York I Love You! We KNOW she was doing nothing (thanks to JJ) and she shows up at these fashion events but won’t go to one of the only movies she’s in that actually got released in theaters?? She even went on a few tv shows to promote and when they asked her what it was about she said “love in NY” – DUH- way to sell your movie. It’s like Tom Cruise saying Mission Impossible is about an impossible mission!
    She needs to pop out some baby Vaders fast so she can make sure she gets 1/2 of HC’s money b/c her acting skills can’t pay for her shopping sprees and expensive clothes and she’s not famous enough for REAL freebies!

  • Jean

    Come on! Some of you are spoiling the fun.

    I wanted to see just how many of the haters were thinking this was a real movie and waiting for the straight to dvd and box office fail. LMAO

  • lisa

    Not funny

  • ahari

    This is what she spends her time doing when she isn’t shopping? I realize it’s a parody and not from a “real” movie, but it isn’t even funny. It’s nothing but disgusting. She should be taking some acting lessons to try and have a real career instead of this childish foolishness. I don’t like her at all, she has no acting skills whatsoever, but I’m really embarrassed for her. And even more embarrassed for Hayden. What little credibility he had left just went straight out the window. No one will ever even remotely take him seriously after his “fiancee” pulls this nonsense.

  • padme

    Ewwww!!!! Now I see why Hayden doesn’t give her any PDA. LOL!
    In any case, Rachel is still a horrible actress regardless if it’s a real movie or a parody. This biatch just can’t act…period!!!