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Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson just doesn’t feel comfortable doing a nude scene with co-star Adam Scott for her upcoming film Hearts of Palm.

But director McG gives her a little pep talk and convinces her to do it. Check out Rachel‘s exclusive sex scene below!

Is that a body double or did she just have an hair growth spurt?

Watch the hilarious Funny or Die video below! NSFW!!!

Rachel Bilson’s Deleted Sex Scene — VIDEO
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245 Responses to “Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO”

  1. 1
    first Says:

    She can’t act for nothing and nobody cares to see her naked, there is nothing there to see but her flat chest.

  2. 2
    me Says:

    she is disgusting as it is, stupid and can not act, no need to prop a man’s body there, we all have seen her and she is a nothing

  3. 3
    perla Says:

    ugly crazy hilarious video thehehehehe

  4. 4
    Rita Says:

    Get a real job!

  5. 5
    Anita Says:

    It’s not funny, it’s disgusting. :S

  6. 6
    Liv Says:

    Wow, since when are you posting that much nudity? I don’t mind nudity (I find it rather disturbing if the human body gets censored), but that was just disgusting. Yuck!

  7. 7
    Alias Says:


  8. 8
    me Says:

    why be surprised, everything she does is disgusting, her statements, her acting or rather lack thereof, her empty life consisting of walking around LA begging for free bes, she is a complete nothing and sometimes cutsy former looks are fading away quickly
    she looks horrible with those saddle bags and ugly teeth and flat chest and circles under her eyes and flabby body

  9. 9
    lilly Says:

    Rachel is awesome. Very funny FOD

  10. 10
    me Says:

    is is possible that rachel is such a good actress and refuses to be in big hit movies bc she is so happy with hayden and spends every minute with him, a NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, rachel sucks and can’t get work and she looks like shiiiiit

  11. 11
    marissa Says:

    wow she is horrible at acting. and it wasnt funny at all

  12. 12
    sarah Says:


  13. 13
    Lara Says:

    Ok, that was really disgusting!!!!!!!! But she is so beautiful!

  14. 14
    hmm Says:

    she is horrible! is it me or is her acting getting WORSE?

    Thought she wasnt the trashy hollywood type, wow she is a compulsive lier.

    i think she pays to work. there is no way anyone would pay her.

    she isnt even sexy. she couldnt turn on a 13 yr old boy

  15. 15
    ocsethummer Says:

    McG did the OC, and now she has a job with him, interesting, JUMPER was through an OC connection – Doug Liman. She must be so grateful she was signed to the show. Of course her status on the show (did not feature as a main character for the first 12 episodes) grew when she started dating Adam Brody.
    I agree with posters above, the acting was terrible, it wasn’t funny.

  16. 16
    bob Says:

    worst actress of her generation

  17. 17
    me2 Says:

    As far as acting I agree with bob 16, I don’t know anyone worse than her in HW, she is the worst of them all.

  18. 18
    whizbang Says:

    Will JJ would ever put this to show up to everyone just how CLASSY & DECENT her tabloid pet is?!
    And it just goes to show that nothing “commendable & significant” have been coming for her but just these ALL joke if not gross & tacky stuff. But hey isn’t it that what she just is!
    Probably next time, there’ll be a p0rn or a $ex tape for this pathetic-to-be-in-anything-just-to-stay-stuck-in-the-HW-Radar tartlet.

  19. 19
    deshaun Says:

    Whoa RB’s is just as cheap & sleazy (if not more) like Blohan, Parisite, $hitney & the Kardassskank combined.
    Sure guess that a Z-lister could strike up at anywhere just to get ANY kind of job.

  20. 20
    Jean Says:

    Little Miss Vixen strikes again!

    You people are as serious as a heart attack. Lighten up or someone’s gonna do it for you. LOL

  21. 21
    Gross Says:

    One movie I won’t be seeing, renting or watching. She can’t act & the whole scene is barf making. Nearly lost my lunch! Seriously, who wants to watch anything like that, (although I can sort of get why it might appeal to her fiance).

  22. 22
    searlus Says:

    A Wannabe Looking P*rnstar but cant & wont due to flat & sagged t*ts doubled up w/ her thundering saddlebags.
    So a low-budget home video would have to do it for now.

  23. 23
    Jeanie Says:

    Is this supposed to be a comedy? It isn’t funny! God, Rachel just blew what little career she had with this. It’s rubbish!

  24. 24
    Ummm Says:

    JJ, it’s not hilarious – not even close. Another straight to dvd. This girl’s career isn’t getting any better.

  25. 25
    reidell Says:

    Really?! Wow RB’s really uber-desperate… begging (or maybe even bribing) her connections just to give her a job. And funny, all of them who even dares to, makes her more cr@p & lame as a so-called actress. No wonder no one had ever take her seriously for the acting job and this OC-Connections that give her some odd ones, are just feeling pity for her. Tsk…

  26. 26
    Jean Says:


    Straight to dvd

    LMAO @ Ummm

  27. 27
    Jean Says:


    “One movie I won’t be seeing, renting or watching.”

    LMAO @ Gross

  28. 28
    pearl Says:

    *sigh*….wow…wats with all the haters….its effing lame to hate someone you dont know….anyway…i thot it was funny..yes disgusting(becz that was the aim)..but funny too..

  29. 29
    Amy Says:

    Seriously people? We’re going to not discuss the video and just trash on Rachel? I love the people who claim she’s not doing anything big. Didn’t you guys see the Last Kiss? Or Jumper? She’s in New York, I Love You, she’s got 2 other movies in post and she’s been a long recurring role on Chuck (which is pulled really good ratings). She’s doing stuff. And I guarantee 99% of the people saying she’s so ugly are fat jealous *******.

    I’m not even a huge Rachel fan, but seeing a bunch of anonymous people hiding behind their computer screens throwing stones pisses me off.

  30. 30
    Aylin Says:

    @Ummm: JJ, it’s not hilarious – not even close. Another straight to dvd. This girl’s career isn’t getting any better.

    U obviously don’t know what you are commenting about. This is NOT a real movie, just a video from Funny or Die. They were trying to make fun at body doubles, but failed. I wasn’t funny.

  31. 31
    whizbang Says:

    And Ive seen this stuff from the Scary Movie huh! And that’s another “copycat” for BilPooo’s line of so-called work LOL

  32. 32
    chauncey Says:

    @ RB just doesn�t feel comfortable doing a nude scene with co-star Adam Scott for her upcoming film Hearts of Palm.

    Yeah right & YUCK!
    And I agree, this mere stupidity & shoddiness would opt only for those D-Zlisters &/or azzpiring p0rnstar.

  33. 33
    Cindy Says:

    I love Rachel and all. But that wasn’t funny, at all. And some of you need to lighten up a bit. OK, it wasn’t funny. But you guys don’t have to write paragraphs about it. Jeeze.

  34. 34
    Frankie Says:


    Dude, I watch Chuck and she does not have a long recurring role on the show. She was on there for like two episodes and that was a while ago. And she has only one movie in post, then there’s one in pre-production. No you’re not a fan and it shows. Stop trying to help, please.

    That video is not even close to being funny. The Funny or Die videos have really sucked as of late. The best ones are the James Franco videos. They should just have him doing them because everyone else they get to do these things are seriously unfunny. Jessica Biel’s is slightly worse than this one though. This isn’t even close to being the worst one. It’s bad. But not the worst, lol.

  35. 35
    erin Says:

    What’s wrong with a flat chest? Some men prefer that over big fat boobs or plastic under stretched skin.

  36. 36
    hello Says:

    lol at all of you idiots thinking this is a real movie. jesus.

  37. 37
    oh dear god Says:

    1. this movie isn’t even real.
    2. this was meant to be a parody. therefore the acting was meant to be cheesy and lame.
    3. you people take **** way too seriously.

  38. 38
    liz Says:

    jesus, her career is a crap, this video is for a real movie or is just a joke of funny or die?

  39. 39
    emmaa Says:

    Lmfao!! That is so wrong. But I see the only reason she got this gig was because of McG.

  40. 40
    msdhg Says:


    Yeah… that’s why it says “From Funny Or Die” on JJ’s site AND has on the bottom of the video. Come on people

  41. 41
    jamie Says:

    I think this is the first and only “work” she get this year! Good luck Rachel! I think you have to pray for someone hire you after this shiiit.

  42. 42
    emmaa Says:

    Omg some of you are so stupid its not a movie!

  43. 43
    jessica Says:

    I’m glad that Hayden don’t done anything like this, I don’t hate Rachel but this is very stupid, this is not something that makes a fan proud. Try again Rachel!

  44. 44
    Mimi Says:

    Rachel look gorgeous, and if you don’t like her why you came by to see this article?

  45. 45
    Whatever Says:

    @Amy: It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. Yeah she’s been in a few films (in the same way Paris Hilton has been in a few films), but she’s hampered by a lack of anything like talent. All she does is play herself, no depth, no resonance. She’s so typical of what HW passes off as talent these days, all looks, no substance. An empty, shallow thing.

  46. 46
    lexy Says:

    @ Amy – she’s such a bad actress she didn’t even go the premiere of her own movie – New York I Love You! We KNOW she was doing nothing (thanks to JJ) and she shows up at these fashion events but won’t go to one of the only movies she’s in that actually got released in theaters?? She even went on a few tv shows to promote and when they asked her what it was about she said “love in NY” – DUH- way to sell your movie. It’s like Tom Cruise saying Mission Impossible is about an impossible mission!
    She needs to pop out some baby Vaders fast so she can make sure she gets 1/2 of HC’s money b/c her acting skills can’t pay for her shopping sprees and expensive clothes and she’s not famous enough for REAL freebies!

  47. 47
    Jean Says:

    Come on! Some of you are spoiling the fun.

    I wanted to see just how many of the haters were thinking this was a real movie and waiting for the straight to dvd and box office fail. LMAO

  48. 48
    lisa Says:

    Not funny

  49. 49
    ahari Says:

    This is what she spends her time doing when she isn’t shopping? I realize it’s a parody and not from a “real” movie, but it isn’t even funny. It’s nothing but disgusting. She should be taking some acting lessons to try and have a real career instead of this childish foolishness. I don’t like her at all, she has no acting skills whatsoever, but I’m really embarrassed for her. And even more embarrassed for Hayden. What little credibility he had left just went straight out the window. No one will ever even remotely take him seriously after his “fiancee” pulls this nonsense.

  50. 50
    padme Says:

    Ewwww!!!! Now I see why Hayden doesn’t give her any PDA. LOL!
    In any case, Rachel is still a horrible actress regardless if it’s a real movie or a parody. This ****** just can’t act…period!!!

  51. 51
    comrade Says:

    Of course its not a movie. This Little Moe couldnt even get a real one for a very long while isnt it? You would all think that if she got loads of legit work, she would have time stuffing this? But dont have any thats why this cut-rate acting job happens. And she even got another connection (stated by #15) upon doing this, whoa she really is an ill-fated unemployable hacktress, must just apt to join a circus instead of being in HW.

  52. 52
    eca Says:


    man, she is bad, but kstew is the worst actreess of her generation!

  53. 53
    comrade Says:

    And Mr. Christensen thinks that he got a “”gem”" upon hooking up w/ this twithead?! EPIC FAIL!
    But what the heck – Dumb Loser BEGETS Another Dumb Loser as expected.

  54. 54
    hmm Says:

    she has the mentality of an eternal 13 yr old what do you expect? McBeth? no she will continue to do this type of toilet crap.
    I dont think anyone ever took her seriously nor will they ever. He daddy is a director thats how she gets work.

    funny how she keeps herself in the news while hiding away in uxbridge. she still gets top picks on JJ. now i know what you people mean when you say press *****.

    HC must have some serious issues to be with her. she is the opposite of him and what he said he wanted.

  55. 55
    RD Says:

    She is the most beautiful young Hollywood these days.
    She is absolutely stunning and petite- just like a movie star should look like.
    I can understand why many girls might be jealous of her.

  56. 56
    hmm Says:

    10 things i hate about Rachel:

    her voice
    her horrid acting inbility
    her immaturity
    her giggle
    her lack of brains
    her lack of style
    her stuck up better than though almighty attitude
    her eyebrows
    lack of personality,depth,substance
    Hate that damn giggle and shrieking voice

  57. 57
    hmm Says:

    lol jealous?! I know I look a hell of alot better. there is nothing to be jealous of

  58. 58
    ahari Says:

    @55, you need some glasses. And an understanding of what beauty and talent really is. This little embarrassment has neither. Ugh.

  59. 59
    lexy Says:

    Jealous of what exactly??
    Her good looks?? she’s NOT ugly but Kim Kardashian isn’t losing any sleep worrying about this “beauty” (heck not even Khloe or Kourtney worry)
    Her acting skills?? again don’t think Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet or even Kate Hudson are losing roles to Rachel.
    That she’s got a rich boyfriend?? Plenty of women have those.
    That she’s got a boyfriend and father who help her get the little work she gets…she’s not the only one so no need to be jealous of that??

  60. 60
    Linsday Luv Says:

    Wow, she is really hot!

  61. 61
    atlqueen Says:

    I totally agree with you. A lot of these girls are so very jealous. They aren’t jealous of her looks, their jealous because she’s sleeping with their crush and she looks just as average as any other girl in the regular world.

    But I also have to disagree. I don’t consider her stunning. Sorry. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tyra Banks, Scarlett Johannsen and Adriana Lima (Just to name a few) are stunning. I think she is considered pretty,cute and even sexy but definitely not stunning. Just an opinion.

  62. 62
    tiu Says:

    HA HA HA. i think it’s really funny!
    i couldn’t stop laughing. good one.

    just noticed that people are so hateful here… jeez..

  63. 63
    Funkey Says:

    I have no clue why in the hell she thought even to make this guess all her recreational drug uses from past and present must have gotten to her cottoncandy head of her’s. What little bit of a career she just blew it now. And not only her but HC was well he is a walking JOKE to have or is sticking around her. His career is about as dead as her’s is.

  64. 64
    MAC Says:

    sooooooooooo not funny

  65. 65
    m.jose Says:

    ok this is not good, but in a movie or whatever she does here is better i think is a comercial and is called unbroken i think here she acts very good

  66. 66
    Linsday Loman Says:

    That got me excited!

  67. 67
    Cash Says:

    Remember when FoD was actually funny?
    I’m pretty sure people were still wearing Jerry Curls back then.

  68. 68
    Steph Says:

    Wow! Some of you actually think this is a real movie?! She may be a bad actress but you’re all just a bunch of morons!

  69. 69
    LMAO Says:

    that was hilarious!!!!

  70. 70
    Natasha Says:


  71. 71
    Boom Boom PAU#16 Says:

    No comment. Just GROSS!! She would have been better off flashing her non -excitant breasts then, using an over weight beer bellied hairy man like that. That was gross. If, your going to use a guy please, use a svelte hunk with hair in the right places. This was not funny but, made me want to hurl. Thanks for ruining my dinner jj!

    Whatever this is will fall strait to DVD. “Hearts of Palm” is a good name for the movie but, what is in it is not good. It is not jealously either. LOL! I’m tall and beautiful and, I know what looks good.

  72. 72
    Shelby Says:

    Wow..things that celebs do to get attention. Is she not getting enough press or something? This is ridiculous and I don’t find that video funny at all. It’s tasteless and disgusting. I do get the fact that she’s trying to say that she won’t do any nudity and all..but come on, she should at least get that point across in a more tasteful way. She really just made a fool out of herself. Now she’s totally lost all my respect.

  73. 73
    Anees Says:

    It was too funny,but the expectation and the thill went on vane.

  74. 74
    Anees Says:

    It was too funny,but the expectation and the thill went on vane.

  75. 75
    Curt Says:

    I dunno, seems kinda childish. Immature even. Like someone forget the funny n just went with the crude. Hey guys, this is crude so it’ll get a laff. It could’ve been funny but it aint. Looks like FoD is crawling up it’s own a$$ for inspiration. Nothing but a dark, smelly hole n look what crawled out, Rachel bloody Bilson.

  76. 76
    Noel ? Says:

    Rachel is short. That is her trouble. Never trust girls with short legs. Brains too close to their bottoms.

  77. 77
    S Says:

    She really has that sexy look in her eyes, which some men find very attractive, i think.

  78. 78
    lexy Says:

    It’s 2009. Women and teenage girls aren’t wetting themselves over him and hating on her b/c of it – perhaps you are mistaking Hayden & Rachel for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel or Rob and Kristen (which Rachel would LOVE) – you know guys who are popular and successful and women love!
    If it weren’t for Rachel paying the paps to follow her around and for press – most people wouldn’t know who she and Hayden were!

  79. 79
    Mandy Says:

    @lexy: LMAO at the idea there are women out there wetting themselves over Gayden! Ryan Kwanten or Hugh Jackman, yeah, you bet. Specially a shirtless Ryan, yum! Gayden, no chance. He’s one strictly for the blue rinse and pinafore brigade.
    @S: P’haps. Looks more like puppy-peed-on-the-carpet face to me! She’s just not sophisticated enough to do sexy.

  80. 80
    jerk Says:

    She still engaged to Hayden? He had a sex scene deleted from Star Wars…

  81. 81
    aishah Says:

    Maybe you guys hate her so much and that makes the skit not funny. It’s not that bad.. It’s quite funny.

  82. 82
    unreechy Says:

    Love the fact that she stooped now to the lowest level at her already long-time low HW stature. So thanks for that cheapy-shabby looking home video BilHO… you gave the “haters squad” to (continually) “castrate” you into pieces more than ever.
    And damn, she just won’t be satisfied until she’s “failed” at everything huh?! – what a dumb prick!

  83. 83
    HA HA HA Says:

    Rachel’s video is not funny but hayden’s on you tube is.

  84. 84
    Mélissa Says:

    u guys r mean !
    well ok this scene is pretty gross !
    but i think she acts well, she is really natural and pretty and doesn’t deserve all those mean icomments on her back !

  85. 85
    bob bendy Says:

    dats da gurl u dont let know ur name, screw her and kick her to da curb!
    ***** no wood marry dat! she aint beyonce or angelina. her man cant see that? damn he aint a’ight upstaires. dat beotch gunna walk over his azz

    381 represent

  86. 86
    JoJo Says:

    Where’s the hilarious video? Are you going to post it? All I see is a boring video about rachel bilson.

  87. 87
    Crap addict Says:


  88. 88
    brock Says:

    It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I think it’s marvellous that Rachel has so many people enabling her to keep a marginal career in the film ind. Imagine if she did’nt know anyone and had to rely only on her talent. Noone would know who she is. We should thank those guys for their dedication and determination to help her scrape the bottom of a barrel she wouldn’t be able to reach on her own. Right JJ, well done!

  89. 89
    @88 Says:

    God, you are so right. She is scraping at the bottom of the barrel. What a waste.

  90. 90
    ahari Says:

    The only waste I see here is a waste of time. This chick has no talent. None. And her looks are fading as fast as the belief that she’s actually “engaged.” If this is the best work her father and her “contacts” in HW can get her, she needs to go back to shopping and lunching every day. If I were her “fiance,” I’d dump her and RUN, not walk away as fast as I could. Something this professionally embarrassing will have repercussions.

  91. 91
    Funkey Says:

    Granted it’s just some comic relief but, the idea here is that you need to be a actress or at least some experience in comedy to be able to pull it off. She has no talent just bad connections in the industry to get her roles. This joke commerical or whatever the hell she did it for guess she was drunk and high the day she did it, or agreed to do it. Yes there is some actors that can pull it off and do it well get a clue JJ she isn’t that actress. All this waste of space on the boards is nothing but, a daddy’s girl who grabs anything daddy’s friends throw at her.

    As for HC anything he did in SW was with talented ppl the behinds the scenes are more of the comedy you can laugh at even in a comic joke show like Youtube. When you hang with ppl that are lower on the totum pole then you one is bound to sink to the bottom. All he will get from this mess of a woman is nothing but bad luck which I think he already has gotten from her. But, the joke is on him many of his fans have given up on him. Good luck to both of these two losers guess farming is all he will have left after the fiance bleeds him dry with her spending spree’s.

  92. 92
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lol ill admit it’s pretty funny
    she may be pretty useless now but at least she did something productive
    kinda disgusting that guy is all touchy some other guy’s chest…

  93. 93
    ATLQueen Says:


  94. 94
    unreechy Says:

    And this is for everyone who wants to feast on this now looking “beast on everyone’s eye”…
    And who could really look/stare at that even for awhile… just HC(sic), the catatonic fiacee?! – lol!

  95. 95
    unreechy Says:

    Errr… the fiaNcee, I mean…

  96. 96
    Babey Dadad Says:

    Wow, that got me hot and bothered

  97. 97
    puzzled Says:

    she cant do acting, she cant do fashion n she sure as hell cant do humor so wtf can she do? what is the point of Rachel Bilson?

  98. 98
    umm Says:

    she cant be a good wife to hc either.

    i think she would be good at being a housewife of the OC

    a shopper. thts bout it.

    shes like the gum that needs to be scraped off the shoe of society.

  99. 99
    skank Says:

    oh come on both of them have affairs. its nothing new in the celebrity world!
    hc was seen kanoodling some chic in a toronto restaurant and rb has been seen leaving marmont with some guy.

    who cares. celebs are immoral POS who screw each other.

  100. 100
    LAINEY said so too Says:

    @ 97- what is the point of Rachel Bilson?
    Rachel Bilson: funny or die and sex too but still WHY IS???

  101. 101
    @100 Says:

    HC and RB are both terrible actors, if you can even call them actors at all, they just move in front of a camera and say something they tried to memorize. They should move to Canada and have kids and attend to their farm and leave the acting to real actors.

    They shamelessly degrade the movie industry with their foul performances, they don’t even love it, they just do it to make a buck. I hope they never get work and disappear together. They certainly do not deserve to get hired putting out worst acting there could be. They should leave it for good actors.

  102. 102
    @99 Says:

    How you know that Rachel and Hayden were seen? I read something similar about Hayden in the twitter but I don’t seen nothing about Rachel.

  103. 103
    HA HA HA Says:

    The way these 2 display pda is totally believable that they sleep with other ppl. rachel probably does it to get work and does not get it anyway, and hc does it bc this stupid flat chested midget is so annoying that he has to in order to stay sane.

  104. 104
    kate Says:

    I liked this video, is funny! Rachel seems to be good in bed, I think that is why Hayden is with it yet, a man likes a woman good in bed and Rachel seems to be. Her mother must have taught many things for her and I think she and Hayden should have lots of fun together LOL

  105. 105
    @104 Says:

    PLEASEEEEE!!! the only thing this girl is good at is shopping and faking up a realtionship. I don’t think mom could teach her much RB is an airhead with very little going for her. Hayden when you look at him looks like a man constipated. That or can’t stand to be around her and only tolerates it b/c he is made to.

  106. 106
    @105 Says:

    if their relationship were false as you say, they were not together right now.

  107. 107
    @106 Says:

    Why not, they are together for the Holidays, they will get married, but they will have an open marriage.
    It is convenient, they were together in Jumper, hoping to make Jumper 2, it is good publicity. Hayden has to wonder about better looking and smarter girls, and if he can get free meat, why not?

  108. 108
    puzzled Says:

    But he already has free meat, doesn’t he? Isn’t that what Rachel is, free meat when he wants it. Peculiar it doesn’t happen more often. There are times when he looks like he doesn’t like her very much, but he can always close his eyes. No need to stare at the mantelpiece when you are stoking the fire, yes.

  109. 109
    puzzled Says:

    Her mom is a sex therapist I think. I mean that people have said that she does this. As a job. This is something that is meaning nothing. There are many fake therapists. They buy their diplomas I hear and then go into business. I do not think she would give good advice. Therapists are a big bunch of B**sh*tters. It is the truth.

  110. 110
    @108 and 109 Says:

    Rachel is free meat but nothing wrong with variety, especially when you got the same boring and annoying one. He does look at her like he does not like her very much most of the time. I can’t stand her and I don’t spent as much time with her as he does. I think she is annoying and stupid, very boring, you have to be drunk and drugged to be with her.

  111. 111
    Clarkson Rules, Down With PC Says:

    I have to be drunk and drugged to watch her, or maybe it was the whole OC (Obvious Crap) thing.

  112. 112
    hello Says:

    To those who compare Bilson to Natalie Portman, I just saw Brothers, Natalie should get an Oscar for it, something Bilson will never get in her life for anything, guaranteed.

  113. 113
    @112 Says:

    Hahaha – the idea of RB being nominated for an Oscar. Raspberry, yeah. My prediction for an Oscar, Mariah Carey in Precious, awesome, simply awesome.

  114. 114
    brightside Says:

    @@100: Wooo, I loved your comment. It made me laugh because it describes their acting to a t, “Just move around in front of a camera and say something they tried to memorise”. That is so accurate. Spot on!

  115. 115
    @133 Says:

    the only reason some of these ppl compare bilson to natalie is bc they are extremely worried that hayden loves and respects natalie the way he will never feel about rachel
    otherwise, there is nothing to compare

  116. 116
    lana Says:

    Why Hayden would love Natalie? They dated in 2000 – 9 years ago – when Hayden was only 19 old years and was a teenager, now, he is an adult with 28 old years and is engaged, I think the haters don’t understand this. I bet he is in Toronto now with his family and bride planning a wedding, I think he has more important things to do than think about an ex-girlfriend that he don’t see for 5 years ago. Hayden and Natalie is just an illusion of haters LOL

    PS: Planning a wedding is so cool! Rachel is a fashion icon, surely will be a very nice wedding dress, I would love to see photos of their wedding when it happens, I can’t wait! :D

  117. 117
    @lana 116 Says:

    Natalie is not HC’s ex girlfriend, they never dated, rather, she would not date him, but I can see that she is a million times better than rachel in every way, but I do also agree that rachel and hayden are planning a wedding or may be even are getting pregnant over these holidays.

  118. 118
    lana Says:

    I hope she becomes pregnant! Surely will be a beautiful baby *-*

  119. 119
    @lana 118 Says:

    Rachel has saddle bags and ugly teeth and other major problems with looks and surely this poor child will not carry the intelligence gene, considering Rachel’s input into the gene pool.

  120. 120
    Dream-on Says:


    Dream on ppl are not jealous of Batshit bilson there is nothing to hate, be jealous of. If you see her as some Icon of fashion then you yourself must need glasses or mental help. This woman can’t conjugated a full sentence. I seriously doubt that HC is besotted with this woman enough to want to plan much but, the next bearded performance that he is contracted out to do with her. HC looks at her each time like he so hopes it will be the last time he has to do this performance with her. He did better acting in SW then he does just being what some call causal with Bilson.

    As for Natalie..She never denied she dated him Mr. Lairensen is the only one who doesn’t really say much about it. Many on set saw evidence they dated. If anything it’s Natalie who could care less over HC and the time she was with him. I’m sure HC only thinks of regret when he thinks of what he might have had if he got his head out of his ass to be a normal B/F to Portman. Glad NP has other fish in her river and doesn’t look back at HC.

  121. 121
    @Dream-on 120 Says:

    What are you talking about, when did Natalie ever say she dated HC? Are you delusional?

  122. 122
    lana Says:

    You can continue to hate, I know that they should be planning the wedding and the wedding dress of Rachel will be incredible, she is a fashion icon, only the haters say she is not, and WHO CARES about the opinion of haters? And, of course, the baby will be beautiful, Rachel has beautiful eyes and know how to dress well, and Hayden is a dream, I hope that when they have a baby, he has the blue eyes or the cute smile of Hayden. *-*

  123. 123
    @lana 122 Says:

    what if the baby looks like rachel? not so cute or smart anymore? ha? even you don’t think she is anything gorgeous or intelligent or talented!

  124. 124
    Dream-on Says:


    PLEASEE she did an interview back in 2001 on today show she was asked about the dating she didn’t deny it.

    Lana get a reality check knowone Hates the woman, b/c knowone cares about the woman. You are the only few that think this fashion theif is some Icon you must love the stolen clothing designs she took from bigger name designers. She can’t act, she can’t design so whatever arranged wedding dress she plans might be for her an the stylist she hangs with all the time. She shows very little affection towards Dopeden and even less from him to her.

  125. 125
    Dream-on Says:


    NP said back in 2001 on one of the early morning shows, when asked if she dated him smiled and just knodded she didn’t comment you saw the answer on ther face. HC was the liar about anything and everything he could lie about.


    Get a clue knowone cares about this chic she is a designer theif so if you think her clothing is iconic then you must love the stolen goods she gets from top designers. She sure in hell can’t do much else as for wedding dress being made i’m sure whatever f’d up arrangment these two egg heads have in mind won’t go far.

  126. 126
    @Dream-on 125 Says:

    The morning show you are referring to where Natalie admitted her and HC dated in 2001 does not exist, please do not make up stories.

  127. 127
    lana Says:

    Why do you not put your name here? Coward! You know that the babies usually look more like the father than with her mother? Maybe you’re so stupid to don’t know this, of course the baby will be beautiful if to be like Rachel, she is beautiful. Babies are not like the parents you know? His mother can be stupid and you can be smart, God! Is not because a person is stupid that her son will be too, Hayden and Rachel are very intelligent, I’m sure of it. And about talent, everyone born with one, I’m sure that Hayden would not let his son be an actor, so, this don’t worry me.

  128. 128
    @lan 127 Says:

    I now understand why you are a fan of Rachel, you must have the smae intellect, she is a community college drop out, with all her family money she could not apply at a decent school, she is so dumb that it is painful to watch. I agree that their kids will not be actors, they can not inherit the talent gene for acting from the parents bc both are considered the worst actors in HW.
    For your information, boys look like mothers and girls look like fathers, but in Hayden’s family all kids look more like the mother, so most likely they will give birth to another stupid and talentless midget.

  129. 129
    lana Says:

    you called a child that not born yet of stupid and talentless midget? Wow, congratulations, you are more stupid than I thought.

  130. 130
    @lana 129 Says:

    Hayden looks like his mother, Rachel looks like her mother, Rachel’s child will look like Rachel.

  131. 131
    Lana Is A Dumba$$!!!! Says:

    Rachel is nothing to be jealous of. Get over it. Looks wise she is a 0. Talent??? A big fat 0. Brains? Non-existent! Hayden is not good enough for Natalie. Take a look for yourself COWARD! Like, your name is LANA! It is more like sh** for brains. LOL! Natalie is the most beautiful woman in the world. Rachel looks. Forget about it. You people need to stop comparing the two. Natalie is too first class to be compared with a moron.

  132. 132
    brightside Says:

    Lana, how old are you? Even first year schoolchildren should that a baby inherits half it’s gene set from it’s mother and half from the father. Some genes are dominant, like brown eyes and brown hair, some are recessive, like blue eyes and blonde hair. The dominant genes will be the ones more likely to be passed on. Any baby will be a combination of two sets of genes. I’ve never heard of any material that claims a baby usually looks more like the father than the mother. I think you must be an idiot. Actually I know that you’re an idiot because only an idiot would think that Rachel Bilson is a credible fashion icon!

  133. 133
    brightside Says:

    Or a credible actress!

  134. 134
    Lana The L00NY Says:

    That she truly is… no questions asked / no arguments needed / case close / the end.

  135. 135
    lana Says:

    Why case close? I was having fun! You don’t know the answer of my questions? LOL

  136. 136
    brightside Says:

    Well I don’t know anything about Natatie and Hayden, whether they dated or not. It’s not interesting and it’s not important. I’m in my twenties so I suppose to a pre-teen that makes me old, but from the advantage of my years I can tell you that Rachel Bilson is not a fashion icon. She is a fashion follower who copies the trends others have created. Nothing she wears is an original look and, left to her own ideas and not the imput of her stylist, she dresses like a teenager. Short tarty shorts and skirts maybe ok when you’re fifteen/sixteen, but not when you’re twenty eight. Remember also that she does have a stylist who dresses her. Hardly original. She is also HW’s least inspiring actress. I do hope she gets married and has children as she can then focus her attentions on being a mother, rather than pursuing interests in which she has no talent.

  137. 137
    brightside Says:

    Whoops, I meant Natalie.

  138. 138
    @brightside 137 Says:

    I agree with you, very well said, except I feel sorry for the children they are going to have, Rachel is too superficial and dumb to make a good mother. I guarantee that her mothering will be as disappointing as her failed careers as a designer and actress. You need depth and intelligence to bring up children, especially when their parents are celebrities, Rachel poseses no positive qualities, she is very good at walking the streets in clothes selected by her stylist and smiling and when with Hayden, she pretends to be annoyed at the same paps she smiled yesterday. I can’t stand this idiot. As Layney Gossip said, “Why is Rachel Bilson?” These kids will have a chance at a decent upbringing if they live on the farm in Canada and Hayden’s mother takes care of them. I think that is what they decided to do anyway.

  139. 139
    Tolkien Says:

    RB is living proof that Homo Floresiensis has survived into the 20th C. Someone should contact the paleoanthropologists at Liang Bua.

  140. 140
    lana Says:

    four comments and nobody answered my questions …

  141. 141
    lana Says:

    I think she can be a good mother:

    Is so cute she playing with the baby, the stranger is that her sister (baby) does not look nothing like her parents.

  142. 142
    brightside Says:

    Well you’ve certainly got a bee in your bonnet about it. Why not? She’s got to be a better mother than she is a fashion icon or actress, she can hardly be worse. Being a housewife to Hayden and a mother to any children is something she should be able to manage easily enough. It doesn’t require much intelligence – uneducated women all over the world do it. Really she should have bypassed the whole acting/fashion career move and gone straight into motherhood. HW has far too many talentless actresses and one less isn’t going to be missed.

  143. 143
    gilmorie Says:

    Time’s up now for this to end & come up for another paid trashy thread as it looks like that some tweensy-tweeny’s deluded acuity starting now to flock it in – whom most notably even dare claimed was that RB got other relevance/significance (fashion & motherhood) other than her continual & infinite tabloid leech career.
    Simply & Sickly T-w-i-s-t-e-d!

  144. 144
    amy Says:

    @lana:Uh, hi lana, i’m a mom & she did not look comfortable holding the little one. i didn’t see much connection either coz she seemed more interested with the dog. you know what this recalled. a recollection of my son & my 12yr old niece at her b/day party. she wanted to show him to her buddies.

  145. 145
    brightside Says:

    I don’t want to go on a big down about celeb mothers but most of them end up ******** up their children’s lives big time. They use their children as media pawns to keep attention focused on them, selling pictures to the highest bidder. We’ve all seen it all happen before. Celebrity parents are not something I would wish on any child. Look at Lindsay Lohan, the Geldof brats etc

  146. 146
    lana Says:

    All right, I don’t care about the opinion of you even, if you were good mother not be here, but with his son. I think to be here talking **** about a celebrity is a great example of a person without intelligence.

  147. 147
    brightside Says:

    Yes, but Rachel Bilson is not really a celebrity now, is she! She’s a rather dull and untalented example of HW screen filler. Famous only for the OC, a pre-teen soap drama of dubious acting ability. Whether her odd fiance dated Natalie or not is not the point. Natalie is a genuinely talented actress who is both beautiful and intelligent. Rachel Bilson is not in her class on any level. She is no fashion icon, she doesn’t blaze trails in the same way as Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller etc. Rachel Bilson is just a dull, averagely attractive, generically dressed and very mediocre HW actress. She doesn’t deserve celebrity status because she’s done nothing in her life to earn it. I agree that those with genuine talent deserve genuine respect but why show respect to someone who is famous only for being famous and not for any real attribute.

  148. 148
    brightside Says:

    It’s like wasting your admiration on a fake painting instead of on the real thing!

  149. 149
    brightside Says:

    Lana, if you need proof then watch the clip!

  150. 150
    lana Says:

    Clip? What clip? You is crazy? Why do you not show this text to all women who copy her style? I’m just saying what everyone says, if you don’t want to understand this, is your problem, maybe you have a very little brain to understand this. She is not known for his work as an actress, but for her style, which is really beautiful! All the girls want the closet of Rachel, just the haters that don’t.

  151. 151
    lana Says:

    I was thinking, they became engaged in december last year at Christmas, can they get married during Christmas this year? :D

  152. 152
    brightside Says:

    Poor Rachel – it must be humiliating for her to realise that not even her fans think she is known for her work as an actress!

  153. 153
    brightside Says:

    Women don’t copy her ‘style’. Kids copy her ‘style’.

  154. 154
    Boom Boom PAU#16 Says:

    Ummm??? Lana,
    Saw that clip a long time ago. How can you tell from a silly clip that she will be a good mother? You realize she is a media wh*re do yo?. She called the paparazzi out to her step sister’s Hattie soccer game practice/ game. She obviously wants to convience gullible idiots like YOU, she will be a good mother. Her BS worked. This proves your very young and, very gullible. Someone could see you would be sucked into buying a newly painted jalopie. Someone could even sell you a bucket of poop and, you would still buy it. Reason why your stereotyping rhe fighters as being old woman. Your a classic Rayden. First, it was merly jealously and, now you know Rachel is not nearly or could never come close to Natalie’s beauty. So…Duh???…Nothing to be jealous of Rachel. Now..Say, we sound old b/c some of us are a bit wiser then you and, actually have kids and, know what a good mother is then, watching a stupid 5-10 minute clip of Rachel holding her youngest step sister baby and, pointing her gnomish looking fingers at Hattie and, giving her orders on how to play out in the soccer field. She wanted to come across as being a future soccer mom someday. YUCK! If, you cannot see how superficial Rachel is then,. you are crazy.

    She will be a great mother! NOT!!! Her kids and, if they happen to be Hayden’s then, Hayden can expect his children to be media exposed half to death, If, you think that makes her a wonderful future mom then, enjoy your jalopy. This is what Hayden is getting for a wife. The jalopy and, Natalie is the Rolls Royce. Oh well. That is on him.

    Besides, your stupid stereotyping is racist. An older woman?? What is old to you? I’m a mom but, I’m tall, slim and beautiful. Hmmmm???Since, your a fan of Rachel and thinks she is all that? You must look like a bucket ball of poo!! Congratulations. Keep on supporting your Bilpoo!! Others will have their opinions.

    Hayden should marry Rachel and, ASAP! They two are shallow and, the talentless pair deserve each other. Let them marry and do it really soon then. What do you think of that Lana?

  155. 155
    @126 Says:

    Al Roker interviewed Natalie back in 01 when he asked her about HC and she didn’t comment to the dating when asked, just smiled back at him and blushed as HC blushed each time asked about NP. Before many of us have seen that interview maybe you didn’t catch it that’s on you. Really it’s of no importance b/c NP has a progressive career ahead of her something your looney tune crew doesn’t. It has been on a few website, can’t promise they are not removed now b/c Dumbass Christensen choses to wed some dumb as dirty moron who is out to score what money and celebrity she can get from him. Not to mention the press attention she conjures up in hopes the tweenies maybe like yourself would think her intelligent.

  156. 156
    @126 Says:

    Does that interview exist now?

  157. 157
    brightside Says:

    @lana: They can get married at anytime. I agree with others here as I don’t see this marriage having a particularly high survival rate. Half of marriages end in divorce and the rate of divorce is even higher in film industry circles. These two don’t have good prospects and I believe that her inattentive fiance said himself that she would rather be shopping in Hollywood than on the farm. The apparent differences in their charcters don’t bode well.

  158. 158
    @brightside 158 Says:

    When an actor marries another bad actor, it reflects badly on them. You have to be loving and adoring of your significant other, feel excited and respectful of them, this is the way Hayden must feel about Rachel, however, we all know that there is nothing respectful about Rachel, she is a failed designer and an actress and a person. It only means that Hayden can not even differentiate between good and bad qualities, that is why he is not respected in the industry and she drags him down even more. I don’t think any director in HW respects these two and their relationship.

  159. 159
    lana Says:

    Why do you worry so much if Rachel will be a good mother or when they will marry? Get a life! One invented an interview with Natalie (that never existed) saying that they dated LOL! You are ridiculous, I said that haters have an illusion of Hayden and Natalie that never existed. People! Hello!? Don’t exist Anakin and Padme, don’t exist Hayden and Natalie, you should know this. Why do you insist on a history that never happened? Boom Boom Pau- I’m not talking to you so I will not make any effort to answer you, get a life.

    Haters make me laugh LOL

  160. 160
    MMA Says:

    I’n willing to talk her through the next one!

  161. 161
    Stone Says:

    Comfort Smomfort. You gotta do yer job!

  162. 162
    brightside Says:

    @lana: Comments 116, 118, 122,127,134,142 & 152. I think, Lana, that you are the one who is obsessed about their marriage, Rachel’s ability to be a mother and whether or not Hayden dated Natalie. As 126 pointed out, it seems likely that, even if HC & Natalie didn’t date per se, there was a shared intimacy on some level. He’s an actor, she’s an actress and it’s common enough. Many co-stars in a movie get it on together.

  163. 163
    lana Says:

    If you stop I would stop too, but as you can’t do this and I bet you commented more times than I here, I don’t think I will stop too. You spent all the day here? God! You don’t work? Every time I come here you are here too, incredible!

  164. 164
    @163 Says:

    Just ignore Lana, she is another stupid teen who does not know what good actress is and like’s Rachel’s stylist’s taste, who selects clothes for Rachel. Rachel is a nothing and everyone knows that except for Hayden who obviously is an idiot to fall for a ditz/loser like Rachel.

    I agree that Hayden could have been attracted to Natalie, I just never heard her say that she dated him.

  165. 165
    lana Says:

    @165: Other Nayden fan!
    Haters make me laugh LOL

  166. 166
    @166 Lana Says:

    Rachel Bilson is a community college drop out, with all her family money she could not apply at a normal school, she is mentally retarded and so are you Lana, if you are her fan

  167. 167
    lana Says:

    @167: Oh yes, I have to like what you like, I forgot, you are my mother and tell me what I should like or not like, look, I don’t know who you are, I don’t want to know you, I don’t know why do you waste your time in a post about a person that you hate. I think you’re retarded and you favorite hobby is speak ill of others. If you’re a fan of Natalie, Jude, Brad, Angelina, why you don’t go on a post about them instead staying here?

    Before you could say that you were here because of the pictures of Rachel every day, but she’s not appearing for two weeks and you still here, I just don’t understand why you still here if we don’t have new photos of it for you tell us how you hate her.

  168. 168
    @lana 168 Says:

    I do post on Natalie, Jude, Brad and Angelina who are all very good actors and I say that and I also post on Rachel Bilson who is a very bad actress and will never compare to these actors I am sure of it.

  169. 169
    lana Says:

    @169: Good try, but you don’t answer my question.

  170. 170
    ATLQueen Says:

    @ lana
    I said it a long time ago. They’re obsessed. They love to hate. Just think about it. What kind of a person WANTS someone’s marriage to fail? What kind of a person WANTS someone to be a bad parents so the rest of us who will have children can deal with their bad A$$ kids? Which by the way are way to our future. They’re just pathetic obsessed HC fans that can’t accept that they will never have him. Or they want him with their precious but absolutely boring you know who. Cuz if he ever becomes single again all of a sudden he’ll be the sexiest man alive and a good actor. It’s crazy! Don’t worry they’ll find someone else to fall for then eventually hate. I thought it would be the Twilight guy but thank God they realized that he just isn’t worth the time. Jebus that man is ugly.
    Guys if you don’t like these two then let it go already. If you do then admit it. If you don’t like them together then just say that. It’s useless to support (cuz that’s what you are doing by commenting here day by day) them when you hate ‘em. I’ll agree with you though they aren’t award winning actors but I don’t care about that. I just like to watch the movie and if they can make their characters come to life why complain? I just want to be entertained the rest is bull sh*t. And someone thinks they look good cuz they both made that sexy list not long ago. But, you all will find some way to argue so I’ll just go back to my everyday life. BYE!

  171. 171
    Stats Says:

    Marriage rate: 7.1 per 1000. Divorce rate: 3.5 per 1000.

    Problems Celebrity children encounter: Depression, drugs, struggling to find a balance, difficult/non existent relationship with parents, inability to form relationships in later life, not understanding bounderies, alcohol (common), suicide, murder. Higher stats than per average nuclear family.

  172. 172
    Stats Says:

    Divorce puts children at greater risk.

  173. 173
    @171 Says:

    What’s your excuss for living on the board here do they pay you to protect RB’s reputation. Each time you come to the board it’s with the same story of ppl hating on her and need ot leave it alone. Well if she would not put herself in the spotlight to be walked on, act so damn idiotic then ppl would not raz her all the time. You act as if this is your lot in life to come on her board each time comments are made in the negative and defend her. It’s anyone right to comment if you don’t like the hate then please ignor it and move on.

  174. 174
    hater/s till end Says:

    Why do you care if we still care?!
    Hope that you bade your BYE for real good this time around (as in good riddance though you always go back in here w/ that recurring tag line) and take along that Lan@ss too who looks like who never even heard the word fansite/forum before yet still continuing to be a “naive, nonsense, preachy & whiny teeny-tweeny-twiddle-dumb”.
    Just get it at your static brain/s, their JJ threads are “trash” and will continue to go on till “oblivion” sucks them up. They are now “eternally doomed” & no one or even nothing can change that!

  175. 175
    aberfitch Says:

    @ I thought it would be the Twilight guy but thank God they realized that he just isn’t worth the time…
    And anything/everything would have to do w/ that Twi guy huh?!
    Ironically funny is that many had been commenting that Robert Pattinson’s hackting school is where Hackden had also attended w/ top honors (lol). Talented or not… ugly… gross… hype… or whatever, his (still) mounting fanbase just dont give a damn & I so bet sure that most of the posters here did catch up those Twi movies & that any up-coming &/or a has-been/wash-up actor (that HC now belongs to) would want to be in that Twi guy’s shoes of popularity & bankability (a sureshot $$$) nowadays.

    @ They are now “eternally doomed”…
    With RaTchel’s still non-existent of any career and Hackden’s series of movie flaks & flops, feel sure its true.

  176. 176
    Stop The Insanity Says:

    Pleez u guys, Listen – The hairy lil dwarf aint worth 200 posts. Time 2 mov on.

  177. 177
    lana Says:

    @171: “They’re just pathetic obsessed HC fans that can’t accept that they will never have him “- Wow, thanks ATLQueen, is exactly what I think! Finally someone spoke the truth :D

  178. 178
    @178 LANA Says:


  179. 179
    Oops! Says:

    Lana, u dimwit, ATLQueen IS a pathetic, obsessed HC fan. Unlike many who think, rightly so, that he’s just another crap d-lister actor w a crap d-list g/f!

  180. 180
    @lana Says:

    I absolutely agree that HC is the worst actor of his generation and Rachel is even worse, she could not be considered an actress at all. Nobody wants him, nobody is jealous, it is ridiculous and immature to imply. I think he is very happy with Rachel bc in the privacy of their homes he is worshiped and respected by her and every guy loves that. He is not respected by anyone else that is why he wants to be in Canada away from actor’s circles where he does not fit in. I also think that he is socially awkward and judging by his interviews and his girlfriend must be really stupid and likes to hide away from social situations.

  181. 181
    lana Says:

    If ATLQueen is an obsessed fan of HC, at least she is honest and admits it, also she put her real name here, and you, haters of ****, are what? Simply haters and cowards who are afraid to post his real name here.

  182. 182
    @lana Says:

    Rachel said that they met at a party and said Hello, How are you to each other, if she is so desirable and beautiful and talented, why didn’t he pursue her then. I think these 2 hooked up bc they are both losers and can’t expect to get anyone better, so according to rachel they clicked. What smart man and good actor would click with rachel bilson except for a loser like hayden christensen.

  183. 183
    @lana 182 Says:

    Yeh, sometime ATLQueen puts her name and other times she doesn’t, how do you know what she does all the time, grow up.

  184. 184
    lana Says:

    @183: Obviously she was with Adam Brody, how you can be so stupid and not know it?

  185. 185
    lana Says:

    @184: Grow up and post your real name here

  186. 186
    @lana Says:

    he did not know who she was dating, he said hi and that is it

  187. 187
    lana Says:

    187@ javier and penelope worked in a movie together and just ten years after they started dating, what is your problem with that? coward

  188. 188
    @lana Says:

    listen assahole, don’t call me names, you are a loser bc you are a fan of a loser
    javier and penelope are old and want a family
    rachel and hayden are just 2 stupid talentless antisocial money grabbing sell outs, nobody respects them in HW, they are an embarrassment
    at least no one knew it about hayden until he hooked up with this publicity *****

  189. 189
    lana Says:


    If Rachel is in LA and go to events, you say that she wants attention, if she not is photographed, you say she is anti-social, what is your problem? Hayden and Rachel are just in their house in Canada, where don’t exist paparazzi for you to see what they are doing. I think you have to wait some time without pictures, before Rachel back to LA for you observe your daily life, as you like.

  190. 190
    lana Says:

    *after* I’m sorry, LOL

  191. 191
    @lana Says:

    @190 191
    that is exactly right, observe rachel walk the street of LA, how about getting an Oscar or Golden Globe for her talent?
    don’t you get it, she is a nothing

  192. 192
    pepto Says:

    Eh, leave Lana alone. She’s an uneducated child apparently. She wants to like Rachel because she thinks she’s “cute.” That’s all fine and good. What she doesn’t know is that when you’re supposedly an actress in the cut throat world of HW and all you’ve got by the time you’re almost 30 is “cute,” your so called career is pretty much over. Rachel Bilson is a no talent has been. All in the world she’s got is this bogus “engagement” to a man who doesn’t appear to ever even give her the time of day. Sucks for her pretty much.

  193. 193
    lana Says:


    You say that Hayden and Rachel are losers, call Rachel of stupid and talentless midget, say that their marriage will fall, say that they are the worst actors of his generation, say that their children will have mental problems and that Hayden and Rachel will not be good parents?!

    God! What they did to you? They are just celebrities, why all this hate? There are rapists, robbers and thieves in the world who do horrible things and you are here calling people that are only in the media, of all those words! WHY? Why Rachel likes to be photographed? Why she likes to go shopping? Why she likes the paparazzi? Why Hayden is not having a career that you wanted him to have? Why Hayden is not with Natalie? God! This is not reason to say horrible things about people who you never knew. I read another post where a hater said that Hayden and Rachel will have children with mental problems!? Was horrible! You really know a person with mental problems? Is very serious what you are saying, and everybody here seem to speak it like a joke, just to see who make the best insult.

    One thing is to hate, another is to have the habit of inventing horrible things to say about someone just for fun. Your life must be horrible, I feel sorry for you, but you don’t need to show this anger here every day, you need help, immediately.

  194. 194
    ATLQueen Says:

    I saw someone say HC and RB are trash, why are going thru it? Is this what you do on your spare time, go thru the trash? You’re allowed to comment and say whatever you want here like you said but don’t just hate just because. It makes you look so bad. You guys keep saying I like RB as well as HC. No. I’m only a fan of HC. I support his relationship with RB because I don’t see anything wrong with not doing it. She isn’t turning him to drugs, his family seems to like her and they like spending time together. I’m not the delusional kind that thinks he belongs to me. I wouldn’t have him as a boyfriend anyway because he does a lot of things that I don’t agree with. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t think he’s the greatest thing that has ever walked the earth. I do however like a lot of the movies he’s done and think he’s attractive. I don’t care what ya’ll think about it. At least I’m honest and not ashamed of what he is. I accept him for just being him. Now RB, I don’t know about. Not a fan I can tell you that much.

  195. 195
    brightside Says:

    @lana: There are people out there with genuine talent, a gift, if you like, for acting. In the same way that people are gifted artists, gifted musicians, gifted writers etc, and these people are special because their talents are special. They enrich others lives with their gifts. An inspiring performance is an emotive experience,as is an inspiring piece of music, an amazing work of art. Celebration should be about what is special, not about clothes or looks but about art. These two have nothing special so don’t deserve to be called celebrities. Rachel Bilson isn’t an intelligent person, she isn’t a talented one, she isn’t even a creative one. But for family connections and a rather silly soap drama she wouldn’t even be of note. She’s average, just like you or me, she has no special gifts so why make of her something she is not. Same with her partner. Neither one is anything special. If you like the clothes she wears then fine, go out and buy them – but stop making her something she is not. Save the adoration for those whose unique gifts make them special people. Stop worshipping medicrocrity.

  196. 196
    lana Says:

    @ 196: Again, someone spoke ill of Hayden and Rachel and not answered my questions, why do you waste time commenting on a post about celebrity that you hate? Why do not you go on a post about a celebrity that you love and spend the day there? Why are you still here if Hayden and Rachel are so **** as you say? You seems to be a fan obsessed with them, you talk of their lives in such detail… Dear, I think you can’t be the mother of Hayden and choose who he will marry or not. I can’t do nothing if you think that Rachel is a person without talent, but why you’re still giving attention to her? You’re still here and will answer me, is a sign that you are obsessed with these two.

  197. 197
    sharon Says:

    @lana: Well for starters this is my real name and reading through the threads and reading your comments to others is just addin fuel to the fire …you ask ppl why they still here I could ask you the same WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE can you ask me that question ,everyone has an reason and excuses or like a$$holes everyone has one!!

  198. 198
    laura w Says:

    There are so many wonderful actors and HW, why even bother with ppl who can not act and just parade the streets of LA in clothes they stylist got for them. Rachel has absolutely nothing she can offer.

    As to Hayden, I did not know this about him until he got engaged to her. He was always private and did not give much interviews and was just a mediocre actors, but now, since he is with her, he must love her and respect her bc she is his almost wife and she said he is her best friend, so he is supportive of her and admires her and loves her and that tells you what a stupid moron he has to be.

    They do everything to keep attention on themselves to sell clothes and shampoo and to make money for themselves by getting stupid teens to warship them and copy them. Lower of the low.

  199. 199
    laura w Says:

    They have one thing left, it is to get pregnant over the holidays, I bet you that is what they are doing, this way she will get what she wants and have an excuse not to work and he will get what he wants, family. He must lover her so she should give him a kid instead of waiting for an Oscar, which will never happen.

  200. 200
    TC Says:


  201. 201
    brightside Says:

    Susan Boyle. No she is not as young as Rachel Bilson, nor as attractive – but her individuality, her talent make her worth more than a hundred Rachels. I do not believe that artistry is dead. Not yet. But the Haydens and Rachels of the world are definitely dumbing down America!

  202. 202
    lana Says:

    I’m here because I like this couple, and you are here why?

  203. 203
    rachel Says:

    bc we can’t stand them and losers like you who support users like them, they use you to make a buck for themselves and you like it

  204. 204
    sharon Says:

    @ Lana you say there is no paparazzi in Canda then explain to me where these pics come from :

  205. 205
    hater/s till end Says:

    Pleez u guys, Listen – The hairy lil dwarf aint worth 200 posts. Time 2 mov on.
    She isnt worth to have a HW career (and its really happening) but she’s worth a lot more junk & trash post just like these.

    @ I’m here because I like this couple, and you are here why?
    Such a dumb question coming from another dumb fartnatic. Goodluck to that extensive yet useless howling on this “open-for-all gossip site” instead of donning it at her own fansite.
    Just wait up for her/their “next” thread, it’ll be another garbage post just like this one – trust on that!

  206. 206
    lana Says:

    @204: Paparazzi rarely exist in Canada, it is very difficult, Rachel McAdams was also photographed these days walking in Toronto.

    @205: Such a dumb question that you don’t know the answer.

  207. 207
    @lana Says:

    They rarely exist well Rachel McAdams and Josh Lucas were seen in Canada Toronto spotted by the paps..walking around RMA is at least well respected and is currently working in Sherlock Holmes. RB has to call her agent to make sure the press arrive to the given location to get her and HC’s picture. Without the press she is nothing.

    @laura W

    Lets hope not on the baby thing she is no mother really she is very self endulged woman to raise a kid and HC is at this time an immature man who like RB is not really parent material. Good chance she is back in LA just not coming around b/c she wants ppl to assume as they always do this time of year she is with him. But, we find out near the 25th she is home.

  208. 208
    ATLQueen Says:

    I’d like to thank all the dedicated people who both love and love to hate this couple who haven’t worked hard at all to create such chaos on this thread (or on any other board they have been on). Without these people I wouldn’t know where they were or what they were up to these days or any other day. They work so long and hard with so much blood sweat and tears to make things up about people they don’t know but they provide the things I love to see like pictures and videos. I never have to look. All I have to do is visit a post of one of theirs on JJ. So here to all these people when I say THANK YOU FOR TAKING IT ALL THE WAY TO 200 POSTS! God I love all of you so much! You’re awesome! Lol

  209. 209
    amazed Says:

    Some of you people are so over the top on these two it is ridiculous! I come here once in awhile to check for pics, this video is meant to be a parody, it is from, and some of you think this is a real movie! It is fake, a farce you either like, or hate, not to be taken seriously! It is kind of gross, but funny, too.

    To 207, this couple is engaged,of course they spend time together, if Rachel was in LA we would be seeing posts of her more on here, she would not hide, and she has been gone 2 1/2 weeks.

    Rachel is going to be in New York City on Friday morning December 11th at a Target Store 9:30 am for a drop and shop store premiere on Gansevoort Street. She can get to New York very easily from Toronto, doubtful she would go back to LA being gone this long, would be easier to go straight to New York from Toronto. Read this information on the blog section when her name is googled.

    Hayden and Rachel are a cute couple, not everyone who likes them is as obsessed about posting on them here as some of you are. They are not seen much, except on a couple of gossip sites, they are not in tabloids all the time. Give them, and yourselves, a break, get over them!

  210. 210
    @amazed Says:

    Cute couple? He is a foot taller than she is. You get over yourself.

  211. 211
    @Lana Says:

    Why do u like her? U only like her b/c she is pretty, wears designers labels & has big $$ handbags. How shallow does that make u who only like rich & pretty ppl? U r shallow as she is! Shallow Lana!

  212. 212
    ATLQueen Says:

    Well call me shallow too! Those things aren’t very important but they sure are a lot of fun to have! Shallow ATLQueen! Gosh, someone is so JEALOUS.

  213. 213
    rachel Says:

    So true, Rachel Bilson could only have shallow fans bc she represents emptiness and uselessness. No one of substance or quality would be interested in a shmataholic.

  214. 214
    @ Lana Says:

    EXCUSE ME??!!! You said something of no paparazzi being in Canada?? LOL!

    Funny how this Lana has the exact same name of David Christensen’s former lover! Someone from Imbd that is way obsessed with Rachel and, Hayden. The worst actors on the face of this planet. Way to go Lana! You accomplished so much in life defending the two idiots. Rachel- a modern day Edith Bunker and, Gayden a modern day grumpy Archie. Perfect pair. Let them do get married and do it soon. So sick of the two playing paparazzi games. DISGUSTING.

  215. 215
    @ Lana Says:

    Oh nooooo!!! No paparazzi in Canada at all!! LOL!

    BTW. Rachel looks ape sh*** UGLY here. Hardly anything to be remotely jealous of!

  216. 216
    sharon Says:

    @ 214 and 215 thank you very much seems we both where trying to prove the same point lol..but apparently someone can’t seem to grasp the reality of it and also it must be pretty slow over at DH ?? ;)

  217. 217
    Sophie Says:

    @rachel: Isn’t that the truth, tho. Birds of a feather….

  218. 218
    whizbang Says:

    And BilPooo looking “grotesquely hot” (lol)….
    Truly reminds of this…
    I think that Narnia Movie part 3 is still in production, BilPooo could still catch up since she not doing anything (as usual) called legit work isnt it?!

  219. 219
    @ Lana Says:

    @ Sharon,
    What can I say? Great minds think a like! :) Lana is blind. Her prom queen can do no wrong.

    Here is another and, a picture of them on Hayden’s farm no less. So much Hayden saying he is so private and, his home was his private sanctuary. If, he does marry Rachel he can expect the paparazzi to be up his a$$ for the rest of his life. Proves he is a lair too and, two birds of a feather do belong together.

  220. 220
    @ Lana Says:

    Here’s the press seeking couple!

  221. 221
    lana Says:

    My God! How many names! I bet are just one or two people changing the name LOL

    Who was the idiot who insinuated that I am lover of David? LOOOOOOOOOL This is the most ridiculous thing I read in my life! See? Another sign that you are obsessed, I’m a fan of Hayden and I don’t knew that David had a lover called Lana, thanks for the info! You have her address or her phone number too? You know if they are still together or have a child? You know where she lives? LOL! A obsessed fan like you should know don’t? How can you know so much details about the personal life of Hayden if you hate it? If David lived in Paris, maybe I can meet him, but he lives in Canada, so far from me, perhaps in another life don’t? LOL

    Sharon or @, why I have to answer your questions if nobody here answers my? I asked 20 times – why you’re still here??? – and nobody told me, I will answer when you answer too ; )

    @ 209 – You are so right!

  222. 222
    lana Says:

    Wow! All this discussion just because I said I would love to see wedding photos of Hayden and Rachel and it would be nice to see Rachel pregnant. I think the haters don’t support losing Hayden for a talentless midget (as they like to call Rachel) LOL

  223. 223
    @ Lana Says:

    Here’s more!

  224. 224
    lana Says:

    @223: poor woman, is blind, you don’t read my post dear?

  225. 225
    rachel Says:

    HW is full of talented celebs, you picked the biggest loser who can not get a job and sells shmatas for a living. Why don’t you pick somebody talented to support?

  226. 226
    brightside Says:

    @rachel: I agree.
    To Lana, why not Susan Boyle? Superb singing voice, she moves so many people. Why some some trumped up little fashion Barbie with more money than soul. Why are you all about appearance rather than the qualities that matter? There’s more to life than money, fashion and things.

  227. 227
    lana Says:

    Why will not you take care of the life of another celebrity? Why stay here? There are worse celebs than Rachel, why hate Hayden and Rachel? Why not Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton or Chad Murray? WHY Hayden and Rachel?

  228. 228
    lana Says:

    Why will not you take care of the life of another celebrity? Why stay here? There are worse celebs than Rachel, why hate Hayden and Rachel? Why not Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton or Chad Murray? WHY Hayden and Rachel?

  229. 229
    rachel Says:

    We are amazed at the stupid ppl like you who like losers like Rachel.

  230. 230
    @ Lana Says:

    WTF? Someone should ask you if your blind LANA?! Did you see the pictures? Are you still too stupid to believe their is no paparazzi in Canada? Besides I will only argue with ppl that have some intelligence. You have none. Worthless arguing with Lana. Your waisting your time with this Lana basketcase ppl. I’m gone! I have better things to do with my time.

  231. 231
    lana Says:

    @230: Stupid is you that don’t have courage to post your real name here, this is to be stupid. Why you is talking about paparazzi? God, you’re going crazy?

  232. 232
    blairite Says:

    I believe that Rashchel’s own fansite seems to be not getting at least 10 comments or even less… that one of her most rabid fan reached out of its bored of saturation & jumped off to a rag site where it was 99% dominated who cant get enough of her till she probably “crash into pieces” (lol).
    And after all this time & judging from the previous post, “many” have tried so damn hard for the “haters” to *STFU* & *GTFO* from their threads in JJ but they all FAILED and will continually to do so. As it looks like that its what all Rashchel got from now (aside from her tabloid career) … more haters (still counting & thriving) than followers just like J. Simpson, L. Lohan, J. Biel & the Kardasshians.

  233. 233
    ATLQueen Says:

    I know you don’t think that was for me. I’m not a fan of RB’s. She doesn’t do anything for me to be a fan of. I used to watch the OC when it first came on when she wasn’t even a part of the cast yet. I stopped because Fox was trippin’ when they would play it. It was annoying so I stopped watching. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE, I AM NOT A FAN OF RB’S! Not that I think anything is wrong with her or anything. I’m not mad at her for what she does. I would love to be in her shoes right now. Well, except the engaged part.

  234. 234
    ATLQueen Says:

    Lana, Lana, Lana…….. Can’t you see? They ARE fans, just not of RB’s. They like Hayden that’s why they search him the way they do. No matter how hard I searched I couldn’t find the things these folks find in here. I don’t care enough to find the things they find and I actually like the guy. They don’t want her with him that’s all. But thank God he doesn’t allow crazy fan girls to stop him from living his life right or wrong. He knows who his real supporters are.

  235. 235
    rachel Says:

    He does not know anything, that is why his career and personal life choices suck.

  236. 236
    sharon Says:

    @Lana I don’t play the guessing game you said there where no paparazzi in Canada and I think me and several others have tried to prove it to you and you just don’t get it and all the comments you have made and you keep asking THE QUESTION …WHY ARE WE STILL HERE WELL WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE ???You want to pick and fight well I up for it NOW YOUR TURN!!!

  237. 237
    brightside Says:

    @lana: Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson – the names may be different but they are all united in having no talent to recommend them. Hayden Christensen – it’s very difficult to come up with an actor quite as bad as this one. If these people were in a profession where talent wasn’t so important, bank clerk or window dresser, say, then no one would dislike them. No one would care. But they are not and they give acting a bad name. Kids assume they don’t need talent, they don’t need to learn the art, all they need to do is look pretty, mouth a few words in the direction of the camera while having a stunned expression on their faces and bingo, they’ll be famous actors/actresses. All because of these two and the rest of the HW clone factory.

  238. 238
    brightside Says:

    Lana, if you find any evidence of talent in this couple then, please, let the rest of us know so we can take a look. Happy hunting…………

  239. 239
    rachel Says:

    You know how Hayden always wanted to marry a costar, he loves big houses and expensive things and cars and travel, well, he is going to have to settle to pay for it himself bc Rachel can’t get a well paid job. She can get free clothes, but that is IT.

  240. 240
    aberfitch Says:

    RaTchel shouldnt go back in LA yet & must stay there in the coldest part of the Canucks country… till she’ll get “hit by the snowstorm” LOL

  241. 241
    Gyovy Says:

    Ok, that was kind of disgusting! But it kinda made me laugh..
    anyways, Rachel looks pretty as always.

  242. 242
    shannon~luvs~alaska Says:


    I find it interesting what you say too. Except I don’t agree that Rachel and Hayden are going to make any kind of good parent to any kids. Rachel is consumed with hollywood and her own fame and popularity to care about children or messing up her figure.

    I think most of us are smart enough to know you don’t know very much about Hayden or his family. So I don’t think anything of your name. You sound like you are not American and maybe from Hawaii or from Europe somewhere.

    It’s not that people here are obsessed with Hayden or Rachel. We just have the ability to find information better than yourself. That isn’t knocking you at all.

    Lana Hunt is the former mistress of David Christensen. If you read her blogs at Myspace then you will see what that is all about. She’s a wounded person and still is writing. Hayden’s dad did a number on her head is for sure. I have the link to her myspace

    Her blogs are all there

    that’s her latest one.

    I suggest Lana that before you get overly confident in your opinion that you read everything there is about Tove, David Christensen and everything about Hayden and Rachel. Put two and two together. You will see it does NOT make any sense that they are getting married. Look at the photos that became a part of a big paparazzi campaign from the time of Jumper or even right after Hayden’s mom and dad had their hit to their marriage. Look at that entire range of photos from 2008 to now. It’s all planned. You have to be smart enough to see how some of these Hollywood people work. They play you just as easy as they play the game.

    I like Hayden ok. But I don’t think he is any great actor. And Rachel is not even an actor. She is awful. Both of them only seem to have one thing. Their looks. They might be able to make a beautiful child but it is all vanity. We feel sorry for any child that has to be around anyone who are Hollywood fame hounds and who look for attention by calling paps.

    Check out everything. Get your information straight. Once you see everything there is to know about Hayden, Rachel and his family you might just change your point of view instead of wearing those rose colored glasses.

  243. 243
    shannon~luvs~alaska Says:


    Copied the wrong link for that individual blog I read yesterday of Lana Hunts


    LOL the one I put was the one I just copied to look at an example of Canadian paparazzi. Oh and thanks to whomever provided that link. I think you are all on the same page. I’m so glad that most of you can see sense and logic.

  244. 244
    C3 Says:

    Great video clip up there. Laughed my a$$ off.

    Thanks Shannon for giving me that link. I already had it. It’s hard to read that stuff. That woman is tormented still. Hayden’s pop sure is a nice creepy guy to do a number like he did on that girls mind. I’m sure Hayden’s got more sense than his old man than to go get vulnerable pretty chicks and use them and then do the number on their head like he did that girl. Or maybe Hayden’s just like me. A real man who knows how to romance a woman. Then again maybe he doesn’t have the first clue. Poor idiot.

    And Shannon I love Alaska. You single???

  245. 245
    joeschmoe Says:

    that’s gonna give me nightmares. cant unsee. D:

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