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Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson just doesn’t feel comfortable doing a nude scene with co-star Adam Scott for her upcoming film Hearts of Palm.

But director McG gives her a little pep talk and convinces her to do it. Check out Rachel‘s exclusive sex scene below!

Is that a body double or did she just have an hair growth spurt?

Watch the hilarious Funny or Die video below! NSFW!!!

Rachel Bilson’s Deleted Sex Scene — VIDEO
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  • comrade

    Of course its not a movie. This Little Moe couldnt even get a real one for a very long while isnt it? You would all think that if she got loads of legit work, she would have time stuffing this? But dont have any thats why this cut-rate acting job happens. And she even got another connection (stated by #15) upon doing this, whoa she really is an ill-fated unemployable hacktress, must just apt to join a circus instead of being in HW.

  • eca


    man, she is bad, but kstew is the worst actreess of her generation!

  • comrade

    And Mr. Christensen thinks that he got a “”gem”" upon hooking up w/ this twithead?! EPIC FAIL!
    But what the heck – Dumb Loser BEGETS Another Dumb Loser as expected.

  • hmm

    she has the mentality of an eternal 13 yr old what do you expect? McBeth? no she will continue to do this type of toilet crap.
    I dont think anyone ever took her seriously nor will they ever. He daddy is a director thats how she gets work.

    funny how she keeps herself in the news while hiding away in uxbridge. she still gets top picks on JJ. now i know what you people mean when you say press wh0re.

    HC must have some serious issues to be with her. she is the opposite of him and what he said he wanted.

  • RD

    She is the most beautiful young Hollywood these days.
    She is absolutely stunning and petite- just like a movie star should look like.
    I can understand why many girls might be jealous of her.

  • hmm

    10 things i hate about Rachel:

    her voice
    her horrid acting inbility
    her immaturity
    her giggle
    her lack of brains
    her lack of style
    her stuck up better than though almighty attitude
    her eyebrows
    lack of personality,depth,substance
    Hate that damn giggle and shrieking voice

  • hmm

    lol jealous?! I know I look a hell of alot better. there is nothing to be jealous of

  • ahari

    @55, you need some glasses. And an understanding of what beauty and talent really is. This little embarrassment has neither. Ugh.

  • lexy

    Jealous of what exactly??
    Her good looks?? she’s NOT ugly but Kim Kardashian isn’t losing any sleep worrying about this “beauty” (heck not even Khloe or Kourtney worry)
    Her acting skills?? again don’t think Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet or even Kate Hudson are losing roles to Rachel.
    That she’s got a rich boyfriend?? Plenty of women have those.
    That she’s got a boyfriend and father who help her get the little work she gets…she’s not the only one so no need to be jealous of that??

  • Linsday Luv

    Wow, she is really hot!

  • atlqueen

    I totally agree with you. A lot of these girls are so very jealous. They aren’t jealous of her looks, their jealous because she’s sleeping with their crush and she looks just as average as any other girl in the regular world.

    But I also have to disagree. I don’t consider her stunning. Sorry. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tyra Banks, Scarlett Johannsen and Adriana Lima (Just to name a few) are stunning. I think she is considered pretty,cute and even sexy but definitely not stunning. Just an opinion.

  • tiu

    HA HA HA. i think it’s really funny!
    i couldn’t stop laughing. good one.

    just noticed that people are so hateful here… jeez..

  • Funkey

    I have no clue why in the hell she thought even to make this guess all her recreational drug uses from past and present must have gotten to her cottoncandy head of her’s. What little bit of a career she just blew it now. And not only her but HC was well he is a walking JOKE to have or is sticking around her. His career is about as dead as her’s is.

  • MAC

    sooooooooooo not funny

  • m.jose

    ok this is not good, but in a movie or whatever she does here is better i think is a comercial and is called unbroken i think here she acts very good

  • Linsday Loman

    That got me excited!

  • Cash

    Remember when FoD was actually funny?
    I’m pretty sure people were still wearing Jerry Curls back then.

  • Steph

    Wow! Some of you actually think this is a real movie?! She may be a bad actress but you’re all just a bunch of morons!

  • LMAO

    that was hilarious!!!!

  • Natasha


  • Boom Boom PAU#16

    No comment. Just GROSS!! She would have been better off flashing her non -excitant breasts then, using an over weight beer bellied hairy man like that. That was gross. If, your going to use a guy please, use a svelte hunk with hair in the right places. This was not funny but, made me want to hurl. Thanks for ruining my dinner jj!

    Whatever this is will fall strait to DVD. “Hearts of Palm” is a good name for the movie but, what is in it is not good. It is not jealously either. LOL! I’m tall and beautiful and, I know what looks good.

  • Shelby

    Wow..things that celebs do to get attention. Is she not getting enough press or something? This is ridiculous and I don’t find that video funny at all. It’s tasteless and disgusting. I do get the fact that she’s trying to say that she won’t do any nudity and all..but come on, she should at least get that point across in a more tasteful way. She really just made a fool out of herself. Now she’s totally lost all my respect.

  • Anees

    It was too funny,but the expectation and the thill went on vane.

  • Anees

    It was too funny,but the expectation and the thill went on vane.

  • Curt

    I dunno, seems kinda childish. Immature even. Like someone forget the funny n just went with the crude. Hey guys, this is crude so it’ll get a laff. It could’ve been funny but it aint. Looks like FoD is crawling up it’s own a$$ for inspiration. Nothing but a dark, smelly hole n look what crawled out, Rachel bloody Bilson.

  • Noel ?

    Rachel is short. That is her trouble. Never trust girls with short legs. Brains too close to their bottoms.

  • S

    She really has that sexy look in her eyes, which some men find very attractive, i think.

  • lexy

    It’s 2009. Women and teenage girls aren’t wetting themselves over him and hating on her b/c of it – perhaps you are mistaking Hayden & Rachel for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel or Rob and Kristen (which Rachel would LOVE) – you know guys who are popular and successful and women love!
    If it weren’t for Rachel paying the paps to follow her around and for press – most people wouldn’t know who she and Hayden were!

  • Mandy

    @lexy: LMAO at the idea there are women out there wetting themselves over Gayden! Ryan Kwanten or Hugh Jackman, yeah, you bet. Specially a shirtless Ryan, yum! Gayden, no chance. He’s one strictly for the blue rinse and pinafore brigade.
    @S: P’haps. Looks more like puppy-peed-on-the-carpet face to me! She’s just not sophisticated enough to do sexy.

  • jerk

    She still engaged to Hayden? He had a sex scene deleted from Star Wars…

  • aishah

    Maybe you guys hate her so much and that makes the skit not funny. It’s not that bad.. It’s quite funny.

  • unreechy

    Love the fact that she stooped now to the lowest level at her already long-time low HW stature. So thanks for that cheapy-shabby looking home video BilHO… you gave the “haters squad” to (continually) “castrate” you into pieces more than ever.
    And damn, she just won’t be satisfied until she’s “failed” at everything huh?! – what a dumb prick!

  • HA HA HA

    Rachel’s video is not funny but hayden’s on you tube is.

  • Mélissa

    u guys r mean !
    well ok this scene is pretty gross !
    but i think she acts well, she is really natural and pretty and doesn’t deserve all those mean icomments on her back !

  • bob bendy

    dats da gurl u dont let know ur name, screw her and kick her to da curb!
    hells no wood marry dat! she aint beyonce or angelina. her man cant see that? damn he aint a’ight upstaires. dat beotch gunna walk over his azz

    381 represent

  • JoJo

    Where’s the hilarious video? Are you going to post it? All I see is a boring video about rachel bilson.

  • Crap addict


  • brock

    It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I think it’s marvellous that Rachel has so many people enabling her to keep a marginal career in the film ind. Imagine if she did’nt know anyone and had to rely only on her talent. Noone would know who she is. We should thank those guys for their dedication and determination to help her scrape the bottom of a barrel she wouldn’t be able to reach on her own. Right JJ, well done!

  • @88

    God, you are so right. She is scraping at the bottom of the barrel. What a waste.

  • ahari

    The only waste I see here is a waste of time. This chick has no talent. None. And her looks are fading as fast as the belief that she’s actually “engaged.” If this is the best work her father and her “contacts” in HW can get her, she needs to go back to shopping and lunching every day. If I were her “fiance,” I’d dump her and RUN, not walk away as fast as I could. Something this professionally embarrassing will have repercussions.

  • Funkey

    Granted it’s just some comic relief but, the idea here is that you need to be a actress or at least some experience in comedy to be able to pull it off. She has no talent just bad connections in the industry to get her roles. This joke commerical or whatever the hell she did it for guess she was drunk and high the day she did it, or agreed to do it. Yes there is some actors that can pull it off and do it well get a clue JJ she isn’t that actress. All this waste of space on the boards is nothing but, a daddy’s girl who grabs anything daddy’s friends throw at her.

    As for HC anything he did in SW was with talented ppl the behinds the scenes are more of the comedy you can laugh at even in a comic joke show like Youtube. When you hang with ppl that are lower on the totum pole then you one is bound to sink to the bottom. All he will get from this mess of a woman is nothing but bad luck which I think he already has gotten from her. But, the joke is on him many of his fans have given up on him. Good luck to both of these two losers guess farming is all he will have left after the fiance bleeds him dry with her spending spree’s.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol ill admit it’s pretty funny
    she may be pretty useless now but at least she did something productive
    kinda disgusting that guy is all touchy some other guy’s chest…

  • ATLQueen


  • unreechy

    And this is for everyone who wants to feast on this now looking “beast on everyone’s eye”…
    And who could really look/stare at that even for awhile… just HC(sic), the catatonic fiacee?! – lol!

  • unreechy

    Errr… the fiaNcee, I mean…

  • Babey Dadad

    Wow, that got me hot and bothered

  • puzzled

    she cant do acting, she cant do fashion n she sure as hell cant do humor so wtf can she do? what is the point of Rachel Bilson?

  • umm

    she cant be a good wife to hc either.

    i think she would be good at being a housewife of the OC

    a shopper. thts bout it.

    shes like the gum that needs to be scraped off the shoe of society.

  • skank

    oh come on both of them have affairs. its nothing new in the celebrity world!
    hc was seen kanoodling some chic in a toronto restaurant and rb has been seen leaving marmont with some guy.

    who cares. celebs are immoral POS who screw each other.

  • LAINEY said so too

    @ 97- what is the point of Rachel Bilson?
    Rachel Bilson: funny or die and sex too but still WHY IS???