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Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson just doesn’t feel comfortable doing a nude scene with co-star Adam Scott for her upcoming film Hearts of Palm.

But director McG gives her a little pep talk and convinces her to do it. Check out Rachel‘s exclusive sex scene below!

Is that a body double or did she just have an hair growth spurt?

Watch the hilarious Funny or Die video below! NSFW!!!

Rachel Bilson’s Deleted Sex Scene — VIDEO
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  • @100

    HC and RB are both terrible actors, if you can even call them actors at all, they just move in front of a camera and say something they tried to memorize. They should move to Canada and have kids and attend to their farm and leave the acting to real actors.

    They shamelessly degrade the movie industry with their foul performances, they don’t even love it, they just do it to make a buck. I hope they never get work and disappear together. They certainly do not deserve to get hired putting out worst acting there could be. They should leave it for good actors.

  • @99

    How you know that Rachel and Hayden were seen? I read something similar about Hayden in the twitter but I don’t seen nothing about Rachel.

  • HA HA HA

    The way these 2 display pda is totally believable that they sleep with other ppl. rachel probably does it to get work and does not get it anyway, and hc does it bc this stupid flat chested midget is so annoying that he has to in order to stay sane.

  • kate

    I liked this video, is funny! Rachel seems to be good in bed, I think that is why Hayden is with it yet, a man likes a woman good in bed and Rachel seems to be. Her mother must have taught many things for her and I think she and Hayden should have lots of fun together LOL

  • @104

    PLEASEEEEE!!! the only thing this girl is good at is shopping and faking up a realtionship. I don’t think mom could teach her much RB is an airhead with very little going for her. Hayden when you look at him looks like a man constipated. That or can’t stand to be around her and only tolerates it b/c he is made to.

  • @105

    if their relationship were false as you say, they were not together right now.

  • @106

    Why not, they are together for the Holidays, they will get married, but they will have an open marriage.
    It is convenient, they were together in Jumper, hoping to make Jumper 2, it is good publicity. Hayden has to wonder about better looking and smarter girls, and if he can get free meat, why not?

  • puzzled

    But he already has free meat, doesn’t he? Isn’t that what Rachel is, free meat when he wants it. Peculiar it doesn’t happen more often. There are times when he looks like he doesn’t like her very much, but he can always close his eyes. No need to stare at the mantelpiece when you are stoking the fire, yes.

  • puzzled

    Her mom is a sex therapist I think. I mean that people have said that she does this. As a job. This is something that is meaning nothing. There are many fake therapists. They buy their diplomas I hear and then go into business. I do not think she would give good advice. Therapists are a big bunch of B**sh*tters. It is the truth.

  • @108 and 109

    Rachel is free meat but nothing wrong with variety, especially when you got the same boring and annoying one. He does look at her like he does not like her very much most of the time. I can’t stand her and I don’t spent as much time with her as he does. I think she is annoying and stupid, very boring, you have to be drunk and drugged to be with her.

  • Clarkson Rules, Down With PC

    I have to be drunk and drugged to watch her, or maybe it was the whole OC (Obvious Crap) thing.

  • hello

    To those who compare Bilson to Natalie Portman, I just saw Brothers, Natalie should get an Oscar for it, something Bilson will never get in her life for anything, guaranteed.

  • @112

    Hahaha – the idea of RB being nominated for an Oscar. Raspberry, yeah. My prediction for an Oscar, Mariah Carey in Precious, awesome, simply awesome.

  • brightside

    @@100: Wooo, I loved your comment. It made me laugh because it describes their acting to a t, “Just move around in front of a camera and say something they tried to memorise”. That is so accurate. Spot on!

  • @133

    the only reason some of these ppl compare bilson to natalie is bc they are extremely worried that hayden loves and respects natalie the way he will never feel about rachel
    otherwise, there is nothing to compare

  • lana

    Why Hayden would love Natalie? They dated in 2000 – 9 years ago – when Hayden was only 19 old years and was a teenager, now, he is an adult with 28 old years and is engaged, I think the haters don’t understand this. I bet he is in Toronto now with his family and bride planning a wedding, I think he has more important things to do than think about an ex-girlfriend that he don’t see for 5 years ago. Hayden and Natalie is just an illusion of haters LOL

    PS: Planning a wedding is so cool! Rachel is a fashion icon, surely will be a very nice wedding dress, I would love to see photos of their wedding when it happens, I can’t wait! :D

  • @lana 116

    Natalie is not HC’s ex girlfriend, they never dated, rather, she would not date him, but I can see that she is a million times better than rachel in every way, but I do also agree that rachel and hayden are planning a wedding or may be even are getting pregnant over these holidays.

  • lana

    I hope she becomes pregnant! Surely will be a beautiful baby *-*

  • @lana 118

    Rachel has saddle bags and ugly teeth and other major problems with looks and surely this poor child will not carry the intelligence gene, considering Rachel’s input into the gene pool.

  • Dream-on


    Dream on ppl are not jealous of Batshit bilson there is nothing to hate, be jealous of. If you see her as some Icon of fashion then you yourself must need glasses or mental help. This woman can’t conjugated a full sentence. I seriously doubt that HC is besotted with this woman enough to want to plan much but, the next bearded performance that he is contracted out to do with her. HC looks at her each time like he so hopes it will be the last time he has to do this performance with her. He did better acting in SW then he does just being what some call causal with Bilson.

    As for Natalie..She never denied she dated him Mr. Lairensen is the only one who doesn’t really say much about it. Many on set saw evidence they dated. If anything it’s Natalie who could care less over HC and the time she was with him. I’m sure HC only thinks of regret when he thinks of what he might have had if he got his head out of his ass to be a normal B/F to Portman. Glad NP has other fish in her river and doesn’t look back at HC.

  • @Dream-on 120

    What are you talking about, when did Natalie ever say she dated HC? Are you delusional?

  • lana

    You can continue to hate, I know that they should be planning the wedding and the wedding dress of Rachel will be incredible, she is a fashion icon, only the haters say she is not, and WHO CARES about the opinion of haters? And, of course, the baby will be beautiful, Rachel has beautiful eyes and know how to dress well, and Hayden is a dream, I hope that when they have a baby, he has the blue eyes or the cute smile of Hayden. *-*

  • @lana 122

    what if the baby looks like rachel? not so cute or smart anymore? ha? even you don’t think she is anything gorgeous or intelligent or talented!

  • Dream-on


    PLEASEE she did an interview back in 2001 on today show she was asked about the dating she didn’t deny it.

    Lana get a reality check knowone Hates the woman, b/c knowone cares about the woman. You are the only few that think this fashion theif is some Icon you must love the stolen clothing designs she took from bigger name designers. She can’t act, she can’t design so whatever arranged wedding dress she plans might be for her an the stylist she hangs with all the time. She shows very little affection towards Dopeden and even less from him to her.

  • Dream-on


    NP said back in 2001 on one of the early morning shows, when asked if she dated him smiled and just knodded she didn’t comment you saw the answer on ther face. HC was the liar about anything and everything he could lie about.


    Get a clue knowone cares about this chic she is a designer theif so if you think her clothing is iconic then you must love the stolen goods she gets from top designers. She sure in hell can’t do much else as for wedding dress being made i’m sure whatever f’d up arrangment these two egg heads have in mind won’t go far.

  • @Dream-on 125

    The morning show you are referring to where Natalie admitted her and HC dated in 2001 does not exist, please do not make up stories.

  • lana

    Why do you not put your name here? Coward! You know that the babies usually look more like the father than with her mother? Maybe you’re so stupid to don’t know this, of course the baby will be beautiful if to be like Rachel, she is beautiful. Babies are not like the parents you know? His mother can be stupid and you can be smart, God! Is not because a person is stupid that her son will be too, Hayden and Rachel are very intelligent, I’m sure of it. And about talent, everyone born with one, I’m sure that Hayden would not let his son be an actor, so, this don’t worry me.

  • @lan 127

    I now understand why you are a fan of Rachel, you must have the smae intellect, she is a community college drop out, with all her family money she could not apply at a decent school, she is so dumb that it is painful to watch. I agree that their kids will not be actors, they can not inherit the talent gene for acting from the parents bc both are considered the worst actors in HW.
    For your information, boys look like mothers and girls look like fathers, but in Hayden’s family all kids look more like the mother, so most likely they will give birth to another stupid and talentless midget.

  • lana

    you called a child that not born yet of stupid and talentless midget? Wow, congratulations, you are more stupid than I thought.

  • @lana 129

    Hayden looks like his mother, Rachel looks like her mother, Rachel’s child will look like Rachel.

  • Lana Is A Dumba$$!!!!

    Rachel is nothing to be jealous of. Get over it. Looks wise she is a 0. Talent??? A big fat 0. Brains? Non-existent! Hayden is not good enough for Natalie. Take a look for yourself COWARD! Like, your name is LANA! It is more like sh** for brains. LOL! Natalie is the most beautiful woman in the world. Rachel looks. Forget about it. You people need to stop comparing the two. Natalie is too first class to be compared with a moron.

  • brightside

    Lana, how old are you? Even first year schoolchildren should that a baby inherits half it’s gene set from it’s mother and half from the father. Some genes are dominant, like brown eyes and brown hair, some are recessive, like blue eyes and blonde hair. The dominant genes will be the ones more likely to be passed on. Any baby will be a combination of two sets of genes. I’ve never heard of any material that claims a baby usually looks more like the father than the mother. I think you must be an idiot. Actually I know that you’re an idiot because only an idiot would think that Rachel Bilson is a credible fashion icon!

  • brightside

    Or a credible actress!

  • Lana The L00NY

    That she truly is… no questions asked / no arguments needed / case close / the end.

  • lana

    Why case close? I was having fun! You don’t know the answer of my questions? LOL

  • brightside

    Well I don’t know anything about Natatie and Hayden, whether they dated or not. It’s not interesting and it’s not important. I’m in my twenties so I suppose to a pre-teen that makes me old, but from the advantage of my years I can tell you that Rachel Bilson is not a fashion icon. She is a fashion follower who copies the trends others have created. Nothing she wears is an original look and, left to her own ideas and not the imput of her stylist, she dresses like a teenager. Short tarty shorts and skirts maybe ok when you’re fifteen/sixteen, but not when you’re twenty eight. Remember also that she does have a stylist who dresses her. Hardly original. She is also HW’s least inspiring actress. I do hope she gets married and has children as she can then focus her attentions on being a mother, rather than pursuing interests in which she has no talent.

  • brightside

    Whoops, I meant Natalie.

  • @brightside 137

    I agree with you, very well said, except I feel sorry for the children they are going to have, Rachel is too superficial and dumb to make a good mother. I guarantee that her mothering will be as disappointing as her failed careers as a designer and actress. You need depth and intelligence to bring up children, especially when their parents are celebrities, Rachel poseses no positive qualities, she is very good at walking the streets in clothes selected by her stylist and smiling and when with Hayden, she pretends to be annoyed at the same paps she smiled yesterday. I can’t stand this idiot. As Layney Gossip said, “Why is Rachel Bilson?” These kids will have a chance at a decent upbringing if they live on the farm in Canada and Hayden’s mother takes care of them. I think that is what they decided to do anyway.

  • Tolkien

    RB is living proof that Homo Floresiensis has survived into the 20th C. Someone should contact the paleoanthropologists at Liang Bua.

  • lana

    four comments and nobody answered my questions …

  • lana

    I think she can be a good mother:

    Is so cute she playing with the baby, the stranger is that her sister (baby) does not look nothing like her parents.

  • brightside

    Well you’ve certainly got a bee in your bonnet about it. Why not? She’s got to be a better mother than she is a fashion icon or actress, she can hardly be worse. Being a housewife to Hayden and a mother to any children is something she should be able to manage easily enough. It doesn’t require much intelligence – uneducated women all over the world do it. Really she should have bypassed the whole acting/fashion career move and gone straight into motherhood. HW has far too many talentless actresses and one less isn’t going to be missed.

  • gilmorie

    Time’s up now for this to end & come up for another paid trashy thread as it looks like that some tweensy-tweeny’s deluded acuity starting now to flock it in – whom most notably even dare claimed was that RB got other relevance/significance (fashion & motherhood) other than her continual & infinite tabloid leech career.
    Simply & Sickly T-w-i-s-t-e-d!

  • amy

    @lana:Uh, hi lana, i’m a mom & she did not look comfortable holding the little one. i didn’t see much connection either coz she seemed more interested with the dog. you know what this recalled. a recollection of my son & my 12yr old niece at her b/day party. she wanted to show him to her buddies.

  • brightside

    I don’t want to go on a big down about celeb mothers but most of them end up screwing up their children’s lives big time. They use their children as media pawns to keep attention focused on them, selling pictures to the highest bidder. We’ve all seen it all happen before. Celebrity parents are not something I would wish on any child. Look at Lindsay Lohan, the Geldof brats etc

  • lana

    All right, I don’t care about the opinion of you even, if you were good mother not be here, but with his son. I think to be here talking shit about a celebrity is a great example of a person without intelligence.

  • brightside

    Yes, but Rachel Bilson is not really a celebrity now, is she! She’s a rather dull and untalented example of HW screen filler. Famous only for the OC, a pre-teen soap drama of dubious acting ability. Whether her odd fiance dated Natalie or not is not the point. Natalie is a genuinely talented actress who is both beautiful and intelligent. Rachel Bilson is not in her class on any level. She is no fashion icon, she doesn’t blaze trails in the same way as Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller etc. Rachel Bilson is just a dull, averagely attractive, generically dressed and very mediocre HW actress. She doesn’t deserve celebrity status because she’s done nothing in her life to earn it. I agree that those with genuine talent deserve genuine respect but why show respect to someone who is famous only for being famous and not for any real attribute.

  • brightside

    It’s like wasting your admiration on a fake painting instead of on the real thing!

  • brightside

    Lana, if you need proof then watch the clip!

  • lana

    Clip? What clip? You is crazy? Why do you not show this text to all women who copy her style? I’m just saying what everyone says, if you don’t want to understand this, is your problem, maybe you have a very little brain to understand this. She is not known for his work as an actress, but for her style, which is really beautiful! All the girls want the closet of Rachel, just the haters that don’t.