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Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson just doesn’t feel comfortable doing a nude scene with co-star Adam Scott for her upcoming film Hearts of Palm.

But director McG gives her a little pep talk and convinces her to do it. Check out Rachel‘s exclusive sex scene below!

Is that a body double or did she just have an hair growth spurt?

Watch the hilarious Funny or Die video below! NSFW!!!

Rachel Bilson’s Deleted Sex Scene — VIDEO
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  • brightside

    Susan Boyle. No she is not as young as Rachel Bilson, nor as attractive – but her individuality, her talent make her worth more than a hundred Rachels. I do not believe that artistry is dead. Not yet. But the Haydens and Rachels of the world are definitely dumbing down America!

  • lana

    I’m here because I like this couple, and you are here why?

  • rachel

    bc we can’t stand them and losers like you who support users like them, they use you to make a buck for themselves and you like it

  • sharon

    @ Lana you say there is no paparazzi in Canda then explain to me where these pics come from :

  • hater/s till end

    Pleez u guys, Listen – The hairy lil dwarf aint worth 200 posts. Time 2 mov on.
    She isnt worth to have a HW career (and its really happening) but she’s worth a lot more junk & trash post just like these.

    @ I’m here because I like this couple, and you are here why?
    Such a dumb question coming from another dumb fartnatic. Goodluck to that extensive yet useless howling on this “open-for-all gossip site” instead of donning it at her own fansite.
    Just wait up for her/their “next” thread, it’ll be another garbage post just like this one – trust on that!

  • lana

    @204: Paparazzi rarely exist in Canada, it is very difficult, Rachel McAdams was also photographed these days walking in Toronto.

    @205: Such a dumb question that you don’t know the answer.

  • @lana

    They rarely exist well Rachel McAdams and Josh Lucas were seen in Canada Toronto spotted by the paps..walking around RMA is at least well respected and is currently working in Sherlock Holmes. RB has to call her agent to make sure the press arrive to the given location to get her and HC’s picture. Without the press she is nothing.

    @laura W

    Lets hope not on the baby thing she is no mother really she is very self endulged woman to raise a kid and HC is at this time an immature man who like RB is not really parent material. Good chance she is back in LA just not coming around b/c she wants ppl to assume as they always do this time of year she is with him. But, we find out near the 25th she is home.

  • ATLQueen

    I’d like to thank all the dedicated people who both love and love to hate this couple who haven’t worked hard at all to create such chaos on this thread (or on any other board they have been on). Without these people I wouldn’t know where they were or what they were up to these days or any other day. They work so long and hard with so much blood sweat and tears to make things up about people they don’t know but they provide the things I love to see like pictures and videos. I never have to look. All I have to do is visit a post of one of theirs on JJ. So here to all these people when I say THANK YOU FOR TAKING IT ALL THE WAY TO 200 POSTS! God I love all of you so much! You’re awesome! Lol

  • amazed

    Some of you people are so over the top on these two it is ridiculous! I come here once in awhile to check for pics, this video is meant to be a parody, it is from, and some of you think this is a real movie! It is fake, a farce you either like, or hate, not to be taken seriously! It is kind of gross, but funny, too.

    To 207, this couple is engaged,of course they spend time together, if Rachel was in LA we would be seeing posts of her more on here, she would not hide, and she has been gone 2 1/2 weeks.

    Rachel is going to be in New York City on Friday morning December 11th at a Target Store 9:30 am for a drop and shop store premiere on Gansevoort Street. She can get to New York very easily from Toronto, doubtful she would go back to LA being gone this long, would be easier to go straight to New York from Toronto. Read this information on the blog section when her name is googled.

    Hayden and Rachel are a cute couple, not everyone who likes them is as obsessed about posting on them here as some of you are. They are not seen much, except on a couple of gossip sites, they are not in tabloids all the time. Give them, and yourselves, a break, get over them!

  • @amazed

    Cute couple? He is a foot taller than she is. You get over yourself.

  • @Lana

    Why do u like her? U only like her b/c she is pretty, wears designers labels & has big $$ handbags. How shallow does that make u who only like rich & pretty ppl? U r shallow as she is! Shallow Lana!

  • ATLQueen

    Well call me shallow too! Those things aren’t very important but they sure are a lot of fun to have! Shallow ATLQueen! Gosh, someone is so JEALOUS.

  • rachel

    So true, Rachel Bilson could only have shallow fans bc she represents emptiness and uselessness. No one of substance or quality would be interested in a shmataholic.

  • @ Lana

    EXCUSE ME??!!! You said something of no paparazzi being in Canada?? LOL!

    Funny how this Lana has the exact same name of David Christensen’s former lover! Someone from Imbd that is way obsessed with Rachel and, Hayden. The worst actors on the face of this planet. Way to go Lana! You accomplished so much in life defending the two idiots. Rachel- a modern day Edith Bunker and, Gayden a modern day grumpy Archie. Perfect pair. Let them do get married and do it soon. So sick of the two playing paparazzi games. DISGUSTING.

  • @ Lana

    Oh nooooo!!! No paparazzi in Canada at all!! LOL!

    BTW. Rachel looks ape sh*** UGLY here. Hardly anything to be remotely jealous of!

  • sharon

    @ 214 and 215 thank you very much seems we both where trying to prove the same point lol..but apparently someone can’t seem to grasp the reality of it and also it must be pretty slow over at DH ?? ;)

  • Sophie

    @rachel: Isn’t that the truth, tho. Birds of a feather….

  • whizbang

    And BilPooo looking “grotesquely hot” (lol)….
    Truly reminds of this…
    I think that Narnia Movie part 3 is still in production, BilPooo could still catch up since she not doing anything (as usual) called legit work isnt it?!

  • @ Lana

    @ Sharon,
    What can I say? Great minds think a like! :) Lana is blind. Her prom queen can do no wrong.

    Here is another and, a picture of them on Hayden’s farm no less. So much Hayden saying he is so private and, his home was his private sanctuary. If, he does marry Rachel he can expect the paparazzi to be up his a$$ for the rest of his life. Proves he is a lair too and, two birds of a feather do belong together.

  • @ Lana
  • lana

    My God! How many names! I bet are just one or two people changing the name LOL

    Who was the idiot who insinuated that I am lover of David? LOOOOOOOOOL This is the most ridiculous thing I read in my life! See? Another sign that you are obsessed, I’m a fan of Hayden and I don’t knew that David had a lover called Lana, thanks for the info! You have her address or her phone number too? You know if they are still together or have a child? You know where she lives? LOL! A obsessed fan like you should know don’t? How can you know so much details about the personal life of Hayden if you hate it? If David lived in Paris, maybe I can meet him, but he lives in Canada, so far from me, perhaps in another life don’t? LOL

    Sharon or @, why I have to answer your questions if nobody here answers my? I asked 20 times – why you’re still here??? – and nobody told me, I will answer when you answer too ; )

    @ 209 – You are so right!

  • lana

    Wow! All this discussion just because I said I would love to see wedding photos of Hayden and Rachel and it would be nice to see Rachel pregnant. I think the haters don’t support losing Hayden for a talentless midget (as they like to call Rachel) LOL

  • @ Lana
  • lana

    @223: poor woman, is blind, you don’t read my post dear?

  • rachel

    HW is full of talented celebs, you picked the biggest loser who can not get a job and sells shmatas for a living. Why don’t you pick somebody talented to support?

  • brightside

    @rachel: I agree.
    To Lana, why not Susan Boyle? Superb singing voice, she moves so many people. Why some some trumped up little fashion Barbie with more money than soul. Why are you all about appearance rather than the qualities that matter? There’s more to life than money, fashion and things.

  • lana

    Why will not you take care of the life of another celebrity? Why stay here? There are worse celebs than Rachel, why hate Hayden and Rachel? Why not Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton or Chad Murray? WHY Hayden and Rachel?

  • lana

    Why will not you take care of the life of another celebrity? Why stay here? There are worse celebs than Rachel, why hate Hayden and Rachel? Why not Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton or Chad Murray? WHY Hayden and Rachel?

  • rachel

    We are amazed at the stupid ppl like you who like losers like Rachel.

  • @ Lana

    WTF? Someone should ask you if your blind LANA?! Did you see the pictures? Are you still too stupid to believe their is no paparazzi in Canada? Besides I will only argue with ppl that have some intelligence. You have none. Worthless arguing with Lana. Your waisting your time with this Lana basketcase ppl. I’m gone! I have better things to do with my time.

  • lana

    @230: Stupid is you that don’t have courage to post your real name here, this is to be stupid. Why you is talking about paparazzi? God, you’re going crazy?

  • blairite

    I believe that Rashchel’s own fansite seems to be not getting at least 10 comments or even less… that one of her most rabid fan reached out of its bored of saturation & jumped off to a rag site where it was 99% dominated who cant get enough of her till she probably “crash into pieces” (lol).
    And after all this time & judging from the previous post, “many” have tried so damn hard for the “haters” to *STFU* & *GTFO* from their threads in JJ but they all FAILED and will continually to do so. As it looks like that its what all Rashchel got from now (aside from her tabloid career) … more haters (still counting & thriving) than followers just like J. Simpson, L. Lohan, J. Biel & the Kardasshians.

  • ATLQueen

    I know you don’t think that was for me. I’m not a fan of RB’s. She doesn’t do anything for me to be a fan of. I used to watch the OC when it first came on when she wasn’t even a part of the cast yet. I stopped because Fox was trippin’ when they would play it. It was annoying so I stopped watching. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE, I AM NOT A FAN OF RB’S! Not that I think anything is wrong with her or anything. I’m not mad at her for what she does. I would love to be in her shoes right now. Well, except the engaged part.

  • ATLQueen

    Lana, Lana, Lana…….. Can’t you see? They ARE fans, just not of RB’s. They like Hayden that’s why they search him the way they do. No matter how hard I searched I couldn’t find the things these folks find in here. I don’t care enough to find the things they find and I actually like the guy. They don’t want her with him that’s all. But thank God he doesn’t allow crazy fan girls to stop him from living his life right or wrong. He knows who his real supporters are.

  • rachel

    He does not know anything, that is why his career and personal life choices suck.

  • sharon

    @Lana I don’t play the guessing game you said there where no paparazzi in Canada and I think me and several others have tried to prove it to you and you just don’t get it and all the comments you have made and you keep asking THE QUESTION …WHY ARE WE STILL HERE WELL WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE ???You want to pick and fight well I up for it NOW YOUR TURN!!!

  • brightside

    @lana: Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson – the names may be different but they are all united in having no talent to recommend them. Hayden Christensen – it’s very difficult to come up with an actor quite as bad as this one. If these people were in a profession where talent wasn’t so important, bank clerk or window dresser, say, then no one would dislike them. No one would care. But they are not and they give acting a bad name. Kids assume they don’t need talent, they don’t need to learn the art, all they need to do is look pretty, mouth a few words in the direction of the camera while having a stunned expression on their faces and bingo, they’ll be famous actors/actresses. All because of these two and the rest of the HW clone factory.

  • brightside

    Lana, if you find any evidence of talent in this couple then, please, let the rest of us know so we can take a look. Happy hunting…………

  • rachel

    You know how Hayden always wanted to marry a costar, he loves big houses and expensive things and cars and travel, well, he is going to have to settle to pay for it himself bc Rachel can’t get a well paid job. She can get free clothes, but that is IT.

  • aberfitch

    RaTchel shouldnt go back in LA yet & must stay there in the coldest part of the Canucks country… till she’ll get “hit by the snowstorm” LOL

  • Gyovy

    Ok, that was kind of disgusting! But it kinda made me laugh..
    anyways, Rachel looks pretty as always.

  • shannon~luvs~alaska


    I find it interesting what you say too. Except I don’t agree that Rachel and Hayden are going to make any kind of good parent to any kids. Rachel is consumed with hollywood and her own fame and popularity to care about children or messing up her figure.

    I think most of us are smart enough to know you don’t know very much about Hayden or his family. So I don’t think anything of your name. You sound like you are not American and maybe from Hawaii or from Europe somewhere.

    It’s not that people here are obsessed with Hayden or Rachel. We just have the ability to find information better than yourself. That isn’t knocking you at all.

    Lana Hunt is the former mistress of David Christensen. If you read her blogs at Myspace then you will see what that is all about. She’s a wounded person and still is writing. Hayden’s dad did a number on her head is for sure. I have the link to her myspace

    Her blogs are all there

    that’s her latest one.

    I suggest Lana that before you get overly confident in your opinion that you read everything there is about Tove, David Christensen and everything about Hayden and Rachel. Put two and two together. You will see it does NOT make any sense that they are getting married. Look at the photos that became a part of a big paparazzi campaign from the time of Jumper or even right after Hayden’s mom and dad had their hit to their marriage. Look at that entire range of photos from 2008 to now. It’s all planned. You have to be smart enough to see how some of these Hollywood people work. They play you just as easy as they play the game.

    I like Hayden ok. But I don’t think he is any great actor. And Rachel is not even an actor. She is awful. Both of them only seem to have one thing. Their looks. They might be able to make a beautiful child but it is all vanity. We feel sorry for any child that has to be around anyone who are Hollywood fame hounds and who look for attention by calling paps.

    Check out everything. Get your information straight. Once you see everything there is to know about Hayden, Rachel and his family you might just change your point of view instead of wearing those rose colored glasses.

  • shannon~luvs~alaska


    Copied the wrong link for that individual blog I read yesterday of Lana Hunts


    LOL the one I put was the one I just copied to look at an example of Canadian paparazzi. Oh and thanks to whomever provided that link. I think you are all on the same page. I’m so glad that most of you can see sense and logic.

  • C3

    Great video clip up there. Laughed my a$$ off.

    Thanks Shannon for giving me that link. I already had it. It’s hard to read that stuff. That woman is tormented still. Hayden’s pop sure is a nice creepy guy to do a number like he did on that girls mind. I’m sure Hayden’s got more sense than his old man than to go get vulnerable pretty chicks and use them and then do the number on their head like he did that girl. Or maybe Hayden’s just like me. A real man who knows how to romance a woman. Then again maybe he doesn’t have the first clue. Poor idiot.

    And Shannon I love Alaska. You single???

  • joeschmoe

    that’s gonna give me nightmares. cant unsee. D: